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Viginia and Lourdes - TwinXenas

Pasadena 2003 Xena Convention

On our last convention report, we were not sure whether or not we would be attending another Xena convention when the new year rolls and the convention bug bites, but alas we have decided to attend another one.  Last February 8th-9th, was our 6th convention experience.

Musetta Vander (Ilainus) started the Saturday day event.  She was so tall!  She talked about her roles in other shows as well.

Xena Silent Movie, courtesy of Xenaversity, was ingenious.  Totally enjoyed it.  Well-edited and great clip choices.

Jay Laga'aia (Draco) was a surprise to see.  He was very interesting in sharing his stories and embarrassing moments on the set.  Talented, too, with his music and voice imitations.

Melinda Clarke (Velasca) was friendly and non-intimidating on stage.  She wanted her pre-schooler daughter to come up on stage and sing a song with her, but she was shy.

Steve Sears shared the contents of his "care package box" he had received from the fans over the years - a stuffed-bear with a chakram, early audition/publicity pictures of Renee O'Connor, artwork done by a then 14-year-old girl, centaur toy named Tyldus, etc.  He even took his "Indiana Jones hat" off for a second and let the fans see him without it.

Darien Takle (Cyrene) came out with a flower in her hair.  Sweet and motherly on stage.

Meighan Desmond (Discord) looked like a teenager on stage.  She revealed that she is already 25 years old.

As for Hudson Leick (Callisto), no word can perfectly describe her.  She was her playful-self.  Engaging, funny and sensitive.  Auctioned off two of her Barbie-like gowns. 

David Franklin (Brutus) opened up the Sunday day event.  He was all-smiles while on stage compared to his serious-looking character.

Katherine Fugate completed all of the fans' weekend by spreading the good news of a possible Xena movie in the making.  Nothing is final yet, but we are crossing our fingers.

Claire Stansfield (Alti) was always a delight to see on stage.  Her C&C Clothing Fashion business is doing good.  She does not have the passion for acting anymore, but is more interested in the behind the scenes like directing and producing.

Like most fans, most of the stars who graced us with their presence were con virgins, but they truly enjoyed themselves.  Each thanked and appreciated the strong presence and generosity of the fans.

The costume contest was fun.  We had the same little kids from last year and they were so cute and adorable in their Gabrielle, Bruna & Hilda and Warlord outfits.  Everyone who wanted and was curious to know what our costumes would be for the contest received smiles from us and a response of, "It's a Surprise!"  Dressing up as Empress Xena & Priestess Alti was our own little tribute in honor to Katherine Fugate's "When Fates Collide."

Maybe we should have gotten Katherine on stage with us as the playwright. :D :D  Too bad she did not see us on stage because she was still busy signing autographs and attending to her endless fans.  But she did see us in our costumes when we had our WFC script signed.

Jo (Joanne Marriott won 1st place) and Carly were great in their different, spectacular costumes on Saturday and Sunday.  So was Deborah Abbott (tied with Carly for 2nd place) with her last minute costume.  She was dressed up as the love-child of Xena and Gabrielle on Saturday and Anthrax from "Many Happy Returns" on Sunday.  There was another look-alike who was dressed in leathers and she looked like Xena, too.  Amazing!

The music videos submitted by fans were moving and creative.

The highlights of the con for us were seeing the stars especially Claire and Hudson, visiting with friends especially with Deborah Abbott and Nina Knapp, spending time with Katherine Fugate, seeing pups everywhere and finally having the chance of meeting face-to-face and thanking MaryD for an awesome website.

Every convention, we experience new things and we treasure them all.  Never in our wildest dreams that we would be joining costume contests, meeting so many fans all over the world, seeing so many stars which blossomed from the love of a TV show.

Virginia and Lourdes aka TwinXenas

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