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31 October 2007


Renee News

The Genesis Code

  • Renee has posted a new video from the set of The Genesis Code. You can now download it in either wmv or mov formats - Click here to view

Lucy News


Chicago Concert

My sincerest apologies to Julie for how long this has taken me to post. Bad Mary. Very very bad.


New Blog Entry from Lucy

  • Lucy has posted a new blog message on her site covering her Chicago concert, working on Curb Your Enthusiasm, working on Battlestar Galactica and news about a couple of auctions for her concert chaps and other outfits. Read more here


The Bard's Corner

Bard's In Print

I would like to introduce a new bard to Bard's In Print - her name is Lindy Cameron and I've been engrossed a couple of books that I was quite pleased to get to review. Lindy is an Australian author that I think people will enjoy reading her stories.

Blood Guilt (Kit O'Malley Mystery Series)
by Lindy Cameron

Celia Robinson is paying PI Kit O'Malley big money to find out what Celia's philandering husband Geoffrey is up to with a blonde, a redhead, and entrepreneur Ian Dalkeith and his shady business cohorts.

Enduring a heat wave and fighting the inanimate objects that are out to get her are the hardest parts of Kit's assignment-until a body is found floating in the Robinsons' ornamental fish pond.

After the discovery of another body and a near miss with a homicidal driver, Kit realizes she's getting close to something-even if the truth seems to be that everyone has a secret.

Click here to see more Kit O'Malley Mystery Novels by Lindy



Rob Tapert News

Ask Rob a Question on Talking Xena...

  • Rob Tapert has graciously agreed to answer some questions from our members so if you've got something you want to ask just post it in this thread. After a week or so we'll gather all the questions together and send them off to Rob, we'll give him the choice to answer the ones he wants to and then he'll send them back. It's not really limited to 20 questions (could be more or less) I just thought that was a clever title.
    Questions don't have be about Xena but they do have to be respectful and not too personal. Let's try and be creative and not ask the same old questions he's been asked a million times before. The TX Staff will have the option to delete any questions we feel cross the line. Click here to submit questions - you have to be a member of Talking Xena to participate.

Upcoming Movies...

  • Hollywood Reporter 31 October 2007 AFM: Ghost House inks for 'Tattooist'
    Robert Tapert and Sam Raimi's Ghost House Pictures has inked a deal for North American rights to Peter Burger's "The Tattooist," a supernatural thriller starring Jason Behr. Burger and producer Robin Scholes enticed Tapert and Raimi to visit New Zealand to talk to Burger about the final cut and to help guide the final stages of postproduction, the producer said Tuesday... Read more


30 October 2007


Where Shadows Linger - Sequel to In the Blood of the Greeks!
Book #2 in the Eva and Zoe Series

By MaryD

Boy, this has been a difficult and long drawn out birth but Where Shadows Linger will be available in a few weeks - it's gone to the printers! I'm very excited and proud of this novel. It picks up a year after Eva and Zoe emigrate to Australia. It wasn't just the refugees that had a tough time in this novel; the author got a good workout as well through various Herculean trials and tribulations - this truly has been a blood, sweat and tears job but it's been worth it. I hope you all enjoy it as well. As I mentioned yesterday if you are going to the Burbank con, you can pick up a copy at the Bard's Banquet. And if you don't have the first novel "In the Blood of the Greeks", that will be there as well. Cover art is by Calli and artwork of Eva and Zoe was drawn by Lucia Nobrega.

The mini synopsis:

Having survived Nazi-occupied Greece and the liberation, Eva Muller and Zoe Lambros are still very much in love, wanting nothing more than to fulfill their dreams and hopes for the future. Emigrating to Sydney, Australia, the two women find themselves making new friends and forging a new life together. However, it is not long before their happiness is marred by prejudice, and the machinations of old enemies that plunge them into mortal danger. Will their unique connection be destroyed? Will they lose their new-found friends? Or will Eva and Zoe's love prove strong enough to overcome the shadows of the past that continue to linger in their lives?


Justice League Animated Movie Update

  • TVShowsOnDVD site update: Justice League - New Release Date For New Frontier, Including New Hi-Def Format Discs! - After a successful release by Warner Home Video of the recent Superman: Doomsday DVD, the studio and sister company DC Comics are moving forward with their next release (as if there was any doubt). Justice League: The New Frontier is another adaption of a popular comic book storyline that is literally a direct-to-video release, but realistically is meant to built upon the existing fan base of both the comics, and the recent animated television series. Word around the web has kicked around a January release timeframe for this disc, but we've got VERY reliable word recently from multiple retailers that the street date for Justice League: The New Frontier is now finalized at February 26th, for releases not only on standard DVD, but also on Blu-ray Disc hi-def and HD DVD hi-def. All are single-discs, and the price on the DVD will be $19.98 SRP (same as Doomsday). The hi-def disc prices have not been finalized yet, apparently, and neither has any of the cover art. Read full story


Diamonds and Guns Update

The following is from Sharon about the latest additions that Renee has posted on her Diamonds and Guns site

  • Renee just posted a video showing what the October raffle original painting will be for some lucky person who buys the Diamonds and Guns DVD. She also posted some reviews of the movie sent in by fans. You
    can see the video and read the reviews on the Diamonds and Guns website at


New Lucy Images

The following is from Sharon about an update to Lucy's Shopping Section on her site. I have to say one of my favourite photos is of Lucy taken by Lida which was used on the label of Lucy's Roxy CD. Awesome pic and kudos to Lida - love great photography and this is a sample of it.

  • New Pics! New Pics! Just posted over in the shopping section 15 photos taken by Lida Verner at the Canal Room concert. As you can see from the lead photo that I put up to give you an idea what you're heading into, Lida captured some fantastic images of Lucy in rehearsal and in concert. Hop on over to Lucy's home page at and have a look.


Victoria Pratt News

  • Victoria Pratt (Queen Cyan of the Amazons) will be doing tv show call 'Ghost Whisperer will be airing this friday check for the time in your area on the CBS station - Many thanks to LB and Cassie for the news



29 October 2007

2008 Burbank Xena Convention
This is quickly approaching and I wanted to announce that I will be at the con and Lucy's concerts. In addition there will be a Bard's Banquet on Sunday night of the convention. My new book "Where Shadows Linger" will be available to purchase at the Bard's Banquet. I will also have the first book "In the Blood of the Greeks".

For tickets to the Convention and also Lucy's Concerts go to
If you would like to buy my books, please let me know so I can reserve you a copy.

27 October 2007

Battlestar Galactica

Season 3 DVD News

  • TV Shows on DVD site reports: Last week we passed along info from our friends at The Digital Bits website, that Battlestar Galactica - Season 3 DVDs were being held up for release until April 2008..
    Click here to read more  Many thanks to LB for the news

BSG hits the Big Screen

  • Zap2It 26 October 2007 "Battlestar Galactica" fans will have a chance to enjoy their favorite space drama on a bigger scale. "Battlestar Galactica: Razor" will screen at select movie theaters on Monday, Nov. 12, nearly two weeks before it debuts on the Sci Fi Channel, it was announced Friday (Oct. 26). Read more
    Many thanks to Mesh for the news

Season 4 Rumours

  • The Los Angeles Times reports that "Lucy Lawless will be plugged back in as D’Anna, the rogue Cylon that was deactivated last season. She’ll be back early on for three episodes, which Moore said will serve as a catalyst for the rest of the season.." - There are more spoilers for the upcoming Season 4 - click here to read
    Many thanks to Annie for the news

Boogeyman 2


2008 Burbank Xena Convention

Xena Backstage VIP Passes

The following is from Creation's latest email update

Here is the incredible opportunity for TWENTY (20) lucky fans to break through the curtain and spend the weekend backstage at the official XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS 2008 CONVENTION to be held in Burbank, California—January 25-27, 2008. Guests will meet and mingle (while we can't guarantee all will do it, in the past pretty much everyone has at our other conventions, and Lucy and Renee have generously tentatively agreed to do this), we'll have finger foods and wine, and we'll supply a nifty VIP laminate credential so you can come and go backstage throughout the weekend daytimes. Your VIP credential will also move you to the front of the line for any autograph signings and/or photo ops that you might have. When the guests are on-stage you'll want to be in your seats of course. WE WILL ALSO HAVE A BEAUTIFUL XENA WELCOMING GIFT JUST FOR OUR VIPS!
Click here to go to the ebay auction

David Talor Added To Guest List

  • David Taylor (Solan - Xena's son) has been added to the guest list for the 2008 Burbank Xena Convention. For more info about tickets go to

26 October 2007

Battlestar Galactica

2008 Burbank Xena Convention News

  • Creation has announced that Ted Raimi has joined the guest list for the 2008 Burbank Xena Convention. For more info about tickets go to

2007 Chicago Xena Convention

Zoe Bell News - Zoe Gets Lost...

Marissa MySpace Blog


25 October 2007

Lucy Images

Dragonlance Movie

The following is from the Official Dragonlance Movie Site

  • And Here it is, the first trailer! - We're happy to (finally) be able to present the first trailer, shown at GenCon and DragonCon earlier this year. This has been designated a "rough cut" -- the final trailer should be available in the next month or so...
    Read more - Many thanks to John for the news


Here is the latest update on Aleida's ebay auctions (via Cat Crimins)

Money raised during Aleida Santiago's eBay auction - $15,000.00 and growing.
Knowing a friend's prized collection is going to people who appreciate it, priceless.

Thank you Xenites! The auction is still going strong but not for much longer. On Sunday October the 28Th the final items will be put up for bid. Everything that hasn't been sold will be put up, so if you want it, bid on it. And we are saving some of the best for last. Thanks again for all the support.

Attention Xenites! If you have received a second chance offer for an item in the Aleida auction, it is not from us!  Bidders beware. If you have any questions contact us through the cuban40 seller id.

Aleida's Crew


23 October 2007

AUSXIP Server News

  • The server is experiencing some hiccups - I'm investigating why this is happening. 

Lucy TV Alert

  • ABC Family is showing "Boogeyman" as part of their Halloween special.  It will be on at 8pm CST - Many thanks to Twink for the news

Xena Photo Club Images




Steven's Lucy Concert Photos


2008 Burbank Xena Convention Update

The Bard's Banquet Update (from Brenda):

  • For those of you who have patiently inquired how and when to pay for tickets, that time begins now.  We've got a beta version of the website up and it's at: - It's very basic at the moment, but we wanted those folks who want to purchase tickets now to be able to do so by using paypal.   (NOTE: if you're buying more than one ticket, we'll need an email to know all the names and how you want your name(s) to appear on your name badges.)  Click here to read more

For all you Lena Headey fans this may interest you....
Many thanks to LB for the news

The Imagine Me & You Fansite will be auctioning off signed items from "Imagine Me & You" star Lena Headey over the next few weeks on ebay (seller id: imayfan). Proceeds from the auctions will go to Lena's charity of choice, Amnesty International
Items this week are:
  • signed promo card from Lena's upcoming TV show, "Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles" (premieres Jan. 14, 2008 on Fox).
  • signed photo of Lena as Queen Guinevere from the Hallmark movie "Merlin"


22 October 2007

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Curb Your Enthusiasm \ HBO - Season 6: Episode 57 The TiVo Guy
Airdate: 21 October 2007.

A malfunctioning TV device puts Larry's marriage with Cheryl into a crisis mode in Episode 57: The TiVo Guy. Lucy guest stars as herself.

Added screencaptures and video clips from the episode (Lucy Only) - Created by Roger


20 October 2007

Hot New Shows...I have to recommend one hot new show from the US and it's this one:

Women's Murder Club - it's based on James Patterson's books (love him - one of my favourite authors) and it stars Angie Harmon, Paula Newsome, Laura Harris (I'm a fan of all three women) and Aubrey Dollar (don't know much about her). This is one of heck of a good show. It's on the ABC. Of all the new shows this one has really caught my attention. Also if you are in the mood for sassy, I recommend Saving Grace and the really oddball show Pushing Daisies.

Upcoming Renee Event

The following is from

  • At this year's November 11th Power Premiere, the annual silent auction and dinner for lesbian filmmaking non-profit organization POWER UP (see our write-up of last year's event here), will be presenting a tribute to groundbreaking moments in lesbian television, and honoring some of the actresses involved in them, including Jane Sibbett (Friends), Renee O'Connor (Xena), Amber Benson (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Thea Gill and Michelle Clunie (Queer as Folk), Jenny Shimizu (Dante's Cove), and Michelle Paradise (Exes & Ohs). Yes, it really is like a lesbian TV/movie mashup come to life! The good news is that the event is open to anyone who is willing to pay the ticket price; the bad news is that it's held in L.A., where most of you don't live — but that's why cars, planes, trains and unicycles were invented! Click on the invitation or go to  - Many thanks to Noa for the news

Curb Your Enthusiasm

  • Sharon has updated Lucy's site with the news that Lucy's episode will not be this Sunday but possibily late November - Source


2007 Chicago Xena Convention

Reports by KT


Army Wives News

Brigid Brannagh

  • TV Guide Online - Army Wives' Brigid Brannagh Does Double Duty on K-Ville
    She won rave reviews for her feisty portrayal of a cop turned surrogate mom on Army Wives. But Brigid Brannagh isn’t content to take a hard-earned break while her critically acclaimed Lifetime show is on hiatus. The actress plays “a gal in a robbery gang” in an upcoming episode, scheduled to air Nov. 12. Cole Hauser, who plays Anthony Anderson’s partner Trevor, revisits his less-than-perfect past...
    Click here to read more


18 October 2007

Dammit Jim, I'm a doctor, not a Roman emperor!

HUGE news for Karl Urban - he is the new "Bones" in the new Star Trek Movie! For those non trekkies - Karl will playing the part of Dr. Leonard ''Bones'' McCoy in J.J. Abrams' upcoming Star Trek movie. That role was made universally famous by DeForest Kelley in the Original Series. Click here for more news...and also on the official site Congratulations to Karl!
many thanks to MET and Renee Carson for the news

Lucy Event - 30 Days of Night Premiere

There's a bazillion pictures (okay maybe slightly less) of Lucy at the premiere:

Higher Res Images

Larger Images

Smaller Images
Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the following links:

Lucy Event - National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund - Les Girl 7


  • There is a video of Lucy arriving at the event (similar to the TMZ Video) and also Lucy being photographed on the red carpet! Click here to view video
    many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news

Lucy Mention

  • Bay Windows Newspaper 18 October 2007 - On Columbus Day itself, the National Breast Cancer Coalition held their Les Girls benefit. This burlesque cabaret show raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the fight against breast cancer and was appropriately hosted by Felicity Huffman. Performers included Linda Hart, Melina Kanakaredes, Lucy Lawless.. Read more


Rob Articles

  • 9 Videos, 14 Stories, and 30 Days of Night IGN - Brisbane,CA,USA
    IGN also participated in a chat with comic writer Steve Niles, director David Slade and producer Rob Tapert, where Niles indicated he was initially hesitant .
  • Raimi's Night Out IGN - Brisbane,CA,USA
    Then I had to learn how to make horror films because my buddy Rob Tapert said if we were gonna break into this business we would need to make a low budget ...
  • Dark Days Ahead for 30 Days of Night? - Los Angeles,CA,USA
    And if they do then I'd probably huddle with [artist] Ben [Templesmith] and Steve [Niles] and my partner, Rob [Tapert], and figure out what they thought it ...
  • THE SPECIAL EDITION: COMING SOON Cinematic Happenings Under Development - New York,NY,USA Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert's voice track will be included with the widescreen version and Bruce Campbell's track will be voiced along with the original ...

17 October 2007

Lucy Event - 30 Days of Night Premiere

16 October 2007

Lucy Lawless Attends 30 Days of Night Premiere
Columbia Pictures Presents the Los Angeles Premiere of "30 Days of Night" Grauman's Chinese Theatre
Los Angeles, California United States

Click here to view images

More Images / Site Links

Lucy Messages

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Ife caught a promo for an upcoming episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm which can only mean one thing...Lucy's episode is next!

  • Sunday's (10/20) "Curb Your Enthusiasm" preview for next week, it showed Larry pointing to a photo on a wall of Xena, saying something like "She's pretty sexy."  The picture then falls to the floor and the glass breaks, much to the horror of others in the room.  I'm hoping that confirms Lucy'll be on next week.  I can't recall whether they usually mention any guest stars coming up, as there are so many.  The show is hilarious.  I can't wait to see what Lucy does, given all the improvisation. I watched the preview again, and it looks like the scene I described is in a casting agent's office, as there are photos of lots of stars -- but as themselves.  The Xena promo pic seems to be the only one of somebody in costume.  That should be great as a contrast for the "new" Lucy.

Lucy Mention in Podcast

Rob Tapert News


  • 30 Days of Night: Dining in the Dark Oct 16, 2007
    Journalists were invited recently to Sony Studios in L.A. to an early screening of the upcoming horror film 30 Days of Night. We saw the very scary movie and were treated to a Q and A with Steve Niles, the creator of the graphic novel upon which the movie is based and the co-screenwriter, Rob Tapert, the producer and the film's director David Slade... Read more
  • Moviehole - 17 October 2007 Raimi dishes on upcoming horror projects At the press conference for “30 Days of Night”, producer Sam Raimi wet horror-fans appetites with some updates on upcoming Ghost House Pictures – that’d be Raimi’s horror production company – releases, according to Shock Til You Drop....
  • Review: `30 Days of Night' has soft bite - Prescott Herald - AZ
    Produced by "Spider-Man" overlord Sam Raimi and his production partner Rob Tapert, "30 Days of Night" was filmed in New Zealand, and the movie's ...


16 October 2007

Lucy Concert Update - Los Angeles 2008

The following was just announced by Creation:

  • LUCY LAWLESS: RETURN ENGAGEMENT! - THE ROXY THEATRE HOLLYWOOD, JANUARY 25 AND 26, 2008 On a cold January night in 2007 Lucy Lawless took the stage at The Roxy Theatre in Hollywood and debuted her one-woman concert before a sold out crowd of pumped-up fans. It was a night we'll never forget, a beautiful energy of the start of something truly big. And what a ride it has been, with each successive performance showcasing new sides to an amazing artist who has proven to be as powerful on stage as she has been on television screens throughout the world.
    Now, after hot shows in New York City and Chicago, Lucy returns to the site of her triumphant inaugural performances with a new engagement at the world famous Roxy Theatre in Hollywood. If you love Lucy now, wait till you see her live, delivering a personal and passionate evening of rock, blues and soul.

    TICKETS are on SALE NOW: CLICK ON THROUGH to get yourself set! Bus transportation from the Official Xena Convention going on the same weekend in Burbank also now available too!

    Fri. & Sat. January 25 & 26, 2008
    The Roxy Theatre
    9009 West Sunset Blvd.
    Hollywood, California
    Doors open 7pm Showtime 8pm

Boogeyman 2 News / Renee to be at Screamfest for Boogeyman 2

The Following is from - Confirms Renee to be at Boogeyman 2 premiere:

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has announced that it will release BOOGEYMAN 2 in an Unrated Director’s Cut DVD January 8.  The disc includes both widescreen and fullscreen transfers, plus the following extras:

• Audio commentary by Betancourt and Sieve
• Audio commentary by Bell, Savre and producers Steve Hein and Gary Bryman
• Bringing Fear to Life: Makeup Effects from Storyboards to Screen featurette
• Storyboards

Retail price is $24.96. LA-area fans can check out BOOGEYMAN 2 at its Screamfest screening this Saturday, October 20 at 2 p.m., with Betancourt and O’Connor introducing the film and hosting a Q&A afterward. You can see behind-the-scenes clips at the Ghost House Pictures site here. —Michael Gingold
Many thanks to Mazzy for the news!

The Top 11 Lesbian/Bi Moments in Sci Fi and Fantasy

  • It has been noted that I forgot to mention another couple in the top 11 list...and they are quite special...XENA and GABRIELLE! No it wasn't to see if anyone was paying attention but an oversight...<vbg> So our dynamic duo are at #3 - why aren't they at #1?! Good grief. Anyway go over to AfterEllen and have a look! Read more here

Chicago Xena Convention

Added photos by Renee Carson:

Lucy Chicago Concert - Saturday

Calling All Graphic Artists....
  • The Talking Xena message board is holding a Holiday Banner Contest.  Out of respect for the many cultures within the Xenaverse and to honor the show, the theme of the banner is Solstice.  There will be prizes and the banner receiving the most votes will be featured at the top of  the message board during the month of December.  Go to for all of the details



15 October 2007

Lucy Concert Pictures


Lucy / Battlestar Galactica

AfterEllen has an article The Top 11 Lesbian/Bi Moments in Sci Fi and Fantasy and of course Lucy gets a mention:

9. Number Three, Number Six and Baltar Commune Battlestar Galactica (2006) The bed is huge, the sheets are rumpled and it's obvious that more than sleeping has been going on when humanoid Cylons Number Three (Lucy Lawless) and Number Six (Tricia Helfer) wake up with human Gaius Baltar (James Callis). The Season 3 episode is called "Hero."  Read more here


Simone Lahbib Updates

Added screencaptures for the following Bad Girls Season 3 episodes -
Screencaptures created by Christa:

Xenaverse News

The following is from the Xenaversity:

Is Tyrella really Xena's ex-girlfriend? How is Sheriff Sloan related to our warrior princess? Who the heck is the Soul Sucker of Japa??

All these questions can be answered as you enjoy the three silent movies put together by the Xenaversity of Minnesota! Creation has played all these movies at their Xena Conventions nationwide and we are very proud to be able to share them all with true Xena fans!! They will make you laugh, they will make you cry, they will make you say "What the hell?"

2008 marks the beginning of our 10th year so in preparation for that X-travagant year, we are offering all three movies at an X-traordinary price!! You can also purchase them individually.

SALE STARTS RIGHT NOW!! Thanks for all your support over the years!

Sale Starts: October 15th, 2007
Sale Ends: October 28th, 2007
Cost: $25 for ALL 3 movies or $10 a piece
Payment: Paypal or check/money order
Ship/Hand Cost: Flat fee of $5 - domestic & international
Ship/Hand date: All movies will be shipped after Nov 1st
DVD: All dvds are region 1
All proceeds go to the Xenaversity of MN


14 October 2007

Upcoming Premiere...

  • Rob's film "30 Days of Night" will premiere at the famous Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood. The showing is part of the Screamfest Horror Film Festival. Those interested in attending can buy tickets online here:
    many thanks to Teresa Ortega for the news

Xena Convention Update

Lucy Chicago Concert


Lucy on Chelsey Lately Show


Xena Prop House

The Xena Prop House has now got a new home -  so please change your bookmarks to this address.


13 October 2007

Lucy on Chelsey Lately Show

Lucy appeared on the Chelsey Lately Show...It's Lucy. She wore a pink shirt. She was pretty...

Prepare to be bored...Click here for the video


Lucy Concert Update

Xena Convention Update

Added Ann's photos from the convention

Added Amazonmine's photos from the convention


Lucy Gay Chicago Magazine Update

  • If you are still wanting to purchase the magazine with the Lucy cover and profile, there's been a slight change of plans - the ordering email has changed. Can you please send your request to:

Renee Photoshoot - Sundance Film Festival Promo Shots

These portraits were taken for 2005 Sundance Film Festival - "One Weekend a Month" January 27, 2005 - HP Portrait Studio Park City, Utah United States


Lucy Premieres & Events - 2002

Win Xena Ultimate Collection DVD

  • Forbidden Planet is running a competition - a chance to win the Ultimate Xena Collection DVD - all six seasons of the show in one nifty box. All you have to do is answer the question below and make sure you have a Forbidden Planet International account! Just sign up, you don't even have to buy anything (or so the blurb says)
    You have to answer a question: What is Xena's weapon of choice in the TV show? and it gives you three options which is rather tricky since all three were used by Xena <g>
    Closing Date Sunday 31st October 2007 - and it appears to open to all fans and not just the UK. Click here for more info - Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news


12 October 2007

Lucy Images - New York Concerts

Added high resolution scans of Official Lucy Lawless Fan Club pictures of Lucy's concert at the Canal Room in New York

Click here to view

Lucy Images - Roxy Concerts

Added high resolution scans of Official Lucy Lawless Fan Club pictures of Lucy's concert at the Roxy / Los Angeles

Click here to view
Also fixed the links to the fan pics for all the concerts

2007 Chicago Xena Convention Reports by KT

Concert & Convention Videos/Images

Sharon has posted two pics of Lucy and Renee in the green room cleaning Lucy's backside from the exploding powder. Lucy told this story of how her powder in the car exploded and got on her new chaps and jeans. She kept leaving little reminders of where she sat everywhere she went in the green room (hate to see what her car was like). Renee being the great friend that she is, cleaned Lucy from the mess. Chris, the photographer, managed to get a couple of shots on his camera of this funny moment - it truly is a Kodak moment! This is just too damn funny - the look on Lucy's face in the second pic will just make you laugh.

Also on the site are a couple of new videos:

  1. Lucy, Renee and Joe are singing "We Can Work It Out" with Joe on guitar. I have to say Renee, who isn't a singer, did an awesome job with that and Lucy, being Lucy, was goofy and just so much fun!
  2. Video of Lucy singing "Tell Mama" from her Chicago concert - awesome!

Check them out on the Xena Fan Club Page  (the site is a tad slow - could be that everyone is trying to download it at the same time).

Meanwhile over at Lucy's site you can now download video of Lucy singing "River Deep, Mountain High" - love the song and Lucy's performance!

Check it out on Lucy's site



11 October 2007

Announcement -from Oz and the Royal Academy of Bards
Raffle to help raise money for the family of Michelle DeLaRosa

  • As you all know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This a cause near and dear to the Academy. So the Royal Academy of Bards would like to ask all it's readers to please click on the link on the "what's new" page for the Breast cancer site and help provide free mammograms to everyone who needs one. We also would like to announce a raffle to help raise money for the family of Michelle DeLaRosa. We would like to help defray some of the costs of the medical bills. Read more

Lucy At National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund - Les Girl 7 Event


  • Janna was outside the event waiting for Lucy to arrive (along with a gaggle of autograph hunters). Read her report of a very special moment with Lucy. -
    Janna has requested that the portrait she gave to Lucy not be posted online because it was a private special moment - we all have moments like these and it's for Lucy and Janna to enjoy.


Lucy Interviews


Battlestar Galactica Season 3 DVD News

  • is selling season 3 of Battlestar Galactica. It is a complete season, with all the episodes, but it has not special features. This is PAL version so it will read only in European countries.  Many thanks to Barbara Bruno for the news


10 October 2007

Lucy Chicago Concert Update


Videos: Lucy on TMZ TV

Lucy was featured on the TV version of TMZ last night but this time with commentary from one of the paparazzi and it wasn't snarky but respectful. One thing to watch in this video is the guy who actually trod on Lucy's dress didn't bother to apologise, all the rest did but not this guy. He was fixated on getting his autograph. I howled at Lucy's response to one of them calling her "the best". Click here to download the video - Video created by JulieH

2008 Xena Convention Update

If you are going to the 2008 Burbank Con, here's something you may be interested in attending while at the con venue. I'm forwarding this on for Brenda who is organising this event:

My name is Brenda Barton and after many, many years,  I'm organizing another yet bards event.  This time around it's the Bards' Banquet and it will take place on the closing evening of the 2008 Xena Convention in Burbank CA.  The bards that have been around since at least 1999 may remember the Bards Brunches that took place during the Pasadena conventions in 2000 and 2001...
Click here to read more

Xena & Gabe...A Wedge-Tailed Eagle Love Story...

Back in August 2000 there was an article in the paper about Xena the Wedge-Tailed eagle that had done a runner and was on the loose. Here's a follow up to that story...Xena has found a mate, Gabe, and is now living happily in Townsville. Gabe was thought to be a male but Gabe wasn't and is now living with Xena in marital bliss. Many thanks to Jeanette for finding this love story and passing it on <g>
Click on the thumbnail for the larger photo.



9 October 2007

Lucy Event - 7th Annual AllStar 'Les Girls' Benefit

Lucy sang at the Les Girls 7 National Breast Cancer Coalition on 8 October 2007 - here are the pics of her arriving at this event looking gorgeous in a black dress. - Many thanks to Roger for the link

High resolution images

Lower resolution images or thumbnails can be viewed at these locations:
many thanks to Barbara Davies for the links:

New Lucy Video - TMZ

TMZ has a video of Lucy running late to the AllStar 'Les Girls' Benefit and the papparazi hounding her for autographs...

The onetime "Xena: Warrior Princess" star showed she still has a tough side last night, as she frantically zipped through a crowd of paparazzi.

Lucy Lawless arrived at Avalon and was in a mighty hurry to get inside -- barely stopping to sign autographs, but promising she'd do more on her way out.
Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the link

New MaryD Art

I was inspired once again and here is the latest montage - Lucy Flawless Diva in Chicago! Many thanks to Texbard, Ann and Ruth for the use of their images!

Click here to view large version - size 1024 x 768


Lucy Concert Photos

5 October 2007 Concert

6 October 2007 Concert

Battlestar Galactica

  • A preview of Season 4 has been posted on YouTube - and it features a very brief glimpse of Lucy as one of the Number Threes...looks like our resident psycho toaster has been resurrected...She's at time index 33-35 seconds; apparently there's an explosion or battle on a Cylon Basestar and as an explosion rocks the ship we see Number Three dodging.  Not much to look at, but at least its something new.

Xena Music Videos

Recently the Talking Xena forum held a video contest and the entries were super! Xena GK won third prize with her Xena Movie Trailer - Xena Warrior Princess - The Movie: Cross-worlds


8 October 2007

Chicago Xena Convention

Added photos of Lucy, Renee and Lucy and Renee together at the convention -
All Photos by Ruth:

Lucy Chicago Concert


  • Added report of Lucy's second concert (5 October 2007) by KT. Lucy’s concert 2nd night quickie: Another excellent evening of listening to Lucy sing, watching her gyrate and feeling her torch off emotions in the hearts of her audience ranging from intense joyous glee to somber, sentimental, eyes-tearing up moments. Read more

New York Lucy Concert Photos

New York Xena Convention Photos

Added Terri's photos from the New York Convention:

Lucy On Stan and Terry Radio Show - Picture of Lucy with Stan

  • There's a pic of Lucy with Stan from the Stan and Terry Radio show. Lucy's wearing those chaps again <g> Click here to view - You can also download Lucy's interview. I posted the link a few days ago but it may have gotten lost in all the concert news. Click here to download the interview
    Many thanks to Brandi for the heads up!


7 October 2007

More Lucy Concert Pics - 6 October Concert

Added more wonderful pictures from Ruth and Pat from Lucy's concert for the 6th October. Renee was not at Lucy's concert so no pics of Renee in this batch.

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6 October 2007

More Lucy Concert Pics - 5 October Concert

Okay this is a first - someone sent me some gorgeous pictures of Lucy and of Renee from Lucy's concert last night but didn't give me their name. So if you sent me pictures and no name, please email me so I can credit the pictures to the right person - the credit will change once I get the right name for the photographer.

In the meantime...check these pictures out - they are super cool!


2007 Chicago Xena Convention

Just uploaded some pics from Lucy and Renee's stage appearance at the Chicago Xena Con - Lucy and Renee sang together. Renee also walked into the audience as well. Lucy was dressed in her chaps from the previous night and Renee was also in jeans. They looked fabulous!  All the photos are from Christa. Click here to view


Lucy Concert Pictures

Lucy In Concert

Added 25 pictures of Lucy from the concert - Pictures are from Ann



Renee Pics from The Concert

Renee dancing at Lucy's ConcertAdded 8 pics of Renee on stage with Lucy in a blue dress dancing to the song "Let It Whip" - Pictures by Ann

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  • Chicago Tribune 7 October 2007 - Lawless sings Chicago blues. Should we just call her "Xena: Blues Singer"? For those of you who did a double take when you saw that Lucy Lawless—best known for her role as "Xena: Warrior Princess" — was headlining this weekend at Buddy Guy's Legends, she insists that she is the real deal... Read more - many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news

Lucy Video - WGN Morning News

WGN site has posted the second performance by Lucy with Lenny Williams. It's a bit of a convulted way of finding it on the site so:
Go to and then in the menu bar click on Morning News, then in the drop down menu choose "Live Performances" and the video with Lucy and Lenny is third on the list!

Lucy In Concert


  • KT has sent in her report of the concert
    So once again the lovely, lyrical, luscious Lucy Lawless put on an exhilarating concert. There were many new songs but also a few of the ones she’s sung for us before. She had two horn players, a keyboard player, a drummer and Joe LoDuca on the guitar. There were four back-up singers, three women and one man. And one of the women was Daisy. When Lucy introduced her band and singers, she pointed towards Daisy and said her name was something like “Chewy Vue”. Daisy gave a yell of delight back... Read more


5 October 2007

Lucy In Concert Pictures

Lucy rocks Chicago with her latest concert - and here are the first pics from Christa and Marina! Lucy did not change throughout the concert and wore her new chaps (which look the same as the old chaps) with a black top.

Click here to view images

4 October 2007

Lucy Lawless

Watch Lucy sing on WGN-TV this morning!
Lucy in white - absolutely gorgeous

Click here to watch video
many thanks to Pat for the news!

Followup from Jackie - Gay Chicago Magazines...

My friend, David, who went to the Gay Chicago offices to pick up the magazines,  struck up a conversation with the reporter who interviewed Lucy.  The reporter told David that he has done 100's of these interviews and that speaking to Lucy was such a pleasure.  He said she is down to earth, very friendly, cares deeply about her fans and is unpretentious and one of the easiest people to talk too.  That's our Lucy!

With this particular magazine all interviews are taped, so the editor suggested to the writer that he make  copies available via ebay with the profits going to charity.  So we might have the opportunity to have a copy of the interview. 


Lucy Concert PR for today

TV Appearances

  • WGN-TV -- 7:45am live appearance

Radio Interviews

  • Mancow Muller Radio Show -- 8:30am live appearance
  • WCKG-FM -- Stan and Terry Show -- 9:30am live appearance

Lucy Rehearsal Videos

  • Sharon has posted the final video (#6) of Lucy rehearsing for the concert on the Official Xena Fan Club Page. Lucy had her first rehearsal today with Joe LoDuca and her backup singers.
    Click here to view clip

Upcoming Events - 8 October 2007

  • Los Angeles City Beat - National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund. Les Girls. Felicity Huffman hosts fundraising cabaret performances featuring Allison Janney, Lucy Lawless, the Pussycat Dolls & more. Avalon Hollywood, 1735 Vine St, Hollywood. Info: (323) 549-9920. Mon at 7. $300 and up.

Simone Lahbib Update


Articles - 1998

  • Sunday Mail - 1 November 1998 Simone's set for JOCK 'N' ROLL - SHE was once deemed too hot to handle. But now raunchy Scots actress Simone Lahbib is back to rock the nation... With sex, drugs and jock 'n' roll in Channel 4's latest rock shocker The Young Person's Guide to Becoming a Rock Star. And when she hits the screens next week, red-blooded Jocks will be shocked that they ever let her get away in the first place...



3 October 2007

Aleida's Xena Auction on Ebay Update

The following is from Cat:

We have reached the $5000.00 mark. A big thanks to everyone who's bidding! More great stuff coming up. Things to look for, The "Ring", Xena's sword from When Fates Collide, complete set of Xena action figures and a bunch more. Keep checking every week for new stuff. Thanks!Click here to view the items

Lucy Lawless

Magazine Covers

Lucy Chicago Concert


  • Gay Chicago Magazine  Issue #39 September 27-October 7, 2007 Interview with Lucy. Lucy Lawless is best known for her role on TV's Xena: Warrior Princess. Lawless didn't achieve the fame in her native New Zealand that flooded her in the states until much later in her career, since the popular series didn't air there until long after it was an American television staple. But the reason we are talking to Ms. Lawless is that she is coming to town to sing at Buddy Guy's Legends club on October 5-6....

New Promos

Upcoming Promo Interviews

The following is from Sharon and posted on the Official Xena Fan Club Page

Wednesday, Oct. 3

  • Daily Herald podcast -- recorded 6:30pm, not sure when it's airing,

Thursday, Oct. 4

  • WGN-TV -- 7:45am live appearance
  • Mancow Muller Radio Show -- 8:30am live appearance
  • WCKG-FM -- Stan and Terry Show -- 9:30am live appearance

Friday, Oct. 5

  • WGN-FM Radio -- 7:15am live appearance in Showcase room that overlooks the street with a very large window you will be able to see in!
  • FOX TV -- Good Day Chicago (tentative) -- 8:30am live appearance

Lucy Rehearsal Videos

  • Video #4 is on Lucy's site - she's rehearsing a Melissa song "Will You Still Love Me" -
    Click here to download
  • Video #5 is on the Official Xena Fan Club of Lucy rehearsing Tuck and Patti's "Heaven Down Here."  Click here to download


2 October 2007

Renee O'Connor

Diamonds and Guns Movie Update

Renee has posted a couple of new pics on her Diamonds and Guns site - one is the stack of boxes with the DVDs and the other is Renee addressing the envelopes with a stack of printouts and Iris' toys in the background keeping her company.

Check them out here

Xena Images

Xena Photo Club - August 2006

Added photo club scans from the Season 3 - Episode 10: "The Quill is Mightier"

Gabrielle gains new respect for the power of the word when Aphrodite casts a spell on her scroll, turning everything she writes into reality.


Lucy Lawless

Gay Chicago Magazine Update

As a followup to yesterday's announcement of a new magazine article/cover for Lucy leading up to her Chicago concerts - I gave the publisher's details on how to obtain a copy. Ife has sent me even better contact details to quickly order the magazine.

The person to speak to is: Dave and his number is 773-327-7271, and extension 103. - Now if you are calling from overseas just add the country code for the US: 1 773-327-7271 and extension 103.

You can also email Dave (sure hope he is ready for the avalanche) at
Many thanks to Ife for the news

New Lucy Videos


Xenaverse News

Karl Urban Movie News

Looks like Karl is a Romulan in the next Trek film...

  • For all you non Trekkies out there...Romulans are super cool baddies with super cool warbirds (my favourite ship). The link to the news item contains spoilers so you have been warned
    Many thanks to LB for the news

The following is from Zap2It:

  • CBS has scheduled "Comanche Moon," a six-hour miniseries, to be broadcast on Dec. 30, Jan. 1 and Jan. 2, airing from 9-11 p.m. ET all three nights..."Comanche Moon" follows Woodrow F. Call and Augustus McCrae (Karl Urban and Steve Zahn in the roles played by Tommy Lee Jones and Robert Duvall in the 1989 CBS miniseries) as younger men who enlist with the Texas Rangers in pursuit of several outlaws...Read more
    Many thanks to LB for the news


Simone Lahbib

Articles - 2007

Articles - 2006

Articles - 2004



1 October 2007

Today's update is brought to you by kd Lang and the song "Hallelujah" - I'm addicted to this song although I suspect my neighbours are none too thrilled with it after hearing it all weekend. You can't play this song softly..a waste of a beautiful song and the stupendous voice of kd lang <g>

Speaking of wonderful singers - Reba's new song "Because of You" with Kelly Clarkson is AMAZING. Check it out.

Lucy Lawless

Lucy on the cover of Gay Chicago Magazine - Vol. XXXI, No. 39 September 27, 2007

If you are in Chicago you can get this magazine from the following places

and if you're not from Chicago you can try to contact the publisher for a copy
Published by Gernhardt Publications, Inc.
3115 N. Broadway, Chicago, IL 60657, Phone: 773-327-7271, Fax: 773-327-0112
Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news


Simone Lahbib