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WARNING! This story contains, explicit, consensual sex between women, sometimes. And it contains romantic involvement between women, always. Because that’s the way I like it. If this kind of thing is not to your liking, then go away. It’s a big Internet out there.

A Nice Quiet Evening?


My OSage

The bark of the tree against her back was fairly smooth. But some rough edges pressed into the bare skin between her halter top and skirt. She wondered how this had happened. What had she done that resulted with herself in this present position? One minute she was tending to the dying fire, and the next minute she was being held captive against this tree. She wasn’t frightened. In fact, things had happened so fast, that she’d hardly had time to comprehend what was happening to her.

She could feel the powerful body leaning against her, imprisoning her against the tree. A strong hand had slipped between the flaps of her skirt, beneath her breeches and was cupping the softness between her legs. The long, sensuous fingers explored along her sexual shaft and began to expertly stroke her before she was even aware that she was wet. Perhaps she could think more clearly if those vivid blues eyes weren’t riveting her so to this place. If only she could look away for a moment, she might regain her equilibrium. But knowing Xena as she did, that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon. Gabrielle smiled to herself, glad the situation she found herself in would continue to it’s conclusion. Most of the time the bard was well aware when Xena had a driving hunger for her. It seemed that she could almost feel the physical need growing in the woman she held most dear. But occasionally, like tonight, Xena could catch her completely off guard.

Gabrielle had looked up from the fire and met Xena’s eyes. The evening’s light had faded, so she couldn’t see what the lapis colored stare was communicating. Then Xena had literally swept her off her feet and unceremoniously deposited her against this tree. And before she could be frightened, or get annoyed, confused, or even excited, she’d felt this invasion between her legs. How slow her mind must be, she thought. Her legs had already opened to give access and her sexual core was flowing with an inviting wetness, all without her knowledge or permission. Before long, she knew she would hardly be able to think of………


It had been an ordinary day. Just companionable travel, nowhere pressing to be, no trouble. They had set up camp, eaten dinner, done various chores. And then Gabrielle had gotten up to stoke the fire for the evening. What in the world had come over her? Xena wondered to herself. Was it the subtle movement or the light of the fire reflecting off her hair? Perhaps it was the supple changes in the muscles of her arms and legs under the surface of her skin. Or maybe it was the hint of a smile on her lips or the softness in her expressive eyes as she turned and caught Xena staring at her. However it had started, Xena had felt like she was suddenly being consumed by a flash fire of carnality. And before she could form rational thought, or worry about how Gabrielle might react to her unexpected advances, she had snatched the young woman up into her arms. Imprisoning her against a nearby tree, (although attempts at escape would never have crossed Gabrielle’s mind) Xena had surrendered to her ravenous need to touch Gabrielle intimately.

Now urgently seeking the beautiful bard’s private depths, Xena coated her fingers with the slick offering she found between Gabrielle’s legs. The slippery, smooth skin, the silken, curling hair and the deep, warm inner walls inflamed Xena’s passion to a fever pitch. She had wanted to watch Gabrielle’s face, to watch her eyes as she climaxed under Xena’s skilled administrations. But the escalating desire to kiss her, savor her lips, and invade her accessible mouth, overpowered the warrior. It wasn’t helping that the longing in Gabrielle’s eyes was like a magnet, pulling the warrior down to her waiting mouth. Xena acquiesced and kissed Gabrielle fervently………. possessively………passionately.

Gabrielle no longer cared why or how this furious seduction had started. Her excitement was consuming her, an orgasmic swell was chasing her. Gabrielle could focus only on the lips and the hands that were commanding her to erotic heights. When she exploded in ecstasy, her cries went unheard. As her mouth was still engaged in deep kisses with Xena, only small moans and whimpers of enjoyment were testimony to the incredible exchange between the two women. Gabrielle felt her strength leave her and was grateful for Xena’s supporting embrace.

Xena was frantically driven to satisfy the sexual frenzy she had created in Gabrielle’s body. Whatever it would take to fulfill the bard’s needs, she would eagerly do. But the carefully paced stroking of Gabrielle’s clitoral shaft combined with the strategic entering into the her soaked opening was all that the bard required. The deep, sensual, nonstop kissing didn’t hinder the impending orgasm either. As Gabrielle’s climax flamed out through her body, Xena enjoyed the screams that tried to escape through their connected lips. At the pinnacle of Gabrielle’s release, Xena could feel a pleasant pull in her own loins. A reminder of how truly connected she was with Gabrielle and how much Gabrielle’s pleasure was her own.

When the storm had passed, the bard settled comfortably into Xena’s embrace. She was feeling sated, protected, a little surprised, extremely happy, and very much in love.

"Wow……." was all Gabrielle could manage to whisper into the leather clad cleavage where she was resting her head. "I guess my thoughts of ‘Maybe Xena might want to fool around a little tonight’ pale in comparison to yours."

"I’m sorry, Gabrielle." Xena started to try and explain what had come over her. "I really don’t know why……"

But she was silenced as Gabrielle pressed her fingers against the apologizing warrior’s lips.

"I know why." The bard sighed quietly, knowing Xena’s acute hearing would pick up every sound she made, every word she spoke, even her every breathe. She continued to brush her fingers against Xena’s lips and felt tender kisses caress her fingertips in return. She marveled at how gentle Xena could be, considering the power and lust she had just experienced at the warrior’s capable hands. She knew and was forever thankful that Xena needed her in so many ways. The drive for her sexually, the need for a gentle guiding light, a battle partner, comfort, companionship……these were merely some of the things Xena needed from her. And Xena provided so much in return. Great sex, (she had to smile at that thought) adventure, inspiration for her stories, the opportunity to meet and help many people. They were undeniably right for each other, she thought, they fit together so perfectly.

Xena lifted Gabrielle gently in her arms and moved back toward the campfire. She was grateful to have found someone who accepted all of her without question. Deep down, she knew that she could take Gabrielle sexually any time, any place. The bard had let her know, in no uncertain terms, that she would always give her body to Xena as freely as she had given her heart and soul. That acceptance always filled the ex-warlord with a sense of peace. How she could love someone so completely and be loved just as strongly in return was beyond Xena’s comprehension. She only knew that it was true and treasured every day she was blessed with Gabrielle’s presence.

As she was laid gently down onto their bedrolls, Gabrielle smiled.

"Still wanna fool around a little?"

Xena couldn’t help but shake her head. "You still have energy after that?" She smiled broadly. "Guess I’m not as satisfying as I thought I was."

"Oh you’re satisfying all right, my big, beautiful, powerful warrior." Gabrielle laughed as she rolled Xena over. "It’s just that even if we made love every night, I don’t think I’d ever be able to get enough of you." She suddenly turned more serious. "Let me touch you, Xena."

Xena’s smile faded as she took in Gabrielle’s mood change. The bard’s gentle expression shifted as if she suddenly had urgent needs. Xena required very little encouragement to melt into Gabrielle’s loving arms. The kissing started slowly at first, with the bard taking advantage of being on top. She moved sensuously against the long, supple body underneath her. Undulating her hips against Xena’s and making sure Xena could feel her breasts rubbing against her leathers.

"Do you want clothes on or off?" Gabrielle stopped her assault on Xena’s lips long enough to murmur the question closely into Xena’s ear. The warrior was trying to think of an answer while she concentrated on the bard’s soft breathe and the delicious tongue that was dancing at her ear.

"Off." Xena answered, feeling almost as if she was drugged. The rush of taking Gabrielle up against the tree had left her in a euphoric state. And now before she could come down completely from that high, she was being saturated again with more sexual tension.

Gabrielle stopped her administrations and climbed off Xena’s body. She pulled the somewhat dazed warrior to her feet. With her gaze never leaving the crystal eyes, Gabrielle reached around the warrior and expertly released the ties that held the leather in place. She dropped to her knees and unlaced both Xena’s boots. Still never breaking eye contact, she removed the boots, stood and slipped the loosened leather garment slowly down and off Xena’s body. The shift underneath followed, as did the breeches. Only then did Gabrielle’s sea green eyes, leave Xena’s to travel over the gorgeous body she had just exposed. Xena was so incredibly lovely that Gabrielle could have stood for hours assessing every inch. But she knew that Xena was not comfortable very long undressed while Gabrielle remained clothed. It was never actually stated. But throughout their relationship, both had come to learn about each other’s unspoken needs and pleasures. Xena needed to have Gabrielle’s skin, her breasts, her hips, arms and legs against her if she was vulnerable.

Gabrielle then laid the accommodating warrior down again on the bedrolls and remained standing. She bent down to unlace her boots making sure that Xena had an unobstructed view down her cleavage. After she had removed them, she straighten and slowly unlaced her halter top. Seeing Xena’s eyes locked onto her every move made her feel incredibly powerful and sexy. She could see that the warrior’s senses were on overload. She’d had so much stimulation in such a short time span, that Gabrielle would not be able to prolong this torture very long. She opened her top and slid it quickly off her shoulders. She could see Xena’s lips move and she knew the warrior wanted to taste her nipples. She quickly untied her belt and skirt. She let them fall to the ground in a heap along with her damp breaches.

Before Xena’s hunger could get out of control, again, Gabrielle dropped back down on top of the warrior and positioned herself so that her breast were instantly available to Xena’s waiting mouth. As Xena’s lips locked onto one nipple, her hand came up to play with the other. She encouraged Xena to anchor her enjoyment on her breasts. But she knew she would only be able to stand just so much of the insistent mouth before she succumbed again. And she wanted to touch Xena, love her, feel her power in a completely different way then earlier.

She would never be able to get enough of Gabrielle, Xena thought as her lips claimed the rose tinted nipples. When Gabrielle touched her, something inside of her melted and burned. She moaned with disappointment when Gabrielle pulled her breasts away.

"If you keep that up, I won’t get to play with you at all." Gabrielle scolded gently. "As much as I love to feel your touch anywhere on me."

When Xena smiled softly at that, Gabrielle knew it was time to move on to her goal. Xena was calmer now, receptive, waiting. She could have the warrior any way she wanted. And she decided she was hungry for the slippery river that must now be flowing between Xena’s legs. She slid sensuously down Xena’s body, enjoying the brush of skin on skin. She could feel Xena against her breasts, her abdomen, her arms, and legs. Her hands had found their way to Xena’s breast and she teased the nipples waiting for her as she descended. Xena’s legs were already open to receive the slender body between them and the river was indeed flowing as Gabrielle had predicted. As her mouth arrived at the curls and wet heat of Xena’s sex, she tasted before she looked.

Before Xena could become fully aware of Gabrielle’s journey, she felt tender kisses caressing her sexual nub. She felt the soft tongue slid over her sensitive skin and into her soaked opening. The warrior groaned at the sensations Gabrielle was igniting. Xena was over-stimulated, craving Gabrielle to release her. This would not be the time for a slow, sensual seduction. They both knew that the evening had gone too fast and furious for that kind of love-making.

Knowing Xena as well as she did, Gabrielle dove immediately into satisfying her warrior. She centered her tongue insistently at Xena’s sex, stroking, teasing, quickly taking her towards a sexual explosion. At the same time, she penetrated deep inside the warrior with rapid strokes of her fingers. Xena’s hips bucked against the bard as the onslaught of sensations brought her ever closer to a smashing climax. The strokes inside and out were too much for her to hold out for long. In a matter of moments, Xena was pushed over the top and had landed softly in Gabrielle’s embrace.

Still somewhat disoriented, Xena rested, held safely by her lover. She knew she could lay enfolded in Gabrielle’s loving arms for a lifetime and be perfectly content. What had started as a quiet, uneventful evening, had turned into a night of sexual frenzy and ultimate satisfaction for both women. Gabrielle never ceased to amaze Xena. She could follow or lead the warrior with equal ease. She allowed Xena her darkness and brought out her light. She was an extraordinary woman, compassionate, tender, and loving. Yet when necessary, she was an excellent fighter for what was right, strong, willful, and determined. She was the eminent Queen of the Amazons, a wise and talented teller of tales, and unquestionably the soulmate of one notorious ex-warlord. Why the fates saw fit to bind the bard so closely to her, Xena could not have even ventured to guess. She only knew that Gabrielle belonged with her, owned her mind and body, her heart and her spirit. She sighed happily not only because of her sated body, but because of her peaceful heart.

‘By the gods, what a woman,’ thought Gabrielle as she held Xena close. The ex-warlord was numerous things to the known world’s people. She was a hero to many and a legend to those who had only heard stories of her exploits. She was still considered a monster by some, and a fearsome opponent. She was an exceptional warrior who’s skills exceeded anyone Gabrielle had ever met.

But Xena was also gentle, thoughtful, and the most generous person she knew. Gabrielle knew that Xena would sacrifice all her life for the chance to atone for her past. And she was devoted to the warrior’s past, present, and future as if it were her own. And in a way it was. At Xena’s side was the only place Gabrielle could exist. The bard loved her beyond reason and safety, loved her fiercely and protectively. Her devotion to the warrior’s happiness was like breathing to Gabrielle. She needed Xena’s love in order to survive.

Xena looked up to catch Gabrielle watching her. The bards fingertips had been absent-mindedly caressing the warrior’s neck, shoulders and chest. Both women’s thoughts seemed to be written in their eyes and on their faces. No words were necessary to convey the powerful love and passion they had for each other. But nothing was written that they couldn’t start the evening over, and love each other again. And as Xena reached up to pull Gabrielle’s lips down to hers, that’s exactly what they did.


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