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AOL TV Guide Chat with Hudson Leick
30 September 1999

Host: Welcome Hudson. Thanks for joining us.

Question: Hi Hudson. Is it fun to play a character who's so unabashedly

Hudson: Absolutely delightful.

Question: Do you like doing action, or would you prefer to do more
dramatic roles?

Hudson: Hum. It depends on the day and what I feel like I want to do.

Question: How was going back to New Zealand to reprise the role of
Callisto different this time around than when the character was first

Hudson: More money, same trailer. Shorter hair. It's a lot different. I'm
a lot less crazy than I was when I first started the show. And because I
have such a history with the people of Xena, I learn so much each time I
go back.

Question: At the end of Sacrifice 2, when Callisto is stabbed by Xena, she
drags her hand down Xena's body. Your interpretation of that scene was
very sensual. Was it improvised by you and Lucy or was it written this way
in the script?

Hudson: I just wanted to feel her up. Or down, rather.

Question: Hudson, with your character turning over to the good side, does
that mean

you will not be in many more episodes?

Hudson: I think truly truly truly I am finished with Callisto now.

Question: Most actors say that playing a villain is more fun than playing
the good guy. Do you feel the same way, and do you worry about becoming
typecast as the villain?

Hudson: I could give a rat's ass if I'm typecast as a villain. Being a
villain is the most fun and the best therapy I can think of.

Question: Are you going to do any conventions this year or next?

Hudson: Maybe one in England.

Question: When did you start with your acting?

Hudson: I started acting probably when I was 16. With an acting coach from
Rochester NY. Became a model and hated it. Dragged myself to NY and
studied properly.

Question: Who/what inspired you to become an actress?

Hudson: Cher. Because she was such a magical mermaid glamour puss.

Question: I just want to know this, are you as fiery and spicy as your

Hudson: No, I'm dull and boring.

Question: How do you and Lucy get along off camera?

Hudson: We don't have a friendship. We have a working relationship. I
don't spend any time with her personally.

Question: Do you have any non-Xena projects coming up in the near future
we should look out for?

Hudson: I just finished Chill Factor and an Aaron Spelling pilot, Safe
Harbor. And I have two more Xenas that are coming up.

Question: Why in the world did you cut your hair? It was so pretty!

Hudson: I no longer wanted to be society's idea of a pretty Barbie doll. I
really wanted to know who I was without that image reflecting back at me.

Question: How did you get picked to be Callisto?

Hudson: Like everybody else, I auditioned. They all agreed that I very
scary and unnerving and creepy. They took a chance on me. Thank God!

Question: What's the best part about doing Xena?

Hudson: I've made incredible friends in New Zealand. And looking at the
gorgeous tribal people. They are hot and very earthy.

Question: If you could do anything in the world, what would it be? And
also, my mum wants to know if you know any nice recipes involving tofu?

Hudson: Garlic, Ginger, Soy Sauce, and vinegar. Dip the tofu in an egg
batter. Fry on both sides in a skillet. Pour rest of egg on top. When done
cut up chives and put on top.

Question: Where were you born and raised?

Hudson: Raised in Cincinnati, Oh. and born in Rochester, N.Y.

Question: Do you have any brothers or sisters?

Hudson: I have an evil older sister named Heather Leone. She lives on the
web if you want to hunt her down. I'm sure she'll hate me for telling you.

Question: I saw that you were on the show Safe Harbor. Are you going to be
on again anytime soon?

Hudson: ??...

Question: How much of your own stunt work do you do as Callisto and have
you ever been injured?

Hudson: I do everything where you see my face and I've been nicked by
Lucy's sword once on the horse.

Question: Any comments on your part in the season premiere - Fallen Angel?

Hudson: 3 hours in Makeup sucks. But oh what fun to play a demon.

Question: What is your life time goal?

Hudson: To love and accept myself completely.

Question: Is there anyone you'd like to work with that you haven't worked
with yet?

Hudson: Oh God yes! Where do I begin? Anthony Hopkins. Susan Sarandon.
Sean Penn* the list goes on.

Question: Here in Atlanta, Robert Trebor came and had a drink with us at
our bar after the DragonCon convention. Do you like working with him, and
is he as funny on the set?

Hudson: I've only worked with him I think once. And not even in many
scenes together. He seems very nice.

Host: Hi Hudson - your cousin here

Hudson: Big fat kisses to you and your family.

Question: Do you think that your character is ever seen as a "sexual ploy"
to attract more viewers?

Hudson: I don't know, but thank you for sexualizing me.

Question: Hudson, are you married or do you have a boyfriend? A lot of
people want

to know this.

Hudson: If you must know my personal life, I will be celibate for 6 months
on Nov 11th.

Question: But you didn't get to kiss Lucy Lawless this must
have been


Hudson: Nothing comes to mind when I think about kissing her.

Question: So what did you do before the big screen

Hudson: I dated a lot. Lived a lot of high drama.

Question: Are there any plans on killing Callisto off in the next season,
like in almost every season?

Hudson: Callisto does not die... nor does she come back. Well, sort of.

Question: What was it like working with Skeet Ulrich?

Hudson: It was fascinating and difficult. He's an incredibly brilliant and
talented actor and man. And yes, very very sexy and very very married.

Question: Do you have any advice for young performers of any type?

Hudson: If you want to go after something, it's like a puzzle. Put the
pieces together. Study your craft, find out how the business works, and
find out how you can sell yourself and never beg. Believe in yourself.

Host: Thanks Hudson for chatting with us

Hudson: Thank you all for the people that are reading right now. Thanks
for the support. I'm truly grateful. And goodnight.

Host: Please come and talk with us again soon. Bye!

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