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31 July 2001



July 31, 2001 -- "Xena" star Lucy Lawless is trading in her loincloth for a recurring role on "The X-Files."

Lawless will appear in this fall's first two "X-Files" episodes and is expected to return for additional appearances with series stars Gillian Anderson and Robert Patrick.

"She and [series creator Chris Carter] met in the past year, and she said she was a fan of the show," "X-Files" executive producer Frank Spotnitz told The Post.

"Since that time, it's been something in the back of Chris' mind as to how we could use Lucy," Spotnitz said. "And when we began mapping out the 'X-Files' mythology, we found the perfect place for her."

Spotnitz said Lawless would most likely appear in another four episodes of "The X-Files" after her initial two-episode appearance.

And in keeping with the show's surprise factor, Spotnitz was vague about Lawless' character.

"In typical 'X-Files' fashion, she's going to be one of those characters where you're not sure whether she's good or bad," he said.

"She'll have a lot of levels to her."

Lawless starred for six years on the campy syndicated hit "Xena: Warrior Princess," earning millions before the show ended

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