For the Love of a Woman
By S. Anne Gardner


This story contains sexual relationship(s) between women. If this offends you, or you are underage, then please leave. There may also be some cursing here, but no more than what's found in every day life.

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Raisa Andieta was the most infuriating, egotistical, arrogant, rudest woman she had ever had the misfortune to meet. From the first moment they had met it had been instant combustion. She had never reacted to another human being as she did with Raisa. The woman just knew how to push all of her buttons. And now they were on opposing sides again.

The first time that Carolyn had met Raisa had been two years ago when she and her family had arrived in Venezuela. The Oil Company that Matt, her husband, worked for had hosted a party for all their new executives. Raisa Andieta was the president and major stockholder of Copeco Oil. Carolyn remembers the moment as if it had been yesterday. Matt had been introducing her to some of his colleagues when she turned around and was met with the bluest eyes she had ever seen. For one brief moment she had felt suspended in time. The only way to describe the woman in front of her was breathtakingly beautiful.

Matt introduced her to Raisa. When they shook hands Carolyn felt a jolt that made her whole body come alive; the reaction had been mutual, Carolyn had seen it in Raisa’s eyes. After that brief moment of the strangest connection, both women had been like vinegar and oil. Whenever one was in the room the other one knew it and reacted to it. At first Carolyn tried to talk to the aloof Ms. Andieta. But after a few ungracious and downright rude reactions from Raisa, Carolyn just stopped trying. They had both drawn an invisible, antagonistic line.

Carolyn was somehow not surprised when Ester Curbelo, the wife of one of Matt’s associates, told her that Raisa had come to the club and would be attending the meeting to voice her disapproval of the proposal on the agenda to be voted on that night. Carolyn was furious. She had been working on this proposal for over three months. She was sure that Raisa had known. There was nothing that Raisa did not seem to know. She reigned in this part of the country with an iron hand. If she wanted something done it got done. If she wanted something to cease it would within minutes of her voicing her desire.

This project that Carolyn had been working on would bring much needed resources to the poor of the city of Caracas. It was a different way of distributing and allocating resources, but she believed it would be more efficient and the ones that really needed it would receive that aid needed all the more quickly. The way things had been done for the last 10 years had not been as efficient as the new plan. The population had changed, the needs had changed and the money was being mismanaged. If Raisa Andieta had been at all approachable Carolyn felt sure she would have convinced her. She had actually tried to set up an appointment to discuss it with her.

Raisa Andieta had agreed to meet with her. Carolyn still remembered the humiliating way that she had been treated.

Carolyn had arrived ten minutes early to the appointment with Raisa to discuss the Club’s project to distribute much needed resources to the poor of the city. She waited for twenty minutes before she was ushered to the mighty Ms Andieta.

Carolyn stood in front of her desk and Raisa kept looking at the papers in front of her ignoring her presence completely. After a few minutes Carolyn’s temper got the better of her and she simply sat down and played the silent game as well.

Raisa then sat back in her chair, crossed her legs and looked at Carolyn with a very pleased smile on her face.

"Please do sit down," said Raisa sarcastically.

"Thank you, I think I will," answered Carolyn with a smile.

Raisa stood up and walked around the room silently just staring at Carolyn. She finally stood behind Carolyn and asked seductively. "What do you want?"

Carolyn said nothing for a moment. She could feel Raisa looming above her. She could swear that she heard the beating of Raisa’s heart or was it her own? For a moment they both shared the silence. The air suddenly became very charged and a feeling of giddiness started to fill her senses. She could feel the heat of Raisa’s body behind her. And her senses were filled with her fragrance.

Carolyn took in a large breath and stood quickly facing Raisa. She felt disoriented and confused. All of a sudden the room began to spin and she reached for the back of the chair in front of her.

Raisa reacted quickly and closed the distance between them. She held Carolyn closely to her. At that moment Carolyn felt the room close in on them. All she felt was the warmth of Raisa’s arms and her head fell back and as knees started giving way.

"Sit down," Raisa said softly and guided Carolyn back to the chair. She gently brushed Carolyn’s hair away from her face. All that Carolyn saw were those blue eyes. Those eyes that were now hovering over her face. Her tongue came out and wet her lips. Her ears were filled with the loud pounding of her heart as Raisa’s face came closer.

Carolyn’s eyes closed as she whispered and anguished. "No." When she opened them again she saw Raisa walking over to the bar on one side of her office and brought back a glass of water.

"Drink this, Cara," she whispered as she sat down in the chair next to Carolyn.

Carolyn held the glass with a shaky hand. Raisa noticing the nervousness then placed her hand over Carolyn’s and guided the glass to her mouth. "Try to drink most of it."

Carolyn drank most of the water and as she finished her eyes sought those of the woman next to her.

For a moment they both looked at each other in silence.

"I’m so sorry, I don’t know what happened to me," Carolyn said quickly. Her eyes quickly looked down to the two hands still holding the glass. She looked away but not before Raisa saw the fear and the confusion in her eyes.

Raisa quickly released her hand and stood up. As she walked away she said loud enough for Carolyn to hear. "Don’t you?" Then she went to sit behind her large desk.

Raisa now stared at her as she sat behind her large desk and the distance between them was once again palatable.

Carolyn looked up in confusion. Raisa’s eyes became glacial.

"What do you want!" She asked impatiently.

The aggressiveness of the statement took Carolyn by surprise. Just one moment ago this same woman had been tender and caring. Her surprise must have shown in her semblance because Raisa reacted right away to it.

"I don’t have all day Mrs. Stenbeck." Raisa became visibly agitated.

Carolyn just stared for a moment and then said, "I wanted to discuss a project I have been working --" Before she was able to finish she was cut off.

"Mrs. Stenbeck, what do you think I do here all day? I don’t have time to listen to your little projects. Run along to one of your lunches and don’t take up any more of my valuable time!" Raisa glared at her. "I don’t have time to listen to your little projects!" And with that Raisa dismissed her.

Carolyn was stunned. Her surprise was replaced with rage. She stood up shaking not quite sure if she was still in a daze or just shaking from pure anger. She opened her mouth to say something but she could not get passed her rage. She then felt the glass in her hand and looked down at it.

She threw the remains of the water on Raisa who then stood up in shock.

"There! Maybe that will cool you off a bit!" On that note Carolyn walked out of the office.

For days Carolyn expected to hear Matt come in and tell her how he had been fired. She still could not believe what she had done. She had never reacted to another person, as it seemed she always reacted whenever she and Raisa were in the same room. Carolyn realized she had gone too far that day. She never told Matt what happened that afternoon and apparently neither did Raisa Andieta.

From that day of their meeting on Carolyn avoided all type of contact with Raisa. Whenever there was dinner or an event that Raisa was to attend she was careful to come up with some excuse and not be there. And now they were back in the same position; both on opposite sides and both in the same room.

Carolyn knew that her proposal was pretty much dead. If Raisa Andieta objected to it that is as far as it would go. No one would ever argue it. It was as good as dead. That is the power that Raisa wielded; and everyone knew it. No one fought her on anything. No one tried to. No one except Carolyn Stenbeck.


Most of the wives of Raisa Andieta’s executives had learned to just vow and follow very quickly all except Carolyn Stenbeck that is. She had been the exception. Raisa walked into the room and was quickly surrounded by the social climbing wives of her executives. At least that is how Raisa viewed them. She was aloofly polite and as usual her eyes scanned the room as she spoke until it found what her eyes always sought at every function and of late never found; Carolyn Stenbeck. Raisa saw her as she exited the room to one of the outdoor balconies.


Caracas by night was a magical city of lights. And like magic it was all illusion. In the daytime you could see as all those magical little lights become small little hobbles stacked one on top of the other. A mountain of poverty, crime and hunger that new no relief and had very little hope.

Carolyn leaned against the balcony of the Country Club aware that in its confines of wealth she was not affected. Here behind the walls of power and excess she was protected. She felt a twinge of sadness. She had worked so hard on this proposal. This had been something of her own. Something that would have helped all those people. And now things would continue as they always had. As much as Carolyn tried she had never quite fit into this society. Matt was always busy. Simon, her 8-year-old son was her pride and joy. Matt had stopped being the man she had loved a long time before.

Carolyn felt restless and unfocused. This move to Caracas two years ago had been a last ditch attempt to save her marriage for Simon’s sake. It was new start and the money that Matt was making meant that Simon could have the best of everything. Carolyn however had left behind her friends, her family and her career. She had looked forward to doing something useful; like helping those poor people. And now she would once again fill her days with all those banal things she hated so much.

She took comfort in the warm breeze as she stood in the verandah. She was facing the city and as the breeze caressed her body and she looked up to the stars. Carolyn Stenbeck was a vision of beauty. Her pale skin had become bronzed during the time that she had been living in Venezuela. Her golden hair had become streaked with the kiss of sunlight. And in her white dress she was as some goddess of old must have been while worshipping the moon. She closed her eyes and just gave herself to the sensations hoping that the night would soothe her disappointment.

That was the vision that Raisa Andieta was faced with as she too walked out into the verandah. Carolyn had her arms around her body as her face looked to the night sky. Raisa just stood still, watching her. She had told herself so many times that this woman had no special powers. She argued with herself incessantly. Carolyn Stenbeck was no different than any other woman. And yet, every time she went into a room now she searched for her and was disappointed when she realized that Carolyn was not there.

Raisa feasted on what she saw. She felt this undeniable pull towards this woman that although beautiful infuriated her each and every time she came close to her. She had learned to keep her distance and yet her body only knew that it must seek.

Carolyn felt her before her eyes saw her. They were both enveloped with the glow of the moon and the music that played from within.

Raisa slowly approached her and then looking out into the city she stood by her side in silence.

"The thing about these type of nights is that they are deceptive." Raisa said softly. Carolyn then turned and looked out onto the city as well.

"What do you mean?"

"One moment it’s all calm and then the heavens open up and we drown."

Carolyn turned her head to look at her. Raisa was in some ways an enigma to her. She was as unreadable to her as this land that she had been living in for the past two years.

"I don’t understand."

"Don’t you?" Raisa finished saying as she turned to face Carolyn as well.

"Why must you always answer a question with a question?" Carolyn said with troubled eyes. The nervousness in the pit of her stomach started as it always did within minutes of her proximity to Raisa Andieta.

"Why do you always provoke me?" Demanded Raisa.


"Yes! You!" Raisa raised her arms in a gesture of frustration.

"Me? Me! It’s you! You are the one that takes joy in humiliating me!"

Raisa stared at her without saying a word. All she saw was Carolyn’s mouth and she wanted to know how it tasted. Raisa did an about face and took a few steps away from Carolyn. She stopped for a moment and then suddenly turned to face her again. Her eyes were focused. Carolyn stood her ground.

"I don’t like cowardice," Raisa said beneath her breath. Her eyes spoke of hunger and something else that Carolyn could not understand.

"I am no coward Ms Andieta." This time she would not budge. Raisa had been looking for a fight and she was going to get one.

"You ran from that meeting."

"And who would fight you?" Carolyn said sarcastically. "No one. Not one of those women would have supported me against you. They would let all those people go hungry rather than oppose you. How do you feel Ms. Andieta? How does it feel to have all that power to say who lives and who dies?"

"You are being dramatic! If you believed in what you were proposing you would have tried."

"And fight you?" Carolyn turned her back to her and took a few steps away. Carolyn laughed sarcastically.

"You have tried before" Raisa said menacingly. "Obedience is something you haven’t learned ….yet."

Carolyn turned around quickly. She had had enough. "Go to hell! I am no ones chattel!"

"One day someone is going to tame you," Raisa said softly.

"Well, it won’t be you!"

At that those words the sky was lit with a flash of lighting and the thunder that followed was deafening. But all the Carolyn saw was the fire that went out of control in the eyes of the woman standing before her.

Raisa was in front of her within a second and pulling her hard against her own body. The sky above them was exploding as Raisa’s mouth found its target. They were encompassed in a wind that rose from the earth and the hunger of the storm could be tasted in their mouths.

Raisa’s was taking and devouring Carolyn’s lips and squashing all protests in its path. Her hands sought to touch and feel. Raisa felt a hunger unlike any she had ever experienced. She had always taken what she wanted. She had hungered for too long.

Carolyn was breathless and overpowered by this heat growing and welling up inside her. She was fighting not only Raisa’s desire but also her own shock.

"No!" Carolyn said trying to break away from Raisa’s hold.


And again the lighting and the thunder; the storm kept pace with the storm raging inside them.

Raisa pushed Carolyn to a corner of the verandah against a wall.

"Let me go!" Shouted Carolyn into the storm.

Raisa smiled and placed her hand on Carolyn’s breast and squeezed.

Carolyn’s hand flew through the air in indignation and caught Raisa across the face. Raisa stared at her in shock and anger as she grabbed the hand with an iron grip.

Raisa’s mouth once again covered Carolyn’s and this time the kiss was brutal. It was not a kiss of passion but of domination and only total surrender would be acceptable.

Carolyn tasted the blood in her mouth and suddenly, quite tired, a sob escaped her lips.

Raisa pulled away immediately. She stared into Carolyn’s eyes and saw them as they filled with tears of frustration. The storm was howling around them and yet suddenly it all stood still between them.

"Let me go" Carolyn asked and as in a vacuum all was soundless. It was only the two of them. One body pressed against the other. One was holding another prisoner.

Slowly Raisa lowered her hands and watched as Carolyn ran away from her. Suddenly, she turned and once again the world became the storm. She stood rooted to the spot and the wind blew around her and the sky exploited over and over again. She faced the storm unafraid and challenged it. She was Raisa Andieta, and no one opposed her.

The storm had just begun.


"Why are we having power problems Joaquin?" Demanded Raisa.

"It’s the rains Ms Andieta. Katya is having mudslides. There are no reliable reports as to the dead count. And all the power lines are taking the toll…."

"Joaquin, I don’t care what is happening in Katya! Joaquin we have a new generator. Why are we having power problems!" Raisa was now yelling at the top of her lungs.

"It is being looked at Ms Andieta," he answered miserably.

"Go and make sure it get done. Go!" She yelled pointing to the door.

"Miss Andieta..."

"Get out of here!"

With that the man almost ran out of her office.

The phone in her office had been ringing incessantly.

"Yes Gloria."

"Miss Andieta, I have Matt Stenbeck on line two."

"All right Gloria. Did he say what he wants?"

"Apparently they are having problems at one of the rigs."

"Damn! All right." Raisa switched lines. "Matt, what is going on?"

"Miss Andieta, we had an explosion here at rig 31."

"You what?"

"The fire is now under control, the rains have not helped."

"How did this happen Matt? This is your rig, who is responsible for security there?"

"Alberto Curbelo handles security, but.."

"Fire him. I want him off the premises as soon as you hang up this phone and Matt, I want you here by tomorrow morning with the changes and upgrades."

"Miss Andieata….we had casualties."

"Fire him…. I want him off my rig….Do it Matt."

She hung up the phone in aggravation. There were always casualties. That was just the way life was. In the end the profits outweighed the losses. In her opinion the losses were an acceptable.

Her phone line bussed again. "Yes Gloria."

"Miss Andieta, there has been a cave in near Las Lomas, the street in underwater. They are reporting some drowning of people caught in cars." Gloria’s voice was shaking

"Gloria calm down. Get to the point!"

"The police called in to confirm that one was a company car." Gloria started crying.

"Gloria! For the love of God! Stop your crying and tell me what else"

"Ester Curbelo and her two boys downed. There was also another woman in the car with her that they have not identified yet"

"Keep me informed," Raisa said and disconnected the call.

It had been raining for a week. There were mudslides all over the city. And now this. It would probably slow down the production timetables.

She remembered meeting Ester Curbelo. She had actually been pleasant enough to talk to, Raisa thought to herself. She was sorry about the boys and glad she had never met them.

Raisa remembered that she had always seen Ester at those dinners she hated attending. And of course she remembered her because whenever Carolyn had attended she would be speaking to her. Carolyn!

There had been another woman in the car….

She called Carolyn’s house and the phone seemed to ring forever. Suddenly, someone picked up.

"Residencia Stenbeck, buenos dias"

"I want to speak to Mrs Stenbeck."

"I’m sorry, Mrs. Stenbeck is not home"

"When will she be back? Do you know where she is?"

"She went out this morning and has not returned. I don’t know when she will be home."

"Do you know if she spoke with Ester Curbelo today?"

"Who is this?" The maid asked suspiciously.

"Listen to me very carefully. I am Raisa Andieta. Do you recognize the name?"

"Yes of course Ms. Andieta."

"Then stop asking stupid questions and tell me if Carolyn spoke with Ester Curbelo today!"

There was a brief pause. "Yes Ms Andieta she did."

"Dios Mio…." God, escaped Raisa’s lips. "If you hear from Mrs. Stenbeck tell her to contact me immediately do you understand?"

"Yes, Ms Andieta."

Raisa switched phone lines and dialed directly to the person she had inside the police department. She kept telling herself that she was overreacting. Just because Ester Curbelo had spoken with Carolyn this morning meant nothing. And yet she felt her heart beat picking up and her breathing was becoming agitated.

The phone seemed to ring and ring. The longer it took before someone picked up seemed to agitate her more and more. Finally…someone picked up the receiver.

"Ramiro, it’s Raisa Andieta."

"Ms Andieta, what a pleasure it is….."

"I want to know the names of all the people that downed in my company car out at Las Lomas."

"Ms Andieta, please hold on and I will get that file."

"Fine, hurry."

Raisa waited tapping her fingernails on her desk. A few minutes later she was still waiting and the more she waited the more anxious she was becoming.

"Ms Andieta?"

"Yes, I’m here"

"We have an Ester Curbelo and her two sons Paulo 6 years old and Andres 4 years old. There is another woman and another child in the car that have not been identified as of yet."

"Ramiro, this is a priority. Find out who this other woman is. But most importantly I want you to find someone that is missing. Put all the men possible to this effort."

"Ms Andieta… that may be difficult right now..los barrios are collapsing with the water…"

"No argument. I want this done Ramiro. This is not a request. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Ms Andieta. Who am I looking for?"

"Her name is Carolyn Stenbeck. Her son attends Campo Alegre School. Find her and call me immediately. Nothing is more important than finding this woman do you understand?"

"Ms Andieta…"

"Nothing or you are going to know what pain is."

"Yes Ms Andieta. I will put all my men on this."

Raisa hung up the phone and leaned back on her chair. Where was Carolyn?


Carolyn started getting really frightened as the water was getting higher and higher. There were cars both in front of her and behind her.

"I’m scared Mommy," Simon said nervously.

"Don’t worry sweetheart. It’s going to be okay. We will just be a little late in getting home." Carolyn tried to reassure him. But the more that time passed the higher the water was getting. People started leaving their cars. She had to decide quickly.

"Mommy, the water is getting higher and higher, look! That car just fell into a hole!"

"Simon put your window down hurry!"


Six hours later still no word of Carolyn. Raisa Andieta felt like she was about to jump out of her skin. She had never felt less in control. She had a million problems to deal with today, from generators to explosions. She was used to working under incredible pressure. She had been grateful for the chaos, it had kept her focused. Every moment her mind was not over filled she would come back to the knowledge that Carolyn was still missing and the woman in the car with Ester Curbelo had still not been identified.

Her phone bussed and before the second ring she picked it up

"Yes Gloria."

"Ms Andieta we have the numbers on the casualties at Katya."

"I don’t give a fuck about Katya or all those people. Keep this line open for Ramiro Fonseca and him only. Do you understand?"

"Yes Ms Andieta."

"Have you kept calling Carolyn Stenbeck’s home?"

"Yes Ms Andieta, Clara the maid says still no word from Mrs. Stenbeck."

"Keep calling the other numbers. She is the only other person I will answer calls from. Forward all else to Arturo Estes. Let him handle things for a change."

Yes Ms Andi…."

Before Gloria could finish the line went dead.

Raisa was pacing like a caged tiger. She faced the window and her emotions were as dark as the raging storm.

The phone rang and Raisa pounced. "Hello."

"I have the information you requested."

"You know the name of the woman in the car?"

"Yes, Ms Andieta."

Raisa took in a long deep breath and sat. She held her breath.

"What is it?" She said unable to recognize the tremor in her own voice.

"Her name was Maria Santisnero…" Raisa heard nothing else after that as her eyes closed in relief. "She was with her daughter Maite who was 6yrs old. Apparently the two women took turns driving the children back and forth to school."

"Ramiro, have you found me Carolyn Stenbeck?" Whispered Raisa.

"We are still searching Ms Andieta. The city is in chaos. The list of people missing is growing as we speak. I have all my men looking for her. I wanted to give you an update."

"Ramiro, find her. Find her and I will give you 50,000 American dollars."

There was only shocked silence on the other side.

"Find her Ramiro. Find her for me."

"I will find her Ms Andieta." The line went dead.

Raisa sat behind her big desk and waited. Suddenly she realized that no one was calling for her. There was no one worrying whether she was home or not.

Most of the staff in the building stayed in not risking going out into the storm. The building had been built to withstand all kinds of storms. If nothing else Raisa Andieta liked efficiency. Everything had to work. The building had its own water system underground so it did not depend on the unreliable water system that serviced the city. It was also equipped with its own generators for emergency power. Power outages were common but they did not effect the production of Copeco Oils Headquarters. She had even gone as far as to set up there own separate phone systems to keep on top of news not only out of the country but also within. Raisa knew power and how to wield it. And yet, with all this power on her disposal she could not find one single woman in a city.

A jeep had been kept waiting in case she had to move quickly. Another 6 six hours and still no news. Raisa looked out into the storm.

"Carolyn where are you? What have you done to me?. God how I hate you!"

She walked over to the credenza and with one swipe of her arms all went flying. The crashing of crystal brought a frightened Gloria into the private office.

"Ms Andieta?"

Raisa leaned against the glass of the window. She closed her eyes and repeated softly. "I hate you, Carolyn."

"Ms Andieta?"

Raisa did not acknowledge her presence. Gloria walked over to her boss cautiously. "Ms Andieta?"

Raisa remained silent. Gloria stood next to her now and touched her arm.

"Ms Andieta? Are you all right?"

Raisa looked at Gloria as if for the first time. She took a step away from the wall. She turned her back to Gloria and walked over the mess she had created. She sat down behind her desk and finally looked at Gloria.

"Get maintenance to clean this up." She then started looking at some papers on her desk.

Gloria stood silently for a moment then rushed out to handle Raisa’s request immediately.


One hour later Raisa’s phone range again.


"I found her Ms. Andieta, she checked into The Caracas Hilton an hour ago."

"Thank God," she said as she sat down and covered her face with her hands.


Carolyn could not believe she had made it this far. Luckily she had the foresight to grab her bag as she and Simon abandoned the car at the Autopista. There was water everywhere. She had heard that some people had actually drowned. She had managed to get a lift and then walk the rest of the way to the hotel. Simon was exhausted and frightened to death, the poor child. She had tried getting in touch with Matt but the phone lines out of the hotel were down.

Carolyn had walked into the Hilton carrying an exhausted child. They had both been drenched to the bone and must have looked like two indigents. For a moment the desk clerk almost turned them away. Carolyn immediately showed her a credit card and booked a large suite and that, as always, took care of everything in Caracas.

She had taken care of Simon first. Bathed him and ordered room service. She showered and both were wearing terry cloth robes from the hotel. Almost before he finished eating he was sound asleep. She carried him into the second bedroom and shut the door as she walked out to the sitting room.

Carolyn finally allowed the toll that they day had taken to come out. She no longer needed to seem strong for Simon. When she and Simon jumped out of the car she was faced with chaos everywhere. People were screaming that the street was collapsing and the running almost knocked them both down. She had never been more terrified in all her life. Then as they slowly made their way, the darkness started to cover everything. Some parts of the city lost power and it all became more frightening.

They had walked for hours until she had to start carrying Simon because he was too tired to walk anymore. They had a guardian angel because although they had somehow walked in the storm through the most dangerous parts of Caracas they had not met with any other problem then that caused by the storm. As they got closer to the middle of town some streetlights were actually lit. By good fortune she had seen a cab and it stopped. She offered $100 to take her to the Caracas Hilton. It took them one whole hour to arrive but at last they were safe and indoors.

Carolyn sat down and raised her legs up. She curled up like a frightened child and allowed her self to cry. She was tired and exhausted and her emotions were raw. But mostly, she felt alone.

She became oblivious to all around her until a constant buzzing broke her concentration. She looked at the door and realized that someone was calling her name.

"Carolyn, Carolyn for god’s sake open the door!"

Carolyn got up and almost ran. She swung the door wide open. Neither woman knew who had moved first. But within a second Raisa was holding Carolyn tightly to her.

Carolyn’s body started shaking as she began to sob.

"You’re safe now, Cara. You’re safe," Raisa whispered into her hair. "It’s over. It’s over." Carolyn raised her face and looked into Raisa’s eyes.

Raisa’s thumb caressed the tears away as her mouth lightly brushed Carolyn’s lips. She then pulled her again into her embrace. "You are exhausted; come Cara, I will take care of you," Raisa said gently.

Carolyn was exhausted. She had reached the limits of her grip on things. She buried her face in Raisa’s neck and allowed the warmth of the arms that held her and the softness of the body against her to just take over.

"Where is Simon?" Asked Raisa gently.

"He’s asleep. Raisa, we almost drowned. It was horrible." Carolyn began to weep again.

"I know Cara, I know. But you are safe now." Raisa turned and closed the door to the suite which had remained open. "Which bedroom is he in?"

"That one," Carolyn answered with barely a whisper as she pointed where Simon slept. "He was frightened to death. I hate living here. I want to go home. I hate living here."

Carolyn again allowed herself to be led in a protective embrace into the bedroom.

"We can talk about where you want to live tomorrow Cara, tomorrow. I want you to lie down Cara, what you need right now is rest." Raisa said gently as she stood before Carolyn in the dark. As Raisa stepped away Carolyn reached for her in fear.

"Don’t go! Please, don’t go."

"I’m going to stay with you. I’m not leaving you." Raisa reassured her as her hand caressed Carolyn’s face softly.

Raisa helped Carolyn to get under the covers. She then stepped away and started removing her own clothes. Carolyn waited quietly. Raisa got under the covers and as soon as she turned and opened her arms Carolyn was in them. Raisa stroked her hair slowly until she could hear that Carolyn’s breathing had calmed down. Finally, she had fallen asleep.

Raisa held her as the storm continued beating outside. Never had she held a woman to solely comfort her. She had always taken pleasure. She had enjoyed both men and women. She had to admit if given the choice she preferred women as lovers. Although, she had to admit that it was always harder to get rid of a woman lover after they had grown to be tiresome, more so than a man.

From the moment she met Carolyn Stenbeck, Raisa had wanted her. And normally she would have followed her hunger. But from the very beginning something inside told her to stay away. Then, of course, there was Carolyn herself. They seemed to disagree on everything. Carolyn wanted to change things. And Raisa hated anyone meddling and disrupting things she had been planning for. She could have transferred Matt Stenbeck many times over. And yet, she never had. Even after Carolyn had the gall to empty a glass of water by throwing it at her. She would have killed anyone else.

Raisa looked down at the woman that clung to her. And that thought made something inside her grow and spread. Carolyn was clinging to her. She tightened her arms and put her face into Carolyn’s hair as she dozed off to sleep with the thought that Carolyn Stenbeck was clinging to her and she had not pushed her away.


Carolyn was awakened by a loud roar and a flash of light invaded the room. She sat up in bed in fear. She looked towards the curtains and could see the lightning flashes. It was still thundering. Suddenly she felt herself being pulled back into warm embrace and she turned into it. She went into the safety of the warmth.

Carolyn’s head was on the pillow as another flash of lightning made Raisa’s face above her visible. "I’m here with you Cara. I’m here with you." Carolyn heard Raisa’s melodic voice say to her softly. She felt her robe being opened and pushed aside. Her skin seemed to be on fire. And then she felt warm lips on her neck. Her mouth opened and welcomed that warm mouth on her own as Raisa’s body laid on top of her.


"Mommy…Mommy" she heard from beyond the distance. Carolyn stirred and a feeling of well being spread a smile over her face as she went further into the warmth of the arms that embraced her.


Carolyn’s eyes opened slowly as she heard the jiggling of the doorknob. "I’m coming sweetheart" she responded half between sleep and wakefulness. She allowed herself one more intake of breath into the warmth of the embrace she was in.

"I think Simon is hungry," A soft voice said in her ear followed by a kiss.

Carolyn’s eyes flew wide open and pulled away from the arms that held her. She stared at the face now fully in view in front of her in shock.

"Good morning" Raisa purred.

Carolyn was about to say something when the doorknob jiggled again. "Mommy?"

Carolyn became visibly nervous and once again stared at Raisa then back at the door.

"Go see to your son, I will wait here for you," Raisa said softly but firmly.

Carolyn had lost the capacity to speak. She shook her head as if trying to wake up. She started getting up and realized she was naked and it all came flooding back to her. She was looking for the robe she knew she had had on last night desperately.

"Here Cara. Put this on."

Carolyn turned towards Raisa who handed her the white terry cloth robe. "Hurry back," Raisa said softly with a smile.

Carolyn almost ran to the door. She stopped in front of it took a deep breath and went out to Simon.


Raisa lay in bed waiting for her. Another morning after Raisa thought to herself, but this time she was the one left in bed. She could hear Carolyn’s voice soft and loving calming Simon outside the room and she became captivated with all the affection she heard in it. Carolyn loved her son; so obvious from the way she spoke to him.

Two years almost to the day she had known Carolyn. And yet she realized she knew nothing about her, not really. She knew all the factual details of course but she didn’t know Carolyn herself. And quite suddenly she was filled with a desire to know the woman whose body she had only possessed a few hours ago. And the thought of that made Raisa remember.

Carolyn had been so passionate and responsive; it was as if her desire had been as great as Raisa’s own. Raisa’s closed her eyes and was flooded with visions of Carolyn with her head thrown back. Carolyn begging her not to stop. Carolyn’s intake of breath the first time she had entered her. Raisa felt the desire fill every part of her body yet again. How could this hunger still be unquenched? she asked herself. She wanted Carolyn now more than ever.

Carolyn had not been merely a tool for her to take pleasure from; she had been a passionate participant. Carolyn had given her more pleasure than she had ever experienced before. And now the morning after she still wanted more and for the first time Raisa was in no hurry to leave.

She got up and walked towards the wide widow and pulled the curtain open. The sunlight came flooding in. The storm had finally passed and the sun already started making its appearance.

And that is how Carolyn saw her as she entered the room. She saw Raisa bathed in golden sunlight as it bounced off her perfectly sculptured body. Carolyn stood and stared for a mere second before she was able to speak to the woman who stood in front of her with an invitation that although unspoken was understood by both. Come!

"I think you should go," she said softly. Carolyn was caught between fear and an irrational need to once again go into those arms. She closed her eyes for a moment trying to control her shaking. When she opened them again Raisa stood in front of her with the glow of the sunlight shining behind her.

"I’m hungry too," Raisa said softly as she took Carolyn into her arms and took her mouth.

Carolyn began to response when suddenly she pushed her away. "No, you have to go!"

"I need to touch you."

"No! And this is not the time to discuss this. You have to go!" Carolyn insisted

"There is nothing to discuss my body still needs you." Raisa tried reaching for her again.

"Don’t touch me. I want you to leave!" Carolyn spat out.

Raisa stood frozen in front of her. She was being dismissed and she acted the only way she knew how. She lashed back.

"I leave when I am good and ready. And I want you." She tried taking Carolyn into her arms yet again.

"Simon… Simon might hear you. Please Raisa. Go…please."

"I want to see you later today then," Raisa demanded still hanging on to Carolyn tightly.

Carolyn pulled away and took a few steps away from her. "This was a mistake. A big mistake; I was frightened and I…."

"And you didn’t know what you were doing?" Finished Raisa for her sarcastically.

Carolyn stared at her. "Yes."

"Which time? Which time were you not sure it wasn’t what you wanted. The second or the fourth time we fucked?" Raisa said in a voice filled with venom.

Carolyn closed her eyes and opened them again. Raisa rushed her and pinned her against the closest wall. Carolyn was shocked for a moment before she gasped when she felt Raisa’s hand between her legs. Their faces were so close that she could feel Raisa’s breath on her mouth as she spoke.

"You are still wet from having fucked with me. You can still feel my fingers inside you. I know that. I see it in your eyes. Or is it my mouth that you remember Cara?" She finished saying in a soft accusation. "Your body is getting wet again. Can you feel it Cara?" Raisa asked as her fingers began to slowly caress the softness between Carolyn’s legs.

"Raisa please…. Please go. Simon..." Carolyn said in barely a whisper. "Please," Carolyn begged as her eyes closed.

"Hide behind your son if you want to. But we both know that you enjoyed it. And remember Cara Mia, you fucked me back," Raisa said as she roughly released her.

Carolyn stood leaning against the wall as Raisa started picking up her clothes and dressing. When she was done she faced Carolyn once more. She stared at Carolyn for a moment and then walked out.


Raisa walked out of the bedroom and came face to face with Simon. He extended his hand to her and she as if in a trance took it.

"Hello, I’m Simon," he said with a smile.

"Hello Simon, I’m…"

"You are Ms. Andieta, my Mommy told me." He said sounding very proud of himself for having all this knowledge. "You work with my Dad and you came to make sure we were okay."

Raisa could not help but smile. She usually found children bothersome; but she found herself reacting to the charming little boy with the bright smile and the innocent blue eyes. It was quite obvious that he was Carolyn’s child. He also had the sunlight in his hair like his mother had and the softness of her eyes.

"Are you going to have breakfast with us?" As he finished asking his question Carolyn was coming out of the bedroom.

"Well, I am hungry," Raisa said turning back and giving Carolyn a smile, daring her to object.

"Simon darling, Ms. Andieta is a very busy person. Don’t impose on her," Carolyn said hoping that Raisa would take the bate.

"But, Mommy, she’s hungry."

"Yes, I’m hungry," Raisa added with a devilish smile. The insinuation was not lost on Carolyn. She looked from Raisa to her son then back to Raisa.

"Then of course she must stay. Shall we order then?" Carolyn walked over to the telephone trying to put some distance between Raisa and herself.

All three had breakfasted together. Raisa almost totally ignored Carolyn. She engaged Simon in conversation and the boy was eating up all the attention. Raisa was really listening and Simon was quite animated. They laughed and giggled all throughout breakfast. Carolyn had a chance to see this woman in front of her from a whole new different viewpoint. Raisa had just slid into this very intimate part of her life and she couldn’t understand how it had all suddenly come about.

The world was spinning so fast she hadn’t been able to catch her breath yet. And as she was daydreaming her eyes became fixed on Raisa’s hands.

A soft moan escaped Carolyn’s lips without her ever realizing it. Her mind was filled with visions of what those hands had done. Those hands had caressed, teased and made her body soar over and over again. The same feeling of dizziness that she had experienced in Raisa’s office was spreading through her body again and again the world began to spin.

She felt Raisa’s hands on hers before she actually saw them. And when she looked up to meet those eyes she remembered how they changed when they were filled with passion. Raisa’s voice broke through the haze.

"Are you dizzy Cara?" Raisa now kneeled next to her.

"Mommy, are you okay?"

Carolyn swallowed, broke eye contact with Raisa and directed her comments to Simon as she tried to catch her breath. "Yes, darling, I’m fine, just a little tired." She suddenly realized what she had said and looked at Raisa. They had hardly slept.

"You must lie down and get some rest," Raisa said softly.

"No!" Carolyn said much too quickly and pulled her hand away from Raisa’s.

Raisa smiled and stood up. "Of course you must. Go lie down and I will have my car outside pick up your maid. While you are resting I will keep Simon entertained until she arrives."

"No, you have done enough," Carolyn replied.

"Not enough Cara, I wish I could do more," Raisa said with double meaning and sealed it with a smile filled with a promise. "Is this plan all right with you Simon?" Raisa looked for an alley. She did not have to wait long.

"Mommy, come on. I will tuck you in. You look really tired." Simon took his mother's hand and started walking her towards the bedroom.

"Simon, Ms. Andieta has been very kind but she is a very busy woman. We can look after ourselves; we mustn’t impose." Carolyn tried desperately to get control of the situation.

"Nonsense Carolyn, I am doing this because I want to. Now go to bed. My driver shall bring back your maid to take care of things. I have some things to take care of in my office and then tonight I shall come back and take you both home." Raisa finished saying then picked up the phone and started putting her plan into action.

Simon tugged at his mother’s sleeve and she allowed him to walk her to bed. What had she gotten herself into. Kept going over and over again in Carolyn’s mind.

Simon tucked her in and kissed her on the forehead before he walked out and closed the door behind him.

Carolyn kept going over things in her mind. How had this happened? How had she allowed it to happen? And now, how could she deal with Raisa Andieta now? Raisa had made it perfectly clear that she had been taken. How dare she assume that she could just take over things? thought Carolyn to herself. If Raisa Andieta thought that she somehow now had some right to force herself in her life she had another thing coming. I’ll be damned if I get within 20 feet of that woman ever again, was the last thought that Carolyn had before the weight of what she had lived through the last 24 hours took her to a sound sleep.


Raisa had waited for Clara to come and take over the care of Simon. Before she left she checked in on Carolyn and found her in a deep sleep. She stood before the sleeping woman for a moment then walked out.

Raisa went home to shower and change. She called into her office and went over some things on the telephone as she was being driven to the office. There was a message from Matt Stenbeck "He had called to confirm his appointment. He would be there by the time that she arrived"

Raisa leaned back into the leather of her seat. She would be meeting with the husband of the woman she had spent the night with. And although it was not the first time that she had slept with one of her executives wife this time it bothered her. It was not that she felt remorse or shame of having taken another mans wife. And it wasn’t that she had any regrets; on the contrary. She wanted Carolyn now more than ever. What began to bother her was the thought that Carolyn was his wife. He had touched her; he would touch her again and at that thought Raisa shook her head.

"What the hell is wrong with me?" She asked out loud.

"Ms. Andieta?" The driver asked.

"Just drive!" She yelled and stared out the limousine window without saying a word for the remainder of the drive.


Raisa walked into the Copeco Oil Headquarters Building with all her energy. She was on top. That was all that had ever mattered. She was in control and everyone knew it as they stepped aside as soon as they saw her coming. As she approached her office she immediately saw Matt Stenbeck.

When he saw her approaching he stood up to greet her.

"Ms. Andieta," he acknowledged and she nodded.

"Come with me," was all she said and he followed her into her private office. She walked around her desk and sat down. "Sit down."

Matt sat quickly. He had come straight to her office. He had been trying to call his house and had received no answer.

"Mr. Stenbeck, what happened out at my rig?" Raisa jumped right in.

"It seems that it was a deliberate explosion. We found remnants of a small device. We are still investigating."

"Did you get rid of Curbelo?"

"I have not been able to find him. I did hear about his family."

"Yes, most unfortunate. Have you notified the authorities?" Raisa wanted to keep it all sterile. She had learned that early on. Feeling was a weakness. Compassion was a flaw that had no place in business. Her father had taught her well. She was a daughter not the son he had wanted but he had been proud at how easy she learned. He had once said that she was more of a man than anyone he had ever known and that he was proud of her ability to run his company.

Raisa had always wanted his approval. Her brother Andreas was weak in her father’s eyes. All Andreas wanted to do was run the ranch. He was happy just tending the land. Martin Andieta had tried everything to get his son to toughen up as he put it, but Andreas had remained steadfast in his convictions.

And suddenly one day Martin Andieta noticed his daughter. He had been aware of her sharp intelligence and her desire to excel. Then quite suddenly he saw her desire to please him and please him she did. She became the best in everything. He taught her all that was important to him. He taught her how to shoot and ride a horse with out fear. He taught her the desire to conquer and to vanquish. He taught her how to control and manipulate people. He taught her to be the heir he wanted to keep his empire intact and growing.

Mostly, he taught her not to need. And before he died he had looked at his creation with pride. She was truly all and more he could have hoped for. She was self-sufficient. He had made her a fortress of strength. He had taught her the ability to be alone.

This is the woman that was facing Matt Stenbech. She wanted the facts and none of the details that she found unnecessary. Matt was no lightweight, but even he found her disinterest in the loss of human casualties surprising.

"I have not been able to get in touch with the police--" he was interrupted.

"Good, we will take over. This business is out of your hands now. Give Estes all the details of your finds and get back out to the rig. I want security tight Mr. Stenbeck. I don’t want the flow to slow down anymore than it has already." She continued to say without the blink of an eye. "Have you made arrangements to replace the personal you lost?" When she received no answer she looked up from the papers she was looking at.

", we will need a few days to bring them in from other rigs. It will slow us down a bit but it will be worth the security measure rather than just bringing in unscreened personnel," Matt finished saying and watched as she sat back now staring at him.

"Very good," was all she said acknowledging his foresight. "I want you back out there today," she said not giving him any other option.

"I will be going back in a few hours. I have had no word of my wife and son. I want to make sure that they are all right before I go back. I have everything bottled up at the rig."

"Your family is fine. They are now at the Caracas Hilton. It seems that they were caught out at the Autopista when the flooding took place. I had breakfast with them this morning." She jumped right in.

"That answers why I couldn’t get in touch with them." He smiled his thanks. "Carolyn tends to over react sometimes I wanted to make sure that all was well."

Raisa felt herself swallow down her disgust as she faced the man in front of her with dispassionate disinterest.

"She had a right to be frightened Mr. Stenbeck, she saw the water rising with her son in the car as others were submerged and drowned," Raisa said condescendingly.

"Of course she did. Of course she did. I want to thank you Ms. Andieta for all the trouble that you’ve taken with my family." He tried to make amends for his apparent lack of sensitivity.

"No trouble Mr. Stenbeck, I found your son quite charming. Your wife and son are fine. I expect you out on the rig immediately." She left him no other options.

"I figured I would be needed back. I have arranged for transportation back this evening. I will be picked up at home. So if there is nothing else you wish to know. I will give Mr. Estes all the details and updates and go to the Hotel and take my wife and son home." Matt rose and Raisa nodded her dismissal. There was nothing else she could say.

She sat and looked at the door he shut as he left her office. His wife… his wife…his wife... How many times had he said that? She stood up and walked up to the glass wall that put the city of Caracas at her feet. His wife.


When Carolyn heard the buzzing from the door of the suite she looked up in dread and anticipation. Raisa had said she would be taking them home. She chastised herself and looked in the direction of the door as Clara went to answer it.

Carolyn had taken care when she dressed and lightly put some make up on. She had brushed her hair and now she looked more herself. She had had enough rest so that she could handle Raisa Andieta.

When the door opened she took a deep breath. Matt waltz in to her surprise and Simon ran into his father’s arms.


"Is Ms Andieta available?" A police sergeant asked Gloria Bertran, Raisa’s private secretary.

"Do you have an appointment?"

"She is expecting me… my name is Sargento Ramiro Fonseca."

Gloria looked at him suspiciously and picked up Raisa’s private line.

"Ms Andieta. I have a Sargento Fonseca that says…"

"Send him in," and she was disconnected.

"Sargento, if you will please go through that door."

The Sergeant nodded and disappeared into Raisa’s private office.


Raisa did not speak to Carolyn that night. She did not communicate with her either. But from that day on she knew where she was every moment of the day.

As the city started settling after the disastrous land slides and the finding of some of the missing the disturbance began again. There were demonstrations and riots rising all over the city. The populace was unhappy with how the government had handled the emergencies. There had been very little in terms of relief and the death count was still growing due to the unsanitary conditions now created by stagnant water.

Disease ran through the barrios and left death and more despair in its path. The University students began their protest marches and the army was called in to put down the civil unrest. The military began to be more visible. And the arrests and interrogations of known activist began to take its toll. The city of Caracas was becoming a powder keg that was going to explode at any moment.

Elected officials began to fear the motor cycles since they seemed to be a very viable way of being shot and escaping quickly. Security was tightened. The anger and frustration became palatable.


"Raisa, I cannot give you any more security!"

"Carlos, I have paid for things like this not to happen!"

"Raisa, calm down, you know that I count on your support and friendship. I promise you that this will not be left without justice being exacted."

"Mr. President, I am loosing 20,000 barrels of oil on a daily basis. Don’t tell me you are doing your best!"

"Raisa, I will give you military protection."

"I don’t want military protection. My rigs are mine. I don’t want soldiers near my rigs. Don’t play this game with me because I will hit you with everything I have in my power," she threatened.

"No, my friend. That was a sincere offer of assistance." Presidente Carlos Arturo Padron reassured in his most diplomatic demeanor.

"I’m sure it is Mr. President. Thank you, but no. I don’t require military intervention."

"Very well then. I shall stay in touch and count on your friendship," he waited for her assurance.

"Of course, Mr. President. You have my friendship," and on that not she hung up the phone. That son of a bitch. I am going to enjoy burying him, she thought to herself. His days are numbered.


Demonstrations started erupting at the least expected times. Civil unrest was becoming palatable even in the highest level. Copeco was hosting a charity event for the Bolivar Museum. All Copeco executives were expected to attend.

Raisa who normally hated these occasions was expectant and nervous. She had in some ways been more focused then ever and more in control. She had managed to keep herself on a goal. The world around her was going to change and she was adamant about being one of the catalysts. She was the queen and her entourage buzzed around her. She ruled over them all with a sense of confidence until she saw from the corner of her eye as Matt and Carolyn Stenbeck entered the ballroom.

Matt had his arm around his wife’s waist possessively. That was the first moment that the control began to chip away on Raisa’s armor. She followed their entrance as they went from person to person with their hellos.

Raisa took in every part of Carolyn’s body and the heat she thought she had control of within her became a roaring fire once more. Almost on cue Carolyn looked in her direction as if sensing the primal call and their eyes fused. Carolyn stared back with the same hunger.

Almost as if willing her Carolyn separated herself from Matt and walked towards her. Raisa never looked away. And quite suddenly Carolyn stood before her.

"I need to talk to you," Carolyn said softly.

"Yes" was all that would come out of Raisa’s lips. "Come with me," and Carolyn followed her.

They walked through a door and into an office. Raisa was unable to move as Carolyn walked slowly up to her. "What mischief have you been up to lately, hummm?" Carolyn said as a finger traced Raisa’s jaw slowly.

Raisa began to realize that she was loosing control and was about to speak when Carolyn put her finger on her lips. The touch became an anesthetic. Raisa’s breathing became audible. Her head fell backwards as her body leaned back onto the desk. Carolyn’s mouth found her neck and her hands began to explore Raisa’s body.

"Carolyn, Oh God Cara mia, touch me…"


Their lovemaking was rushed with need. There hunger was something that needed quenching quickly; both women touched, bit, kissed, caressed and received pleasure.

They had ended up on a couch completely naked. Carolyn lay on her back and Raisa on her side with her face resting on Carolyn’s breasts. Her hand possessively holding Carolyn’s thigh. Carolyn suddenly began to stroke Raisa’s hair and the other woman kissed the breast she laid on and rested her face again on its softness.

Both women had been careful not to look directly at each other after their bodies had been sated. They were fused together by the most delicate of string and both just wanted to enjoy what was left of the moment and the pleasure without having to face what they had done.

Raisa’s head looked up quickly as she heard the jiggling of the doorknob and made out what was being said on the other side. She rose quickly; looking down on Carolyn for a mere instant. Carolyn looked in horror at the door. Raisa looked around quickly and grabbed one of the dresses that lay closest to her on the floor and put it over Carolyn before she was able to fully turn the door burst open.

"Que esta pasando aqui?" A very irate gentleman followed by a bus boy began to say before he went mute as soon as he took in the scene in front of him.

Carolyn turned her face away as she tried to cover her body. Raisa stood to her full height and faced the man without even a blink of nervousness.

"Tu! Eres el gerente!" Are you the manager, she demanded. The man nodded unable to stop his staring. "Cierra esa puerta y controla tu perro… te conpensare con mas dinero que has visto en toda tu vida." The gentlemen nodded his agreement and complied with her request to control his dog and she called it. He told the bus boy to wait outside and not say a word She had offered him more money than he would ever see in his lifetime. The manager recognized the authority in her bearing. Instantly, he knew she was not a woman to cross.

Raisa motioned him to turn around. He complied. She quickly knelled down next to Carolyn. "It’s all right. It’s going to be all right." Her voice was soft and gentle. "No one saw anything here; I promise you that." Raisa said softly trying to reassure her. Carolyn looked at her with fear filled eyes. Raisa was in control she did not flinch.

Carolyn stared as Raisa walked over to the man and spoke to him. She had not bothered to put one stitch of clothing on. She defied all sense of reason. She challenged anyone to defy her with her bravado. Carolyn saw the man nod and walk out the door without looking back.

Carolyn rose and began to dress as quickly as possible. Raisa just stood and stared at her without saying a word. When Carolyn was finished she finally looked up and met Raisa’s stare.

"What now?" Raisa asked looking defiantly at her.

Carolyn looked away and found no point reference. Raisa waited until her own impatience showed itself. Suddenly there was an ocean between them.

"Did I take advantage of the situation this time Cara?" Raisa asked sarcastically.

"You are a pig!" Carolyn spat as she started walking towards the door. Raisa reached for her and pulled her towards her.

"Was this a mistake too?" Raisa demanded not releasing her.

"An experiment." Carolyn’s comment hit Raisa harder than if her face had been slapped.

Raisa quickly released her. Both women stood challenging one another.

"I see… well…now that we have established the parameters," Raisa said as her eyes became like dark chips of anger.

"What are you talking about? This will not happen again," Carolyn said with superiority.

"Won’t it?" Raisa gave her a malevolent smile.

"No…it won’t," Carolyn assured her.

"How much?"

Carolyn stared suddenly understanding what the insinuation was.

"You are disgusting. I am not a prostitute!"

"We have established the parameters Cara Mia…. We are merely discussing terms," Raisa said to her quite seriously. Raisa reached out to take Carolyn’s breast.

"Arghhh…" with that Carolyn went at her. Raisa took both her hands and in the struggle they both fell onto the floor. They rolled like two cats fighting for dominance.

"Get off me!" Carolyn demanded furiously as Raisa pinned her.

"No money then?" Raisa mocked her. Carolyn struggled beneath her. "Oh…now I really understand… you do it just because you like it." Raisa’s tone was even more mocking. Raisa’s mouth covered her savagely and her hand went between Carolyn’s legs.

When Raisa released one hand to touch the woman beneath her she was struck across the face hard. Raisa struck her back. And again pinned her down and kissed her until they could both taste blood. Raisa pulled away and her eyes looked into a mirror of her own emotions in Carolyn’s eyes. She needed to touch her, kiss her, taste her and be one with her again. They stared at one another as their bodies started the primal dance.

"I’m sorry," Raisa said in barely a whisper as she searched Carolyn’s eyes closed as she offered her neck and her hunger. Raisa kissed the delicate neck offered to her.

A moan escaped Carolyn’s mouth as her hand now pulled Raisa closer to her. Raisa’s mouth traveled to capture the lips that beckoned. As both mouths met Carolyn opened hers. Carolyn needed the connection too. The kiss that followed was softer and the hands that fought one another pulled and tugged. And once again they gave into the passion that always rose within them. Their bodies rubbed against one another and pleasure once again was given and taken.

After the panting and the breathing began to slow they both started dressing. Neither said a word and neither looked at the other. Neither spoke as they checked their appearance on the mirror in the side bathroom and then walked out. It was as if they both chosen not to acknowledge what had just transpired between them. Both women had lost and won and for now that was enough.

As they both appeared in the ballroom again Carolyn gave Raisa a side-glance as she spotted and walked towards Matt. Raisa now did not have to hide her eyes and watched as Carolyn walked back to her husband. She watched as he leaned down and said something in her ear. Raisa felt her face flush with heat her eyes closed as memories of how Carolyn had felt beneath her threatened her sanity. She turned and walked away as far from Carolyn as possible; she couldn’t stand by and watch Matt touching what was in her mind hers.

The rest of the evening their eyes sought each other. At one point Raisa stared not caring who noticed. Matt kept rubbing Carolyn’s back. The touch being symbolic that she was his. Raisa began to breathe harder as she began to feel her rage building. She chastised herself for getting so out of control with a woman who was not hers and hers alone. This was something she was not used to. She would stop this situation with Carolyn Stenbeck; she had other things to think about. In her mind this affair was over. She then turned around and walked out the party without once looking back.

Carolyn saw as Raisa left and she also told herself it was all over.


The death count from the rains was devastating. Civil unrest could be felt in the air. There was talk of a workers strike and the army was now in a full 24-hour alert status. Graffiti, which was always present, began to take a political tinge. Flyers started to appear at Universities and fly by night newspapers were being spread to the populace.

President Padron was escalating security around, La Casa Rosada, the Official Presidential Residence. There was an obvious military presence everywhere. Terror escalated and the number of victims began to rise.


"Matt, I want to leave Caracas!"

"Carolyn you are over reacting as usual!"

"Am I Matt? Look around you. I want to take Simon back home for awhile."

"No! He is my son too, Carolyn. You are not taking him anywhere." Matt began to pace.

Carolyn knew enough that this was not the way to approach Matt. With the laws of the country being what they were she needed Matt’s permission to be able to take Simon out of the country. She had to stay focused. She had to do whatever she had to. For the first time since she had moved to Venezuela she was truly afraid.

When she drove to the market she could see the parking lot secured by the army. There was an over abundance of a police presence that everyone knew was yet another corrupt organization. Sides were clearly being established.


The protests at the universities began suddenly and in great numbers. The students took to the streets. The army rolled. Chaos followed, electricity was interrupted and the city of lights became a city of violence. El Carolazo they called it. In all the barrios people opened their windows and started banging posts and pans loudly. The roar was deafening. The populace was not happy and like a sleeping giant it had begun to roar. The army moved in. Some demonstrators were taken in for questioning. The air became heavy; it was all a matter of time before civil war would erupt.


"Matt please… let me take Simon to the states for awhile," she pleaded.


"Matt, you won’t even be here. You are going to be out in the oilrigs and if anything happens we will be cut off from each other for who knows how long. Let me take him to visit my parents for just awhile. He is out of school now in any case. Please Matt." She hoped that he would see the logic of her argument.

"Carolyn, we live in a very secure area…"

"Secure? Nothing is secure Matt. There are soldiers with machine guns in the supermarket parking lots and on the street. If anything brakes out they are not going to care where we live…. No one will be safe… and you won’t be here!" Carolyn said hysterically.

"Carolyn…" he started to say when Clara came into the room.

"Mr. Stenbeck, Ms. Andieta in on the phone and wishes to speak to you. Shall I tell her you are at home?"

"Of course I am home for Ms. Andieta. I’ll take the call in here" Matt walked over to the small table picked up the receiver. "Hello Ms Andieta."

Carolyn’s arms went around her body protectively. She had managed to stop thinking of Raisa. And now when she had thought that she had gotten her out of her system she would just enter her mind again. Carolyn turned her back to Matt. She had to think on how to get Simon out of Venezuela. She kept telling herself they were all blind. The unrest could be felt on the street. No matter how hard Padron would try to control the students, they still protested and sooner or later bolder ones would pull the first trigger. She had to get her son out of this violent land. She would do it whether Matt liked it or not. She would find a way.

She was deep in thought so when two arms pulled her back into an embrace she jumped in fear. She turned quickly and was now staring at an angered face.

"What has gotten into you?" Matt tried grabbing her again. "I just wanted to hold you."

"Don’t," Carolyn said as she put some distance between them.

"How long is this going to go on Carolyn? You are my wife; I have tried to be patient with you," he said as he started to approach her.

"I don’t feel well Matt," she said softly averting his eyes.

"You haven’t felt well in a long time Carolyn. If you think that I am going become a monk, you are very much mistaken. You better be feeling better by tonight!" He ranted as he slammed the door on his way out.

Matt called her later from the office. Apparently some of the directors had been invited for a week to the Hacienda Virago deep in the interior of the country. Ms Andieta rarely invited people out to the hacienda and this was not an invitation that was to be turned down. As soon as Carolyn hung up the phone she closed her eyes and leaned her head against the wall. They were both coming in for the kill; Matt and Raisa were takers. She would be damned if she were to become the meat to feed them.

She hated this land. She understood it less and less each day. The violence somehow permeated everything with its raw sensuality. Everything was too exposed. She was too exposed.

She had not slept with Matt since that first time she had been with Raisa. The thought of hands, any hands, touching her made her stomach turn after that first time with Raisa. She had not been able to stand even the thought of being touched. Until it became all she thought about. She would wake up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat as she dreamt of hands touching her body and just at the moment when she would surrender the face that would fill her dreams was that of Raisa Andieta. It got to the point where she avoided being in the same building with her.

And then of course it happened. That night at the Copeco Ball she had told herself over and over again that she could handle it. She had looked around and had actually managed to act the way that Matt had always wanted her to. In other words act the part. She was talking to Consuelo Betancourt one of the very few female executives at Copeco when quite suddenly she heard a voice call to her look at me Her eyes almost knew instinctively and she looked straight into the eyes of Raisa Andieta.

Her body heard the call and she was unable to stop herself. She walked up to Raisa; nothing else mattered but the fact that her blood was rumbling through her veins and the pounding in her ears was threatening to deafen her. She saw her hand reach out for Raisa and was surprised when the words I need to talk to you came out of her mouth. Raisa had simply said, Yes, come with me and she followed.

Both knew what the other one wanted. For the first time in her life Carolyn had acted out of pure instinct. Now it seemed to would pay for that mistake for the rest of her life.


"Andreas, I want you there. Tell Nonna that I will be arriving in a day or two." Raisa’s voice was melodic as she spoke to her brother. "I know that things are questionable right now but our position is solid. Don’t worry about tha.t"

She are being interrupted by a knock on the door and the knock was followed by Gloria her secretary.

"Andreas, wait a moment will you?" Raisa then covered the phone and addressed Gloria. "Why are you interrupting me Gloria?"

"Ms. Andieta it’s Carolyn Stenbeck on line two. I thought that…. I can tell her you will call her back." Gloria was unsure and afraid of her boss’s temper. She remembered how Raisa had despaired over this woman the last time and she also knew that she was still employed because she knew the meaning of discretion.

"No, no… I’ll take the call thank you Gloria" Raisa removed her hand from the telephone. "Andreas, I will have to call you back later. Asta pronto." She then pressed the button of the number two line before taking a deep breath.

"Carolyn…" her voice had come out huskier than she had intended. She only heard silence but she knew that Carolyn was listening.

"Raisa…. I am going to ask you for something and I want you to say yes."

Raisa laughed out loud, taken off guard. This she had not expected.

"What do you want?" Raisa asked still in good spirits.

"I want to leave Venezuela and I need your help to take my son with me."

There was silence for a minute before Raisa spoke. "I gather Matt doesn’t see things your way." It was a statement not a question.

"No, he does not." Raisa could hear the slight twinge of stress in her voice. This call had cost her dearly to make.

"Are you leaving him?" She was brutally direct.

"No, I am taking Simon home. I’m afraid for his safety here."


"Is that your answer?"

"No, it’s not."

Again the silence stood between them.

"I will do anything," Carolyn said suddenly.

"Cara, I haven’t asked for anything," she answered sarcastically.

"Are you going to help me or not?" Carolyn demanded.

"I have invited a few families to the country…" Raisa spoke as if she had not heard the question until she was quickly interrupted in mid sentence.

"Raisa, I can’t wait that long," Carolyn said sharply.

"It’s only a few days Carolyn," Raisa bit back.

"I know you can do this if you want…it has to be right away." The stress was beginning to show in Carolyn’s voice again.

"Alright, when you come to the Hacienda in two days I will…"

"I want to go today, now!" Raisa could now hear the touch of hysteria in Carolyn’s voice now.

"What’s wrong Carolyn? What’s going on?" Raisa demanded. The line went dead. Carolyn had hung up. She tried calling her back several times but the phone was not being picked up. She called down for her car to be brought around and she left the office.


Continued - Part 2


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