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Xena ◊ Lucy Lawless ◊ Renee O'Connor

Updating Lucy Lawless & Renee O'Connor Fans Since 1996
Created 15 December 1996 and maintained by MaryD

JULY 2007

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31 July 2007

New addition the AUSXIP Network

I'm very pleased to announce the addition of Through The Lens - Photos by KT Jorgensen to the AUSXIP Network. KT is a newish member of the Xenaverse and a photographer. Her site will showcase her photos of Lucy and Renee that she has taken. Click here to visit the site

Lucy Pictures

Added more Lucy pics from the BSG Panel appearance

Click here to view


Lucy Videos

The video of the BSG Panel at Comic-Con is now available on YouTube - Lucy comes on the panel towards the end of Part 1
many thanks to Regis for the news

Part 1 -
Part 2 -
Part 3 -
Part 4 -
Part 5 -

Xena Movie News

Actually there isn't any new news...Sam Raimi was asked about it at Comic Con and this was his response:

Another fan asked about the possibility of a “Hercules” or “Xena” movie based on their TV series (which Raimi co-produced). He responded that while it could happen, it was really up to his co-producer and Xena actress Lucy Lawless (who are married).

Read more of the report


Army Wives Update






30 July 2007

Michelle de la Rosa passes away - we have lost another one of our own...the following was sent by Lida:

It is with profound sorrow that I have to let you all know that great friend and Xenite passed last night, July 29, 2007, just before midnight peacefully after a less than 2 month fight with Cancer. She was 39 years old. The memorial services have not been set yet and will let you know as soon as I have that information.


Zap2It Goes to Comic Con

  • 'Battlestar' unboxes Lucy Lawless, begins senior year goodbye
    Fans cheered the fashionably and deliberately late appearance of Lucy Lawless for the Saturday afternoon women of Battlestar Galactica panel. Sure, there's always been love for the former warrior princess, but her presence signified that her character, the cylon Number Three (aka D'anna Biers), would be returning to the series after getting the cylon version of banishment last here to read more

Lucy at Comic Con Pics and Video Clips


Added 45 Pictures of Lucy from her panel at Comic-Con. These are super photos! Many thanks to Michelle for the images.

Added 14 high resolution pics of Lucy from the panel at Comic-Con - These are more super photos! Many thanks to LB for the images

Video Clips

Added three video clips (more on the way) of Lucy on the panel

You can view them online (YouTube) or you can download the wmv versions.

Click here to view them


29 July 2007

Lucy at Comic-Con Pics

Getty Images has 4 pics of Lucy in her green outfit

Click here to view (do a search for Lucy Lawless)
Many thanks to Tobias from TX Board for the link

Flikr has some pics of Lucy as well - click here to vew
Many thanks to Tarik Dragonblood from TX Board for the link

More about Lucy's Return to BSG

The following is from TV Blend

ComicCon: Lucy Lawless Brings Three Back To Battlestar Galactica

 You can’t keep a good – or bad depending on your point of view – Cylon down. At the ‘Battlestar Galactica’ panel at Comic-Con this year Lucy Lawless made a surprising appearance, walking on stage to join her fellow cast mates. Fans had wondered if Lawless would be reprising her role as D’Anna in the upcoming final season of the series. ”I’m coming back to cause some trouble,” Lawless told the fans.

Details on D’Anna’s return are being kept under wraps, but when she does Ronald Moore will have some explaining to do. Last season the Cylon model Lawless portrayed was “boxed” by the Brother Cavil model. The effect is the closest thing to death that the Cylons experience. Essentially everything about her particular model has been sealed away. Why and how she comes back will be interesting. I’m guessing that Baltar and Six will somehow be involved in that plan.

Moore said that D’Anna’s return is planned for around episode 10, and Lawless is signed for 2 or 3 episodes. He also reinforced the idea that the Cylons actually do have a plan, and D’Anna is a part of it. ”We will unbox her and spring D’Anna forth!”


28 July 2007

Battlestar Galactica Update

SCI FI Channel announced that Lucy Lawless will return to Battlestar Galactica for a minimum of two episodes of the show' s upcoming fourth and final season, currently in production in Vancouver. Lawless will reprise her role as D' Anna, the religious zealot who was deemed defective.

Confirmed: Lucy to head back to BSG for Season 4

The following is from the Comic-Con Panel article at TV Squad:

Not much was revealed in terms of upcoming plot twists or who will survive the show's next and last season although Ron Moore said that Baltar and Six's destinies will probably most surprise us. The one quasi-spoiler was the return of Lucy Lawless. D'Anna will be "unboxed" for a three episode arc late in Season 4.


The following is from ScifiStream and confirms Lucy is returning to BSG
Source: ScifiStream

Acclaimed actress Lucy Lawless will return for at least two episodes of Battlestar Galactica's fourth and final season, SCI FI Channel announced today.

Lawless plays the Cylon model D'Anna, who appeared in a handful of Season Two episodes before returning for an 11-episode stint in Season Three. D'Anna's quest to discover what lies between life and death caused her to kill herself and be resurrected in a new Cylon body over and over, until she finally visited a lost temple and saw a vision of the final five, previously unknown Cylon models.

Her behavior was shocking to her fellow Cylons, who eventually decided to "box" her entire model as fundamentally flawed.

After the shocking final moments of Season Three, only one Cylon model remains unrevealed.

The new season officially starts in early 2008, following this November's 2-hour television movie.

Lucy Pictures

Lucy was at Coupland's Bakery to honour a Starship Auction when she auctioned herself and Kerrie Woodham off for charity and Coupland's Bakery won. The following pics are from the KO Donut's site showing Lucy and Kerrie hard at work

Lucy and Kerre Visit ( 22 Nov 2006 )

Former star of the cult TV show Xena Warrior Princess, Lucy Lawless, and radio and TV personality, Kerre Woodham, spent a day at the Coupland’s bakery in Hornby, Christchurch. They worked in the bakery (Lucy’s speciality – potato top pies, Kerre’s – iced chocolate cake!), served customers in the store (or rather packaged up the customer’s purchases and left the tills to the experts!) and had a sneak preview of KO’s Donuts before they opened the following weekend. Ray Coupland paid $17,000 to win the services of the dynamic duo for a day, when he attended the Auckland Cup Charity Ball earlier this year as part of a fundraiser for Starship Hospital.

Click here to view the images


27 July 2007

Michelle Update

From Lida:

For the friends of Michelle De La Rosa that are on this list, I just talked to her mother and she is being moved into Hospice today. It has been less than 2 months since the Cancer was discovered. Please keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers.

From KG MacGregor:

To raise money for our friend, Michelle De La Rosa, KG MacGregor is offering two special items for bid at her website, They are her last First Edition copies of Malicious Pursuit & Shaken, and the covers were designed by none other than Michelle. Shaken is forever out of print, so this is a rare opportunity to get this book. Bidding ends August 9 at 6:00 p.m. Thanks to everyone for checking out these items.


Lucy Mention / Burn Notice Guest Appearance

The following was posted on BuddyTV as part of an interview with Exclusive Interview: Jeffrey Donovan, from 'Burn Notice'

  • What would you say has been the most fun thing you’ve done on Burn Notice so far? I mean, you mentioned you’re jumping over cars and doing all kinds of crazy things today.

    The most fun I’ve had on
    Burn Notice, I think it would have to be working with China Chow and Lucy Lawless. They’re in an upcoming episode and they basically wrestling for my affection, and what’s hard and great at the same time is not only are they in love with me onscreen, they are off-screen, and that’s hard, because you know, to mix those two, it’s just... And then there’s Gabrielle…it’s just always women always wanting me all the time, that’s what’s most fun.

    Click here to read the entire interview

REAF Benefit News

Lucy Mention:
There is a stampede for Tix to get close-up to sexy Lucy Lawless (Xena: Warrior Princess star) who is even more glamorous now. And boy, can she sing. Click here to read article


Lucia Artwork

Little Xena and Gabrielle Comic Strips

Little Xena and Gabrielle Comic strips are now available in French for all 30 strips in the series.

Click here to view or download zipped files


27 July 2007

Comic Con News

  • Rob Tapert will not be attending Comic Con on July 28, as previously announced for the 30 Days of Night movie preview and Q&A.

The Bard's Corner


A few years ago, Wishes (Judith K. Parker) read The World's Shortest Stories, edited by Steve Moss (Running Press, Philadelphia, 1998), and challenged fans to write 55-word Xena: Warrior Princess fiction which inspired the following. -- IQ


  • Kudzu (Complete / Science Fiction) by Rose Corsaro

D's Fiction Page - I've moved D's fiction over it's own section which will also contain original fiction and other fanfic not related to Xena. Click here to view


Kathryn Morris (Najara) was featured on Extra Weekend on 21 July 2007. Angela created the video clip and sent it over. I loved her advice to anyone who wanted to get into the business. It's quite amusing.

26 July 2007

A Friend In Need...

One of our own Michelle De La Rosa is in hospital and very ill - Michelle has cancer. Michelle has been a part of this fandom forever and she needs all the support we can give her. Lida and her sister have organised a fundraiser to help meet Michelle's medical costs. If you would like to help please see how below:

Message from Lida and her sister:

I will donate 100% of my profits to Michelle to help her pay for all her expenses.  All available products can be viewed on my website,  People should NOT order through my website (my profit, and thus my donation, would be lower, plus their shipping would be higher).  People can e-mail me directly with their orders, at - please include 'Michelle' in the subject line.  I'll e-mail them with their totals, and then they can call or e-mail me with their credit card info, or I can send them an invoice through and they can submit their cc info themselves.  If anyone in the area wants to host a party in August, I will donate all the profits from that as well (great for anyone not familiar with our products!).

New Renee Message

  • Renee has a new message up on her site from Bulgaria about her new movie The Genesis Code and the heat in Bulgaria. Check it out here

Football Wives

  • Football Wives is dead in the water...again.
    The following was posted on Ausiello's Report on the TV Guide site:
    As per ABC president, Steven McPherson at the Live Press Tour Diary: ABC, Day 1: It was announced at 9:17 am that Football Wives is dead.
    Many thanks to Noa for the news

Steven Sears Con/Lucy Pics

  • The link to Steven's wonderful pics has changed. Go here to view all three days of the convention and also Lucy at the Canal Room.

Lucy Articles / Images
Scanned by Roger



Rob Tapert News

  • Press Release: FEARnet And Ghost House Pictures announce '30 Days of Night: Blood Trails' Culver City, CA, July 24, 2007 -- Following on the heels of their highly-buzzed about short form mini-series "Devil’s Trade," FEARnet, the world’s premiere horror and thriller website and on-demand service, and Ghost House Pictures, the joint-venture between Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert and Mandate Pictures, will once again unleash terror on horror fans with 30 Days of Night: Blood Trails. This chilling gore fest about blood-thirsty vampires is inspired by Steve Niles’ ground-breaking graphic novel and Sony’s upcoming feature film, the Ghost House produced 30 Days of Night which tells the story of vampires who terrorize the town of Barrow, Alaska. The mini-series premieres on and FEARnet’s VOD channel on September 13th. Read more

25 July 2007

Lucy Magazine Covers



Lucy Articles - 1997


23 July 2007

Lucy Articles - 1993

I reckon this Lucy Lawless is a hot prospect for the future...heh, iI just love old articles (and pics) - Lucy was 25 years old when she started on the Holiday Show and this is such a beautiful pic.

New Idea 21 August 1993 - A Holiday Job. Next month a new series of Air New Zealand Holiday hits our screen. So for the past few months Lucy Lawless and Jeremy Coney have been on a working holiday...

Click here to read more

Lucy Photoshoots - Grease!

Lucy Lawless Grease PhotoshootAdded high res scans of some of the pics from Lucy's photoshoot for Grease! Scanned by Roger.

Click here to view

I received a note from Starship saying that they are looking into the audio problem on the video that is on their We Love Lucy site.  Hopefully it should be fixed soon.

Battlestar Galactica

Received the following from Sean, the senior editor at iF Magazine and passing it on:
Exclusive RON MOORE- Season 4 - PART 2 Interview --talks Lucy Lawless
We're months away from the start of the final season of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA on the SCI FI Channel, but the GALACTICA is finding Earth this season and ending a four-year journey. Also, as a supplement to this season fans can catch the 2 part special RAZOR in November dealing with the history of the Battlestar Pegasus. Series creator and Executive Producer Ron Moore filled iF MAGAZINE in on more secrets of the final season, who lives and dies, the fate of the Cylons and where he goes after BSG ends.

22 July 2007

New 2008 Calendar Scans

Added scans of the new 2008 Creation Xena Calendar (scanned by Roger)

Behind The Scenes
Xena and Gabrielle

Lucy Radio Report

Justice League (Lucy voicing Wonder Woman)

The New York Times has an article on the new animated movie and features the first look at Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman frees imprisoned South Vietnamese women in “Justice League: The New Frontier,” a DVD due in February. “The New Frontier,” an epic comic book story that follows Superman and other heroes of the DC Universe from the end of World War II through the cold war, will soon be seen in a new incarnation: a 70-minute animated film. Click here to read more
Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news


Lucy Message & Possible Silent Auction

  • Lucy has added a P.S. to her latest message with word about her support for the Iyengar Yoga Institute which is in risk of losing their LA location lease.
    Click here read more

The Bard's Corner

Bards In Print News

Book Announcement from KG MacGregor --

I am happy to announce the return of Malicious Pursuit, available now from This was my first stab at writing a thriller, and I learned a great deal about pacing, twists and loose ends. Thanks to all of you who wrote me about the early version. For those who purchased a previous edition, thank you and put your wallets away. You won’t find any substantive changes in this one, just a correction here and there. The synopsis and first two chapters are available at .

21 July 2007

Army Wives

New Artwork


Lucy on the Radio

  • Teresa has written to let me know that Lucy was on Sirius radio last night. She was the "mystery guest" on the Derek & Romaine show which is on OutQ, the gay channel for half an hour. A rundown of what was discussed will be uploaded shortly.
    Many thanks to Teresa for the news

Starship Lucy Video

  • It seems there is a problem with the audio halfway through the video on the Starship site with Lucy and Ruby. Hopefully this should be fixed after the weekend when Starship will be back on board.

Lucy HRC Event

Vote For Lucy

  • SEXY SCI-FI SIRENS The weird and quirky world of Sci-Fi is never complete without a sexy siren to vent at vampires, annihilate aliens and grapple with ghosts. We’ve put together our top science fiction hotties from the hardcore Xena Warrior Princess to the slightly confused cheerleader in Heroes, and the cute sisters from Charmed. Take a look at our sexy Sci-Fi sirens and let us know who your favourite is! As Lucy is currently in thrid place behindthe Charmed Girls and Jessica Alba But Lucy is being caught fast by the likes of Michelle Ryan ? SMG & Tricia Helfer  Click here to vote Many thanks to WarriorBard for the news

Lucy To Guest Star on USA Channel's Burn Notice

The following was posted on Lucy's fan club list by Sharon:

  • Lucy has just signed on to do a guest shot on the USA channel show Burn Notice. The character is a 180-degree departure from Xena although there's a familiar face in the cast. Click here to read full message


19 July 2007

New Renee Message - Diamonds and Guns

Renee has a new video on her site about the release of Diamonds and Guns and a new message. Renee was thinking of having the movie downloaded via her website but has decided to go with an actual dvd. There will be two versions - one will be sold from Renee's site and autographed by Renee (way cool) and the other will be by a major distributor and contain bonus material (the limited release version won't have the bonus material)

Click here to read Renee's message and to see a video taken by Miles of Renee with the DVD news

Just received the following news from Starship and I'm passing it on:

We had just updated the We Love Lucy page on our website ( with a message from Lucy that I’m sure her Australian fans will be interested in.  She’s personally supporting our campaign to rebuild the cancer ward at Starship – there’s a short video message from her as well as an item up for auction on Ebay.

Plus she’ll be flying in from the States to attend our 15th birthday celebration on Friday 10th August which we’re thrilled about!

Check it out!


Original photo is a shot of a scene from Xena Warrior Princess which shows Xena and her companion Gabrielle bathing.  The photo is signed by Lucy Lawless.  It has been donated to Starship Foundation of which Lucy Lawless is a Board Trustee and Patron.

Proceeds from the sale of the photo will go towards the rebuild of the oncology (cancer) ward at Starship Children's Hospital in Auckland, New Zealand - a project which Lucy is taking an active interest in.  Visit for a personal message from Lucy and to make a donation.

The photo itself is 25 x 19cm and the frame measures 37 x 33cm. 

Item will be disptached via Fedex.  Shipping cost dependent on location of buyer.

Click here to bid

Lucy Lawless Live at the Roxy Music CD!

The following is from Creation Entertainment


Recorded LIVE at the world famous ROXY Nightclub in Hollywood in January of 2007 the incredible LUCY LAWLESS debuts her "Come to Mama" Concert before a sold-out audience of enthusiastic fans. Here, offered for the first time, is the live recording that captures all of the excitement of this magical evening. Click here to order a copy

18 July 2007

Ghost Town The Movie Update

I had the pleasure of watching the Behind The Scenes featurette that will be added to the Ghost Town Movie DVD and I have to say it was funny. These guys had lots of fun on that set. Dean has allowed me to show a snippet of the footage with one proviso - don't spoil anything <g> So with that in mind, here is the first clip from the Behind The Scenes footage which features Renee, Dean Teaster and DJ Perry - with a lovely black box in two places which censors <blank> from the movie. I'm not being a tease...I'm just following orders <vbg>

Battlestar Galactica

Is Lucy going back to BSG? Maybe yet, Maybe not....

  • UPDATE FROM LUCY on a possible appearance in the fourth and final season of Battlestar Galactica. The deal is not signed yet. She wants to know what they have planned for D'Anna before she makes her decision. The quote attributed to Ron Moore in previews for next week's TV Guide wasn't in quotes, so he probably didn't actually confirm that she would be in the show one more time.
    Source: Official Xena Fan Club site

Lucy Event - Comic Con

  • Lucy has confirmed that she will be participating in the TV Guide  Super(Natural) Women panel at the San Diego Comic Con, July 29, 10:45am. Rob will also be doing a 30 Days of Night panel on July 28, 5:15pm.
    Source: Official Xena Fan Club site

The Genesis Code Movie Update

  • GOT A CALL FROM RENEE about her new movie for the SciFi Channel, The Genesis Code. Renee has been talking with the SciFi Channel about projects they might work on together. She'd been submitting ideas and they came up with this movie. Eva is spiritual and intellectual, but not emotional. She has love and hope for the world. Gabrielle was spiritual and emotional. Renee wanted to explore adding heart to intellect. She leaves Friday and will be filming for a month. FYI, she wanted to let everyone know the character of her ex-husband has undergone a name change to Nicholas Solomon. She made a point of saying she wanted everyone to know that as she didn't think "Nicholas" would  appreciate being called "David."
    Source: Official Xena Fan Club site

17 July 2007

Lucy Articles

Army Wives

New Articles



16 July 2007

More Pictures-  14 July 2007

Added a few more pictures of Lucy in a couple of group shots and the full length of Lucy's frock can be seen in all it's glory - it's gorgeous!

Check them out here


HRC Event

Christie reports on the Event in her Dogged Blog and

  • - Lucy Lawless goes glamorous for LGBT rights in San Francisco
    I’m sure most of the reporters covering the Human Rights Campaign’s annual gala and awards dinner in San Francisco Saturday night were there for the politics, and honestly, I’m normally the very soul of queer political activism. But that night? Let’s face it: I was there for Lucy Lawless. Read more

AfterElton has a report on the event with a Lucy mention or two:

I was at the Human Rights Campaign's annual awards dinner and gala in San Francisco Saturday night, where George Takei received HRC's Equality Award, Elizabeth Edwards gave the keynote address, and the always-gorgeous Lucy Lawless gave us three wardrobe changes and a whole lotta love for her gay fans. And I’m here to tell you it's official: Mr. Sulu loves him some Xena. “Isn’t she fabulous?” he said of Lawless, who swished over in a low cut black gown. “I’ve never met her before.”

Read more

Chicago Lucy Concert / Con - October 2007

Posted on the Lucy Fan Club List by Sharon Delaney

We're working on setting up a Lucy concert and convention in Chicago on the weekend of October 6 - 7, 2007. We've got the convention hotel and are looking for a club site. More news to come as the details are finalized.
Lucy to Return to Final Season of BSG
The following has appeared in next week's TV Guide

TV Guide - July 23-Aug 5, 2007.

Quote from Ron Moore is next week's guide..."Before the series wraps, D'Anna, the exterminated Cylon played by Lucy Lawless will return"
Many thanks to Pat for the news

Scans of the article to be posted later today.

15 July 2007

Lucy Event - HRC - 14 July 2007

Lucy was a guest speaker at the HRC San Francisco Bay Area Gala Dinner and Auction. Lucy is outrageously funny and the pictures KT Jorgensen took are amazing. Lucy wore her Borg suit (from her NY concerts) and what appears to be Martian antennae!  Lucy did say she was going as the comic relief in her last blog entry on her site. Good on ya Lucy!

Click here to view the images



14 July 2007

New Lucy Message

  • Lucy has updated her site with a new blog entry about getting ready for the HRC event in San Francisco. Check it out here

Lucy NZ Holiday Show

There is a new YouTube video now online which has Lucy's Holiday Show segment on Nelson, NZ. .

You can also find more of the Holiday show on the Air NZ Holiday Show Subsite

Xena Multimedia

The Australian version of SciFi TV is now showing Xena episodes. Caught a very cool promo for Season 1.

REAF Silent Auction - Xena Bikini Costume

The Help is on the Way XIII silent auction begins at 5:00pm (5th August 2007) and closes at the end of the intermission. Some items below may be packaged together into larger packages. Values noted are those provided by the donor. New items will be listed as new donations come in. This auction listing is a work in progress until August 1, 2007. If you are interested in making a donation to the silent auction, please email us at  or call us at 415-546-REAF.  To download a donation form, click here!

Original two-piece Bikini Worn by "Xena" ( Played by Lucy Lawless ):
"XENA-THE WARRIOR PRINCESS" (1995-2001). As with almost all of her costumes this has padding in the top. Comes with a letter of authenticity that is dated and registered, partly reads "Xena's Bikini Costume." Value: priceless


Xena Meetups - Ohio

For those in the Ohio region, you can now join other xenites in Ohio's first Xena Fan Club Meetup. Received the following from Allison about the club's activities:

We'll be doing monthly meetings where we can discuss all things Xena, have Xena marathons, group story writing and such. We'll also have things like Xena/Lucy Karaoke night, Xena Bowling night, Bard Competitions, Dress Like Your Favorite days, Volunteer in Your Community weekends. For more info go to:

12 July 2007

The Genesis Code - New Renee Movie

Added new Renee subsite for the movie below - click here to view

Renee to star in new SciFi movie!

The following was posted on the site:

Renee O'Connor cast as lead in new Sci Fi channel movie "The Genesis Code"

I just got an exclusive tip that Renee O'Connor has been cast as the female lead in the new Sci Fi channel movie The Genesis Code, which starts filming next month.
Here's how the movie's plot is described:

    Buried under the sands of Iraq world famous archaeologist David Solomon has found a clue to the one of the ancient mysteries of the Old Testament. Solomon’s discovery leads to a remote desert which contains the remnants of an ark. The team must fight off insurgents as they uncover the mystery. Things turn deadly as they discover this ark didn’t carry animals, it carried something evil.

Okay, sounds cool and all, but let's get to what you care about: how Renee figures in to this. She plays an accomplished scientist — who also happens to be David's ex-wife:

    Eva is stunning and sophisticated. She's an accomplished scientist that specializes in carbon dating and translating ancient documents. She's confident, cocky and at the top of her game. She also can't stand David Solomon, even though they were married for five years. Now that they're divorced she likes him even less.

Click here to read more

Filming of Genesis Code News

Filming is going to be in Bulgaria

GENESIS CODE, THE - (TV Movie for SCI-FI) - July 23, 2007 - Sofia, Bulgaria;

Army Wives

  • Updated AW site with news about the ratings that continue to soar and also news of Lifetime picking up the show for another season



11 July 2007

Lucy in Concert NY - Pictures

Added pictures by Julia from the Friday and Saturday concerts.

View Saturday's Concert (2 June 2007)
View Friday's Concert (1 June 2007)

Lucy Articles - 1998

UK Xenathon 2007

The 7th - 12th September 2007 will see a UK Xenathon and Charity Auction. The following is from Debbie:

Why? We want to give Oxfam £1700 to provide a school for children in need. Our Main Attraction is an Auction lasting the full 137 episodes! Which includes a framed collage of photos Donated By Steven Sears at the 2007 Xena Convention and signed by Lucy and Renee. You will also be able to sponsor the group by making donations on Paypal during the 5 days we’re watching.

More information will be posted soon.


10 July 2007

Lucy in Concert in January at the Roxy!
The following was posted on Lucy's official fan club list by Sharon Delaney:
Lucy will be appearing at the 2008 Official Xena Convention in Burbank, CA, on January 25 - 27. And she will be back for a return engagement at the Roxy with a brand new show! Details will be posted on her website at and the Creation site at


Lucy Magazine Alert

There's an article about Battlestar Galactica in the latest issue of Starburst magazine (#352) in which Moore and Eick 'hint at what lies ahead' in the fourth season.  There's nothing much in it that hasn't already been mentioned online, but there's a decent-sized pic of Lucy as D'Anna humorously captioned: 'D'Anna orders a gin and tonic aboard the Basestar'.  Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news

Lucy / REAF News

Good Seats are Still Available for "Help is on the Way XIII Goes to the Movies"

Tickets are selling fast but there are still good seats left for this year's annual, star-studded gala and concert on Sunday, August 5th at the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre. We've got a terrific cast lined up (with a few more surprises to come) including "American Idol" star Kimberley Locke who knocked our socks off last year with her rendition of "Over the Rainbow;" recording legend Phoebe Snow, returning to the stage after the recent tragic death of her special needs daughter; pop star Joey McIntrye, taking a break from the "Dancing with the Stars" tour; "Xena" star Lucy Lawless, who was a finalist on "Celebrity Duets;" Marissa Jaret Winokur, the original 'Tracy Turnbull' on Broadway in "Hairspray;" home town boy BD Wong, who started on  Broadway and currently stars in "CSI: SVU;" and other returning favorites including Bruce Vilanch, Susan Anton, Carole Cook, Valarie Pettiford, Paula West and Connie Champagne among others. Recent additions to the cast include returning international Ballroom Dance champions Cate Caplin and Gary Franco and Sarah Lowe, Ruby Keeler's granddaughter who will dance with Ruby via video. All these stars donate their time and talent to support REAF in the fight against AIDS. Visit our website for full cast details.

Underwriter tickets include a special Underwriter appreciation party at the Rotunda Restaurant at Neiman Marcus on July 24th as well as both the pre-show gala and silent auction and the post-performance champagne and dessert party with the cast in addition to the performance on August 5th. Ticket details and other information is available online at or can be ordered by phone by calling 415-273-1620.

9 July 2007

Lucy & Rob to Appear at Comic-Con 2007

Rob - 28 July 2007

30 Days of NightSteve Niles and Ben Templesmith's vampire noir epic horror/thriller reaches the big screen under the banner of Sam Raimi's Ghost House Pictures. On hand to show clips and answer questions will be director David Slade, producer Rob Tapert, creators Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith, and stars Josh Hartnett (Sin City) and Danny Huston (Children of Men). - Many thanks to LB for the news

Lucy - 29 July 2007 

10:45-11:45 TV Guide: Super(Natural) Women—When it comes to supernatural, fantasy, and sci-fi shows these days, more women than ever are kicking ass and saving souls. Some of prime time’s most fantastic females will tell all about how they’ve been able to make it in what has traditionally been a (super) man’s world. Panelists include (in alphabetical order) Jenni Baird (The 4400), Allison DuBois (real life inspiration for Medium), Lisa Klink (Painkiller Jane), Lucy Lawless (Battlestar Galactica, Xena Warrior Princess), Marti Noxon (Private Practice, Buffy The Vampire Slayer); and several others. TV Guide’s West Coast Bureau Chief Craig Tomashoff moderates.
Room 6CDEF - Many thanks to LB for the news

For more info about Comic-Con here 


Xena Images - Season 1

Added two new Xena scans from Season 1
Scanned by Roger

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Xena DVD Artwork

For those in the UK, Season 1 and 2 have been released with new DVD cover artwork. Click on the images for the full size

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Lucy Videos - NZ Holiday Show

Lucy was a presenter on the Air New Zealand Show during 1992/93 and went all over the world from Queenstown in New Zealand to Praque.

Xena Prop House

Army Wives Update



7 July 2007

Official Lucy Fan Club Pictures

Added high resolution scans from Lucy's concert at the Roxy in January 2007.

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Lucy Photoshoots - 1997

Added med res pictures of Lucy from the 1997 TV Guide Photoshoot
(1 November 1997) - Photographer: Cathrine Wessel)

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Lucy Articles - 1998

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4 July 2007

AUSXIP Affiliates

Happy Independence Day to all the American Xenites!

Renee Videos - The Flood: Who Will Save Our Children

Renee in The FloodAdded two clips from Renee's movie "The Flood: Who Will Save Our Children" (the movie is also known as "RIVER OF RAGE: THE TEXAS FLOOD TRAGEDY - THE FLOOD: WHO WILL SAVE OUR CHILDREN?" which airred October 1993. A church camp for children by the Guadalupe River near San Antonio, Texas. As the camp draws to a close, a torrential storm hits the area. Warned their departure could be seriously affected, the camp evacuates hurriedly. Six buses follow the camp caretaker along a 'flood route' but the raging waters rise too fast and the convoy is caught. The campers leave the buses trying to get to higher ground until help arrives-  heartbreaking tragedies as ten young people are swept away.

The Bard's Corner


  • The Raggedy Bush (Complete) by Barbara Davies
    (Sequel to Bourne's Edge and The Doll Hospital.) Tarian discovers that a
    Fae has cursed the rag tree on Nether Hopton's common.


Army Wives Site Update

  • Army Wives’ likely to stay in S.C. - The Associated Press - Posted : Wednesday Jul 4, 2007 14:51:38 EDT CHARLESTON, S.C. — It looks like the cable TV series “Army Wives” is going to return for another tour of duty in South Carolina. ABC Studios agreed to keep shooting the show in the Lowcountry after a meeting Thursday that included its executives and state Commerce Secretary Joe Taylor, whose agency oversees film incentives. Read more

3 July 2007

Lucy Pics

Here's some old Lucy pics - these are from Lucy's appearance on the Howard Stern show back in 1997.  Click here to view
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Lesbianation Poll - Women We Love

Lucy is still #1 and Renee is #2!

Women We Love- The Ladies of July '07

Will the reign of Xena co-stars Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor on our list ever end? Apparently not as long as our readers are voting! In fact, our entire top five is back again this month to duke it out with five new gorgeous ladies vying for your attention
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Army Wives Site Update

3 July 2007

New Images

Episode Stills for the following episodes:
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Magazine Promos/Adverts



2 July 2007

Army Wives Site Update

New Images
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