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18 February 2001


Xena Warbler Princess

 Xena plans to go out not with a bang or a whimper, but a chorus line.

 This is the final season for Xena Warrior Princess and star Lucy Lawless reveals one of the final four episodes will be a musical.

 "It will be a kind of disco version of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. There will be all sorts of relationship mix-ups and gender-bending. It will be filled with all kinds of crazy stuff," promises Lawless, who married the show's producer Robert Tapert in 1998.

 Lawless had hoped to do a film version of her hit TV show, but those plans have been shelved.

 "If my husband and I owned the rights to Xena, we would definitely do a film.

 "When Xena was owned by Universal in its first three seasons, there was always talk of a film, but it would have had to be filmed during my hiatus periods and I was always too exhausted.

 "Now that I will have the time and energy, the rights are owned by the USA TV network and they're not into producing feature films."

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