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Xippy Award Winners - Gen Stories

The award winning stories are listed in alphabetical order by title


A Best Friend's Magic by Advocate

This is a Little Xe & Gab story (I love those) and the magic of being young and innocent where believing in the tooth fairy is all that matters. A beautiful short story by one of my favourite bards.
Awarded: 11 May 2002

A Prayer for You by Lariel

This is a very touching short story and it tugs at your heart strings of a love lost  Very very touching and you will need a tissue or two. Very well written
Awarded: 16 March 2000


Bardic Theories by Karen Dunn

This is a total riot - I loved it! Gabrielle has a theory and when you mix Gabrielle's theories and the Goddess of get one very ticked off and whipped Warrior Princess. This short story is reminicent of Season 1 - 3ish of the series when Gab was a bard that talked alot and Xena was the hero who suffered. Great writing.
Awarded: 14 July 2000

Case of the Missing Snowman (The) by Claire Withercross

This is a story about friendship and about giving. Little Xena and Little Gabrielle share their friendship in this beautiful story about a snowman. A children's tale with a powerful message
Awarded: 28 January 2001


Destiny's Dominion by Power Chakram

Destiny's Dominion is an epic and I mean an epic. It the story of betrayal and hope. Xena is captured by Caeser who wants to break her as his slave. Gabrielle and the Amazons with Joxer, Hercules, Ioalus, Autolycus, Toris & Nebula go to the rescue. A well written story that will have you wanting to read the whole thing in one sitting. It's not possible - I've tried. Prepare for some late nights. It's a hurt/comfort story. Very well written. Highly recommended.
Awarded: 21 April 2000


Happiness by Ri

A little water fight started by bored Warrior Princess. Very cute short story
Awarded: 14 July 2000


Harder Please by Silk
Um...can something be Subtexty Gen?

This is funny. It's a short piece that is just too good and saying anymore will ruin it. Lets just say - go and read it!
Awarded: 9 December 1999


Healers Choice by Maggie

This story is a total riot. I couldn't stop grinning after finishing it. One of the gals is afflicted with a sore tooth - I won't spoil it as to who it is - but it's a real joy to watch Maggie weave this tale. Excellent read.
Awarded: 1 December 1999

The Huns by Eimajj

The Huns are on the move across Greece and soon they will reach the Amazon lands. Xena and Gabrielle set out to stop them. Xena inflitrates the Huns and becomes the leading general. The Amazons meanwhile think that the power has gone to Xena's head and they set out to kill her when they start the battle. A very very well written story.


In My Life by WarriorNutcase

This story combines one of my favourite songs with the aftermath of Sacrifice - Part 2. A beautifully written piece about a friend's love and her inability to accept the death of Gabrielle. Xena has a plan and nothing will stop her in getting Gabrielle back.
Awarded: 8 September 2000


Mother's Plea (A) by Eimajj

This story is a squel to The Contest. Xena and Gabrielle are back in Amphipolis with Xena's mother. This is a beautifully written hurt/comfort tale where the bard tries to get her warrior back on her feet.


Nor the Battle to the Strong:
Part 1 - All Through the Night by Rebekah

I've been wanting to give this story a XIPPY since I started them a little over 2 months ago and you know you can't give awards to stories that don't exist online anymore but low and behold here it is again! I am so thrilled to see this absolute CLASSIC of a Xena story. This story ladies and gentlemen was one of the first I had read online and I fell in love with Xena fanfic. It's a hurt/comfort tale that is so moving and so well written. I am so escastatic to see it back online! Welcome back Rebekah!


Xena and Gabrielle Little Adventures by Lucia
Gen - Cartoon

I don't often given a XIPPY to a cartoon but I think this series by Lucia tells a story. Lucia's work gives me a good feeling about two little children who are best friends and together they try and get out mischief or get into it. Little Gabrielle has a thing for eating too much, liking Mr Potato Head a bit too much and glueing Xena's chakram together. Little Xena likes to pout and tries to get Gabrielle out of trouble! A very good series drawn by a very talented artist.
Awarded: 31 December 1999

Yeah, With a Really Big Sword by Temora

This is a wonderful written story between the episodes God Fearing Child and Eternal Bonds. Xena, Eve and Gabrielle go to Potadeia to visit with her folks but there is big trouble trouble brewing. Very good characterisation of Gabrielle and Xena. Excellent writing by this new bard.
Awarded: 26 May 2000


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