"Last Wish Of Gabrielle"

By Murphy

Disclaimer: This is number twenty-four in the Journal Series. Thank you to
my beta team, Becky Lovall, Sue Rice and ForevaXena (Cindy) plus the wonderful LJ Maas. Ex-Guards! You are the best! Deb! Love Ya! Poem by Inspired Lor! Second poem by Brenda Sewell and David Carey "To Walk The Path Of A Queen" by LJ Maas (Devlin@xenafan.com ) is where I got the name for the daughter. It is her new Queen, number five! Must read! Only on the ex-Guards right now! WHOOHOO! Thanks LJ! More Queen! http://www.art-with-attitude.com/artist/Alt_FanFic.html   This will be a heart tugger, I hope! Small saying's author is unknown! It is my version of this episode. On with the show!

High up on Olympus:


"Tell me why you let Ares get away with everything Daddy?" Growled the
Goddess of Love "He betrays us to Dahak and you do nothing!" She is pacing back and forth in front of her father's throne.


"Calm down daughter, I will handle your brother." Zeus was not used to having Aphrodite yell at him.


"Calm down?" She glared at him. "All you ever do is slap his hand and send him off." For the first time in her Godhood, she was going to stand up to her father.


"You listen to me daughter," he said sternly while rising from his thrown. "I
will take care of Ares." He knew she was right, but still did not like when
one of his children questioned him.


"What of the bard?" She was afraid to hear his answer.


"There is nothing I can do for her, daughter." He could not meet her eyes. "We are not allowed to interfere with mortals." He sat back down wishing there was another way.


"Oh, that is just bull Daddy!" She was going to protect her friend. "What did Ares do?" She was looking right at her father with her eyes blazing in anger. "All he ever does is interfere, and we do nothing." Her shoulder slumped. "Gabby is my friend and I will help." Her father would not win this. Zeus was about to speak, but his daughter was on a roll.


"Your daughters have all stuck by you when things got tough, Hercules was the only son," she said with great emotion. "Gabby is the only human that I feel cares about me, she doesn't deserve this." She looked her father in the eyes, "Please daddy." She tried hard to stop it, but a tear slipped out.


"Alright Aphrodite, but you must do it in a way that does not seem like
you’re interfering." He was very moved by his daughter’s plea. This Gabrielle must be a special person. There had been many times he’d heard a prayer or a good word for or about her.


"Awesome!" She gave a little squeal and kissed her father. "Don't worry,
Artie, Athena and I have a plan." With that said, she disappeared in a pink


"I hope you're right daughter, I hope you're right." Zeus just shook his head, thinking about how to deal with his troublesome son.




Hello. I wish I could say this will be a good entry. I don't have much time,
we are off to a battle, and I do not know if I will survive. Just wanted to
get my last thoughts down and give my last wishes. I received a letter from
my hometown, Poteidaia; it was from Seraphin's family. She is a girl I grew up with, she has run off, and her family is very worried. They know about Xena and I fighting for good and asked for help.


Xena being "Miss Many Skills," picked up on her trail quickly. We arrived
just in time to stop her from being sacrificed to some God. Little did I know
it was Hope. Gods, will I ever be free from this mistake? Seraphin was a
handful the entire time. She seemed shocked and proud that I was Hope's
mother. I was just ill from it all and Xena again became obsessed with killing her.
To make everything worse, Callisto came into the picture to help. This was
one morning I wished we’d stayed in the bedroll.


Then there was dear Ares. He had to come at this moment to call in my debt to him, another mistake of mine. He wanted me to stop Xena from killing Hope or the Fates would cut her lifeline. Took me to the Fates to prove his point, the words still ringing in my ears. "Xena kills Hope, Xena will die." When the shears took hold of her line, my heart stopped.


Ares sent me back just in time to stop my wife from killing Hope. Gods, Xena was livid with me! She could not figure out why I would unleash that monster on mankind, the very same monster that had killed her son. I explained what happened and that I was not ready to lose her. Then she had to bring up that greater good point. If she had to die to stop Hope, then so be it. Not for me, that is when I came up with my own idea. I am not sure how I am going to do it, but I will not let Xena pay for my mistake. To pull this off I will need to keep the truth to myself.


So, we went on and I played the good sidekick and wife. In the middle of all
this madness, we suddenly had Callisto as an ally. It seems my daughter and Ares are having relations. I nearly threw up. I was lying down while Xena and Callisto were by the fire tending to their swords. I was listening to them. Callisto wanted to leave life so bad and it seemed like Xena, my wife, did not care about hers. I heard Xena move off into the woods. I felt a
strange feeling in my gut. I got up to check on Xena when I heard Ares
voice and what he said shook my soul. Hope was carrying his child, The
Destroyer, one of seven to wreak havoc on this world. He seemed to just love rubbing that in. My world is falling apart even more and I cannot stop it.


That’s when Xena had her plan. Oddly enough Joxer played a key roll in it. By sunrise we were all on our way, Xena in the lead, Callisto, Joxer, and I. Quickly our plan came into play and Joxer was off doing his part. It is hard working around Callisto. It all comes down to whom can get the Hind's Blood Dagger. I need not tell you who has it. We all know. Now it is almost time for my final battle and I am not afraid. I have lived so much in such a short time. Don't get me wrong. I wish I could grow old and sit in a rocking chair with my warrior, but this is for the greater good. Running into Hope and hearing her talk about my grandchild growing in her. That was just moments ago. I must stop this. Now, for my last wishes:


Lila: My beloved sister. You and I always had a strong bond. You are smart
and pretty and I have no doubt you can be whatever you want to be. If you get scared or you need a place if things get too hard with mother and father, then go to the Amazons. Remember how I told you to greet them. You will have a home there. I know it will be scary, but you will learn. Thank you so much for being my kid sister and remember how much I love you.


Mother: I will always be thankful to you for giving me my ability to dream.
Even through all the hard times with father, you let me dream. I do love you
mother, so much. Take care of yourself please.


Father: I am not sure what to say to you. I am sorry I was not the daughter
you wanted me to be. I am not sorry for how I chose to live my life. Strange,
you did give me something valuable. I knew if I ever had a child, especially a daughter, I was going to raise her so she would know she was of value and did count. That she could be anything she wanted to be. So thank you for that. Thank you for my stubborn streak also, although Xena would beg to differ. It comes in handy at times. Take care father. Believe or not, I do love you also. Most of all, I have learned to forgive you.


Ephiny: My dear friend and Amazon sister. I want you to have my "right of
caste." You are already an outstanding Queen and friend. You and all the rest of my sisters added so much to my life. Thank you all. Give Xenon a kiss from his aunt Gabby. Love you.


Joxer: What to say to you? I do love you, as a brother. You drove me crazy at times, but you were always there when I needed you. You are a wonderful man and I hope you find your love out there. She will be very lucky when you do.


Xena: Gods, this is hard. There are so many feelings… all love. I have a poem. You move me to use poetic words. Your beauty, your strength, your very soul…


We have always been more than friends,
crossing this land together,
fighting for the greater good,
each day bringing something new,
more reasons to cherish you.
Our hearts always beating as one,
our souls destined to be shared.
Feeling this lifetime is nearing an end,
what we share is an eternal bond,
a bond that will exist for many lifetimes.
Take our love and carry it with you,
it has always brightened those blue eyes.
Embrace the love our souls share,
let it help you through those times of need.
Your soul has always been my anchor,
guiding me through our travels.
When our physical link here is broke,
and you’re not able to feel my touch,
know that our true bond is strong.
Promise me you won't give up on life
keep fighting with all you've got
You have come so far in who you are
keep me in your memory through the good
and not in anger and darkness
Hold me now, let me feel your touch
your spirit will forever embrace me.
Needing one last memory etched in my heart
hold me close, let me feel the beat of your heart,
inhale the smell of your hair,
the feel of your caresses on my back.
Hold me ‘til I finally close my eyes
and drift away from you forever.
For then, as I drift to another world,
the last thing I would see is heaven
I love you, my warrior
you are forever in the scrolls of my being.


"The only way to take the sorrow out of death is to take love out of life."
My grandmother said that to me when I was young. We just lost my grandfather. Funny how in such hard times she always had such insight and wisdom. I miss her. I want you to move on, my warrior, and remember your promise to me. I am not saying it will be easy, but in time, the pain will lessen. You have so much to give still, please live on, and love. I will think of you always. I love you so much. You are truly my soul and my life. I just could not let you pay the price for my mistake, forgive me love. You will never be alone; I will be there. I promise. I am not sure this will help, but my Grandmother wrote a poem that I still remember now. They are words that seem to put everything into place. I pray this eases some pain, my love.


Gather around the crackling Flames of Life
in hues of red and gold
Past and Present, blending together,
Lead to a future now hidden
taking our lives, turning them out into flames
as Mother Earth created Diamonds from Coal.
Creating life and beauty from the ashes,
tossed about in the Winds of Change and Chaos
swirling high ... searching for a place to rest ...
tested only to be found wanting for Life's Mysteries
seeking a hold on the mind of Man.
The true essence remains Pure and flies Free,
untethered by the sins of Mankind,
tempered with knowledge gained in the Flames,
whispering truth into the ear of the unwary traveler
seeking only to rest the weary bones, finds Love.


"Gabrielle?" I look up.


"Yes, Xena." I do not want to hear her answer.


"It's time." I stand for a moment just to remember every part of her face, every curve and line, so beautiful.


"Listen, Gabrielle, I just wanted to tell you."


It hurts so much when Xena cries. I can see she is fighting it.


"This year we have both been very confused at times."


She is having a hard time saying this.


"I do not want you to feel any guilt when I am gone."




"I still think you are the best thing that has ever happened to me."


Gods, my heart is breaking.


"You gave my life meaning and joy."


Then she embraces me. I cannot speak. I am too choked up. I just hold on so she can feel my love.


"You ready?"


I can only manage a weak, "yeah."


Get your head together bard. I knock this one out and another comes. It is
all happening so fast. Gods, we make it into the temple and I hear Xena call
for Joxer. The dagger. He flips it to Xena and she gets it before Ares. I
swear he just wet himself. Callisto sends him flying and now as my wife turns to kill my daughter it is all in slow motion.


Every painful step she takes. Then I hear that bastard Ares speak. "It is up
to you Gabrielle."


Well duh!! Come on bard think, then it hits. I run fast and use my staff to vault ahead of Xena.


"No! Hope!"








I grab Hope and I feel us falling, this is it. I turn us so I can see my wife
one last time. She has such a look of shock, and I of sorrow. Then I feel it.

The falling, the heat… the pain.




"Got her." Said one happy Goddess of Love to her two sisters. "Do we really have to leave her here?" She is looking around the Hospice. Even
though the Goddess has frozen everything for now, it was far too dreary for
Aphrodite. She zapped the bard out of the lava pit before any more damage was done to the young woman. Also, in time to see Dahak save his daughter and grandchild. The Goddess shuddered watching Hope being lifted up to freedom. "Will this ever end?" she muttered to herself.


"Is there anything else we can do?" She was hoping her sisters would have more ideas to help.


"Aphrodite, we did all we can do," Artemis said. "We cannot interfere anymore than what we have." They both glanced at Athena. "It will be up to my chosen now." Artemis, Aphrodite, and Athena were all tired of Ares’ games. All three Goddesses were going to fight with their father if they had to on this matter of the bard and warrior. Athena was fond of the warrior and Artemis and Aphrodite were fonder of the bard.


"Problem is, we saved her from one death, but her will to live is gone." The Goddess knew the bard was in much pain, more emotionally then physically.


"Do you think your plan will work?" Aphrodite said while touching the bard’s face.


"I hope so sister." Artemis gave a silent prayer for her chosen. "Shall we?" Artemis put out her hand while the other Goddess took hold of it. There was a huge glow in the still room.


"I Artemis, Goddess of the Amazons call forth from the future my Queen Brianna." Through the glow, stood an Amazon warrior, with dark hair like her warrior mother, strong and proud, yet with the eyes and soul of her bard mother.


Brianna was visited in the future by her Goddess and told of the troubles in the past. She would do anything to help her mothers and that is what the Goddess needed. She read in her mothers scrolls of Dahak and her half sister Hope, just never thought she would live it also. She walked over to where the Goddess stood and looked down at the small, bruised woman, lying in the bed.


"She looks so young," Brianna said with a smile. She loved both her mothers dearly. "So what can I do?" She was not sure how she could help the unconscious mother.


"I will wake her up, just talk with her."


The young Queen watched as the Goddess touched her mother’s head, and then all three Goddesses were gone.


Brianna was now nervous. "What am I going to say?" she whispered. "Hello I am your daughter?" She chuckled. She will probably whack me with her staff. Right then her mother moaned and started to open her eyes.


"Xe?" Gabrielle could not believe her blurry eyes.


"No, not Xena." She smiled at her mother. She helped her mother sit up and gave her some water.


"Where am I?" The bard looked around. "Where's Xena?" Before she could ask another question, Brianna stopped her.


"Well, as much as I know." She took a breath. "You tackled Hope to save Xena and fell into the lava pit." She watched as her mother’s brows came together. She raised her finger to silence her mother again.


"Let me finish please." She knew her mother had many question, but if she did not get out what she had to say now, the way her mother could talk, she never would.


"With some divine intervention, you were brought here to heal." She hoped she was not confusing her bard mother too much.


"Am I dead?" The bard could not understand why she was alive and why this person looked so much like her wife.


"I was getting to that." Brianna's shoulders slumped. "You are sort of in the middle right now." She was not going to cry in front of her mother. "Xena thinks you’re dead, so do many others." She looked the bard right in the eye. "If you choose not to live, then you will die." She could not believe she just said that.


"Who are you?" Gabrielle felt a strong bond with the stranger who looked so much like her warrior.


"I am Brianna, your daughter." She watched as her mother’s chin hit the floor. "Artemis, Aphrodite and Athena brought me here from the future to talk with you." As much as she tried, her eyes started to tear up. "I am here to ask you to live." Now the tears were flowing. She looked up when she felt a hand wipe away her tears.


"My baby." Gabrielle could not believe her eyes or ears. She closed her eyes. Part of her did not want to live after all the darkness in her life. Opening her eyes, she looked into her future. She had no idea what to do.


"Please live." Brianna was full of so much emotion. "I want to be born." She looked into the eyes that were the mirror image of her own. "I want to hear your stories and dream or hear mother sing to me." She took her mother’s hand and kissed it.


"I want to see my mothers love one another and pray that I find that kind of love." She smiled. "We are the luckiest children on this world." Gabrielle was crying with her daughter, and then it hit her.


"CHILDREN????" she squeaked out.


"Well the Gods owed you and mother many favors," Brianna laughed, "that and you both screwed like bunnies." She watched as her mother turned bright red. Then Brianna felt it. Artemis told her that she would be sent back into her time if her mother wanted to live. She hugged her mother tight.


"I have to go now." She did not want to let go.


"Please, don't go." Gabrielle held her child tighter. "I have so many questions." Her heart was swelling with the thought of her dreams coming true. They were going to settle sometime and have a family.


"Listen." She pulled back to look her mother in her eyes. "I came here to convince you to live." She held her mother again. "Things will not be easy, but they will be worth it." She waited to hear what her mother said.


"Will I remember any of this?" She prayed that she would. She wanted to live. She wanted to find her wife.


"No, but when the time comes, you will feel it in your heart." Brianna felt herself being pulled away. "Now, you rest and heal, I will see you in the future." She kissed her mother then she was gone. She heard her mother say before she vanished. "I love you."


Brianna was back in her own time. She looked towards the beautiful night sky. "I love you too, mother." Then she started on her way home. She was in need to be with her family, her older mothers and her wife and kids. She thanked whomever that she would still have them all.


Gabrielle was sitting in bed thinking. For the first time in what felt like a long time. She was looking forward to the future. Then she was hit with the need to sleep, her last thought being. "Thank you." There was a flash in the room. Once again the three Goddess where gathered around the bard.


"She did it," Aphrodite said. "Will they be okay?" she looked up toward Artemis.


"They will have many trials in their lives, all mortals do," Artemis said. "They will make it, sister." All three Goddess smiled. Now they had to deal with Ares. None of them was in the mood for that.


"Now, lets let her heal, it will take sometime." With a flash, they were gone and the room was dark once more. The healer came to tend to the young woman’s wounds.


On the wind, you could hear. "There will be a tomorrow little one."





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