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1 August 2001

Xena to double her cult kudos with stint on spooky 'X-Files'

01.08.2001 - By LOUISA CLEAVE television editor

Lucy Lawless will guest-star in another cult television show, The X-Files.

The New Zealand actor, who achieved cult heroine status in the locally produced Xena: Warrior Princess, will appear in the long-running science-fiction series on US screens in November. She will not be seen on local television until next year.

Filming starts in Los Angeles within two weeks. Lawless has few details about the character and was surprised yesterday that her part had been announced by the show's producers in trade magazine Variety.

"They keep details very close to the chest. What [show creator] Chris Carter told me [about the role] is that it's very X-Files: you think it's one thing and it turns out to be another," Lawless told the Herald yesterday.

She will appear in the first two episodes - and possibly four - of the show's new season.

The mother of two said she was a fan of The X-Files but was not keen to take on another long commitment like Xena, which lasted five years.

"It's not my dream to work 18-hour days and that is what they do in the States."

Lawless said she had turned down every role since finishing Xena this year. Then she was approached by Carter while holidaying in Hawaii.

"You do not say 'no' to Chris Carter. He has a tremendous reputation."

Lawless said she was looking forward to working with Gillian Anderson, who has played agent Dana Scully for eight years.

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