USA Today

31 July 2001

Inside TV

By Peter Johnson

'X-Files' ready to take a Lawless unto itself

Does the X in The X-Files stand for Xena?

Lucy Lawless, the star of the hit syndicated series Xena: Warrior Princess, will join Fox's popular Sunday drama for the upcoming season's first two episodes, with additional appearances to be determined. The ninth season premiere is set for Nov. 4.

X-Files producers are not revealing any details about Lawless' character or the plots of her episodes.

Lawless, a New Zealand native, played Xena for six years.

In last season's X-Files finale, Agent Scully (Gillian Anderson) gave birth to a son, after raising questions about her pregnancy's connection to the extraterrestrial conspiracy.

Co-star David Duchovny, whose Agent Mulder appeared only in some of last season's shows, is leaving the series just as creator Chris Carter is returning full time as executive producer this season.

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