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MAY 2012

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31 May 2012

Lucy Lawless / Save The Arctic
Save The Arctic: Judge extends restriction area for Greenpeace

Lucy Lawless / Auckland Concert
2012 Lucy Lawless Auckland Concert Song 4: When Doves Cry
Added Song List To Auckland Concert subsite

Rizzoli & Isles Video
Season 3 Promo 37
Season 3 Promo 38

Angie Harmon
Angie Harmon: What's in My Bag?

Crystal Chappell
- Today's The Bold and the Beautiful




30 May 2012

Lucy Lawless Concert Videos
Song 2 2012 Lucy Lawless Auckland Concert: Somebody Told Me
Song 3 2012 Lucy Lawless Auckland Concert: G.L.O.R.I.A.

Lucy Lawless Concert Photos
Concert Photos by MaryD (Final)

Renee O'Connor
Renee Honoured at 2012 Los Angeles Business Journal's Women Making A Difference Awards

Angie Harmon
Momster's Celebrity Q&A: Angie Harmon
Jay Leno's 20th Anniversary: 20 Memorable 'Tonight Show' Moments

Angie Harmon Video
The 2012 Gracie Awards

Rizzoli & Isles
TV Guide Returning Summer Shows: Where We Left Off interviews Angie Harmon
PCM interviews Sasha Alexander

Rizzoli & Isles Video
Season 3 Promo 34
Season 3 Promo 35
Season 3 Promo 36
The Closer- Farewell Confessions

Crystal Chappell
- Today on The Bold and the Beautiful...
- CBS Soaps in Depth Needs Your Comments!




Image634738419624283125PHOTOS & VIDEO & REVIEW

Concert Photos
Video Clips
MaryD's Concert Review

Catch up with the latest news on Lucy's Auckland Concert on the
AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Auckland Concert Page


For more about Lucy's Music go to AUSXIP Lucy Lawless FLAWLESS DIVA subsite when you will find news and multimedia related to Lucy's concerts, benefits and theatre work



29 May 2012

Lucy Lawless / Auckland Concert
Lucy Auckland Concert Review by MaryD

Lucy Lawless / Auckland Concert Video
Song 1 2012 Lucy Lawless Auckland Concert: I Was Made For Loving You

Lucy Lawless / Auckland Concert Photos
Rehearsal Photos

Lucy Lawless Video
Lucy Lawless Venice Magazine Photoshoot Video

Rizzoli & Isles Video
Season 2 DVD Promo #2



llconcert270512-001Hey guys I'm back home from Lucy's concert; it was SPECTACULAR. it was without a doubt a spectacular event. The Kings Arms was PACKED to the rafters. I mean jam packed. I did take photo of both sides of the room. I was standing on the fireplace which gave me a great vantage point to the entire room.

I'm bone dead tired at the moment but here are some photos (took over 700 photos) and video. will have to wait till I get home tomorrow for the video and the majority of the photos.

Lucy was on fire; her voice was strong, she was seriously sexy in her leather outfit that the photos don't do justice to. It was just superb; the band were superb. More of my report when I can actually think straight!




28 May 2012

Lucy Lawless / Auckland Concert
Lucy Lawless Concert Mini Report and Photos


Today is the day when Lucy Lawless and Friends take on Auckland. It promises to be one hell of a concert. It's not too late to buy your tickets (if you are in Auckland).

Here's the last song before tonight's concert and of course it has to be Tell Mama - why? Well Lucy really truly rocked this on Celebrity Duets and it's a fitting way to end the countdown.sit back and enjoy Tell Mama!



27 May 2012

Lucy Concert - TODAY! Last Countdown Video: Tell Mama

Lucy Concert Tweets from MaryD on
Photos & Report & all things Concerty! :)

Lucy Lawless Concert PR
Lucy Lawless talks to Andrew Dickens

Rizzoli & Isles
Tweet Pix of the Day



26 May 2012

Lucy Lawless / Auckland Concert
Lucy Lawless Loves & Hates Weekend Herald Canvas Supplement 26 May 2012
Lucy Concert: 1.5 Days To Go Video: I Touch Myself

Lucy Lawless / Concert PR
Lucy on George FM Breakfast radio appearance
Lucy radio appearance on More FM

Xena Actor Appearances
Hudson Leick at Oz Comic Con Melbourne June 30 & July 1

Rizzoli & Isles
A look inside Rizzoli & Isles with Angie Harmon
NY Times The Big Profile: Sasha Alexander
Gallery Update - Magazine Scans

Erin Cummings Video
New Made In Jersey Trailer



Lucy Concert: 1.5 Days To Go Video: I Touch Myself
It's nearly here...1.5 days left...Today we have a double: Lucy in London singing the Divinyls Classic "I Touch Myself" and "Are You Gonna Be My Girl in May 2008




We're now down to 2.5's gone beyond exciting don't you think? I think so. Now it's just a matter of wishing Sunday would get here already.

The following video is from Lucy's September 27th, 2008 concert at the Herbst Theater in San Francisco. She's singing Wide Awake (originally sung by Tuck and Patti). I also chose this video because it has an undie (aka panty) throw - something that will also be happening at the Auckland concert because Lucy started the thread and the fans picked it up and now we're going to have a Trans-Tasman Undie War. Some things are just too damn funny to explain.

Click here for the lyrics



25 May 2012

Lucy Lawless / Auckland Concert

Lucy Concert: 2.5 Days To Go Video: Wide Awake & Undie Throw

Lucy Lawless / Top Of The Lake
Top of the Lake To Be Shown On The Sundance Channel

Starz to Air All 29 Episodes of Spartacus in Chronological Order for the First Time

Angie Harmon
Actress Angie Harmon to Appear in Public Service Campaign about Prostate Cancer
Angie's Wish for all Men
Angie Harmon: What Do You Know Now

Rizzoli & Isles
Rizzoli Scoop
Janet Tamaro Answers Fan Questions Season 3 - Week 11
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24 May 2012

MaryD's Blog

Lucy Concert..Am I excited?

Lucy Lawless / Auckland Concert Countdown
Lucy Concert: 3.5 Days To Go Video: Total Eclipse of the Heart London 2008!

Lucy Lawless / Auckland Concert News
New Lucy Rehearsal Video
Lucy Concert Update: Lucy Tweets About Rehearsals
The Groove Guide Interviews Lucy Lawless 22 May 2012

Angie Harmon
Angie to appear on The View June 4

Angie Harmon Video
Angie Harmon and Lorraine Bracco GRACIE AWARDS Gala 2012 Arrivals
Angie Harmon Interview Soundbytes GRACIE AWARDS Gala 2012 Arrivals

Rizzoli & Isles
Gallery Update - TV Guide May 28 2012 issue

Sasha Alexander
Sasha Alexander examines the heart & soul of 'Rizzoli & Isles'

Stacy Haiduk
- Stacy Interview In Soap Opera Uncensored: Issue 31

Crystal Chappell
- Crystal Interview In Soap Opera Uncensored: Issue 31




We are back to London for Lucy's Bad Girls in Heaven concert and the Bonnie Tyler classic "Total Eclipse of the Heart". Lucy sang this on the 4th May 2008.

We are just 3.5 days out from the Auckland concert and the fan migration has begun! Watch out Auckland - Aussies, Kiwis, Yanks, Brits and others are heading your way! Let's get this party started!

Click here for the lyrics


23 May 2012

Lucy Lawless / Auckland Concert Countdown
Lucy Concert: 4.5 Days To Go Video: Come To Me

Lucy Lawless / Auckland Concert Fan Meet Up
Lucy Concert Fans Meet Up in Auckland SkyCity Saturday 26 May

Lucy Lawless Images

Lucy Lawless Trading Cards Gallery Back Online

Rizzoli & Isles
Enter to win a trip to LA and the Rizzoli & Isles set
Craig Morgan to Guest Star
Photos of Angie and Lorraine at the Gracies Awards
Tweet Pix of the Day

Spartacus Draw Them All Comic Strip
Olansamuelle's Draw Them All Spartacus Comic Strip Season 2 Episode 9 Monsters

Jaime Murray
- Defiance is one story told in an online game and SyFy TV show

Crystal Chappell
- Crystal on The Bold and The Beautiful



We're packed, we're in a holding pattern. What's left? The journey to Lucy Concert Central! 4.5 days to go! Is everyone getting excited? I know I am. 4.5 days till Lucy shows Auckland what Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New York and London already know..this woman can sing and puts on one hell of a concert.

Today's video is from the the Gay Pride 2005 Festival on 11 June 2005 and she's singing "Come To Me" - A song she later released on CD along with Let It Whip (more info here)



Oh this is a special one; Lucy performed this song (which she also wrote) at Girls Bar, The Factory on 11 November 2005. See below the video for the lyrics to this song.

Read the Song Lyrics



22 May 2012

Lucy Lawless / Auckland Concert
Lucy Concert: 5.5 Days To Go Video Down On Your Knees + Song Lyrics

Lucy Lawless / Images
2012 Xena Convention Behind The Scenes Photos with Lucy Lawless

Lucy Lawless / Music
Lucy Lawless Concert Video: Delta Dawn at Planet A Concert 5 Dec 2009

Lucy Lawless / Video
Lucy Video: Air NZ Holiday Show Episode Hong Kong

Renee O'Connor / Images
2012 Xena Convention Behind The Scenes Photos with Renee O'Connor

Xena Convention Images
2012 Xena Convention Behind The Scenes Photos

Xena Subtext Virtual Season
Subtext Virtual Season Episode 7 Ocean Of Fire Italian Version

Erin Cummings
Erin participating in Mat Gaberty Golf Classic - June 7th

Gates McFadden
- Videos from the Calgary Comic Expo

Mesh's Blog
- A few words about Sanctuary...

Rizzoli & Isles
Rizzoli & Isles Season 2 out on DVD today!




We are down to the last week. Here's today's countdown video. Lucy singing a song I'm totally in love with. Hallelujah. This version was sung at the Bad Girls in Heaven concert in London.




21 May 2012

Lucy Lawless / Auckland Concert
Lucy Concert: 6.5 Days Video - Hallelujah
Lucy Auckland Concert Rehearsal Video Now Online - Fleetwood Mac's Rhiannon

Lucy Lawless / Spartacus
Spartacus 2013 Wall Calendar Preorder Lucretia is September

Renee O'Connor / Burn Relay
2012 Burn Relay Renee Photos by Serena

Renee O'Connor / Awareness
Awareness Training with Renee O'Connor in October 2012 Austin, Texas

Spartacus 2013 Wall Calendar Preorder for September Release

Angie Harmon
Gallery Update- 1987 Seventeen Magazine and more



Renee To Be On Panel in Little Rock To Discuss The Role of Women in Filmmaking
Image634731780847617187LITTLE ROCK, Ark- Actor Lea Thompson (Back to the Future, Caroline in the Cityť) will lead a panel at the Little Rock Film Festival (LRFF) which will discuss the role of women in filmmaking.  The panel will include Renee O'Connor (Xena: Warrior Princess), writer and director Jenny Deller and writer and director Martha Stevens. Thompson, O'Connor, Deller and Stevens all have films showing in the LRFF.

Read More



20 May 2012

Lucy Lawless / Concert Countdown
Concert: 08 Days To Go Video: Shoulda Known Better

Lucy Lawless / Concert PR

Lucy Likely To Get Raucous Herald on Sunday 20 May 2012

Lucy Lawless / Press
90s TV Stars: Where are they now: Lucy Lawless

Renee O'Connor / Burn Relay Event
Photos of Renee from the 2012 Burn Relay Event

Renee O'Connor / Press

90s TV Stars: Where are they now: Renee O'Connor

Angie Harmon
Angie at the All-Star Race

Rizzoli & Isles Video
Season 3 Promo 33




Alrighty we are down to 8 days - well 7.5 days since the concert is on 27 May. Today's countdown video is "Shoulda Known Better" - Lucy sang this on Celebrity Duets with Richard Marx on 22 September 2006.


I'm getting very excited about this upcoming concert. If you haven't bought tickets, go and get them. I reckon this is going to be a total blast!



LUCY CONCERT: 09 Days To Go Video: Black Velvet
Oh my goodness I love this song. Lucy singing Black Velvet. It's one of my favourites and as everyone knows it's an Alannah Myles classic. Lucy sang this at the Pure White Party / Dinah Shore Weekend on 30 March 2007