The following is a mini transcript from the chat that Steve Sears (Producer and Writer for XWP) - many thanks to Kat from a.t.x for the following.

Herculeans and Xenites - Occasional chat friend and full-time Xena Producer/Writer Steve "Tyldus" Sears stopped by the Xena chat Thursday night (2/4/99), and was kind enough to grace us with a few interesting Xena tidbits...

Question : Why did you reshoot Xena giving away Solan for the Past Imperfect ep? Tyldus: That was something that we discussed at length. Rob wanted to reshoot it so that we could give a better effect of war in the background. When it was done, it didn't so much succeed at that, but it did have more continuity within the particular episode. I wish we could have combined them, as I think the older one had some great moments. Costuming prevented us, though.

Tyldus: I'm writing Amazons tonight, as a matter of fact.... As the rest of the series unfolds, keep an eye on Gab's "spiritual and character" growth. And think of the Amazons.

Question : Did Gab miss the spear shot in A Good Day on purpose or not? Tyldus: She didn't miss on purpose. She didn't miss because she couldn't hit it. What it was, and it didn't come across very well as shot, was that she had every intent of hitting him. But at the last second, she pulled. An involuntary reaction. It is actually a common occurence with people who are put in a position of shooting someone in an emergency. Question : You mean she just subconsciously couldn't let herself throw it? Tyldus : Yes. Exactly. Question : So if it had been her staff, she would have nailed him? Tyldus: Exactly right.

And, as enigmatic as ever, Steve left us with this : Tyldus: "I think you could say that the season ender will leave you with a lot of questions."

The complete chat log has been submitted and should be available within a couple days. I've edited the chat excerpts you see here to make them more readable, but no words were deleted or changed.