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August 2009

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31 August 2009

Lucy Lawless
» What's Lucy Lawless Really Like?
» High Res Images from Cast of Thousands Event

The Bard's Corner
» Heart Rules, Soul Matters (Classic Fic) by Iseqween

Adrienne Wilkinson
» New Adrienne Audio Interview From SciFi Diner

Legend of the Seeker
» Guest Star Wanted...
» Win Terry Goodkind's Book "Confessor"

» More of Crystal and Jessica at the Emmy's
» New Little Otalia strip from Lucia

Stacy Haiduk
» Stacy vs Trya on ET!

Beyond the Xenaverse
» Zoe Bell - New Sign On Ambassador for Greenpeace
» Tracking Willa O'Neill (Lila)
» Shiri Appleby to star in Life UneXpected
» Genuine Twitter accounts of XWP cast and crew


30 August 2009

Stacy Haiduk
» Emmy's red carpet photos by Lori, co-stars and Getty

Crystal Chappell
» Emmy's red carpet photos by Lori

Jessica Leccia
» Jessica Leccia Emmy photos

» Frank D, Liz Kiefer at the Emmy's

29 August 2009

Lucy Lawless
» New Lucy Interview Transcript & Pic Wizard Magazine

Spartacus Blood and Sand
» Spartacus Comic Book #2 With Lucretia Cover
» Casting News Katrina Law as Mira - CONFIRMED
» New Video Promo - Gladiator Oath

Erin Cummings
» New Erin Wallpapers by Mesh
» Erin in Dante's Cove Season 2 DVD Captures & Extras

Beyond the Xenaverse
» Jennifer Ward-Lealand in Strindberg's Creditors,3-23-09-09
» Gina Torres to join Gossip Girl  

Stacy Haiduk
» Photos by Brad, Lori from last night's YR dinner

Crystal Chappell
» Crystal Chappell rules TVGuide.com

Jessica Leccia
» Jessica Leccia icons added

Orlagh Cassidy
» Orlagh audio book recs



28 August 2009

Otalia, Crystal Chappell
» Crystal, Jessica, Otalia mentions
» Orlagh interview about Blis, wardrobe and hats

Stacy Haiduk
» Emmy Photos from Getty Images, cast members


27 August 2009

Lucy Lawless
» Lucy Lawless Wishes They Hadn't Killed Xena

Stacy Haiduk
» Stacy Makes the Cover of Soap Opera Digest Again
» Added SeaQuest Trading Card Scans


26 August 2009

Lucy Lawless
» Win Tickets to Starship Supernova

Erin Cummings / Bitch Slap
» Bitch Slap Premiere Dates and Times

Legend of the Seeker
» Spoilers: LotS S2 - Ep 7 Resurrection Casting Sides

Spartacus Blood and Sand
» Spartacus Comic #1 of 4 First Look

Beyond the Xenaverse
» Alison Bruce's new play
» Short film starring Alison Wall from 1998


25 August 2009

Lucy Lawless
» NewsPix Images - Age of Stupid and Cast of Thousands

Renee O'Connor
» Lunch With Renee in 2010

Mesh's Art
» New Erin Cummings Wallpapers and Icons

Erin Cummings
» Article Scans - Fitness Life 2009, Maxim UK and Playboy
» Random Lovelies - Misc Erin Images


24 August 2009

Lucy Lawless
» Starship Supernova Swing Upcoming Lucy Articles
» NZ Article Pics from The Age of Stupid Premiere
» The Age of Stupid US Premiere 21 Sept 2009 - Message from Producer

Erin Cummings
» MovieWeb Video Erin and Julia Voth About Bitch Slap
» The Complex 7 Erin Video Interview

Xena News
» Xena Animated Movie (Not Herc & Xena on Mt Olympus)

Beyond the Xenaverse
» Tim Omundson in Kia Forte commercial
» Jodie Rimmer article and pic


23 August 2009

Lucy Lawless
» More Lucy Pictures from Cast of Thousands Event

Erin Cummings
» Interview With "Dante's Cove" Actress Erin Cummings
» Erin Screencaptures - Charmed: Episode Repo Manor


22 August 2009

Renee O'Connor
» Renee On Guest List For Toronto International Film Festival

Erin Cummings
» Erin To Attend 34th Toronto International Film Festival

Xena Warrior Princess
» Xena, 3rd most powerful lesbian - After Ellen

Beyond The Xenaverse
» Victoria Pratt's The Circle to air on FearNet
» Marton Csokas to be in The Tree
» Gina Torres to join Gossip Girl
» Karl Urban to play Black Hat in Priest


21 August 2009

AUSXIP Network Update
» New Site: Erin Cummings News & Multimedia Now Online

Lucy Lawless
» Lucy at Age of Stupid Premiere Photos

Renee O'Connor
» Words Unspoken Semi Finalist At Moondance Film Festival

Spartacus Blood and Sand
» Michael Hurst Directing More Spartacus Episodes

Erin Cummings (Bitch Slap and Spartacus)
» Erin Interview Article in Fitness Life Magazine








15 August 2009

Renee O'Connor
» Trey Stokes Delivers Brilliant Sci-Fi With 'Ark'

Spartacus Blood and Sand
Spartacus Casting News...


14 August 2009

Renee O'Connor
» Rockford Files To Be Released on DVD

Otalia Site Update
» Added tons of July-August screencaps.


13 August 2009

Otalia Site Update
» Added Otalia icons by Lúcia





09 August 2009

Lucy Lawless / Spartacus
» New Lucy As Lucretia Scan from EW 14 August 2009

Lucy Lawless
» Lucy Photos from 2009 WIFTI Event

Otalia Site Update
» Lovely new artwork by Lúcia.

Mesh Art Site Update
» Mesh's art site is back online.

eBook Corner Update
» RCA eBook and eBookwise sites online.









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