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Moving On

A screenplay

Written By (Copywright):Caina Q.Fuller

(This story takes place approx.

Six months after the events in

A Friend In Need Part 2).



Fade In


Eve rides over the lush landscapes of Greece until she comes to Amphipolis and reaches the family mausoleum.She rushes inside and locates the newest sarcophagus in the room.It has the urn containing Xenaís ashes.Itís clear whoís grave it is by the large X symbol on the head of the sarcophagus. Eve touches it, her face a mask of shock.This is her first visit to her motherís grave.



Itís really true.Youíre

gone before I had a chance to

really get to know you.MotherÖ



Eve collapses over it, weeping for her lost mother.We can feel the pain in hear heart for we loved Xena too, but now she is gone.



Int-Luciferís throne room

Lucifer watches Eve on a viewing wall that allows him to witness the events on earth.He watches Eve weep over her motherís loss and begins to laugh.




Oh MotherÖMore like Oh please.

Your mother ruined my life, but

you will make my existence sweet

again.You just donít know it yet.


He waves a hand over the viewing wall and it changes to show the war going on between Heaven and Hell. He watches as a young woman, the spitting image of Callisto, fights with a guardian angel.




Theyíve grown so desperate

theyíre using those Guardian

Angelís in battle now.Send his

soul to me Rachel!


The demon woman looks around as if hearing his command and she runs the angel through with her sword.She tries to force him to the edge of the cliff they are fighting on but he twists her around, pulls her sword out of his body then kicks her in the gut. She comes falling back into hell, landing before Lucifer.The new king of hell watches Rachel with disappointment and disgust.



You allowed one of those

pathetic Guardianís to get the

best of you?I expected more

from the daughter of Callisto.



Heíll whistle when he flies from

now on but I donít suppose

youíre going to give me credit

for any of that are you?



If youíre looking for someone to

coddle you Iím afraid youíve come

to the wrong place.



Lucifer, Iím really very busy so

If you donít mind, get to the point.

I donít have time to stand here and

chit-chat with you about non-sense-


He cuts her off by grabbing her by the throat and the demons lining the corner begin to cheer, hoping for a good fight to entertain them.However Rachel is the princess of Hell and sheís not about to let the new king manhandle her. She forces his hand from her throat but he kicks her, sending her flying for the rear wall.This time she stops her descent just before she makes contact and comes flying back with a Callisto-like scream on her lips.


Lucifer tries to hold her off by hitting her with a fireball but Rachel swats it away as if itís nothing and he barely has time to dodge out of the way before heís hit with his own fireball.It hits his throne instead, exploding it into dust.Rachel attacks with frightening ferocity and he can barely hold his own against her. Finally he succeeds in shoving her away.






(exaggerated southern drawl)

Aw but paw!I was just

startin ta have a little fun!



I have a job for you Rachel. One

I know you will love doing.



(exaggerated reverence)

And what would that be

my lord?


Rachel begins giggling, almost hysterically, and we get the impression she may not be all there after all.Powerful and a little unstable all mixed together makes for a serious threat.



Have you ever heard of

Heavenís gate Rachel?



Of course. Itís a portal that

opens all entrances to Heaven

simultaneously. Whoever holds

control of the Gate can force

the angels out leaving Paradise

ripe for the forces of hell to take.



Correct.There is a soul vulnerable

to our attack who knows the

location of Heavenís Gate.


Rachel is momentarily interested enough to take the conversation seriously and she leans in for more.



No kidding. Who would that be?



Your mother was one of the most

powerful souls ever to grace the pits

of hell.As you know she was re-incarnated

into the body of a woman named

Eve.Find her and induce the Awakening.


Rachel circles Lucifer, her excitement growing by the second.She was excited at the possibility of winning the war against heaven, but her real motivation was seeing her mother again. She may be a demon, but sheíd loved Callisto.Lucifer has an idea of this and hopes to useit against her.



Then we can bring her back to

Hell, corrupt her and take the




And better still, youíll have your

precious mother back.Wouldnít

you like that?




It makes no never mind to me

Lucy.If Iím going to do this Iíll need unlimited access to earth.



Of course you shall have it.


Rachel turns to the wall where Eve is sitting against the sarcophagus mourning her motherís loss.



My precious Mommy indeed.



Close Up on Rachel

Fade Out

End of Teaser



Moving On-Act 1

Int-Palace In Heaven

Eli and Michael watch Eve suffer on a reflecting pool in the floor before them.



I feel for her.



Time heals all wounds Eli.



I know. Speaking of timeÖ

Mine has come.



If we are to save the location

of Heavenís Gate, we must stop

Lucifer from inducing the Awakening.

Are you ready?



I am.I just wish Xena was there

to help us.I fear that without

one as powerful as she, we may




You wonít lose. You will what is

necessary. I have faith in you.



And if I donít succeed in stopping

Rachel from inducing the Awkening?



Then Eve will regain all her memories of her past as Callisto.She will have until sunset tomorrow before her new body dies out. After that Callisto will once again walk the earth.If Rachel does succeed your job will be to keep Eve out of Luciferís grasp until the sun sets. Then Lucifer will lose his power to send demons to earth after her soul.


†††††††††††††††††††††††† Eli

But EveÖ



Eve will be gone, replaced forever

by Callisto.Remember:Once the

Awakening begins, there is no

stopping it. All youíll be able

to do is keep Eveís soul out of hell

until her transformation is complete.

Make sure you give this to Eve.

Sheíll need it to defend herself

with against Luciferís demons.


Eli steps back, taking Michaelís sword with him.They share one last look before Eli fades away.



Good-luck my friend.


††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Cut to:

Ext-Village of Eion


Gabrielle stands in the center of a small village called Eion.Itís a fishing town, its main trade being seafood and sales of fishing equipment.Today Gabrielle is helping to defend the village from an attack from a warlord named Teodore. The villagers are all armed and the town is heavily booby-trapped.



I know youíre all frightened.

I know you donít want to

lose everything youíve spent

your entire lives building.

Thatís why Iím here.To do

my best to see that doesnít happen.


The villagerís cheer her but she quickly calms them down.



Wait!Itís important you remember one

thing: These are trained warriors. Some

of you will die today. Be prepared

for losses.Also know that I am ready

to give my all to save you.



And we are prepared to give

our all for you Gabrielle.


Suddenly there is a loud banging noise as Teodoreís men begin to ram the city gates.



In memory of Xena!Xena! Xena!


The people pick up the chant, and this touches Gabrielle to her soul. Her hand falls to touch the Chakram which she has now learned to use, and closes her eyes.



For Xena.


The city doors burst open and thugs come riding in on horseback. Gabrielle unhooks the Chakram, separates the two halves and throws them in opposite directions.The halves cut ropes on either side of the main street, releasing two huge logs that swing directly at the foot soldiers storming behind the horsemen.The battle is on.


†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Cut to:

Ext-Temple to Dahak-That morning

A portal from hell cracks open in the ground before an abandoned temple to Dahak and Rachel comes flying out. She is in full demon form until she settles to the ground.When her hoofed feet touch the ground she transforms until she looks completely human,though sheís not aware of that yet.She holds her head back and sticks out her tongue to catch the cool, refreshing rain.She relishes in the feel of earthís nature around her.



Now this is what I call paradise.


She bounds playfully up the steps and proceeds to walk right through the doors.


Int-Temple Interior

The once glorious temple is now full of dead leaves, spider webs and dust.The formerly shiny shields and swords adorning the walls now barely hang on, and as Rachel saunters further into the room a shield falls the floor with a loud clang.She laughs in delight, clapping her hands together.



Will you look at this?An

honest to goodness temple to

some puny, powerless god.


She rushes up to the altar where she finds a mirror.For the first time she sees her beautiful face and she holds a hand up to feel her smooth skin.She doesnít notice Hope behind her.Hope is dressed as the Season Three Gabrielle, and she holds a staff tipped with a wicked blade, an evil grin covers her face.



Iím so beautiful!



At least youíll go out with a high



Instead of turning, Rachel tilts her head to the side to see who is behind her.She is thrilled it is Hope, for the daughter of Dahak is exactly whom she is after.



You must be Hope.


Rachel runs a finger through the grime on the altar.



This place could use a good

scrubbing you know?



Youíre right.I think Iíll start

by washing down the altar.

With your blood.


Hope swings her bladed staff at Rachel but it merely passes through her, causing no harm.Hope blinks up at her in shock.



Who are you?

(Rachel turns around)




Wrong.Iím much more dangerous

than Callisto ever was my dear.


Hope attacks again but to no avail.The blade just passes through Rachel without causing harm. She quickly tires of the game and flicks at Hope as if flipping away a bug, sending her would-be killer flying across the room.Hope smacks into the rear wall hard enough for pieces of if to rain down on her.Next Rachel holds up a finger in a ďcome hereĒ motion and Hope tumbles and rolls toward her.When she has reached Rachelís feet, the demon grabs her by the throat and hoists her up, preparing to do more damage.

Continued - part 2