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AUSXIP was created on 15 December 1996 by MaryD for Australian Xena Warrior Princess and Lucy Lawless Fans. In July 1997, Mary added The Renee O'Connor Information Page as the first site to leave the main AUSXIP page.. Since then it has grown to encompass other shows and actors. AUSXIP is a non-profit network of sites whose main goal is to promote and support the actors/tv shows.

AUSXIP strives to be a respectful and positive site for news and multimedia related to the various shows and actors it covers and to the fandom.

AUSXIP has a charity site where we hold our annual auction. AUSXIP Charity Auction is a site dedicated to raising money for The Starship Foundation which is AUSXIP's official charity and other charities when required. The site is 100% free and 100% of the money goes to the nominated charity without fees being involved.  For more about the AUSXIP Charity section go to AUSXIP For the Greater Good



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Lori Boyles | @imayfan
Lori looks after several subsites and also takes over the daily updates of AUSXIP in MaryD's absence.   

  • Xena: Thier Couarge Changed Our World (Video Co-Ordinator)
  • AUSXIP Charity Auction (Co-Ordinator)


The contributing editor regularly contributes material for publication  but is not involved in the general updates  on AUSXIP.


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  • AUSXIP Charity Auction (Co-ordinator)


Mary Terrell

Mary looks after the AUSXIP Social Media Accounts

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