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31 October 2001


Lucy Lawless will return to the small screen in the season premiere of The X-Files. A two-parter called “Nothing Important Happened Today,” brings Lawless onto the scene as a former associate of Agent Doggett (Robert Patrick), one who predictably comes with more than her share of trouble for Doggett and his partner Scully (Gillian Anderson).

“What can I tell you about the two episodes?” Lucy asked in an interview with Entertainment News Daily. “I feel like Chris Carter will come after me and I'll end up with bloody cement boots on my feet, at the bottom of the ocean, if I tell you too much. Let's see, my character, Shannon McMahon, reenters Doggett's life. You don't know if she's good and you don't know if she's bad. She seems to be both things at once.”

And as an added bonus for all you fans drooling at home, she spends half her time on the show naked... well, sort of. “Why not, if it looks good on screen?” Lucy says, laughing. “Of course, you don't see anything except my well-endowed body double. Let's just say the character's a bit of a water baby, a water babe. She's a nymph.”

On another note in that same interview, Lucy admitted that she was sorry for the way Xena ended. “Our show kept talking about `the soul mate, the soul mate' for all those seasons,” the actress says. “And I personally don't really believe in the soul-mate idea, but it never really occurred to me that other people could so need to hold onto that, that that's what they loved about the show.”

“At the end,” she says, “what we did was take Gabrielle's soul mate away from her. Gabrielle (Renee O'Connor) and Xena were split up. And I think that had a dreadful resonance for very many of our fans. For that I'm really sorry.”

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