*Many thanks to Marilyn for the transcript below*

On Q XenaChat Forum [AOL] Chat
with Tyldus (Steve Sears) - June 1999

Tyldus: Trell: Still working on Bottle. I just finished a first draft and
working on the second.

JodiMnstr: Tyldus...any word on whether they are going to write Xena's
pregnancy into the show?

On Q Gabby: LOL Huggr..."hidden overtones" ;)

Trellopa: If the Shoe Fits was pretty maintext; lots of relationship
bantering going on between our

Trellopa: gals

Tyldus: It's a story that Rob came to me with. He co-wrote the story.

TFelch: thanks Jfireagle I was wanting the clear defin too...:-)

Tyldus: Jodi: Oh, yeah. The preggers Xena will be seen soon.

On Q Huggr: well I like the strong masculine hunks they use as

On Q Huggr: bait for us gay boys :)

Cp3355: Shake my memory- If The Shoe Fits?

On Q Gabby: TFelch and Jfire...ask away...we love to answer questions :)

Tyldus: And I know that causes some trepidation with people, but....

JodiMnstr: Tyldus...what is Xena going to do with the chilc?

JodiMnstr: Child I meant <G>

Tyldus: Jodi: I canna tell ya', captain.

Tyldus: :)

Trellopa: Gab to Xe -"What do want from me? My skirt, my boots, my

On Q Gabby: LOL Jodi...good try!

JodiMnstr: LOL Ty! Not even a little eensy teensy hint?

Tyldus: But, I can say that, assuming things don't change after I leave
(and there's no reason to

Trbl007: Hi tyldus. Any news on whether there will be a sixth season of

Satyricles: <---agrees with Huggr

On Q Huggr: the soul of solan will come back to this planet

On Q Huggr: through the child

Tyldus: think they will) people will be very happy with the storyline.

JodiMnstr: Okay, Ty...we'll wait and see what happens (as always) <G>

Tyldus: Trbl: Only what I had heard a while back. There is a sixth
season, but the latter half

Jfireagle: BTW my IM wave is "We talk now!"

On Q Gabby: People as in "this chat kind of people" Tyldus? ;D

Tyldus: isn't a lock. Nothing to worry about yet, that's pretty standard.

On Q Huggr: and if it is a female.. then ephinie's soul will come

On Q Huggr: back

JodiMnstr: I got that one too, Jfire

Trbl007: Thanks, Ty

On Q Gabby: LOL Jfire...me too!

Tyldus: On Q: "this chat kind of people" Hey... you're talking subtext to

Cp3355: Hope so Huggr on Ephiny

Trbl007: How is your new project going?

Tyldus: Any kind of people who have had trepidation. :)

JodiMnstr: LOL Ty...of course <G>

On Q Gabby: ::snicker::::: Tyldus ;)

On Q Huggr: I still get mad that they killed solon, I hate child

On Q Huggr: murderers

JodiMnstr: Huggr...it was Hope...not they....gotta watch out for those
demon spawn.

On Q Huggr: I know.. but I meant the script writers

Trbl007: Ty: how is your new project going?

On Q Gabby: But coereced by Callisto Jodi...who has her own demons to
answer to ;)

JodiMnstr: Ty...any word on how Lucy is progressing in her pregnancy?
Everything going along well?

JodiMnstr: Very true Gabby!

Tyldus: On Q: You have any evidence of any Xena writer doing that?

Cp3355: Ty- if you happen to talk to ROC tell her we love those abs as
they are. Don't lose em!

On Q Huggr: tyldus, not in real life..only on paper

JodiMnstr: Right on Cp!

On Q Gabby: ::::fanning Cp:::::::

Tyldus: Trbl: Might have a few new projects soon. We'll see. The Sheena
thing has to wait for a

Tyldus: while.

Tyldus: On Q: Gotcha. ;)

Tyldus: Jodi: Everything is going real well. We're paying close attention
to her when she needs r

Tyldus: rest.

Trbl007: What are they filming now, Ty?

On Q Huggr: never would blame them for that..it meant for good

Tyldus: And, even then, when she doesn't mention anything. Sometimes she
tries to be a trooper, and

On Q Huggr: story writing and it helped moved the plot

On Q Huggr: along..cant blame them for that..but.. still wish they

On Q Huggr: hadn't done it

On Q Gabby: Tyldus, you'll have to keep us up-to-date on your projects to
watch on tv :)

Tyldus: we want her to sit back.

JodiMnstr: Ty...that's good to hear...I know we all wish her the best in
this particular "project" <G>

Cp3355: Ty- Does she plan to have the baby in NZ or US?

Tyldus: Jodi: The number one thing right now is Lucy's comfort with this.
The stories take a back

Tyldus: seat to that for the time being.

Tyldus: Cp; Don't know. I'm assuming NZ.

On Q Huggr: understood ty

JodiMnstr: Ty...sounds like Lucy from what we hear...she's seems very
dedicated to the show.

On Q Gabby: Siouxme, welcome to XenaChat where Subtext RULES!!

Siouxme2: Thanks On Q

TFelch: I've lost track how far along is Lucy with child?
Trbl007: Ty: What are they filming now?

On Q Gabby: My guess would be NZ since her family is there :)

JodiMnstr: Ty...it's good to know that everyone is trying to keep her from
pushing too hard.

On Q Gabby: TFelch, she is due in Oct

Cp3355: Did we all see that XWP is No.14 out 25 top syndicated shows in

On Q Gabby: OMXena, welcome to XenaChat where Subtext RULES!!

TFelch: oh good the 19th would be good....hehe

OMXena: howdy duty!!

Trbl007: Hi Patti

JodiMnstr: Cp...which EW?

JodiMnstr: Hi OM!

On Q Gabby: OM*****

OMXena: :) Jodi..Marilyn

On Q Huggr: Cp.. wrong ranking in my humble opinion :)

Cp3355: Newest, Jodi

OMXena: Gab****

Siouxme2: the 17 would be good for me Tfelch

Cp3355: Ditto, Huggr

On Q Gabby: Rtomatoes, welcome to XenaChat where Subtext RULES!!

OMXena: whats the latest scoop?

JodiMnstr: I'll have to check that out Cp...thanks for the alert <G>

Rtomatoes: Hi room

Trellopa: Hi Rt

On Q Gabby: Hiya Rtomatoes

OMXena: Tyldus is here?

Siouxme2: Hi Rtomatoes

On Q Huggr: please don't tell me herc was above it

JodiMnstr: OM...we will have a pregnant Xena, but Tyldus is assuring us
that we shouldn't worry

On Q Gabby: yup OM :)

Tyldus: EW? Entetainment Weekly?

Trbl007: Hey Ty: What are they filming now?

On Q Gabby: Yes

Tyldus: OMX: Yes. :)

JodiMnstr: Yes Ty...Ent. Weekly

Cp3355: Yes, Tyldus

OMXena: He is...huh? why's that?

On Q Gabby: HHOMK...hee hee

TFelch: what is Lucy's sign in the zodiac?

OMXena: HHOMK :)

Trellopa: LL is an Aries

Tyldus: Ah. The correct list for Xena is first run one hour syndication.
That discounts

OMXena: lol

JodiMnstr: Trbl...keep asking and Ty may answer <VBG>

On Q Gabby: Follyluhah, welcome to XenaChat where Subtext RULES!!

TFelch: ah thanks Trellopa....

Tyldus: X-Files, Wheel of Fortune, etc. etc. Just for neilesn purposes.

Trbl007: lol, Jodi..I 'm the patient type

On Q Gabby: So the newest Xenite should be a Libra or a Scorpio

Trellopa: Gabby--yes

JodiMnstr: Good Point Ty...I'm wondering how many talk shows are listed
above it <G>

Tyldus: Trbl: What? What did I miss? I'm doing two things at once, so I
miss the scroll. 00020000083F00001A1E839, Tyldus: Sorry about taht.

OMXena: How long will Xena be pregnant and will she leave the brat with
the centaurs? (lets hope)

TFelch: dido Gabby

On Q Gabby: RAMKING ii, welcome to XenaChat where Subtext RULES!!

JodiMnstr: LOL OM...just put how you feel right out there!

Trellopa: I hope she leaves the baby with the Amazons

Trbl007: Ty: I asked what they were filming now? Which ep?

Siouxme2: brat???..never will Xena have a brat

OMXena: lol..ok if i must!

Tyldus: OMX: Can't say how long it will be and can't say what'll happen
with the baby.

Cp3355: WOF is No.1 Jodi

OMXena: Sioux...she already had one whiney brat

Cp3355: Jeopaardy is 2

Trellopa: WOF?

JodiMnstr: WOF? Cp...what's that?

On Q Huggr: eeks..wheel of fortune

OMXena: Can't say cuz you don't know, Ty?

Cp3355: Wheel of Fortune :0)

On Q Gabby: LOL

JodiMnstr: LOL Oh!

Siouxme2: Solen wasnt a whiney brat

Trbl007: TYLDUS: Which ep are they filming now? :)

JodiMnstr: LOL Trbl!

Cp3355: Oprah is$

Tyldus: Trbl: Ah. Sorry. We're about to film Bottle, but we're finishing
up Purity, I believev.

On Q Huggr: trbl..LOL

OMXena: Solan=whiney brat

Cp3355: oops 4

JodiMnstr: Thanks Ty!

Trbl007: Thanks, Ty :)

Trellopa: Tyld-will there be another muscial?

Tyldus: OMX: I definitely know.

OMXena: damndamndamn

On Q Gabby: nah, Hope's spiny kid = whiney ;)

Trbl007: lol, Patti

JodiMnstr: LOL Gabby!

OMXena: lol

Tyldus: Trell: As far as I know, not like Bitter Suite. There might be a
musically based ep, though

OMXena: I'd whine too if I was Hope's kid

Siouxme2: lol...yeah...that's the one who's whiney

On Q Gabby: oooh baby! More singing

JodiMnstr: Isn't that the truth, OM!

Trbl007: TY: Are you staying on the show for a while?

On Q Huggr: but now om ..your life is hopeless <running>

JodiMnstr: Ty...are they really going to do an animated ep?

OMXena: any breast-feeding scenes? heheh

JodiMnstr: LOL OM!

Trellopa: Om you are bad

Trellopa: LOL

On Q Gabby: hee hee

Siouxme2: OM=very bad

Cp3355: But oh so good OM :0)

Trbl007: Depends on who Xena breast feeds, Patti

OMXena: yes...spank me
Trellopa: Om dares to speak what we are all thinking :)

On Q Gabby: of course WGN will edit out any nipples ;)

OMXena: Oh MY Tble

Siouxme2: LOL OM

JodiMnstr: That's no suprise Sioux...we've known that for a long time <G>

Tyldus: Trbl: After July 16th, I'm gone. :(

On Q Gabby: awwwww

JodiMnstr: Darn, Ty...we'll miss ya!

Trellopa: Gabby--LOL , for sure

Cp3355: Line em up, hose em down

OMXena: No!! :(

Trbl007: bummer :(

Tyldus: So any of the script done after that, I can't comment on with

On Q Huggr: sorry to hear that ty

Trellopa: Tyld--what was your favorite Xena ep that you wrote?

Tyldus: Yeah, the script I'm doing right now is the last one I'm doing as
a producer.

On Q Gabby: So Tyldus, will you be free to "speculate" more?

Cp3355: Ty, what was your fav ep of season 4?

OMXena: we don't need a conviction

Tyldus: After that, if I do any more, it will be freelance.

JodiMnstr: Ty...is there a possibility that you might pen an occasional
script or two after you leave?

Tyldus: On Q: Speculate? On the series?

Jfireagle: bye 4 now y'all

Cp3355: Trell, great minds :0)

Siouxme2: which one is that Ty?

OMXena: Ty...you could write fan fiction!!

On Q Gabby: See you Jfire :)

Trellopa: C-for sure :)

On Q Gabby: Sure Ty...more hints!! ;D

Tyldus: Cp; I'm not sure. I don't think of them that way, so I'll have to
think abot that question.

Tyldus: Jodi: I'ts possible, but not for a while. I think they want to
break the new guys in right

Tyldus: now.

On Q Gabby: Quahog, welcome to XenaChat where Subtext RULES!!

JodiMnstr: If nothing else, Ty...you could read fan fiction! <G>

Tyldus: OM: Heh heh. I've thought about that.

Trellopa: Tyld-do you have an your overall favorite Xena ep that you

Cp3355: Let's get the whips then, TY!

Tyldus: Yeah, I can certainly read it, that's for sure.

OMXena: lol

Tyldus: Want to find out what all the fuss is about.

On Q Gabby: LOL!!

JodiMnstr: LOL Cp...whip those newbies into shape!

On Q Gabby: So what do you think of the fan fiction Ty?

Cp3355: LOL, TY

Tyldus: Trell: No, I can't say that I do. I love bits and pieces of
different episodes, so it
Cp3355: You got it Jodi <G>

OMXena: "Damn! Why didn't I think of that?"<~~Ty reading fan fic

Tyldus: depends on my mood at the moment.

Trellopa: Tyl-who are some of the new writers?

Tyldus: At the moment, I'm in a Greater Good mood.

Trbl007: TY: Are you going to the So. Cal. Xenafest?

Tyldus: OMX: heh heh.

Trellopa: Dreamworker :)

OMXena: ;)

Cp3355: So are we, Ty

Trellopa: Between the Lines :)

Tyldus: Trell: Bob and Alex, who ran the last year of Herc, will take my

JodiMnstr: Ty...those guys joined at the hip? They seem to always be
referred of together <G>

Tyldus: Trbl: I'm planning to. I'll be the one with the laser from a
sniper scope centered in his

Tyldus: forehead.

Trellopa: Endgame :)

Trbl007: Do Bob and Alex like subtext/maintext, TY?

On Q Gabby: Cheryl, welcome to XenaChat where Subtext RULES!!

JodiMnstr: LOL Duck Ty!

Trbl007: lol, ty

OMXena: Trell...what are you doing?

On Q Huggr: well folks.. I think I have to take leave now.. need

On Q Huggr: to take it easy on the pain

Tyldus: Jodi: Bob and Alex are a writing team. So they are always

JodiMnstr: OM...she's listing Tyldus' ep <G>

On Q Gabby: Take care Huggr...battle on!

OMXena: ohhhh

Tyldus: Trbl: Don't know their position, actually.

JodiMnstr: Take care huggr!

On Q Huggr: good night all

OMXena: nit hugster..hugerama

Trellopa: Hooves and Harlots :)

Cp3355: Huggr, get well!

Siouxme2: night huggr

Follylujah: steve, saw that missy good dedicated her book Tropical Strom
to you, you read that yet?

Trbl007: night huggar

JodiMnstr: Tyldus...so what you're saying is it takes two to replace you

Cp3355: Positions, Tyldus? <G>

JodiMnstr: LOL Cp...and just what are you implying? ;D

Trellopa: Intimate Stranger :)

Trbl007: Ty: What do you think the ratings will be like in season 5?

Tyldus: Folly: Ruh ror? She had mentioned it, but, to be honest.... I
guess I didn't think she was

JodiMnstr: Go Trell go!

Trellopa: The Quest:) Love that kiss

On Q Gabby: Woo hoo, you're good Trell :)
Tyldus: serious. Goodness.

Cp3355: Imagination, my good Jodi

On Q Gabby: AndroGrl, welcome to XenaChat where Subtext RULES!!

Tyldus: I mean, that's incredibly complilmentary.

Tyldus: Darn. I'm blushing.

Follylujah: you don;t hafe a copy? would have figured she sent you one

Trellopa: The Price :) Love those Horde

JodiMnstr: Woo Hoo Tyldus! See how much we love you!

Tyldus: I've been out of town, so I haven't spoken to her yet.

Tyldus: Wow.

Follylujah: ah, well, in living color

Cp3355: Horde- soo oogly

Trellopa: Lost Mariner :)

On Q Gabby: Tyldus...any more conventions on your schedule for Xena?

OMXena: oogly?

Follylujah: so, no,you hafven't read TS yet?

Trbl007: Ty: What do you think the ratings will be like in season 5?

Trellopa: A Good Day :)

Cp3355: OM, that's extremely ugly

OMXena: oh...fugly

On Q Gabby: LOL

JodiMnstr: LOL!

OMXena: "F*ckin' Ugly"

On Q Gabby: ahem OM...we got it...hee hee

Cp3355: You got it OM <G>

Tyldus: (Oogly?)

OMXena: sorry Gabster

Cp3355: See above Ty <G>

Tyldus: On Q: Just Dragoncon.

On Q Gabby: LOL...no problem OM ;)

On Q Gabby: AADENA, welcome to XenaChat where Subtext RULES!!

Tyldus: Tbl: Have no idea. Can't ever tell these things.

OMXena: Lucy's gonna be in a Simpsons ep next season :)

On Q Gabby: Tyldus..that is the weekend after the 4th of July in Atlanta?

On Q Gabby: Jerkbot

Trbl007: thanks, ty

On Q Gabby: , welcome to XenaChat where Subtext RULES!!

Jerkbot: hi

Tyldus: On Q: No, it's the weekend OF the 4th. July 1-4.

JodiMnstr: Ty...can you give us a feeling on whether Rob will be involved
as a guest in the

JodiMnstr: impregnation of Xena? That's the current rumor

OMXena: oh yuck

On Q Gabby: Bummer...I can't go :(

Cp3355: Jodi, wouldn't we all like to be a guest in the impregnation of
Xen? <G>

On Q Gabby: LOL!!

Trbl007: lol

OMXena: i feel nothing coming from ty here, jodi...

Trellopa: Cp--LOL

On Q Gabby: LOL OM...I agree ;)

JodiMnstr: LOL Cp! I guess I should have said guest star of the show <G>

Tyldus: Jodi: I've heard that rumor also. I can say I certainly have
heard nothng about it. 0002000007E300003B0D7DD, JodiMnstr: I was trying
to be delicate <G>

Tyldus: I mentioned it to Rob and he laughed, then paused... then said

OMXena: lol

Tyldus: So, thanks for putting it in his head!!!

Cp3355: Has RT acted before?

On Q Gabby: LOL

JodiMnstr: Eek!

OMXena: great, jodi

Trellopa: Cp-I don't think so

Trbl007: lol

JodiMnstr: Wasn't my fault...I read it on MaryD's site

Cp3355: Wouldn't be any worse than Joxer, I suppose

JodiMnstr: Trell...he had a brief guest appearance at the end of The Xena

JodiMnstr: Big Eek Cp!!!

OMXena: Tyldus...how about this: will we all LOVE how/why Xena gets

Trellopa: Jodi--of course, duh

Tyldus: No no, Jodi. I specifically gave you credit.

Trbl007: So, Ty, us subtexters are going to be happy about Xena's
pregnancy...how it plays out?

Tyldus: :)

On Q Gabby: Congrats Jodi ...hee hee

JodiMnstr: Ty....you're so bad! Pbbbbt...to that!

OMXena: whoa.Trble...

On Q Gabby: Miss, welcome to XenaChat where Subtext RULES!!

Tyldus: Trbl and OMX: This is my opinion: If nothing changes from what I
know about the issue, you

JodiMnstr: <G>

Tyldus: will all be happy. Maybe even delighted.

Miss230291: hello girls

Cp3355: A big YIPPEE Ty

Trbl007: awesome :)

OMXena: oh...My...

On Q Gabby: Cool Ty!! :D

JodiMnstr: Yippeee...Gabby's going to do it! <VBEG>

OMXena: lol

Trbl007: lol

On Q Gabby: Cp.." Yippie-TY-yea" ;D

Siouxme2: I like to see that !! Jodi

Trbl007: lol

Cp3355: She ain't been working out for nuthin <G>

OMXena: oh....myyy

JodiMnstr: Well, I figure if she gets Aphrodite and Artemis to help..she
can make it happen <G>

Cp3355: Get the ice!!!

On Q Gabby: ::::::::dragging in the ice blocks:::::::

Tyldus: I mean... you guys do love Joxer, don't you?

Tyldus: Maybe I got my facts wrong....

Tyldus: ;)

Cp3355: Like the plague, Ty

Trbl007: whimper

On Q Gabby: LOL

JodiMnstr: LOL...Ty...you just love to bait us don't you!

Siouxme2: ummmm...sure we do Ty<choke choke>

On Q Gabby: ::patting Siouxme on the back:::::
Cp3355: Target practice, only

Trbl007: Only in Lucy's body

OMXena: oooooo...such evilness Darth Tyldus

Siouxme2: thanks Gabby....was choking on something

Tyldus: Darth Tyldus... I like that!

Trbl007: Ty: Do you think there will ever be Xena movies?

JodiMnstr: Good point Trbl...and even then she didn't seem to be too happy
about it

Cp3355: Ty, any plans for ROC to direct again?

Trbl007: lol. Lodi

Trbl007: Jodi, that is

JodiMnstr: LOL Trbl

Trbl007: :)\

Tyldus: Trbl: Nothing is set now. Though I would think there might be one

Trbl007: Ty: Will there be any Xena big screen movies in the future?

Trbl007: opps, thanks

On Q Gabby: Cem, welcome to XenaChat where Subtext RULES!!

JodiMnstr: That would be too cool to see Xena on the big screen!

Tyldus: Cp: Not at the moment. Renee went through so much directing that

Trbl007: indeed!

Cp3355: The bigger the better, Jodi!!

OMXena: big screen xena...swooon

On Q Gabby: The bigger the better eh Jodi? <VEG> ;D

Tyldus: She had to be prepping that episode as a director AND as an
actress while performing in the

JodiMnstr: Sounds like it Ty...read her comments in SciFi TV

Trbl007: I'd find the biggest screen in town for that!

Tyldus: previous episode at teh same time!

JodiMnstr: Of course Gabby!

Tyldus: I don't know how she did it.

Cp3355: It was a workout for her, wasn't it?

Trellopa: Gab's abs on the big screen

On Q Gabby: :::THUD:::::

Tyldus: For next season, I will tell you this... Renee looks HOT!!!

OMXena: Lucy is being cast in star wars episode 2

Tyldus: And that is as an unbiased observer.

Siouxme2: Renee ROCS!!!..that how Ty

OMXena: no...that's a lie.

Cp3355: Triple duty, whew!

JodiMnstr: Ty...you can tell her that she won the Argo award for best
director this year <G>

Trellopa: Tyd--hmm, costume change?

JodiMnstr: Cool Ty!

On Q Gabby: ::listening::

Trbl007: Sounds dreamy :)

OMXena: hot?

JodiMnstr: OM...you're kidding I take it!

Tyldus: Trell: A little cahnge here,a little there... but this girl's been
working out! 00020000080C00004AF0806, Tyldus: Woof!

Cp3355: OMG, Ty cardiac resusc, now!

Trbl007: growl

Trellopa: ROC has a beautiful bod

On Q Gabby: ::::::passing out MORE ICE:::::::

OMXena: yeah...just me daydreaming, jodi

JodiMnstr: Wowza! Gotta love it when ROC's abs are cut!

Trbl007: love our gals

Cp3355: My chin just hit the flor, THUMP

Trellopa: Tyld-will Gab have a horse of her own next season?

Trbl007: Any plans to do any more back story on Cyane? I love Vicki Pratt!

Tyldus: Trell: Canna say on that one, sorry.

Cp3355: She's got Xena, Trell <G>

Trellopa: Cp--LOL

JodiMnstr: LOL Cp!

Trellopa: Bad grrl, Cp

Tyldus: Trbl: There will be some more backstory, but we didn't get Vicki,

Trellopa: LOL

On Q Gabby: LOL

Trellopa: You need a whippin, cp

Trbl007: rats!

JodiMnstr: Darn Ty...we wanted to see that Amazon Queen again!

Cp3355: :0)

Rtomatoes: So Ty, is little, aas in "little change," the key word there?

Trellopa: Love that Amazon outfit on Gab

Tyldus: Rtomatoes: Cumulative effect. Gabs has come into her own, I

On Q Gabby: Great!

Trellopa: Love the mature Gabrielle

Trbl007: Wonderful

Cp3355: Methinks so too, Ty

JodiMnstr: Ty...I understand that we will be seeing more of Amarice...so
she's going to be mentored by

JodiMnstr: our gals?

Trellopa: Amarice is suppose to be Cally's sister

JodiMnstr: Definitely Trell...love seeing Gabby come into her own <G>

Cp3355: Are you kidding, Trell?

JodiMnstr: Yeah, Trell...I had heard that rumor too.

Trellopa: Cp--That is what I read

Trellopa: I like Amarice

Cp3355: Hmmm...

Tyldus: Amarice certainly took off with more than a few people, I was glad
to see.

Trellopa: She is spunky

Trbl007: I like her a lot

Cp3355: For sure, more so than Tara

Tyldus: And, by the way, I had already worked out the entire backstory to
her "In my tribe: comments

JodiMnstr: Yeah Trell...Amarice sure has quite a spark...like her alot
better than Tara myself...not as

JodiMnstr: whiney

On Q Gabby: LOL...for sure ;)

Trellopa: Cp--Definitely

Trellopa: That is because Steven wrote her
On Q Gabby: Jodi..and not so "spiney"...LOL

OMXena: groovy, ty

Tyldus: And I was hoping to be the one to write about what that meant, but
it looks like I won't be.

Tyldus: :(

Trbl007: will we see it, TY?

JodiMnstr: Really, Ty? Can you give us a hint?

On Q Gabby: awww Ty... :(

JodiMnstr: LOL Gabby

Tyldus: Trbl: Evenutally. When they finally do it, I'll come online and
tell you whether the

Tyldus: original idea was changed or not.

Trbl007: great!

Cp3355: It's like TPTB just take their toys and leave:0(

On Q Gabby: Cool Ty, that would be great :)

JodiMnstr: Cool Ty! We'll look forward to it!

Tyldus: I will tell you this, her Amazon tribe is to Gabrielle's tribe as
the Spartans were

Tyldus: to the Athenians.

Trellopa: You are the best Tyldus

Tyldus: :)

Trbl007: wow

Quahog10: pardon my ignorance : what is TPTB??

Cp3355: Ty, when they finally do it, we'll all come online <G>

On Q Gabby: Interesting analogy Ty...will be fun to see how it plays out

JodiMnstr: Hmmm...Spartans: come back with a victory or on your shield,

Trellopa: Outsiders, eh Tyld?

Tyldus: Her tribe was much much more strict. Kids were not allowed to be

OMXena: tptb=the powers that be

Siouxme2: the powers that be Qua

Tyldus: They were expected to be warriors from the moment they were born,
and, to that end,

Quahog10: thanks :-)

Tyldus: they weren't given the love that you find so easily in Gabrielle's

Tyldus: Jodi: Exactly.

JodiMnstr: Interesting contrast Ty...explains her always up for a fight

Cp3355: Take heads, ask questions later

Trbl007: lol

Trellopa: Kick some butt

Trbl007: TY: I watched Endgame with a friend and we were screaming for
Xena to kill Pompeii :)

Trellopa: Amarice couldn't stand Eli

Cp3355: I love Eli's voice

JodiMnstr: You got that right Trell..just couldn't understand where the
heck he was coming from.

Trbl007: We were on our feet screaming when she turned her back on him

Trellopa: Cp-yes, Eli has an nice pacifist voice

OMXena: kill him!!!
OMXena: :)

Trellopa: LOL

Tyldus: "It's not about balance anymore"

Trbl007: then we cheered when she looped his head off...good storytelling
or are we sick???

Tyldus: My favorite line.

Cp3355: like valium

OMXena: sicko

Tyldus: Trbl: One relies on the other. :)

JodiMnstr: Right on, Ty!

Trbl007: yes! GREAT line

Trbl007: lol, Ty

On Q Gabby: Moracriver, welcome to XenaChat where Subtext RULES!!

Tyldus: When I wrote that line, I said "Caesar is dead. He just doesn't
know it."

JodiMnstr: Well...Pompeii certainly had no balance after that <G>

Cp3355: LOL, Jodi

JodiMnstr: Good point Ty! Made the mistake of going after the WP and
crown....bad choice!

Tyldus: "Then I thought about ol' Pompey... seems he found his answers at
the end of your sword..."

JodiMnstr: Love that line too, Ty!

OMXena: I like that line, Ty

Trbl007: yes!

Trellopa: Tyldus--Yes, love that line

Cp3355: Good stuff, Ty

Trbl007: did Lucy play the head in the here's Xena's head scene?

OMXena: does xena get a haircut next season?

JodiMnstr: Doubt it Trbl...looked like that was a prop...wrong eye color.

OMXena: lol trbl

Trbl007: Looked like Lucy with dark contacts

Tyldus: Trbl: No. If you look closely, you'll see that was a MAN, babey!

Cp3355: Trbl, we never saw the face did we?

Trbl007: I wondered if it was Meg or the Prietess

Trbl007: yes, we did...eyes were wide open...

JodiMnstr: Yes we did Cp...looked sort of like Xena, but not quite

Cp3355: Oh, never mind yes we did

Trellopa: I thought the head looked like her battered head in the Way

Tyldus: Trbl: I said that in the story meeting! I said Caesar first gets
Diana, then Meg.

Trbl007: Yikes!

OMXena: that would have been awesome, ty

JodiMnstr: Eek Ty!

On Q Gabby: ewwww!!

OMXena: i like it

Trbl007: Glad that didn't happen..although the fans who hate the lookalike
eps would :)

JodiMnstr: Like Om, you mean, Trbl?

JodiMnstr: LOL

Trbl007: lol

OMXena: lol..I like the lookalike eps.. I just think thats a neat idea

Cp3355: I like Meg, the others are jellyfish
Quahog10: who are Diana and meg? I have not watched the show for too

JodiMnstr: Boy that would have really gotten Xena's goat!

On Q Gabby: "Pwaise Hestia!!" ;)

OMXena: jellyfish???

Trbl007: lol

Trellopa: Wish they would do a Gabby look a like ep

Cp3355: Spineless OM

OMXena: oh

JodiMnstr: Qua...Diana and Meg are lookalikes to Xena...they were
introduced in Warrior...Princess and

Trbl007: another ep with the three naked Gabrielles :)_

On Q Gabby: well Trell, there were the 3 naked dancing Gabby's ;)

Cp3355: Trell, remember the 3 naked Gabbys dancing?

OMXena: yeah bring back the dancing gabbys

JodiMnstr: Warrior...Princess...Tramp...there is also Leah who is a
Hestian virgin introduced in

JodiMnstr: Warrior...Priestess...Tramp

Tyldus: I was hoping Renaissance would give me one of those naked
Gabrielle's as a going away

Tyldus: present...

Trellopa: Trb-I know, but I want something a little more substantial

On Q Gabby: LOL Ty!!

Cp3355: You deserve it ,Ty!

Tyldus: Two of them would have made GREAT bookends.....

Trbl007: lol, TY

Rtomatoes: LOL

JodiMnstr: LOL Ty! Now that would have been quite a gift!

Tyldus: And the other one would make a wonderful bedtable. <<ahem>>

JodiMnstr: LOL!

Cp3355: A gabby sandwich

On Q Gabby: Just make sure the abs face the books! <eg>

JodiMnstr: Now there's a delicious meal idea Cp!

On Q Gabby: or not ;)

Cp3355: with me in the middle <G>

Trellopa: Bard, Queen, Femme

Trellopa: For Gabby

Trbl007: lol, Trell

Tyldus: Gabby sandwich... Hmm.....

On Q Gabby: ::::passing out Ice AGAIN!!!:::::

Trbl007: Save some for us, Ty

On Q Gabby: JTDevin, welcome to XenaChat where Subtext RULES!!

Tyldus: Okay, can't go there.....

OMXena: oh my

On Q Gabby: now Ty...you did drag us down that road...hee hee

JodiMnstr: LOL...Ty...we've been there and back <VBEG>

JTDevin: Is onQGabby.....PhatGabi?

On Q Gabby: Nope :)

Trbl007: I thought Lucy look lucious in the Roman soldier outfit

Trellopa: Me too

JodiMnstr: Oh yeah, Trbl...and I loved those braids!
OMXena: yes, Marilyn...yum

Trellopa: And I love those braids

JTDevin: Apologies. :-)

On Q Gabby: :)

Trbl007: yes, great braids

Trbl007: yummy

OMXena: Lucy looks luscious in any stinking thing

Trellopa: I wish they would have a scene of our gals braiding one
another's hair

JodiMnstr: You got a point there OM!

OMXena: :)

On Q Gabby: OM...I kind of like her just out of the water ;)

JodiMnstr: Oh yeah, Trell...that would be wonderful!

JodiMnstr: Yummy, Gabby!

OMXena: oh Gab....<<faint>>

Tyldus: Braiding hair? Not a bad idea.

Trbl007: Ty: think you will ever write a book about your experiences on

Cp3355: Too late for Gab's locks

On Q Gabby: Oh my!! :::fanning OM:::::::

Trellopa: Tyld--write it in for us?

Tyldus: I was going to write a scene with them using leather straps and
restraints, but... braiding

JodiMnstr: Too true, Cp

Tyldus: hair, sounds better.

OMXena: Damn, Ty..

JodiMnstr: Woof, Ty!

On Q Gabby: Ty...you should write fan fic!

Cp3355: Do tell, Ty

Trellopa: Tyld--Oh, yes

Trbl007: growl

Trellopa: Gabby could braid Xe's hair

Cp3355: Yup

Siouxme2: what a tease Ty..lol

On Q Gabby: I think we're running out of ice!!

Trbl007: Ty: you should write a book about your experiences on XWP

Quahog10: another question: why did she cut her hair short? one show i saw
it was long...missed a few

JodiMnstr: Trell...I think she does...otherwise it's a pain to do without
a mirror <G>

Cp3355: I'm a puddle in the floor, Gab

Quahog10: then it was short???

Trellopa: Jodi-Yes, but I want to see it in a scene

Tyldus: And I guess you can't braid hair with all that oil running down
your arms and chest....

Tyldus: Gotta change that, too.

On Q Gabby: LOL Ty!!

JodiMnstr: Qua...in Between the Lines, Xena cuts it with her Chakram when
Alti is holding her suspended

JodiMnstr: in the air by it.

Trellopa: Tyld--Forbidden Xena

On Q Gabby: Oooh, good one Trell

Trellopa: Like Forbidden Broadway

JodiMnstr: Oh my Ty! Now that's a scene we would love to see <G>

Quahog10: thanks for the info :-)
JodiMnstr: My pleasure Qua

Cp3355: Ty, plans for Kevin Smith?

Cp3355: Will he still be Ares, even w/new show?

Tyldus: Cp: As long as we can keep him. He's been pretty busy as of late.

Trellopa: Can we get a scene of Gab sitting in between Xe's legs back
against her chest?

Trellopa: Or vice versa

JodiMnstr: Trell...you mean other than at the end of The Deliverer when
they are in the ruins, right?

Cp3355: That was a good shot, Jodi

On Q Gabby: Bitty, welcome to XenaChat!! :D

JodiMnstr: Yeah it was Cp

Tyldus: Open on sheets, moving. Softly, gently. PAN CAMERA across to find
an exposed leg. It seems

Trellopa: Jodi, yes, more of a lean into scene

Bitty2002: thanks for the welcome

Cp3355: Oooh, Ty

Tyldus: to gently supported on a limb not seen through the satin

Trellopa: LOL

Trellopa: More more

On Q Gabby: :::::::turning on the ceiling fan::::::::

Cp3355: Tha thump

Tyldus: As we continue to MOVE CAMERA, we find the unimistakable arm of a
warrior, strong, yet

JodiMnstr: Yowza....more Ty!

Tyldus: gentle,

Tyldus: obviously a woman of power, as she softly strokes the hair of

On Q Gabby: ::::::wiping the steam off the computer screen::::::::

Trellopa: Her fingers are entwined in the Bard's

Tyldus: Golden hair strands fall through strong fingers as a soft murmur
is heard.....

Bitty2002: what the heck are we talking about, boy did I jump into the
middle of soemthing, lol

Trbl007: luuuuvvveee it

Cp3355: just blew a fuse

OMXena: go on...

JodiMnstr: Out of ice yet, Gabby?

Tyldus: The unseen faces turn toward each other, profiling each other in
the light of a single

Tyldus: candle....

Rtomatoes: By the Gods, Xena

Siouxme2: shhesh Bitty..Ty telling a story

On Q Gabby: "Ice!! We need more ice!!"

Tyldus: Shadows dance on wet lips as they light disappears slowly between
the two, merging as one...

Trellopa: Xe softly kisses Gab's neck, yes it is a hickey

Bitty2002: okay sorry

OMXena: eeeeyieeee

JodiMnstr: Send some over here Gabby!

Tyldus: As beat of hesitation, perhaps a hint of a smile on the face of
the golden haired one... 0002000007DF00007B1F7D9, Tyldus: As, finally,
they two shadows in profile become one....

Tyldus: So... is that the kind of fan fiction you were talking about?

Trellopa: LOL

Rtomatoes: YES!!!

On Q Gabby: Cinthie, welcome to XenaChat where ice is a must!

JodiMnstr: Oh yes, Ty! Definitely!!!!

OMXena: you mean this isn't an upcomiong episode??

Cinthie: Ice?

Siouxme2: lol...well done Ty...well done!!

Cp3355: Yep Ty, I think you got it!

Trellopa: Tyl-a little more erotica however in description

JodiMnstr: Go for it Ty!

On Q Gabby: yup Ty...but I think we need you to tell us some more...<VEG>

Cinthie: ooooh erotica... cool

Quahog10: i wish i could see all these episoids that everyone has
mentioned....maybe in reruns....

Cp3355: Bravo, Ty

On Q Gabby: practice, practice, practice!!

Tyldus: :)

Trellopa: The yin and yang of it all

Cp3355: Encore, encore!!

Trellopa: The light and the dark

JodiMnstr: Qua...if you have the USA channel on cable, they run them every
weekday night at 7 EST

On Q Gabby: Quahog, you can catch most of them in reruns now

Trellopa: The Butch and the Femme

Tyldus: I have another one that deals with honey, but it can wait......

JodiMnstr: Right on Trell!

Cp3355: Oh do tell Ty

JodiMnstr: Oh Ty...you just love leaving us wanting don't you <G>

Bitty2002: Ty you are bad

On Q Gabby: Wait for the Ice Truck Ty?? hee hee

Quahog10: I don't get USA.....:-( :-(

Trbl007: nuttin honey

Trellopa: Honey and strawberries, Ty?

On Q Gabby: X1AMAZON1X, welcome to XenaChat!

JodiMnstr: That's too bad Qua...maybe you should check into getting
it...it will help you catch up <G>

Trellopa: Or is it chocolate and strawberries?

X1AMAZON1X: Hey Gabby

Cp3355: Trell, strawberries...9 and 1/2 Weeks

Trellopa: Oh my

On Q Gabby: oh my!!!

Trellopa: My computer is burning up

Trellopa: See what you did Ty

JodiMnstr: Okay...so now you and Trell sounds like Mel <G>

On Q Gabby: Oh no Trell...and I've got the fan on too!

Tyldus: What can I say? I'm a naughty boy in my spare time.
Cp3355: Huh, Jodi?

On Q Gabby: Tyldus...you just keep it up ;)

Trellopa: A very naughty, fun boy :)

Cinthie: I heard that about you Tyl

JodiMnstr: Cp...I was referring to Melinda Pappas' penchant for saying Oh
My <G>

Cp3355: And we're glad of it, Ty!

OMXena: I think Ty should visit us more often when he has no more
obligations to the show..hehhe

JodiMnstr: You keep on being that way Ty...we love it!

Cp3355: Gotcha, Jodi

On Q Gabby: Yup OM. Practice, practice, practice!

Cp3355: Ty, you got a sure fire hit if you start writing fanfic

JodiMnstr: HHOMK....remember Ty...that should be your mantra <G>

On Q Gabby: LOL

OMXena: thats right..HHOMK

Trbl007: any plans for that hhomk in season 5, TY?

Tyldus: Hmmm... HHOMK isn't a bad name for an online nickname.

Cp3355: OK...HHOMK?

JodiMnstr: LOL Ty!

JodiMnstr: HHOMK=Hot Hungry Open Mouthed Kiss

OMXena: heehee

Cp3355: Thud

JodiMnstr: OM came up with that Cp <G>

OMXena: oooo just reading that makes me swoon

Cp3355: Good one OM

Trellopa: Ty-the rumor is that Xe and Gab come out to one another in the
last ep of the 6th season

OMXena: thanks :)

Trellopa: using HHOMKs

Trbl007: Ty: are we going to buy X and G coming back from the dead as

OMXena: oooyeah

Cinthie: Trell... it will never happen

Tyldus: Trell: Haven't heard that one. ;)

Bitty2002: Or are they going to be two totally different people??

Tyldus: Trbl: I think so.

Trbl007: thanks, Ty

JodiMnstr: Certainly hope so Ty...I'm really looking forward to the season
premiere <G>

Trbl007: will we get the hhomk in season 5, ty? or ever?

Cp3355: Hope they don't use Harry as a stand in again

On Q Gabby: Yes Jodi...me too

Trellopa: Can you tell us a bit about Succession?

JodiMnstr: Yeah Ty...that was pretty sneaky what you said a while back
about our two gals kissing...

JodiMnstr: were you referring to the Harry/Mattie kiss in Deja Vu?

Bitty2002: Ty-what episodes did you write for season 5 so far?

Cp3355: Trell, that's what X & G have when Xena has her baby
Trellopa: LOL for sure

OMXena: the silence is deafening

Trellopa: We have overwhelmed him

On Q Gabby: LOL, too much melted ice

JodiMnstr: LOL OM...Ty...still out there?

Cp3355: He's swimming

Trbl007: earth to Ty

OMXena: he's thinking about HHOMK

Trellopa: He's composing more fan fiction

On Q Gabby: that would make me swim

Cp3355: Aren't we all, OM?

JodiMnstr: Must be, OM

Tyldus: Hold on... back in a bit... cold showers take a moment.....

Trbl007: lol

On Q Gabby: LOL

JodiMnstr: LOL!

OMXena: lol

Cinthie: funny.. teehee

Trbl007: where's a cold shower when you need one

Bitty2002: too funny

On Q Gabby: I'm still watching that camera PAN

JodiMnstr: Well, Trbl...we could just swim around in the melted ice lake
we have here <G>

Trbl007: lol

Cp3355: That will be a sweet dream tonight Gab

On Q Gabby: ::::::tossing out lifesavers to float on:::::::::

Trellopa: Pan slowly over the bodies of our gals

JodiMnstr: Gabby...we need something more than candy to float on <G>

Cp3355: LOL. Jodi

On Q Gabby: Not just eye candy eh Jodi ;)

JodiMnstr: Gabby...the eye/mind candy is sure nice<G>

On Q Gabby: yup!

Cp3355: But the taste is even better Jodi <G>

JodiMnstr: Oh yeah!

Trellopa: Hmm, yes, the taste

Rtomatoes: I hope that was his Chapter One, Page One.

Cp3355: Tiramisu

On Q Gabby: You said it Rtomatoes :)

Trellopa: Me too, it must continue, rt

Trellopa: Tiramisu, hmmm

Trellopa: Ladyfingers

JodiMnstr: Definitely Trell! We want more Ty! <G>

On Q Gabby: yummy!

On Q Gabby: R503213, welcome to XenaChat :)

R503213: thank you

Trbl007: What's your favorite XWP line? I like, "I should have known not
to trust someone who talks a

Trbl007: abou tdoing good all the time!

Cp3355: Has Ty runout of H2O yet?

Trellopa: Good one, Trb

On Q Gabby: Shannysmom, welcome to XenaChat :)

Trellopa: I like "Even in death, I will never leave you, Gabrielle."

Shannysmom: thanks

JodiMnstr: Trbl...I like "Even in death Gabrielle, I will never leave you"

JodiMnstr: Trell...GMTA!

Cp3355: Yeah, Trell :0)
JodiMnstr: "I feel a strange attachment to you"

Tyldus: Okay, back. Whew!

JodiMnstr: WB...Ty!

JodiMnstr: Feeling refreshed, Ty?

Tyldus: Man, can those naked Gabbies scrub a back or what?

JodiMnstr: LOL!

Cp3355: Someone in this chat had a birthday this week, but I won't mention
any names huh Trell?

On Q Gabby: Bragger Ty!! ;)

Trellopa: Or, "Do it, Gabrielle." from Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Trellopa: Cp--:)

On Q Gabby: Trell!! You never told us!

Trbl007: all great lines!

JodiMnstr: Happy Birthday, Trell!

On Q Gabby: Happy, happy birthday Trell :)

Tyldus: HP, Trell!

Trellopa: Thanks a bunch, blushing

Cp3355: And many more, toots!

Trellopa: Gracias

Trbl007: Ty: will we ever see X and G in their own bodies kiss on the

JodiMnstr: Nicely worded question there Trbl. <G>

Cp3355: Trb, we got a micro second in The Quest

Trellopa: Yes

Cp3355: I think that's the right ep

JodiMnstr: Right Cp...and a near miss in Return of Callisto

Trellopa: Yes

Tyldus: Trbl: Not to my knowledge, no.

JodiMnstr: Ty...was the Harry/Mattie kiss the one you were teasing us
about so long ago?

JodiMnstr: Ty...when you said that we would see the gals kiss, but not
each other?

Cinthie: hey that harry/ mattie kiss said alot about the xena /gab

On Q Gabby: Puck, welcome to XenaChat...battle on Xena!

Trbl007: Why not, TY?

Tyldus: Jodi: Actually, no. That rumor started from a joke of mine.
Someone asked:

JodiMnstr: I thought so too, Cin...certainly defined what was meant by
Friend to me <VBG>

Puck90: Greetings and salutations!

Tyldus: Will Xena and Gabrielle ever kiss?

Tyldus: And I said: Yes.

Tyldus: Then I continued by saying "I imagine they'll kiss someone

On Q Gabby: LOL

Tyldus: I wasn't even thinking of the harry/mattie thing. That would have
been too cruel.

Cp3355: I liked the montage of moments that Annie had remembering back
with Xena

JodiMnstr: LOL...Ty...I was just wondering if you had any one time in

Trbl007: Ty, why won't they kiss each other?
Trellopa: Ty-earlier, you said you were thinking about The Greater Good;
will Gab be more warrior like

Shannysmom: Ty...What are the chances we could see a more "adult" version
of Xena and Gab in a full leng

Trellopa: next season?

Shannysmom: th movie w/o animation?

Tyldus: Trbl: Quite honestly, for a number of reasons, one being that the
studio and stations

Tyldus: wouldn't be happy.

Bitty2002: they won't kiss eachother because the writers also want to keep
the non subtext fans

Tyldus: Those attitudes are still out there, let's face it.

Trbl007: yes, I hear you

JodiMnstr: Well in a way, Ty...I thought the Harry/Mattie kiss really says
it all about the relationshi

Tyldus: And, bitty has a point. There is still that fine line that we
slide along.

Cp3355: Don't we know it Ty

Tyldus: I can tell you this... I have never had to balance that line MORE
than in the script I'm

Tyldus: writing now.

Trellopa: Deja Vu did confirm they are Soulmates, however

Cp3355: More, Ty

Tyldus: When it finally airs, I'll explain.

Bitty2002: I think the show is doing a wonderful job of applying itself to
every group of people, and

AZuRe033: hey all..:)

Puck90: Ty I noticed fans were complaing that gab's new weapon was going
to be a net and in endgame

Trbl007: Some scenes just scream for a kiss...i s that what you mean?

Bitty2002: they don't want to loose any of those groups by stepping over
any lines

On Q Gabby: OBrien, AZuRe, welcome to Xenachat where you need to bring
your own ice! ;)

Puck90: she had one...was that on purpose?

JodiMnstr: Hi AZ!

Cp3355: LOL Gab

Trellopa: AZ--Hi, Steven Sears is with us

AZuRe033: sorry i'm late...busy doing float things...

AZuRe033: hey trell..i noticed..:)

Tyldus: Puck: Don't worry about the net thing. Just like the powder puff,
I wouldn't wory.

On Q Gabby: Hee Hee..that greet was for AZ ;)

AZuRe033: hey jodi..gabby..

Cp3355: We're floating too AZ!

Tyldus: Howdy, AZ. :)


On Q Gabby: I'll send the chat log to anyone who would like it :)
Trellopa: Pride float ready, AZ with the hot tub?

AZuRe033: hey tyldus..how's it??

JodiMnstr: Well look forward to seeing the ep, Ty!

Trbl007: Ty: did you mean you had to walk a fine line because some scenes
just scream for a kiss?

Puck90: ty - the net thing made me laugh cause I thought it e=was a joke

Cp3355: Ty, what's the title of this script you're referring to ?

Tyldus: I can tell you, I got LOTS of feedbackafter Deja Vu, as you can

AZuRe033: hot tub in tow...

Tyldus: Cp; Bottle.

JodiMnstr: Oh yeah, I can imagine, Ty <G>

Trellopa: Back in the Bottle, yes?

Tyldus: Did I tell you about the two e-mails I got in one day about it?

Bitty2002: no

JodiMnstr: No Ty...what did they say?

Trbl007: don't think so

Trellopa: No, tell us

Cp3355: Thanks, Ty

On Q Gabby: Do tell :)

Tyldus: One of them angrily said that I had "outted" them and that they
were lesbian! And she hated

Tyldus: it! She said she wouldn't watch a lesbian show! The other
accused me of bowing to the

Tyldus: religious right by saying that they can only kiss when they are
male/female and that she

Tyldus: woudn't watch a show run by obvious homophobes. So....

Puck90: I wish people would get past gender and sex and get to the spirit

Tyldus: I forwarded their e-mails to each other.

Trbl007: lol, lol, lol

AZuRe033: hehe..

JodiMnstr: Can't win can you Ty ....Great response!

Rtomatoes: lol

Trellopa: LOL, good for you Ty

Cp3355: Great, Ty

On Q Gabby: GablvsXena, DDQbear, welcome to XenaChat where subtext rules!!

Bitty2002: that was a good idea

Tyldus: I told the first one that maybe she should trade TV sets with the
other one.

JodiMnstr: LOL!!!

Trbl007: lol

On Q Gabby: ROFL

Cp3355: ROFL, Ty

Bitty2002: lol

Trellopa: LOL

AZuRe033: Ty...i've been wanting to ask you why gabby still wears the

Trellopa: Go Tyldus

Tyldus: Hopefully, they're dating now..... :)

Rtomatoes: lol

Trellopa: Az-it is fading a bit

JodiMnstr: ROFLMAO!

On Q Gabby: hee hee

Trbl007: If you didn't have to worry about the studio and the stations,
would you have X and G kiss? 00020000081D0000AAF6817, Trellopa: Tylus,

Trbl007: That was for ty

Cp3355: Yeah and their children are spawns of Hope

Tyldus: AZ: the mendhi will wear off. It meant more to Gabrielle to
continue using it thatn it did

Tyldus: for Xena.

Tyldus: Trbl: Ooh, you do ask the provocative questions. I'll take the
fifth on that one. :)

JodiMnstr: Ah...Gabby's the sentimental type after all <G>

Trellopa: Tyldus, any chance of seeing Naima again?

On Q Gabby: A spiritual symbol for sure

AZuRe033: ok..then the next question would be why did it mean more to G

Tyldus: Trell: I hope so. She was such a cool character and the actress
did a great job with her.

JodiMnstr: Definitely loved the Mehndi application scene though <G>

Tyldus: Nice abs, too, if I may.

On Q Gabby: Dr Brillig, welcome to XenaChat

Cp3355: Ditto, Jodi

Trellopa: The best of the season, Between the Lines, IMHO

On Q Gabby: Yes you may Tyldus <eg>

JodiMnstr: Ty...sounds like you have a thingfor abs <G>

Tyldus: AZ: Because Gabrielle was still in her "peace" mode and mendhi
represented a higher plane to

On Q Gabby: PPac, welcome to Xenachat!

Tyldus: her. Therefore that higher plane had to be a peaceful one.

AZuRe033: cool..thanks..i'm a happy camper now..

JodiMnstr: Makes sense Ty <G>

Tyldus: Jodi: Uhm... yeah. Everyone has a list of things they notice on a
person from a phsyical

Tyldus: standpoint. The stomach is third on my list.

OMXena: 3rd, aye?

AZuRe033: Ty, are you going to be able to make are Xena night on the
fourth after Dragon

On Q Gabby: So, what are one and two? ;)

Cp3355: First and second, Ty?

Trellopa: What is first on your list, ty?

JodiMnstr: <G> Well we love them too <VBG>

AZuRe033: <---big thang for tummies..*grin*

Tyldus: AZ: I was hoping to, but because of a mixup on my part, I'm
leaving the night of the fourth.

Cp3355: You go AZ

Tyldus: First on the list is the face.

Puck90: Ty did you want the audience to have conflicting feelings about
Gab's bezerker in Ides?

Tyldus: Gotta be cute by my standards (no, the Vegas showgirl is NOT my
kinda cute). 0002000008040000B30D7FE, JodiMnstr: Puck...RJ Stewart wrote
Ides...not Ty...

Cp3355: Loved Gab in that

Puck90: doough!

Trellopa: Puck, Ty did not write Ides of March

Tyldus: Puck: Still, yes. We did. And, more than that, it's how that
action afffects Gab.

AZuRe033: Ty..that's cool..too bad tho..we might have a party at the con
on Sat night tho..

Tyldus: Second is... well, second is... uhm.....

Puck90: it was beautifully done

Puck90: I'll have to get my season guide out

Tyldus: AZ: Keep me up on what's happenking. I'd like to make one of

Bitty2002: let me guess

JodiMnstr: Yes, Puck...I agree it was extremely well done...

Tyldus: (You can guess on the second....)

AZuRe033: Ty...no prob..I will...

On Q Gabby: Hands?? ;)

JodiMnstr: LOL Ty...yep I think we can <G>

Bitty2002: I figured that

AZuRe033: Do i need to start passing ice out again??

Trellopa: Tyd--heaving mounds?

Trellopa: for #2?

On Q Gabby: AZ...we've run out twice now!

JodiMnstr: Straining bosoms <G>

AZuRe033: hmmm..folds maybe??

Cp3355: Don't even want to go there Ty. Oh hell, yeah we do <G>

Trellopa: Pert nipples for #2?

Tyldus: Jeez, people! It's the butt, okay????????????

Trellopa: Oh, yes!

AZuRe033: Gabby..then it's a good thing i showed up..just came from the

On Q Gabby: Udder nonsense ;)

Trellopa: The Butt

JodiMnstr: LOL!

AZuRe033: I have plenty of ice..

Trbl007: lol

On Q Gabby: EAEXTEE, welcome to Xenachat!!

Trellopa: And ROC has a great BUTT

Cp3355: We are trash acts Ty for sure!

EAEXTEE: hello all . have a question... is there a staf member here?


AZuRe033: Oh Trell..guess what we are putting on the end of the float..

Bitty2002: Yep_ Tyldus

Tyldus: Bosoms (as you put it) are low on the list. Straining or barely
pertaining, either way.

GablvsXena: ROC has a great everything:)

Trellopa: Next to her abs, love ROC's BUTT

JodiMnstr: LOL!

Tyldus: But, all that can be wiped out without a great personality and

Cp3355: Right on Ty

JodiMnstr: Very good Ty! You know what's really important!
Tyldus: EAX: I guess that would be me. :)

Trellopa: Hmm, will yes, it can TY

Bitty2002: Very! True

Cinthie: brains... that's a good one.. and the ability to communicate

Bitty2002: ROC is really smart right?

Trellopa: We just like to play, Ty

JodiMnstr: EA...if you are looking for a Xena Staffer, it's Tyldus...if
you're looking for an OnQ Staff

Bitty2002: she has to be

JodiMnstr: it's Gabby

Cp3355: And Cin, if they can't communicate you just put a bag over their

Trellopa: We actually have a great deal of respect for LL and ROC

Cinthie: oh Cp... that would never do

Cp3355: Kidding!

JodiMnstr: Yep we sure do Trell <G>

Bitty2002: I have a lot of respect for those two, more than most famous

JodiMnstr: And we also love to feast our eyes on them <G>

Cp3355: You got that right Trell

On Q Gabby: yup

Cinthie: besides... a lack of communication might smother them... plus I
have use of the lips

Tyldus: Lust only goes so far. And, though it's a nice trip, it's not
going to get you to that

Trellopa: We were so happy to take this phenomenal ride with you all

Tyldus: ultimate happiness with someone.

Trbl007: indeed

JodiMnstr: Ain't that the truth, Ty

Trbl007: need to find that soulmate out there

Cp3355: Yes, Ty. The stories this season are good ex. of that higher

Bitty2002: Hey Ty- You have direct communication to ROC and LL before

Trbl007: need to fine a genuinely nice person...hard to find

JodiMnstr: Definitely, Cp...really loved this season, myself <G>

Tyldus: Bitty: Every now and then. ;)

Cinthie: I had a dream about kissing an uber xena and felt bad for uber
gab... that's dedication

Trellopa: I must depart, chat pals; thanks for stopping by, Tyldus, you Da

Tyldus: Thanbks, Trell! See ya' next time.

JodiMnstr: Battle On Trell!

AZuRe033: se ya trell..*hugs*

Puck90: I aggree on this season - it challanged us

Bitty2002: From what I can tell offscreen they both are smart and have
good personalities

Bitty2002: Is that true??
Puck90: to the caves trell

JodiMnstr: LOL Puck

Trbl007: good night Trell

Tyldus: Bitty: They do indeed. And they are their own person, I like

Bitty2002: Isn't everyone their own person, lol

Bitty2002: j/k

Tyldus: Bitty: heh heh. No, what I mean is that they don't dictate who
they are by what others

Tyldus: expect them to be.

JodiMnstr: Ty...everyone with the show must realize what a fortuitous
goldmine they got when they cast

JodiMnstr: those two, right?

Tyldus: Jodi: Oh, yeah. RJ and I talk about it often.

Bitty2002: I get ya, LOL. I just had o mess with you

Puck90: a friend of mine talked to kevin smith on sat night and said he
was very nice

On Q Gabby: Battle on Trell!

Tyldus: Iknow I was spoiled. And, honestly, going on to another show is a
bit scary in that regard.

Tyldus: Puck: KEvin is a TRIP!!

On Q Gabby: JHaw, welcome to Xenachat!

JHaw106594: hey

JodiMnstr: Such a wonderful happenstance that they have worked out so well
and have such great

Puck90: she saw kevin improvise the week before and said he was the best
improviser she had ever see

Puck90: n

Trbl007: anyone going to see Kevin Smith's show at the SF Xena con?

JodiMnstr: chemistry together!

Tyldus: He's so down to earth and quite a family man. Great to hang with.

JHaw106594: waz up

JHaw106594: bye

Bitty2002: If they other show doesn't work out with you- which I am sure
it will- can you go back to

Puck90: imagine the sheer odds of a show called xena turning out the way
it did

Bitty2002: Xena and do you want to?

JodiMnstr: No doubt about that, Puck...it's incredible how it all gelled
together <G>

Puck90: Ty did you guys map out xena's back story and when?

Cp3355: Ty, thanks for indulging our playfulness and giving us so much
insight into the show

Bitty2002: The all famous question- How old are Xena and Gabby supposed
to be??

On Q Gabby: Yes Tyldus, thank you :)

Tyldus: Bitty: No, afriad not. It's a matter of economics. They can't
afford another producer right

Tyldus: now.
JodiMnstr: Here here, Ty...what Cp said!

OMXena: i'll produce for free

Tyldus: Puck: a lot of it was mapped out by Rob and RJ at the beginning.
Then other things came out

JodiMnstr: Right OM...it's just a question of what you would produce <EG>

Tyldus: of stories that we did. Solon was something that came later, for

OMXena: ooooo...harsh!

JodiMnstr: LOL...OM...just kidding ya <G> I was thinking of a sudden
abundance of HHOMK's <EG>

Trbl007: ty: ever think about writing a book about your experiences on

Tyldus: No problem, Cp. I like chatting with fans. Even the critical
ones. Some people don't

Tyldus: seem to understand that, but it's true.

OMXena: lol

Puck90: It seems like some things in the backstory justified things that
came later but were writteb

Puck90: before

Puck90: like solan

AZuRe033: I thought the critical ones were all on the Nutforum...

On Q Gabby: BRENW, welcome to XenaChat!!

On Q Gabby: LOL AZ

Cp3355: No, AZ we're the hardcore nutballs! <G>

Bitty2002: Ty- do you have an idea how old Xena and Gab are supposed to be

Tyldus: Puck: Yeah, its a matter of finding things that exist and plugging
them neatly into new idea

Tyldus: s.

Tyldus: Trbl: I've beenkidding everyone about writing a "tell all" book.
Maybe when I'm 80 or so...

On Q Gabby: Woo hoo!

Cp3355: Ty, I really like the Caesar thread and the Crucifixion image tie

Tyldus: Not that there's much to tell. At the convention last weekend I
told some of the stories of

Puck90: Ty do you think they will ever revisit The Gauntlet ?

Tyldus: what happens in our story meetings. I said that it would really
take whatever dignity

Tyldus: people have for us and ram it into the ground if they could see
our antics!

Puck90: lol

On Q Gabby: Zaafira, welcome to Xenachat where Subtext rules!!

Trbl007: lol..I would love to read about it :)

Zaafira: Thank you, On Q.

Tyldus: PucK: Intersting idea. Its not been discussed, though.

Cinthie: Tyl..having been in theatre all my life I can imagine some of the
antics 0002000008070000D2D7801, Cp3355: Ty, you can share with us. We
won't tell <G>

Puck90: ty We never saw Xena's moment of truth -so to speak.

Tyldus: Did y'all see the Herc ep "YEs Virginia"?

On Q Gabby: yes

AZuRe033: saw it yes..:)

On Q Gabby: Senmebutts, welcome to XenaChat!!

Cp3355: Yes, Ty Funny

Trbl007: yes

Puck90: loved it

Tyldus: Where they all played the writers and producers? Bruce was Rob
and all?

Tyldus: Remember the bathroom scene?

Cp3355: Is that how you all are?

Trbl007: yes

Puck90: whistling

Senmebutts: who is she a wrestler?

Tyldus: They were at the urinals, and began whistling the theme to Herc.

Trbl007: did that really happen? lol

Tyldus: Well,I was in a meeting with Rob when he got a call from post

On Q Gabby: Senme, we're chatting about the show Xena Warrior Princess

Tyldus: about that scene. It went something like this:

Puck90: do you guys have cool toys in the office?

Tyldus: Post: Rob, there's so much peeing sound, it's disgusting!

Tyldus: Rob: It's funny! I want it to go with the music.

Tyldus: Post: Can't the music be louder?

Tyldus: Rob: Not louder than the pee.

Senmebutts: i see...i just got an e-mail with her WAV and this link but it
said Queer Xena not Queen

Tyldus: Post: But it sounds so... ugh!

Tyldus: Rob: Ugh is funny! And I want it in time with the music. And at
the end, a flush to cap it

Tyldus: off!

On Q Gabby: This is the chat Senme :)

Trbl007: it's not worse than all the farting :)

Tyldus: Now... how much more dignified can you get from that conversation?

On Q Gabby: ewwww ;)

JodiMnstr: LOL Ty!

Cp3355: ROFL

AZuRe033: hehe

Trbl007: lol

Bitty2002: LOL

Puck90: It's a dignified business

Trbl007: pee on!

Tyldus: I was laughing my butt off!

JodiMnstr: I would imagine Ty!

Cp3355: Hey, that'a a head banging session for sure, Ty <G>

Trbl007: I bet the farting discussing are rich too :)

On Q Gabby: on that note....

Puck90: oh to be a fly on the wall

On Q Gabby: Xenites, I'm off to bed...great chat tonight!! Battle on

Trbl007: take care
Puck90: to the caves gabby

JodiMnstr: Battle on Gabby!

Tyldus: Take care, On Q!

Cp3355: Thanks Gabby!

Cinthie: Tyl... sometimes I think we just forget the nature of the
creative cycle...

On Q Gabby: Let me know if you would like a log of the chat!

JodiMnstr: Don't worry folks...I'm going to continue the loggin of the
chat and send it to Gabby <G>

Puck90: shew!

On Q Gabby: Thanks again Tyldus for hanging out with us!!

AZuRe033: See ya gabby..have some ice on me..*grin*

On Q Gabby: LOL!!!

On Q Gabby: :::::::swimming to bed::::::

JodiMnstr: Sleep well Gabby...Pleasant Dreams!

Cp3355: Yeah Ty, what a pleasant cap to a Sunday

AZuRe033: hehe

Cp3355: Ty, how many writers on your new show?

Puck90: so ty where do you go after you have done the comparative
mythology tour of the world?

JodiMnstr: Ty...we're obviously very glad that you come and hang out with
us...you're such fun!

Bitty2002: Tyldus, sorry to keep asking- I just really want to know. Do
you have an idea how old X & G

Bitty2002: are

Bitty2002: Yeah thank you so much Ty!!

Puck90: gabby ages in dog years

Tyldus: Cp: Don't know yet. We haven't started staffing it yet.

Senmebutts: before i leave, is xena a queer warrior or a queen warrior or

Cp3355: Old enuf to know better, but too good to stop Bitty

AtlXena: good evening all!

JodiMnstr: Senme..depends on your interpretation, we think Xena is
queer...and Callisto is the Warrior

JodiMnstr: Queen...Xena's the Warrior Princess <G>

Tyldus: Bitty: Sorry. Didn't see that one. We have discussed it from time
to time, but Gabby starte

AZuRe033: hey atl...got any gestures for me?? *grin*

JodiMnstr: Hi AtlXena...welcome to Xenachat!

Senmebutts: i'll have to watch it and decide then...thanks

Tyldus: started out late teens, Xena mid twenties. But gabbby seems so
much older now....

AtlXena: it's the plant.. ya know.. it goes up like this

AZuRe033: yes she does Ty..

Puck90: she's done a lot of living in 4 years

Cp3355: Yes Ty. Gabby really matured this season

Bitty2002: so Xena started her pirating in Destiny at what 16?
AZuRe033: Atl..hehe...

AtlXena: hey AZ .. your face still hurt from laughing?

Tyldus: Puck: Where do I go? On vacation, my friend, on a long, restful
vacation. :)

AZuRe033: Atl..don't forget to prime the pot...:)

Puck90: lol

AZuRe033: and yes it's still hurting..

Puck90: I guess you go to sheena

Tyldus: Bitty: Actually, yeah. We had originally thought that, then we
upgraded it to being

Tyldus: 19/20 when that happened, so we've kept the age thing as precise
as the time line.

Cp3355: Did you all hear about the tie in Tarzan doll?

JodiMnstr: LOL! Ty..which of course is not at all <G>

Puck90: right

Tyldus: Puck: That, too. :) Yes, Sheena will (hopefully) start up
beginning of next year.

Cp3355: Right Ty!

Tyldus: Cp: Tie in tarxan doll?

Tyldus: I'll bite.

AtlXena: oh hey Tyldus.. good luck with the Sheena deal!

Bitty2002: so if Xena has a son about 10 does that make her in her 30's

Cp3355: Yes Ty, it seems it's right arm goes into action simulating

JodiMnstr: You know Ty...we got a big chuckle out of the 10 years ago
thing with Xena...seemed like

JodiMnstr: that was a busy year for her <G>

Cp3355: an obscene gesture of sorts

GablvsXena: Ty...is it true that Xena is going to get pregnant?

Puck90: it was a gab year

JodiMnstr: LOL Cp!

Cp3355: and parents are complaining and so off the market for re-do it

Tyldus: Thanks, AtlXena. ;)

Puck90: ty did solan's birth start xena's ascention from the darkness?

Cp3355: No kidding!

Tyldus: Gablv: YEs, it's true.

AtlXena: Are you still going to make it to Dragoncon Tyldus?

Tyldus: Puck: In my opinion, yes. That was when she first saw a light
inside herself again.

Puck90: I knew it!!

Tyldus: Atl: Yes, I am. Going to be there?

AZuRe033: Atl..already covered the big Q with him..tell ya later..

AtlXena: yeah, i will be stopping by

AZuRe033: Ty..Atlxena is one of the organizers of Xena Night here in

Bitty2002: So are X & G gonna be walkng around with a baby most of season
5 and 6?

JodiMnstr: Ty...how old was Solan when Xena first met up with him again in
OOW? 0002000008160000EB2F810, Tyldus: Cool. I tell everyone who's an
internettie to wear a nametag with their nick name or,

GablvsXena: Thanx Ty. I had heard that a Demi-God was going to inpregnate

Tyldus: at least, identify themselves.

Tyldus: That way I'll know you.

Tyldus: Jodi: About nine.

AZuRe033: Ty..we'll be the ones that cuase all the problems partying too

Puck90: Ty - i gotta thank you - I borrowed Solan for my voice-over demo

JodiMnstr: That's what I thought Ty...Thanks!

Tyldus: Maybe eight. I would say ten, but that would REALLY make that a
banner year!

AtlXena: Well, perhaps I will see you there..

JodiMnstr: LOL...Isn't that the truth, Ty!

Tyldus: Puck: really? Cool!

Puck90: perfect little speech

Puck90: from orphan of war

Bitty2002: Like he said, Solan was thought of later, and he had to be at
least old enough to carry a

Bitty2002: sword

Tyldus: Which speech? How does it start?

Cp3355: Ty, have they thought about Books on Tape for XWP?

Cp3355: Be great to listen to stories in the car

Tyldus: Cp: No, not that I know of, but I think it would be a great idea.

Puck90: my uncle said she was wonderful . she never thought bad things
about anyone even you.....

AtlXena: so, AZ how silly does the Julius Ceasar haircut actually look?

Cp3355: Having LL & ROC's voices

Puck90: i wish i could have heard her sing

Tyldus: Oh, yeah... that one. Thanks. Good choice. That one took a
while to write.

Tyldus: Had to get that emotion with Solan going and, at the same time,
keep in mind how it would

Tyldus: affect Xena.

Puck90: I'm very pleased with it...thanks

JodiMnstr: It was a great speech, Ty!

AZuRe033: Atl..i think it looks good on you...can't wait to see everyone
in costume..

Tyldus: Man, you don't know how cool it is to know someone's using my
material like that!

Puck90: he had a little conflicting emotion going on there

JodiMnstr: And Xena's line after he leaves..."I could sing for you" Just
gets me in the gut

Tyldus: When I was doing auditions and stuff, I would pick things from
scripts that I liked. 00020000081E0000F33F818, Cinthie: Tyldus... so
what's this new look for gab we have been hearing about?

Puck90: I got the music too

Tyldus: I never though I would be someone whose material was picked.

Tyldus: Thank ya, thank ya.

Cp3355: Oh yeah Jodi, me too

Puck90: congratulations

Tyldus: Cinthie: You'll like it. Oh, take my word for it, you'll LIKE it.

GablvsXena: Cinthie....i hear she's getting leather

AZuRe033: Gbas in some leather right??

Cinthie: I like her in whatever she wears... just nosey

Puck90: I hope she enjoyes having good shoes again

AZuRe033: gabs i mean...

AtlXena: anything has to be better than the 70's upholstery thing she has
going on now!

Cp3355: Ty, do you find it hard to write in a woman's voice?

JodiMnstr: I'm sure she will Puck...those sandals didn't provide a lot of
protection <G>

Tyldus: Cp: Whoa, you just asked a million dollar question.....

Puck90: and barefoot must be a nightmare

AtlXena: I think my mom had a couch like that once! but gabby doesn't look
so bad in couch material!

JodiMnstr: No doubt Puck...especially when she has to run that way!

Tyldus: Cp: One thing I've been complimented on here and with other shows,
is how I write

Puck90: but she spent so much time working on those back and arm muscles -
we should see them

AtlXena: very true Puck!

Tyldus: women. Now, I have to tell you, I appreciate the compliments, but
I don't know how I do it.

Puck90: no ty - you write People

Puck90: that's the trick

Bitty2002: Is it almost scary for you Ty?

Tyldus: Seriously, I just keep certain things in mind. Like, for
instance, women are NOT just plot

Cp3355: You have a very sense of the essence of being female I think, Ty

AtlXena: it's one of those gifts Tyldus.. just go with it!

JodiMnstr: I think Puck has hit it on the head!

Tyldus: points that men can use as something to care about or rescue.

JodiMnstr: Very true, Ty!

Bitty2002: I like you ty!

Tyldus: They have to be victors, evenif they are victimized at the moment.

Tyldus: And, they have to have an attidue that doesn't POINT to them being
women. 0002000008170000FB57811, JodiMnstr: Yes! That's the key!

Puck90: It's so fresh seeing women written in the male hero role

AtlXena: hey what's all the bedlam with the grieving gabrielle doll I keep
hearing about?

Tyldus: I mean, how many of you go around making a point of being a women
in every thing you say?

AtlXena: anyone know?

Cp3355: Yes Puck I agree

Tyldus: No, you just ARE you you are.

Trbl007: good point

JodiMnstr: Good point Ty! It's a non-issue

Cp3355: But it's natural for us Ty to see things from a female perspective

Bitty2002: very well said ty

Tyldus: And so many writeres, I think, try to make a woman's dialogue
"womanly". And that's the pro

JodiMnstr: What bedlam are you referring to, Atl?

Cp3355: Some men don't have that range

Puck90: ty - do we as audience have to see the motif of hero rescues
helpless girl?

Puck90: gab was that

Tyldus: problem. They oversell it. And, in the process, make the woman
into an object instead of a

Tyldus: character.

Bitty2002: Ty are you allowed to tell us if Xena's baby is going to be
mortal or 1/2 god?

AtlXena: Jodi I keep getting emails about boycotts and whatnot? i haven't
seen the action figure t

AtlXena: though

Bitty2002: and does anyone want to know?

Cinthie: Tyldus... you are a smart man

JodiMnstr: Great approach, Ty

AtlXena: and he looks good in a hat! :)

Tyldus: So, anyhow, a bit long winded, but that's basically it. Character
comes first, Gender is a

Cp3355: Ty, writing for women to act, not just react is very insightful

Tyldus: part of it, but it can't be ALL of it.

JodiMnstr: Atl...if you are talking about the one where Gabby is dressed
in the robe and has the small

Puck90: ty - are there new stories out there to be written?

JodiMnstr: figure of hope with her, then it's probably because of all of
the folks who were upset about

Puck90: or all they all tied to an existing archatype?

Tyldus: Puck: I hope so. At least, there have to be new ways of writing

JodiMnstr: Bitter Suite and said that it condoned domestic abuse and
violence. That's been stewing
JodiMnstr: since Season 3.

AtlXena: ahh ok Jodi.. that must be what it is..

Trbl007: Ty: ever think about teaching writing?

Puck90: we seem to be so satisfied when we see the same hero rescue thing
over and over

AZuRe033: I'm outta here all..

Puck90: like we need to see it

AZuRe033: see everyone next week..

Cp3355: Night AZ

JodiMnstr: Night AZ!

AZuRe033: see ya at DrogonCon Ty..

AtlXena: night AZ come by and help "prime the pots" if you like1

Puck90: to the caves az

AtlXena: go dye your hair!!! :P

AZuRe033: i'll see you tomorrow probably Atl..:)

AZuRe033: i will iwill....

AtlXena: kewl.. see ya then

AZuRe033: *wave*

Tyldus: Trbl: I would, but I really don't know enough about it. ;)

Tyldus: By, AZ!

AtlXena: hopfully we will have pictures up on a website of the amazing
parade float

Cp3355: Ty, you're too modest!

JodiMnstr: Ty...I really like your approach to writing...great insight on
your part!

AtlXena: that AZ has been working so hard on!

Puck90: i just saw A Chinese Ghost Story with its Debt hot tub scene

JodiMnstr: Cool, Atl...We're looking forward to it!

Tyldus: Thanks.

AtlXena: I for one can't wait to see AZ dressed as Autolycus

Tyldus: Okay, all, I have to get to bed. I just got in this evening and
I'm bshed!

Tyldus: That naked gabby nightlight is burning bright........

Puck90: thanks for chatting Ty

AtlXena: nighters then Tyldus.. see you at DragonCon

Trbl007: well, I know people would sign up for your classes in droves, Ty

JodiMnstr: Well thank you again for joining us Ty...it was great to chat
with you!

Cp3355: Thanks so much Tyldus. Come back anytime, please!

Trbl007: Thanks a million, Ty

Tyldus: Trbl: Ya; never know. Mayb I should teach a class in writing Xena
at Dragoncon.

Puck90: to the caves tyldus

Tyldus: Hmm......

Rtomatoes: Goodnight Ty, thanks

JodiMnstr: Yes, Ty...feel free to join us whenever you want <G>

JodiMnstr: Great idea Ty!

Bitty2002: Yes Ty! Thank you so very much. Come back soon, pleease
Trbl007: Yes, Ty. sounds good

Tyldus: I shall think on that. And thanks for the invite here.

AtlXena: hey that's not a bad idea Tyldus.. just make sure it's on sunday!

GablvsXena: Good night Ty

Tyldus: Bye all!!!!!

Cp3355: Bye Ty!


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