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People Magazine

October 4, 2002 Issue

Page 17 Scoop Section

Prez Attends Xena Summit
Lucy Lawless dines with President Clinton

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"So what's the agenda when a Commander in Chief summons a warrior princess? The answer, in New Zealand, is Hollywood. 'We talked most about Harrison Ford, who the President knows well," says actor Temuera Morrison, who dined with President Bill Clinton, his daughter Chelsea and native actress Lucy Lawless (Xena, Warrior Princess) at the Boardwalk in Queenstown last week. 'A very small dinner part in a local restaurant, with regular patrons whose jaws hit the floor,' recalls Lawless, whose show is shot in New Zealand. She found him 'incredibly engaging.' Morrison says Clinton, in town for an economic summit, is 'a big fan of Lucy's.'"