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Updating Lucy Lawless & Renee O'Connor Fans Since 1996
Created 15 December 1996 and maintained by MaryD


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31 August 2007

Lucy to Sing "Forgive Me" with Joe LoDuca at
Chicago Con!

  • From Sharon Delaney: You've all heard by now that Joe LoDuca is going to be at the Chicago Xena Convention. But have you heard what they're going to be doing? Are you sitting down? Lucy's going to sing "Forgive Me" from "The Bitter Suite" live on stage with Joe at the convention!

Lucy In Concert CD Mini Review by MaryD
  • I'm listening to Lucy's new CD (Come to Mama Lucy Lawless In Concert) and it's AWESOME. I love the CD and the DVD so if you haven't heard/seen them yet - go to and purchase them.You can buy Lucy in Concert DVD from can also buy Lucy in Concert CD from HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Renee to Appear at the Chicago Convention!

Contest To Win Signed Copy of "Army Wives"
  • Would you like to win a signed copy of Army Wives by Tanya Biank? This is the book that inspired the hit Lifetime series of the same name. It is signed by the author. Click here to learn more. Thanks to Caroline for the info.



30 August 2007

The Bard's Corner

eBook Corner and Fan Fiction Link Refresher
  For all your online reading (or printing), visit The Bard's Corner. To buy actual books, novels by Xenaverse Bards, please visit The AUSXIP Bookstore.

Chicago Convention & Concert


28 August 2007

Lucy's Blog Updated
  • New blog from Lucy with a look behind the scenes on her thoughts about the Chicago show and what she wants to bring to the fans and herself. Read the entry at

Renee Official Site Update

Chicago Concert Tickets for Sale:
  • The following is from Carol who unfortunately can't go to the concerts: I have 4 tickets to the Chicago concert on Friday night (Table 23) and 4 tickets to the concert on Saturday night (Table 25).  I'm looking to recoup only the cost of each ticket ($160 a piece).  If interested, please contact me at

Xenaverse Fan Art Update
eBook Corner Update
  • Added Melissa Good's Queen of Hearts to the eBook Corner. Right click on the following links to to download chapter files 1-9 , 10-19, 20-end. Click here if you need instructions on how to add titles to your Rocket eBook reader.



27 August 2007

Vote for Xena!
  • You can vote for Xena again in the favorite TV show category again at TV_Vote. Don't let the Firefly fans beat us! Thanks to Swania for the info.

The Bard's Corner

Army Wives Article:

Quick & Simple is running a feature on Catherine Bell: " As Army Wives concludes its first season, star Catherine Bell reflects on her character’s remarkable transformation — and on her own struggle to overcome cancer and build a happy life." Check out the magazine's website and pick up a copy at your local stores. Many thanks to Cindy Augustine for the info.



25 August 2007

Chicago Xena Con Update

The following is from EZ Rider from the Talking Xena Forum

  • Im very pleased to announce the 5th annual TX Meet up, for the Chicago Xena convention. The meet up day is Saturday, Oct. 6th. The place is the convention hotel, the Wyndham O'Hare Hotel. Click here to read more about this meetup

Burn Notice Update

Lucy Articles - 1998


24 August 2007

Upcoming Lucy Performance

The following information was posted on Lucy's Official Site:

Lucy is scheduled to perform at the Les Girls 7 National Breast Cancer Coalition on 8 October 2007 -

More Information about this event:

Les Girls 7 National Breast Cancer Coalition
An Evening of Glamour Sprinkled with Humor

Date: 8 October 2007
Time: 7 pm
Location: Avalon Hollywood club
1735 Vine Street, Hollywood, CA 90028
phone: 323 462.8900
fax: 323.462.0579

What is the NBCCF?

The National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund, empowers and trains advocates to be effective in every aspect of the fight to end breast cancer. NBCCF gives women the tools to make their own informed decisions and take a leadership role with legislative, scientific and clinical decisionmakers. NBCCF also helps guide the public through the maze of information on breast cancer.

Click here for more information and to get tickets

23 August 2007

New Lucy Pics in her 'Borg' outfit...

Lucy's site has been updated with 12 pics of Lucy in her 'Borg' outfit which she used in her NY concert. There's a poll to see which pics would become available as 8 x 10s (I would like them all but that's the photo junkie in me)

You need to be a member of Lucy's yahoo list to participate: Click here to view the images


Flawless Diva Update

LUCY LAWLESS "LIVE" AT THE ROXY 2007 CD is now available and being shipped.

Recorded LIVE at the world famous ROXY Nightclub in Hollywood in January of 2007 the incredible LUCY LAWLESS debuts her "Come to Mama" Concert before a sold-out audience of enthusiastic fans.Here, offered for the first time, is the live recording that captures all of the excitement of this magical evening.

Renee Mention

  • Renee gets a mention in a press release about the first female gunfighter in Ghost Town In The Sky Theme park. Renee mention: Dean Teaster's Ghost Town "The Movie" has many women entertainers. It features Renee O'Connor from Xena Warrior Princess, Princess Lucaj, Stella Parton, Alaska Presley, an original founder of Ghost Town in the Sky, Phoebe Bond and Ralphene Rathbone.
    Click here to read press release


Xenaverse News - Kathryn Morris

  • Kathryn Morris Cast in The Sophomore August 23, 2007 - "Cold Case" star Kathryn Morris has been cast in Yari Film Group's dark comedy The Sophomore, starring Bruce Willis. In the film, which is set at a high school with Willis as the principal, Morris will play Nurse Platt, a vegan/hippie stoner high school nurse. She will shoot the film next month around her "Cold Cast" more
    Many thanks to LB for the news

22 August 2007

Renee Articles - 1997

  • SciFi Universe September 1997 Actress Renee O'Connor. "How can you have a show about two strong woman with practically an all male executive { group and have the women be so intelligent?" asks Renee O'Connor, who plays Gabrielle on the fantasy television series Xena: Warrior Princess....

Lucy Articles - 1998

Lucy Articles - 1999

  • NZ New Idea 2 January 1999 - Lucy's Amazing Year (plus cover) Local girl made good, Lucy has had an outstanding year. On top of her role as Xena: Warrior Princess Lucy married the man of her dreams, producer Rob Tappert. She also went on to win the New Zealand Entertainer of the Year...

Lucy Premieres & Events

Army Wives Update

  • Updated site with links to three new video promos

20 August 2007

You all may have noticed the increase in older articles I have been adding - Roger and I are going through a mountain of older articles and images - these are absolute gems in the history of Xena, articles on Lucy and a couple on Renee.

Lucy Articles - 1999

Lucy Articles - 1998
Xena Articles - 1997



19 August 2007

New Lucy Message

  • Lucy posted a new message on her site about her upcoming Burn Notice guest appearance and her Chicago concerts. Read it here

Lucy Articles - 1996

  • Entertainment Weekly Yearbook 1996 Thank Zeus for those few TV shows free of latte bars and Manhattan apartments. In other words, thank Zeus for buff thespians Kevin Sorbo and Lucy Lawless, who lord over Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess, two syndicated hours of Bronze Age camp.
    Read more

Lucy Articles - 1997

Lucy Articles - 1998

17 August 2007

REAF Lucy Bio

  • REAF has a Lucy bio that was in the program guide for the REAF Goes To The Movies benefit. Also has a high res version from the 'Juicy Lucy' photoshoot (I should call it the Darryl Redleaf photoshoot but Juicy Lucy sounds cuter).
    Check it out here - Many thanks to Jock for the news

Lucy Pictures - Photoshoots

Lucy Photoshoots - 1993

Lucy Photoshoots - 1994

Lucy Articles - 1994

Lucy Pic with David Mack

This is a follow up to the news from 7 August from the Cincinnati Enquirer web site - 7 August 2007 Mack was hawking it at the end of July at the annual International Comic Con in San Diego, where actresses Lucy Lawless ("Xena: Warrior Princess") and Rosario Dawson ("Sin City," "Rent," "Josie and the Pussycats") stopped by to purchase copies. Seems Lawless is a huge Mack fan. So much so that she contacted him last year and commissioned him to paint her portrait. Click here to read more

The pic of Lucy with David is now online:

Photo of David Mack Meeting Lucy Lawless
David Mack has kindly forwarded a newsletter that features a photo of himself meeting actress Lucy Lawless during San Diego Comic-Con 2007.
Click here to view


16 August 2007

REAF Ebay Auction

Authentic Xena bikini costume worn by Lucy Lawless

Original two-piece Bikini Worn by "Xena" ( Played by Lucy Lawless ):
As with almost all of her costumes this has padding in the top.
Comes with a letter of authenticity that is dated and registered, partly reads "Xena's Bikini Costume."  Value: priceless

Xena Prop House

Xena Articles

Xena Articles - 1997

Xena Articles - 1998


Xenaverse News - Online Xena Convention

The following is from Nance at the Xena Scrolls site

The 2007 Xena Online Convention, presented by The Xena Scrolls will be held this year on November 9th, 10th and 11th. I just posted the link for the fans to view the upcoming events and contests to enter. Please check out the fabulous prizes and also how Livia herself, Adrienne Wilkinson will take part in the festivities. More info can be found here

Xenaverse News - London Xenathon

  • The London Xenites are all gearing up for their Xenathon! They now have their site up which you can access for the latest on the Xenathon - The xenathon will start in 3 weeks. There will also be an online auction (located here at AUSXIP Auctions) for some autographed goodies from Lucy and Renee and a costume from the show.
    Debbie tells me that: Maureen aka FUZZ, has said that she will be watching 'married with fish sticks' as this is the only episode she has NEVER seen and can't afford to pay to get out of it - Bids are currently up to $150 to make her watch it... (Maureen Needs to pay DOUBLE the highest bid to get out of watching it).
    Check out their site

Xenaverse News - Zoe Bell

Congratulations are in order for Zoe Bell in her first starring role! Dang XWP has created opportunities for so many people and changed their lives from the producers, stars, the stunt doubles and all the way down to the fans! This is another example of it.

Xenaverse News - Lake Xena

Received the following from Russell:

  • I was listening to Radio New Zealand last Tuesday on "The Panel" with Jim Mora on "Afternoons with Jim Mora." They brought up a segment about a lake in Auckland New Zealand that used to be called Lake Panorama, but is now going to be called "Lake Xena" in honor of Xena herself. I posted the two addresses from the show interview. I downloaded the interview from the show and put it on my file manager since the archives are only kept for about four days before they get deleted. Here are the two addresses for the show segment. They have a part of the segment where they a bunch of e-mails on the air that Xena and Lucy Lawless fans wrote in and commented on the lake Xena name but I can't find them.  Many thanks to Russell for the news

15 August 2007

REAF Benefit Official Photos & Behind The Scenes Pics

Ken Henderson, the Executive Director / Event Producer for REAF sent over some gorgeous pics of Lucy from behind the scenes and also on stage.

Check them out here

Lucy Articles - 1994

Lucy Articles - 1999

Lucy Articles - 2000


Army Wives Update

  • Updated the site with some Sally Pressman News (Roxy) about an upcoming movie
    Click here to read

14 August 2007

Lucy Videos - Comic Con

  • Added the last four clips from Lucy's TV Guide Super(Natural) Women's panel which was held 29 July 2007. Video clips were created by LB and are available for download - the online youtube versions will be added later today.


We had Planet Xena and now Lake Xena...

Renee Video - Link

  • The Official Xena Fan Club site has a note from Renee about filming in Bulgaria on the set of The Genesis Code and how Iris got sick (poor bubby) but is now better. There is a video clip of Renee on the set. Click here to download clip

Lucy Videos - Link

  • Lucy's site has been updated with another boobarama video. Marissa tells a dumb blonde Lucy joke as well as doing an impression of the sound guy once he heard Lucy's accent. Click here to download clip

Army Wives Video

  • Added a new Army Wives promo featuring Roxy (my favourite character). Many thanks to LB for the clip! Click here to view


13 August 2007

Lucy Videos - Comic Con

  • Added two more video clips from Lucy's TV Guide Super(Natural) Women's panel which was held 29 July 2007. Video clips created by LB and are available online or for download. Click here


Lucy Music Update


Lucy Articles & Scans

Lucy Articles - 1994

Lucy Articles - 1997

  • NZ Woman's Day 1 December 1997 - New Xena-Land. Inside Hercules & Xena, Saturday, 6.30pm, TV3 Forget Jenny Shipley as prime minister. As far as thousands of US viewers are concerned, Lucy Lawless is the princess of a tiny principality in the South Pacific known as New Xena-land.

Lucy Articles - 2002

  • Globe Magazine 30 July 2002 - Xena's Kidnap Terror XENA star Lucy Lawless is sharpening her broadsword. Stunned by the gunpoint kidnapping of a judge's infant daughter in her native New Zealand, Lawless is ready to defend her new baby and older kids with the fury of the warrior princess she plays on TV...

Lucy Video Links

  • The second video clip from REAF was posted on Lucy's site - a word of warning, if you're downloading from work the file will have to be renamed from boobarama to something else or you might have some explaining to do...Marissa is the one who is zooming in on the boobies this time round. Click here to view
  • A short video clip was posted to YouTube of Lucy singing Happy Birthday
    at the Starship Ball 10 August 2007 - Check it out here


Xena DVD Competition for UK Fans

  • Xena Competition
    Xena: Season Three and Xena: Season Four are both available to own on DVD from 20th August 2007, priced £34.99 courtesy of Universal Playback - win DVD boxsets! Click here to find out more
    Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news
The Bard's Corner
  • Texbard has been added back to The Bard's Corner with her own section. 


Mini Tales of Xena and Gabrielle


12 August 2007

Lucy Starship Ball News

  • A short video clip has been posted on YouTube of Lucy singing Happy Birthday to Starship for their 15th Anniversary. Lucy attended the 15th Anniversary Starship Ball in Auckland on 10th August 2007. Click here to view clip



11 August 2007

Lucy Video On Lucy's Site

Lucy and Daisy teamed up to shoot a series of three videos from the BSG Panel and Comics to REAF. The first video is now available to download! Available in wmv and mov flavours.

Click here to download clips


The following is being hosted by the Talking Xena Message Board

  • Announcing the Official TX XWP Video Challenge #1 - 2007
    Create a XWP Movie Trailer and you could receive a Gold, Silver or Bronze Award in the first Official Talking Xena Video Award Challenge!  Click here for the rules and other info!

REAF Benefit Video Clips

I received another two clips from LB who zoomed in on Lucy and you get another look at Lucy's performance from another angle and also close up. The second clip is of Lucy singing with the rest of the cast in the finale. Many thanks to LB for the clips!
Both clips are available to download or watch on YouTube


10 August 2007

Football Wives Episode Stills / Photoshoot

Added high resolution images of Lucy from Football Wives. Many thanks to LB for the images.

14 Episode Stills
4 Official Photos


REAF Update

REAF Newsletter 10 August 2007  Help Is On The Way XIII Goes To The Movies Gets Rave Reviews

Click here to read article

REAF Reviews

Strangest Place for a Lucy Quote...

Lucy Pics

Check out some wonderful pics of Lucy from the LA Gay Pride parade back in June 2004.

Check out the pics here
Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news

The Bard's Corner

Mini Tales of Xena and Gabrielle 55-Word Classic Fiction

9 August 2007

REAF Lucy Ebay Auction

Lucy's Xena costume from FIN will be auctioned off on Ebay by
REAF on 13 August 2007.

I'll have a link to it once it becomes active.

Many thanks to Pat for the news

Upcoming Lucy Events:
Lucy will be attending the Starship Ball in Auckland tonight (10 August 2007 in NZ).

Lucy Events - 2007

Lucy Lawless Attends Entertainment Weekly/Sci Fi Comic-Con Celebration
Hotel Solamar San Diego, CA United States 28 July 2007

Added four images from the party


BSG Panel - Complete Panel on Video

The Ladies of Battlestar Panel - SCI FI Wire Exclusive - Watch the complete "Ladies of Battlestar" panel from San Diego Comic-Con 2007

Click here to view
many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news

Lucy Interviewed on Outspoken TV

  • Lucy was interviewed on Outspoken TV: Week August 6th -
    OUT Spoken-TV's Tim Gaskin and Donna Sachet go to HRC Gala 2007. Features interviews with actor and activist George Takei, actor Leonard Nimoy, actress Lucy Lawless, First Lady hopeful Elizabeth Edwards, Mayor Gavin Newsom and HRC President Joe Solmonese. Click here for more details
  • OutspokenTV also has a pic of Lucy from the REAF Benefit with Jai and Marissa (I think it's Marissa - it's a tiny pic)
    many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news

Lucy in San Francisco REAF Benefit



  • San Francisco Bay Times - 9 August 2007 The Stars Come Out for Help Is On The Way Lucy Mention (and there's a pic of Lucy with the rest of the cast in the final number)
    Lucy Lawless (Xena the Warrior to you dear dykes; but for that performance she was blonde and beautiful) joined with Gene Reed to do “Footloose” from the movie of the same name. I would have preferred she had done it solo, because she was so fun and lively. Click here to read article

Army Wives Site Update

New Video


  • LTC Burton: Soldier or Sultry Spouse Seattle Post Intelligencer - USA
    Rowland is the Army spouse, and him alone. LTC Burton is a female soldier. Lifetime Television has Burton's picture on the front page of the Army Wives web ...

8 August 2007

Lucy Articles - 2007

  • TV Guide 13 August 2007 Behind The Scenes. [Scan of Lucy with fans] Guests who attended the Battlestar Galactica panel were treated to two surprises. First Lucy Lawless will return as D'anna for at least two episodes in Season 4. Second, Lawless jumped into the crowd, grabbed one of TV Guide's fans and posed for a quick photo with, well, fans.

Lucy Mention

The following was posted on the Cincinnati Enquirer web site - 7 August 2007

  • Mack was hawking it at the end of July at the annual International Comic Con in San Diego, where actresses Lucy Lawless ("Xena: Warrior Princess") and Rosario Dawson ("Sin City," "Rent," "Josie and the Pussycats") stopped by to purchase copies. Seems Lawless is a huge Mack fan. So much so that she contacted him last year and commissioned him to paint her portrait. Click here to read more
    Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news

REAF Benefit Update



  • Cindy's Updates and Favorites (MySpace Blog) has a report of the event and Cindy meeting Lucy (also has a cool pic). Click here to read - Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the link

Burn Notice Update

  • Lucy's episode is scheduled to shown on 13 September 2007 according to the news posted Lucy's site by Sharon. No name for the episode has been released yet.

7 August 2007

Chicago Xena Convention News

Lucy and Renee will be appearing at the Convention according to the latest Creation Entertainment news release.

CHICAGO, IL AREA - Fri., Sat. & Sun. October 5 - 7, 2007
Wyndham O'Hare Hotel - 6810 N. Mannheim Rd. Rosemont, Il.

We are also producing an Official XENA CONVENTION coming to CHICAGO for the first time on October 5 and 6. Lucy and Renee O'Connor will be starring in person! Make plans to be with us the entire weekend! Note: we already have a sci-fi media show this weekend in Chicago. The Xena Convention will be held in separate space in the same hotel. Should be lots of fun with fans from Xena, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica and Star Wars all in the same hotel!

For more details about the con - here


My artwork section

I've redesigned my artwork section and broke it up into several categories:

Lucy Movie: Justice League New Frontier

Behind the Scenes Video



6 August 2007

Lucy Movie: Justice League New Frontier

Behind the Scenes Video

  • There are a couple of behind the scenes shots of Lucy as Wonder Woman
    in this Behind the Scenes look at the Justice League New Frontier animated movie  Comics2Film Many thanks to Barbara Maclay for the link!

Lucy in San Francisco REAF Benefit

I heard the singing and here is the visual! Christa, Pat and Ruth sent their bounty of pictures and video clip of Lucy's performance.

Click here to view Christa and Ruth's pictures
Click here to view online (YouTube) or download the video clip


5 August 2007

I received a big thank you from Di Bauden the other day which was really cool and a nice note (the redhead typing madly is me):

Awhile ago, I dubbed August "Webmasters appreciation month". I really appreciate all that you do for us; whether it be for the artists, authors or just your visitors. I don't think enough thanks is sent your way, so please take this graphic and put it on your websites. Lucia made it for me a few years ago. You guys deserve so much credit for all you do. Again, thank you again, so much!


Raising Money for Breast Cancer Research - Dedicated to Michelle De La Rosa

The following is from Amy:

I only met Michelle De La Rosa once. Back in 2002, I went to a Xena event and had no idea what I was doing. She took pity on me and showed me around and helped me figure out what I was doing. She was a godsend to me that weekend. When I heard of her diagnosis, I was sure she would beat it. How could someone so robust and full of life be taken out so early? I was shocked and deeply saddened when I heard of her passing. I'm not sure what kind of cancer Michelle had but it really doesn't matter. Cancers of all types kill far too many people every year. In September, I am walking 60 miles over 3 days to raise money for breast cancer research. I am dedicating this walk to Michelle. If anyone would like to help me in this effort, I still need donations. Visit my website at for information on how you can help.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Michelle's family and friends. She will be missed. The world is a little less joyous without her in it.


Comic Con Pics


Battlestar Galactica Videos

  • IGN has some pretty cool BSG videos here - Some of Lucy as D'anna
    Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news


Army Wives


  • Daily Press 5 August 2007 - 'It's not a documentary' After other military shows that focused almost exclusively on the soldiers, it's cool to have one about the women. "Army Wives," about a group of women who live on base and whose husbands are in the military, airs Sunday nights on Lifetime



2 August 2007

Upcoming Events:

Lucy at REAF Benefit in San Francisco on 5th August
where she will be singing "Footloose" If you are going to the benefit, don't forget to pick up a program and there is a Lucy tribute in the program (designed by Tobias). If you are not going to the benefit you can still purchase the program guide if you live in the US or elsewhere.

Click here to order a copy (halfway down the page)

The Genesis Code

Renee has posted a Genesis Code behind the scenes video from Sofia, Bulgaria (the same location they filmed Alien Apocalypse). You can view the video here

I have created some screencaptures from the video. You can find them on the Genesis Code subsite - located here

Battlestar Galactica



Lucia's Artwork

Little Xena and Gabrielle Comic Strip

Added the following comic strips in English and Portuguese

  • The Twilight of the Gods
  • Bard In Training
  • Bard In Training #2
  • Bard in Training #3

1 August 2007

Lucy Photoshoots - 1997

Lucy Articles - 1997

Lucy Articles - 1998

Army Wives

TV Alert

  • Catherine Bell will be on Jimmy Kimmel ABC 12:05am on Wednesday 8/8 to
    discuss Army Wives. Many thanks to Pat for the news

Episode Reviews
Don't read if you haven't seen the episode and you want to remain spoiler free




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