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        4 August 2021

We Welcome A New Bard: Ellixerff to The Bard's Corner + A Conqueror Story and Post FIN Fic

We welcome Elixerff to The Bard's Corner! I'm stoked to say we have two stories from Ellixerff to start off her debut on The Bard's Corner.

Conqueror Fic

Xena and Gabrielle: A Journey Into The Conquerors Realm Vol 1
A what if story. How would things be different had Xena already achieved fame as the conqueror when she saved Gabrielle from those slavers. A Conqueror story.

Post FIN Fic

The Resurrection and The Life: Vol I Resurrection
It's happened many times before, but this time is different. Can the consequences of bringing the one you love back, cost you everything? A post fin story.

You can find Ellixerff's fan fiction on her Bard's Corner subpage here



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