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31 January 2008
WGA Strike Xena Day Videos

The WGA has a number of video interviews and strike march footage on YouTube with Renee O'Connor, Rob Tapert, Tim Omundson, Victoria Pratt & R.J. Stewart and Katherine Fugate. Keep an eye out for Xena fans from around the world, and look for footage and mentions of MaryD as well! | See all the WGA videos. | Thanks to Jody for the info.



29 January 2008

Another drop of goodies was made by the Xenaverse Drop Off Elf today to the Disney gate this morning.


2008 Xena Convention & Roxy Concert



Check out Teresa Ortega's blog and photos of the concert. | Thanks to Barbara Davies for the info.

zelebs2 blog has nice hi-rez photos of Lucy from the Rocy Concert. | Thanks to Pat for the info.


Lucy Lawless Is Still Around

Lucy Lawless: The best name ever. So awesome, in fact, that someone named a moon after her. She's not on TV as much as she used to be, and her singing career hasn't produced any top ten hits, but between the acting and the music, she's managed something very very few people achieve: A legitimate career. Also a moon. Don't forget that. | See the site that also has a concert photo. | Thanks to Barbara Davies for the info.



The eBook corner is temporarily offline while I remodel it. Plan to have both the standard ebook and the ebookwise corners up by the end of the week.



There is a new press release from Dean Teaster about the exciting news of the distribution deal to release Reneé's film, "Ghost Town: The Movie" domestically.  Click here to read the press release. |  Thanks to Gabsfan for the info.



Watch the trailer for Adrienne Wilkinson's new film Reflections. You can view the trailer for Adrienne's new film on youtube here. The movie stars Adrienne, Zoe Bell and familiar faces from 24, Jack & Bobby, Supernatural.


Rob Tapert & Sam Raimi News

  • Raimi new 'Wizard' of syndie - Raimi is executive producing the hourlong series with Robert Tapert ("The Grudge"), Joshua Donen ("The Quick and the Dead") and "Xena: Warrior Princess" production executive Ned Nalle. Disney-ABC Domestic TV is distributing, and ABC Studios is producing.  | Read the full story. | Thanks to LB for the info.
  • Raimi brings fantasy to syndication with "Wizard" The "Spider-Man" director is teaming with Disney-ABC Domestic Television and ABC Studios on a new first-run, live-action weekly series targeted for a fall launch. The series, "Wizard's First Rule," is based on Terry Goodkind's best-selling epic fantasy series "The Sword of Truth." | Read the full story. | Thanks to MET for the info.



Training, printing and events company WFO Group of South Yorkshire is proud to have received an Invest for Growth grant from Objective 1 - to assist with the purchase of a digital Xerox printing press, affectionately known as Xena the DigiPrintcess! Xena is set to fulfil the digital printing needs of WFO’s growing customer base and offer both great quality and an affordably priced solution.  | Read the full story. | Thanks to MET for the info. 








28 January 2008

Read Christie Keith's blog about Saturday's concert and read her entry about Sunday's events. | Thanks to MET for the info.

Getty Images has photos of Renee from Lucy's Concert right here. | Thanks to MET for the info.

Warrior Army Storms gates of Burbank |  The TV show “Xena: Warrior Princess” ended production in 2001, but if Saturday’s convention at the Burbank Marriott Airport Hotel was any indication, the syndicated show’s tenacious connection to its fans has not. | Read the full article | Thanks to Barbara Davies for the info.



Intelligent Security. LOL. Check out this product bearing the name Xena. | Thanks to MET for the info.








27 January 2008

Getty images has lots of images of Lucy and Renee at the following link. Wireimage has a couple photos of Lucy from her Saturday concert. | Thanks to MET and Barbara Davies for the info.



Odd little tidbit: AJA XENA Card Enables Tapeless Workflow for ‘Captain Abu Raed’ - Sundance Contender Uses XENA Video Playback and Capture Cards for On-Set Acquisition, Uncompressed Playback and Final Conform. Read the full story. | Thanks to MET for the info.



The release date of the season 3 Battlestar Galactica DVDs has been moved. " Our previous reports about Universal's long-awaited Battlestar Galactica - Season 3 DVD package has been telling you to expect to pick this up on March 25th. Now the studio has moved the release date, and didn't really give us the heads up on the change! In fact, we're grateful to reader Kalie Kales for letting us know that the release date at Amazon's listing had changed, from the 25th to a new release date of March 18th! We double-checked with the studio, and their information confirms that the package now ships a week earlier than previously reported. Time to celebrate!" Read the full article and see images of the DVD menus. | Thanks to LB for the info.








26 January 2008

Lucy Concert Photos


Added some GORGEOUS Lucy photos from the concert on Friday!
Many many many more photos to come!

Click here to view pictures from Ruth and Christa


Burbank Convention and Roxy Photos

AfterEllen.Com's Christie Keith was live-blogging the event, click here to see her blog entries for Friday, click the following link for a report on Saturday's events.

Added Beverly's photos to the Burbank Convention and Roxy Photo galleries.


Roxy Video

1/25/08 night -- It's Showtime!  The house is jammed.  The curtain's down.  Lucy's voice begins to fill the air.  "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?"  Then it's gonna be a "Heartache Tonight."  But not for these fans.  This is what they've been waiting for, traveling for, standing out in the cold for.  It gets warmer by the minute.  And then hotter and hotter as Lucy has them screaming for joy.  Gads, I love opening night! Scroll down the front page to see the video. | Thanks to Barbara Cislo for the info.








25 January 2008


Okay these are not all the photos I've taken (and there will be more including video by LB and photos from others there) - these are a few photos that I took at the march.

Click here to view - many many many more to follow

MaryD's reporting in from Con Central

We had the Xena March today and I have to say we had the weather gods open up and pelt us with hail (this was not on my order to the weather gods) but the Xena fans were out in force!

It was AWESOME to see so many fans supporting the writers.
I love this fandom because it comes together when needed. There will be a ton of photos coming out from this and I'm sure you will all enjoy them but those present it was a great time - it was cold, it was wet but it was FUN.

Pictures and a report to follow - for those coming in tomorrow, pack an umbrella it's raining cats, doggies and their offspring. It's also coldddddd.

More from Con Central later!



Writers Strike - Day 81 - Xena Picket Day

Photos with captions are online at the laist website here. | Thanks to Barbara Davies for the info.

Twink has posted photos on her website as well.'s Christie Keith live-blogs the Convention

"Burbank, CA is the unofficial headquarters of the Lesbian Nation this weekend -- and the site of the official 13th Annual Xena: Warrior Princess Convention, which begins at 12:20 PM Pacific Time this afternoon." Click here to see the blog entries for the day. Thanks to MET for the info.








24 January 2008
WGA Strike Xena March Update

A note from Steven Sears:  "Okay, as of right now, the night before, it looks pretty murky out there.  I have no idea what it will look like at 11 a.m.  If it's a mess, obviously no one expects any of you to risk life and limb or, even, the sniffles to make this.  You be the judge of what's best for you.  I can't guarantee that any or all of the celebrities will show up if it's really horrid out there.  But I can guarantee that I will be there.  Rain, sleet, hail. or dark of night (now that would be
interesting...).  But, again, you judge for yourself what's best. Thanks."



L.A. Weekly Music Review - Lucy Lawless at the Roxy DVD Review

What kind of music would Xena the Warrior Princess make? She would probably belt out something fierce and mighty along the lines of
rabble-rousing punks like the Plasmatics, the Avengers and Vice Squad, or perhaps echo the spiritually feminine direction of the show's later episodes with rebelliously arty riot-grrl experiments similar to Rasputina, Le Tigre and Marnie Stern. Of course, it's not fair to expect actor Lucy Lawless to live up to her most famous role's persona, and the music on her 2007 live DVD, Gimme Some, Sugar, is more middle of the road than it is heroic or risk-taking. Lawless has a fine voice and plenty of charisma, but she's undermined by a light-hitting backup band, who, like so many of these thrown-together mercenary lineups, lack fire and genuine chemistry (due in no small part to American Idol arranger Michael Orland's treacly keyboards). Lawless mixes in a couple of decent blues-rock originals such as "Down on My Knees" with a karaoke-style selection of "lady love" anthems like "True Colors" and "Delta Dawn," as well as "What'd I Say," which is fairly tepid despite a frisky go-go-dancing guest appearance from Lawless' Xena co-star, Renee O'Connor. Source | Thanks to Barbara Davies for the info.

Sexy Aliens: 17 Heavenly Bodies from Sci-Fi: 
CAPRICA SIX, SHARON "BOOMER" AGATHON, AND D'ANNA BIERS (Tricia Helfer, Grace Park, and Lucy Lawless) in Battlestar Galactica (2004-present)

Cerebral villainy just doesn't get any hotter than this robotic trio,
who have been vexing humanity since their fellow Cylons wiped out
mankind in an all-out war. (Okay, maybe Boomer isn't a complete
villain...but she has done some very bad things.) Source | Thanks to Barbara Davies for the info.



Fresno Bee interview: Less swordplay, more psychodrama for actress.  "When I was little, I would watch 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers.' Then I would line up my stuffed animals on my bed. But most of the time I would just tell my parents how the films were being made," O'Connor says.

[...]  Once a year, O'Connor returns to her sword-swinging days: She attends the annual "Xena" festival.

"It is a way to stay connected to the root of all this blessing. The fans are so loyal. I may have moved on from Gabrielle and done other things. But the fans continue to follow my career," she says.

Read the full article | Thanks to Barbara Cislo for the info. has a great interview with Renee: Batman had Robin, Butch Cassidy had the Sundance Kid and Xena: Warrior Princess had Gabrielle. Playing Xena's sidekick on the cult classic television show was the talented actress and producer Reneé O'Connor, who recently talked to us about being directed by the governor of California, how it felt to be named's most loved woman of the year and what life is like in the "Xena-verse."

Read the full article | Thanks to Barbara Cislo for the info.



Xenaverse Art







23 January 2008

From the Official Xena Fan Club: Lucy's had the camera rolling during her Roxy rehearsals with her musical director, Michael Orland. Here's a Carpenters' tune, "Superstar." | Click here to see the video

From the Official Lucy Lawless Fan Club: "Here comes the third clip, "Kiss You All Over" by Exile, from 1978. She's working with her musical director, Michael Orland. Tomorrow another clip up on the Official Xena Fan Club website. A mystery song called "Sweetheart."

And another clip at the Official Xena Fan Club: - 1/23/08 - "Here's the fourth clip from the rehearsal sessions with Michael.  (The other two are on Lucy's website.)  This is a 20s sounding ditty called, I think, "Sweetheart."  Next to it is a floor plan showing the two VIP seating areas."

Thanks to Kim for the info.



January 21 radio interview with Lucy, talking about the upcoming convention, the Roxy concert, and BSG. Many nice comments about fans. Click here or here to listen to the interview.

And on the KPFK's archives page. Scroll down for IMRU, Monday, January 21, 2008 7:00 pm. The interview was supposed to start around 26:43, but Lucy isn't heard until about 29:00 because of technical difficulties.



From ifMagazine:  Renee O'Connor plays Dr. Jessica Ryan in the new horror movie BOOGEYMAN 2 that just hit DVD shelves last week. She is also known as the best loved bard, Gabrielle on XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS.

iF MAGAZINE had the delightful pleasure to talk to her about her new movie, her writing, her paintings, and the journey that this
multi-talented woman is on. Click here to read the article.








22 January 2008

From The Lucy Lawless FanClub website:  1/21/08 -- Here's the first clip of Lucy rehearsing for the Roxy concert. It's "Winner at a Losing Game" by Rascal Flatts.  As this is an early rehearsal, not sure if the song is going to make the cut.  Tomorrow there will be another clip up on the Official Xena Fan Club website. | Thanks to Barbara Cislo for the info.


Kiefer Sutherland and Lucy Lawless bring 'Dungeons & Dragons' to life, and you can win a copy! Wizard Universe is giving you a chance to score your very own copy of the DVD. Just sign up for our new Wizard Universe newsletter, tell us why you're a champion "Dragonlance" fan and 10 lucky winners will be taking home
the "Dragons of Autumn Twilight" animated flick! | Read the full article | Thanks to Barbara Davies for the info

Sign up for the newsletter by sending a message to and enter the contest.



Jo LoDuca & Xena mention:

It’s got a good beat, but can you axel to it? "And four-time U.S. ice-dancing [...] scored a decidedly different movie — The Evil Dead." "It wasn’t as big an adjustment as I feared," said composer Joseph LoDuca , who has won Emmys for his work on "Xena, Warrior Princess" and "Hercules." "Obviously, it has to take place in a very specific amount of time, so in that way, it was very similar to writing music for TV and movies. This was really about creating very passionate, romantic music. That’s what inspires them." | Read the full article | Thanks to Jock for the info.


Xenaverse Art








21 January 2008
*** Newsflash *** Camp Amazon NZ extends tours and reduces the rate!!
Yep, you wanted it! you got it! It's official, Camp Amazon NZ have extended the tour dates to now offer a 4, 7 and 11 day tour!
And, as per promised we've reduced the rate !! So with more days on offer, more fun can be had, so check it out at
Don't delay, these tours are selling fast and scheduled only for Oct 2008.


WGA Strike Xena March News

A note and banners from Steven Sears: "SO WHAT ABOUT RAIN? At the moment, the weather report says that we might have rain on Thursday. What do we do about that? Well, we dress for it and hope for the best. That's about all we can do. The weather report here changes from day to day and, for all I know, it will be sunny and 80 degrees (not likely!). But dress warmly for wet weather. Hopefully it won't be too bad. We can still have fun. Keep dry…"


Xena 101 and Xena at #9 at Pink Raygun

Xena is #9 on Pink Raygun Top 100 Fictional Femmes of Genre Film and Television, 2007 Edition. Also on Pink Raygun, you can read "Warrior Princess 101 - Lesson 1: When Xena Was a Bad Guy." Thanks to MET for the info.


The Latest on the Xena Refreshes Campgain

The following is from the Xenaverse Drop Off Elf... Last week the drop was made on Tuesday due to some special picketing going on, on Monday. This week the drop will be made in the middle of the week due to some special picketing going on at the beginning of this week.

Also for those going to the Xena WGA March - pack an's
gonna be a little on the wet side. It's raining in LA and it looks to
stay that way until next Sunday.


Xenaverse News

From Gabsfan of the Talking Xena Board: It's time to Post Your Vote for the Best XWP Love Music Video in Talking Xena's Video Challenge #2! There are lots of excellent music video entries waiting to be watched and voted on. All of them focus on some aspect of the love on XWP. Go to the Talking Xena Message Board for all the details!








19 January 2008

In the latest issue of Starburst (#359): There's a one page article about Boogeyman 2 and facing it is a glorious, full page, head-and-shoulders pic of Renee in her Gabrielle days. For some reason it's not captioned, but Xena fans will know instantly who it is. :)

Lucy is mentioned on the multimedia page in connection with the BSG website as follows: 'The official website ( is a great place to start online for gossip and profiles [...] what I really like are their videos. In particular a 45-minute clip from Comic Con called The Ladies of Battlestar. Four of the leading ladies answer questions in front of a live audience. Lucy Lawless, my favourite, makes a surprise appearance.' The contents of the magazine are not yet online, they will be up here eventually.

Thanks to Barbara Davies for the info.


WGA Strike News

Steven Sears is quoted in Yahoo!News article: Writers talks could resume next week. | Thanks to Marina for the info.

The following banners will be on display at the Xena March. have been created by Wendy Gamble and Caprice Nuss.








18 January 2008
Meet The New AUSXIP Owner

Here is the new owner of  AUSXIP with proof...Mary has gone off the deep end with the news about dressing in western gear for Lucy's concerts and was last seen wearing a fringed shirt, jeans, black boots and black cowboy has to be seen to be believed (photos of these pieces of clothing to follow) In the meantime while Mary has totally lost all her Aussie cool cred, AUSXIP has been taken over by Mr Stitch, the Wonder Dog of the North....

Mwahahahahahahaha - Woof!









17 January 2008

Lucy is credited in the January 21, 2008 US TV Guide as the voice of Wonder Woman. Click on the thumbnail to see the larger file.

Thanks to LB for the scan.


WGA Strike - Xena Day

From Katherine Fugate's site: XENA FANS! added to Xena Day, Tim Omundson, writers Chris Black, Jeff Vlaming, Paul Robert Coyle, actress Victoria Pratt, and director TJ Scott!

ATTENTION! CHANGE OF LOCATION FOR XENA DAY! Xena day picket location will be NBC STUDIOS - Alameda Gate.

Thanks to Annie for the info.


RENEE NEWS/Steve Sears Blog Update -  Xena Picket Day Stuff!!!

From Steve's blog: Well, in one more week, we will be having the Xena Picket Day at NBC/Universal Studios.  For those who don't know, that's when Xena fans from around the country will be joining the actors, directors, writers and producers of Xena on the picket line!

Today, as a bit of a pre-picket experiment, Renee O'Connor (who played Gabrielle on the series) came to the line and walked with us.

Read more at Steve's blog & see photos of Steve, Katherine Fugate and Renee.

Thanks to Saul Trabal for the info. Visit the related Talking Xena Board thread.








15 January 2008

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Renee O'Connor Dishes on Boogeyman 2 on MovieWeb. Renee O'Connor has been in touch with television audiences for years with her role as Gabrielle in the hit series Xena: Warrior Princess. Read the full article. | Thanks to Barbara Davies and Barbara Cislo for the info.








14 January 2008

Syfy Portal reports: SciFi Channel has announced it will begin airing 10 episodes of the show's fourth and final season beginning April 4, staying in line with original reports late last year that the show would be making its way back to the network in April. Thanks to LB for the news.

Lucy's CES panel video has been moved to the main page of SciFi.Com as the featured video. Lucy's also featured on the main page at SciFi's site in the lower middle Sci Fi Pedia section.








13 January 2008
From Roxanne Jones of™ is proud to announce the grand opening of its Lesbian Fiction online eBook and Listening eBook store.

L-Book™ is a listening eBook. L-Book's are Lesbian Fiction narrated by a computer generated voice, L-Book’s very own Samantha, or Sam for short. L-Books are in standard .mp3 format and can be played on most sound media players, computers and handheld devices.™ eBooks are presently downloadable in eReader™ and iSilo™ formats but will soon be available in Kindle™ and MobiPocket™ formats.™ has 30 to 45 minute listening excerpts of each story as well as an excerpt in each reader format for download to test-drive the format, author, and story before buying it. The long excerpts are around 5,000 to 8,000 words starting with chapter one.

All L-Books and eBooks and your personal library cards of your purchases are immediate downloads at affordable prices with no shipping and handling.™ is so pleased that our first four authors are such outstanding talents. One author was just awarded The Athenaeum’s Story of the Year for 2007. Another L-Book author came in 6th place in the Top 100 and the Top 25 for 2006. Still another author is an established published author that happens to believe in the future of electronic books, both reading and listening books.

Now, if you haven't guessed who the authors and stories are yet …  L-Book™ is privileged to ePublish the latest stories and we hope future stories of: Fran Heckrotte offering the complete six-book series of The Illusionist, Jae and her Backwards to Oregon, Glenda Poulter and Coming Home, and another author everyone knows, RJ Nolan with her mystery, All Gone. [...]

Please join us at and stroll through the website’s many pages. Join the L-Book mailer for updates. There is a new Yahoo group Lesfic_ebooks, for those interested in interacting with others interested in Lesbian Fiction and eBooks.  We look forward to meeting and getting to know you.








12 January 2008
AUSXIP Network Sites Update
  • Visit Stacy Haiduk [dot] info for the most recent updates on the star of Superboy, SeaQuest DSV, Kindred: The Embraced and All My Children.
  • Visit Torri Higginson [dot] info for the most recent updates on the Canadian actress best known for her starring role on Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis as Dr. Weir.


Xenaverse Art








11 January 2008

PRICE: $3.50

Covers: UDON STUDIOS (50%) and FABIANO NEVES (50%)
Colorist: TBD
Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Action/Adventure
Awards: N/A
Publication Date: MARCH, 2008
Format: Comic Book
Rights: WW
The cross-over no one asked for -- or expected -- is finally here! Too big for the movie of television screen, Dynamite presents the ultimate "Why Not? tale as Ash and Army of Darkness meets Xena, the Warrior Princess in the first issue of this 4-part mini series event!
Written by master ... uh, scribe, John Layman and illustrated by Miguel Montenegro, the first issue of our most unnecessary adventure finds Ashley J. Williams transported to the world of Xena and Gabrielle and most importantly Autolycus, who of course, bears more than a passing resemblance to our main man Ash. Throw in the Necornomicon and an evil little ash taking charge of a group of fairies (the winged kind) and hey, you've got yourselves a story! Featuring two covers, one by UDON studios and the other by Fabiano Neves!
Retailer Incentives:

Get your copy today! Thanks to Manon Auger for the info.



The January 2008 issue of Preview notes that Ted Raimi's new movie "Millenium Crisis" will be on sale March 2008. "Previews: From PopCinema! Eons ago, the alien Kluduthu, a vicious and violent race, succeeded in touching off a galactic war. The resulting bloodshed kept their race alive. Now, they're hungry for a repeat of this success! The Kluduthu leader, Harkness (Ato Essandoh), initiates terrorist attacks, implicating the Terrans in violence against Andromedean civilians. But his secret weapon is much more devastating: he is looking to recruit a "Bloodmask" -- a descendant of a legendary chameleon-like humanoid race. But Aurora (Clare
Stevenson), the Bloodmask, knows nothing about her powers, and must stop the evil aliens from using her as their ultimate weapon! Scheduled to ship in Mrch 2008. DVD (x2).... $19.99" Pre-order this movie from | Visit the movie's official site. Thanks to Manon for the info.


Karl Urban: From Comanche Moon's Old West to Star Trek's Exciting Future | Premiering Sunday, Jan. 13, at 9 pm/ET, and then continuing Tuesday and Wednesday night, CBS' Comanche Moon miniseries — based on Larry McMurtry's  best-selling Lonesome Dove prequel — follows Texas Rangers Woodrow F. Call (Karl Urban) and Augustus "Gus" McCrae (Steve Zahn) as they deal with the tensions of life in the Old West. spoke with Urban (the Lord of the Rings films' Eomer) about his latest wild venture. Plus: The best sneak peek he could let slip regarding his role as Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy in the much-anticipated Star Trek origin film. | Full story | Thanks to LB for the info.








10 January 2008
LUNCH WITH RENEE & LIZ UP FOR AUCTION are holding online auctions to raise funds strike promotion and The Writers Guild Foundation's Industry Support Fund.

Of particular interest to Xena fans, we currently have an opportunity for a fan to have lunch with Liz Friedman, writer on Xena, and (just added) Renee O'Connor!  The winner will need to be able to travel to Los Angeles at their own expense.

Bidding ends at 11.59pm on 11 January, 2008.

Auction Information:

Proceeds will go towards the costs of the recent Rose Bowl Parade promotion.  All additional funds will be donated to The Writers Foundation Industry Support Fund.

Items will continue to be added until the end of the strike, including some very special Xena items, so check back regularly!



Tricia Helfer's site is auctioning off the following items signed by Lucy as well. Tricia portrays the stunning model 6 incarnations on Battlestar Galactica.

Uncut Sheet of Battlestar Galactica Cards
Autographed by Tricia Helfer and 14 other members of the Battlestar Galactica cast

Description: Extremely rare uncut sheet of Miniseries / Season One Battlestar Galactica cards personally autographed by 15 members of the cast including:

  • Tricia Helfer (Number Six)
  • Edward James Olmos (Admiral Adama)
  • Mary McDonnell (Laura Roslin)
  • Jamie Bamber (Lee Adama "Apollo")
  • James Callis (Gaius Baltar)
  • Grace Park (Boomer)
  • Katee Sackhoff (Kara Thrace "Starbuck")
  • Tahmoh Penikett (Karl Agathon "Helo")
  • Michael Hogan (Colonel Tigh)
  • Aaron Douglas (Chief Tyrol)
  • Kandyse McClure (Dualla)
  • Michael Trucco (Sam Anders)
  • Callum Keith Rennie (Leoben)
  • Rekha Sharma (Tory)
  • Lucy Lawless (D'Anna)

Only 3 available! Only available here - will not find anywhere else!

This is an ebay auction item.

Bidding will end Jan-15-08 16:03:37 PST

Bid on this item now!

NOTE: All profits from the sale of this item will be donated to an
Animal Charity chosen by Tricia.

Thanks to Barbara Davies for the info.



From DVICE: "It took us a little while, but the video for our CES panel is finally up. For those just joining us, DVICE held a panel on Monday at the Consumer Electronics Show on the influence of science fiction on technology. Our panelists were Dean Kamen, inventor of the Segway; Lucy Lawless, star of Xena; Neal
Stephenson, author of Snow Crash; and Walt Mossberg, technology
journalist for The Wall Street Journal. It was a great discussion, and
now you can check it out in it's entirety by following this link. Just
FYI, it's about an hour long, but totally worth it. Click here to watch the video. (It's linked from menu on the left.) Thanks to Barbara Davies for the info.







09 January 2008
Xenaverse Art 






08 January 2008

From Sharon and on Lucy's site: 1/7/08 -- Lucy's Saturday Roxy concert sold out!  Not a square inch left in the room.  Friday VIP tickets are sold out and there are only a few standing room tickets left for Friday.  Talked with Lucy over the weekend and she's so excited about the show she's planning.  I told her to get the camera ready to record some rehearsals so we could have a peek at what she's planning.

Lucy and Renee will appear on stage Saturday at the upcoming Burbank Convention! Click here to check the full schedule.

Saturday, January 26, 2008
8:00 am to 9:30 am: RENEE O'CONNOR PHOTO OPS
10 am to 4:00 pm: Convention Hours, Vendors Room, Theatre and Registration Open. Appearances on stage by LUCY LAWLESS, RENEE O'CONNOR, TED RAIMI, DAVID TAYLOR, R.J. STEWART, and LIZ FRIEDMAN.



More CES 2008 blog entries and photos. CES 2008: Segway inventor and Xena rock DVICE's panel about sci-fi's influence on tech. Yet more images and a detailed report at Oh Gizmo! Another entry in wayzgoose's journal. Images at Celestron.Com. Thanks to Barbara Davies and Charis for the links.

Lucy was at at the Catalina Jazz Club in Hollywood, CA on January 5, 2008 where Melora Hardin of NBC's "The Office" performed. Photos of Lucy with various celebrities and Melora Hardin are available here at BroadwayWorld.Com. Thanks to Barbara Davies for the info.



Boogeyman 2 Is All New: Jeff Betancourt, director of the upcoming made-for-DVD horror film Boogeyman 2: Unrated Director's Cut, told SCI FI Wire that his sequel has next to nothing to do with the original, a low-buget PG-13 theatrical movie that was a modest hit in 2005. Full story.

Boogeyman 2 Clips & New Webisode: Sony Home Entertainment, in anticipation of tomorrow's DVD release, has opened the door to a bevy of new clips from Jeff Betancourt's sequel Boogeyman 2. You can find them via this link, there you'll also have access to the film's official site. Meanwhile, a new production webisode is now up at Ghost House Picture's site. It will load immediately on the home page. Thanks to LB for the info.


Price: $24.96

What is it: The surprisingly good sequel to the terrible film about what lurks at night and terrorizes you while you sleep. The film takes place in an isolated asylum where the Boogeyman starts to haunt the patients there praying on their many phobias.

Why should you buy it? It has XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS’ Renee O’Connor and SAW franchise’s Tobin Bell. Sam Raimi is a producer. It beats the pants off the disastrous, horrible first film. Plus, there are actually some scary moments here, also something that didn’t happen in the first movie.

Extra Special: Some good stuff here with a nice featurette on bringing the film to life and two separate audio commentaries – one with the director Jeff Betancourt and crew, one with the actors.







07 January 2008

Lucy Lawless asks Dean Kamen: Can our technologies become self conscious? "Geek pop stars Dean Kamen, inventor of the Segway, and Lucy Lawless, aka "Xena the Warrior Princess," sat together on a panel today at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas; and Lawless quizzed Kamen on his thoughts about computers and consciousness. Kamen redirected the subject to the fact that technology empowers evil as well as good, and never actually answered the question." (Tech Talk)  There's a tiny blurry photo on the page as well. 


Xenaverse Art 


WGA Strike Related

From Jen Cummings from " are holding online auctions to raise funds for The Writers Guild Foundation's Industry Support Fund, and we are looking for donations of autographed scripts and other memorabilia that will appeal to fans. [...]

The first auctions will begin on January 11, and each auction will
run for 7 days.  We will continually  be adding new items daily until
the strike ends.  The auctions will feature prominently on, and will be promoted to fans everywhere."

They have several Battlestar scripts signed by the writers ending soon, including some of Lucy's guest spots.








06 January 2008
Have Lunch with Liz Friedman - a very cool thing to do just before the con!


Liz Friedman, of House, Hack, The O.C., Numb3rs, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, and Xena, Warrior Princess will have lunch with the winning bidder. Liz has been, at various and sometimes overlapping times, a writer, producer, Hollywood executive, and gay rights activist. She was played (as a badass, of course) by Hudson Leick on two episodes of Hercules -– "Yes, Virginia, There Is a Hercules" and "For Those of You Just Joining Us," and was described in Doris Egan's blog as "the most dangerous writer among us." You'll need to be in the LA area.

Current Bid: $173.77 (Robbie R.) -- Place a bid!
Bidding ends 11:59 p.m. EST Thursday, January 10th

Liz says "The lunch would be in LA; I could always to it the Friday before the convention.


2008 Burbank Bard's Banquet Update

From  6 p.m. to midnight, on January 27th, at the Burbank Airport Marriott Hotel & Convention Center many of our favorite bards will be attending the Bards Banquet, a nonprofit charity event and I invite all the fans of uber and fanfiction to join us in thanking the bards.  Thus far, the following bards will be in attendance:  Akiela Xal, Cheyne Curry, Crow, D, DJ Belt, JA Bard, KG MacGegor, LM Townsend, Llachlen, Mary D. Brooks, Mindancer, Missy Good, Planet Solin, Ralene, Red Hope, Ri, Susan X. Meagher, Texbard, Trish Kocialski, Vada, HRH and Verda H.  We'll also be joined by WHOOSH editor Kym Masera Taborn, UberAbode's Rachel Pena and so many others that have made the realm of the fanfiction and uber tales so amazing.  For further information and future updates about the banquet and the accompanying silent charity auction, I encourage you to visit our website at:







05 January 2008
Just breaking in to update you all on the latest news about the Xena March The location of the gathering has been changed - please take note that it's not at the Disney Studios but at NBC (also at Alameda Avenue):

A DAY OF SUPPORT - Fans to March with Xena Writers, Actors & Crew

BATTLE ON, XENA: We've had Battlestar Galactica Day. Star Trek Day. Joss Whedon Day. And now... it's Xena Day! In the ongoing Xenaverse Refreshes Campaign, Xena Fans from around the world will join writers, actors, producers and crew members of the popular TV series, Xena: Warrior Princess on

Actors and Writers to Attend:

Renee O'Connor, Claire Stansfield, Rob Trebor, Adrienne Wilkinson, Rob Tapert, RJ Stewart, Katherine Fugate, Liz Friedman, Steven L. Sears

More To Be Announced....


When: January 24th, 2008 (Thursday before the con)
Time: 11 a.m. thru 2 p.m.
Where: NBC Studios, Alameda Gate, 3000 W. Alameda Ave. Burbank, CA 91523

How To Get There?

Parking is available around Johnny Carson Park and neighborhoods (make sure you pay attention to parking restrictions, they WILL ticket!) The picket will be at the main entrance to NBC located on Alameda Ave.

Costumes highly encouraged! Wear your Xena T-shirts, hats, bring your swords and your chakrams, your quills and your parchment...and practice your Xena warcry!

Please pass this around to all Xena lists, forums and web sites. We want to show a HUGE surge of support from the fans.

Going back on, really I am...

Adding Kathy's suggestion
"In wearing costumes, Tee shirts, hats, and etc.; it might not be a good idea to bring the swords, even though they are replicas. The police may view such item as a weapon. Just a note to pass on."

Mary is a tad excited over this trip so don't bring the swords...but your Xena War Cry is going to be needed...



Xenaverse News - Adrienne Wilkinson

Kickapoo grad to attend movie premiere in Springfield

Hollywood actress and Kickapoo High School graduate Adrienne Wilkinson will attend the premiere screening of her latest independent movie, "Reflections," during the Show-Me International Film Festival downtown, being held Feb. 15-17. Wilkinson is perhaps best known for playing Eve on the TV series "Xena: Warrior Princess."

She plays the lead role in "Reflections," a sci-fi thriller that also includes TV actors from "24," "The Sopranos," "Deadwood," "Big Love" and the movies "Ghost Rider" and "Kill Bill." Wilkinson will appear with the movie's director, Barry Caldwell.

Wilkinson's other recent project is her appearance as Maris Brood, the last female Jedi in "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed," a motion-capture video game that tells the story of 18 years between the two movie trilogies.

Her character also has been fashioned as a doll — making her the second Kickapoo grad to have her likeness come out as a toy. The other was of actor Lucas Grabeel of "High School Musical" fame.


The Bard's Corner Update

Added the latest Dar & Kerry Uber from from Melissa Good: Storm Surge Part 1-9.


Xenaverse Art








04 January 2008

2008 International CES - Exprerience The Art of Technology
January 07, 2008 - 12:00 - 1:00 pm
Las Vegas, USA

The following has appeared on The Futon Critic website

Science Fiction’s Influence on Technology

On Monday, January 7th at 12:00PM, DVICE will sponsor a CES panel discussion on the influence of science fiction on technology (Session HLE17 / LVCC North Hall / Room N256). Moderated by SCI FI Channel Executive Vice President and General Manager Dave Howe, the panelists include the Wall Street Journal's personal technology columnist Walt Mossberg, actress Lucy Lawless (Xena, Warrior Princess and Battlestar Galactica), Segway inventor Dean Kamen and author Neal Stephenson (Snow Crash).

Click here for more about the session

To get single session tickets for this event go to:

Single Session Pass
$179 advance, $279 on-site
(Allows access to any one session with the CES Knowledge Track or Digital Hollywood Partner Program.)

Click here to register


From Sharon Delaney. "Let's start the New Year with a clip from Coffee Talk 6 starring Lucy and Renee.  This clip is called "The Missing Voice of Elmo."  Lucy tells the story of her appearance at a benefit for the Young Storytellers Foundation.  There will be another clip up on the Official Xena Fan Club page tomorrow."



Slice of SciFi has posted a new interview with Renee on their website. Thanks to Priscilla for the info.



Two and a Half Men - The Complete Second Season (2003) that has Lucy's guest starring role in episode "2.18 It Was Mame, Mom" will be availabe from January 8, 2008. Thanks to Julie for the info. Check our Amazon Unbox as well, they might release individual episodes for sale there.


Xena March For WGA Strikers Update

Two more actors have been added to the list that will be at the Disney Gate for the Xena March on Thursday March 24. Claire "Alti" Stansfield and Bob "Salmoneus" Trebor have been added to the growing list of actors and writers from Xena. The list also includes: RJ Stewart, Steven Sears, Liz Friedman, Katherine Fugate, Renee O'Connor, Adrienne Wilkinson with more to be announced.

So if you are flying in on Thursday, the March will be between 11 - 2 pm.

PLEASE NOTE: The location has now changed to NBC on Alameda.

A formal announcement will be made shortly.



From Katherine Fugate from the  Talking Xena board.


hey there,

just got off the phone with renee, who is making more calls to get
more xena alumni on the line with us.

just added: claire stansfield and bob trebor. (again, all these folks
may have last minute work commitments, so no sad faces.)

parking info: park on riverside below Buena Vista and walk the long
block up to alameda (the main entrance gate to Disney). park on
residential streets just off alameda (but watch signs. some are
restricted, some all day). park at the hospital for $6 bucks max on
the corner of alameda and buena vista.

thank you again for all the support! you guys rock our world!









03 January 2008

Camp Amazon NZ - NEWSFLASH

After reviewing the many comments from Xena fans worldwide re the tour cost for Camp Amazon NZ, we're now looking into how we can reduce the rate to get you all across for the what promises to be a once in a lifetime experience and something simply not to be missed!!

Please watch this site for further announcements.




Xenaverse Art 


Lucy Movie DVD News

The Dragonlance movie and Justice League with Lucy are also available for pre-order on Clcik the following title for Amazon.Ca: Dragonlance, Justice League - special edition, regular edition, blu-ray and HD DVD. Thanks to Manon for the info.








02 January 2008

HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!

This will be my last update for a while. I'll be going on my annual holidays and my trip across the pond in January. Mesh will be taking over updating the sites so please send your news, images, fanfic etc to



Xena Fans Unite To March with Xena Writers & Actors

BATTLE ON, XENA:   We've had Battlestar Galactica Day.  Star Trek Day.  Joss Whedon Day.  And now... it's Xena Day!   In the ongoing Xenaverse Refreshes Campaign, Xena Fans from around the world will join writers, actors, producers and crew members of the popular TV series, Xena: Warrior Princess on

THURSDAY, JANUARY 24th, 2008. 
Alameda Gate at Disney Studios. 

Time: 11 - 2 pm.  

Currently scheduled to attend:  RJ Stewart, Steven Sears, Liz Friedman, Katherine Fugate, Renee O'Connor, Adrienne Wilkinson and more to be announced.  Costumes highly encouraged!

Please pass on this news to other websites and forums!



Lucy in Burn Notice

For Aussies

  • Channel 10 on Aussie TV will start to air Burn Notice soon. More info when it comes to hand.

For Kiwis

  • Lucy's episode will be shown on Sunday, 6th January at 9:30 pm on TV3
    Many thanks to Graeme for the news

Battlestar Galactica

Season 3 DVD News...

Battlestar Galactica - 3RD SEASON DVDs:

The following news was posted on the

The street date is March 25th, for the entire season of 20 episodes in a 6-DVD package. One of the episodes, "Unfinished Business", will have an exclusive version on this DVD release, including 25 minutes of never-before-seen footage! That's just part of 15 hours worth of bonus material, which includes Deleted Scenes, Podcasts and Behind-the-Scenes Featurettes. The cost will be $59.98 SRP. Click here for more info - many thanks to LB for the news

REAF - Help Is On The Way Benefit

This is an older article and I can't remember whether I posted it last year. It's from Broadway World and it features a backstage pic of Lucy from August 5th at the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre, The Richmond/Ermet AIDS Foundation (REAF) presented "Help is on the Way XIII: Goes to the Movies," Northern California's largest annual AIDS benefit and gala.



The Bard's Corner


  • Well, Lyceus (complete) by Iseqween
    Emotions provoked at the end of the Season One episode DEATH IN CHAINS lead Xena to reflect on what she�s lost, discovered and gained.



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