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Building Our World – Part Four

By Annmaray


September 1999


Chapter Thirteen

Arriving at Iason’s temple was rather simple with the help of Artemis. The goddess for the first time did not torment the Warrior and was rather pleasant. The temple was isolated and set back in the rocky shelves and cliffs about the timberline. Unreachable by horse, one would have to climb through several rugged paths before reaching the temple. Xena thought the location was always rather odd, since access to temples was a priority for many Greeks. A small altar decorated the main room and the Warrior could tell from the bedding off to the side that Iason must make this home. Behind the altar were three smaller rooms each containing pallets covered with furs and blankets. The temple was void of a great deal of furnishing and seemed simple in design. The third room appeared to be a kitchen.

"Okay Artemis, now what. Where is Iason?" The Warrior was somewhat impatient, as she did not like the fact that she did not know why they were here.

"Calm down Xena." A familiar voice from behind forced the women to turn and find Hercules’ friendly smile. Standing beside the son of Zeus was the temple priest. Quickly Aphrodite, Ephiny and Solari joined the two men and Artemis.

"Xena, Gabrielle…welcome." The old temple priest smiled at the couple and extended his hands, which both women accepted happily. Pulling them closer he smiled at the soulmates. "Do you remember your wedding vows and your wishes for the other?"

"Yes, Iason, of course we remember." The Warrior stepped back from the priest. "What is going on."

Before Iason could respond a familiar greeting came from behind the couple. The soulmates turned to find the bright friendly face of the young Devi. Gabrielle immediately ran into his arms, which she found familiar in spiritual strength. For a moment the Devi held the young woman in his arms and silently thanked his God for her rebirth and that of Xena’s. Soon the Warrior joined them and she too found the predictable strength of the man called Eli. Words of friendship and gratitude were passed among the three friends along with several tears of happiness from Gabrielle.

As the trio was renewing their friendship, they failed to notice the temple priest had moved to the altar and began whispering prayers in an unknown language. This whispering caught Xena’s attention, thus breaking the trio apart. All eyes in the temple focused on Iason’s strange words and movement of his hands and arms. Darkness took over the temple turning quickly into a haze of mixed colors of blues and purples until a strange blue globe appeared over the altar. As the eyes of all widened at this mystical globe, it grew in size until it was larger than the altar. Iason stepped backward in fluid almost dance like movement beckoning the globe to settle in front of the altar. With calming dominance the temple priest turned to the surrounding faces and began explaining the purpose of the globe.


Not sure where he was, the tall dark warrior surveyed the room. He appeared to be trapped or maybe he was being protected in a hazy blue globe of some sort. Reaching out the globe had a soft feel that did not appear threatening. Turning around he could see people standing outside the globe, however the haze surrounding the sphere made it difficult to distinguish faces. A man approached the sphere surrounding him and gently touched the outer surface. Before the warrior understood what was happening the man entered through the outer shell and was standing before him.

"I am Iason. Do not be frightened."

"Don’t insult me old man, I’m not. What is this place? What do you want with me?"

Iason cautiously took the man by the arm and turned him to his right. The power the warrior felt penetrating his body was calming. "Look at the woman standing before you."

Suddenly the warrior could see clearly a tall woman, with beautiful skin and long raven hair. He looked directly into the sapphire eyes and was completely captivated by the warmth and the danger within them. Something felt familiar to him but he was not sure why or what it could have been. "Do I know this woman?"

"Yes, in a manner of speaking you know her." Iason stepped closely to the man. "This is Xena. This woman is your future. This woman is you."

"WHAT!!!" The warrior stepped back slightly and looked back and forth between Iason and Xena. "What are you talking about. Look at me!" The warrior pounded his chest in an attempt to show Iason that he was real and she could not be him. Neither Iason nor the woman moved and the warrior wondered if he was talking to the wind or a dream of some sorts.

"You are not dreaming my friend. This warrior woman is your future many, many years from you present. Your soul, your essence is reborn in her."

The old man turned the warrior around and he now saw a young blonde woman standing before him. "Isobel, how, what – how – old man – what is my wife doing here! What kind of magic are you performing, what demons have you brought into…."

Iason placed his hand firmly on the warrior’s shoulder. "Stop Niko. This woman is not your wife in this time. Your wife, Isobel, her soul has also been reborn into the woman you see before you."

"But…but howwhy?" The warrior was confused and shook his head indicating his hesitation to believe in what he was seeing.

"You and Isobel are soulmates. But you know this. When you pass from the life you are in, both your wife and you will find your souls in these two young women. Occasionally the gods have a sense of humor and the body becomes the same. Your wife, Isobel, essence is pure and good, as is the young woman you see. Her name is Gabrielle. And the warrior woman and Gabrielle are bonded – their souls – your souls in the future are bonded. They do not completely understand what is taking place, however their willingness to belief in a faith unseen has allowed them this gift."

Glancing back and forth between Xena and Gabrielle, the man was not sure what to believe. Yes, he knew Isobel and he were soulmates and the gods promised this through eternity. "Why are you showing me this old man….umm….Iason. What do you need from me?"

"You and Xena must blend and become one. Then your soul must make love to Gabrielle. They desire children and the gods’ wish for them to have children. The warrior woman is extremely stubborn. Xena will not allow anyone to be with Gabrielle. Will not allow anyone to touch her. However, since you and she are one in the same, well….your joining will allow her to bring children to Gabrielle. The seed will be hers."

"Does she…me…Xena…this is confusing. Will I remember any of this?"

"No. All memories will be erased. You will go back into your time and only Xena, Gabrielle and the members in this temple will remember. Your destiny can not be changed….however, you have been allowed to come to us for this purpose. You see your soul…the soul of your wife is favored greatly by many powers and gods…both your souls have a destiny that goes way beyond human reasoning." Iason looked into the sapphire eyes of the man standing before him and saw some level of unknown acceptance. Yes the warrior would help them based on his great faith and nothing more. "Will you agree to help us?"

"Can – well – will I realize I’m making love to Isobel - I mean Gabrielle?"

"No….Xena’s personality will be predominate once your souls blend. Xena needs your body, which is really her body to plant the seed. Your soul is her soul and the mixture with Gabrielle’s soul, which is your wife’s soul….."

Niko held up his hand to stop the priest from rambling. "Okay – okay, stop with all the cryptic stuff. I understand what you are telling me."

Iason chuckled lightly and was amazed how similar in attitude’s Niko and Xena were. "I can promise you the children will be healthy."

"Children? You mean more…"

"Yes. Gabrielle will give birth to twins, one boy and one girl. However, she nor Xena will know this until the time is right."

Niko covered his face with his hands and with a deep breath, slumped his shoulders. "This is just so hard to believe – but yes – yes I will help – only because it is my soul and that of my wife’s. And…it is the will of the Gods."

Iason left the globe and entered the temple. Looking at Xena, Gabrielle, Hercules, the goddesses and spirits he smiled. "The warrior has agreed."

Xena approached Gabrielle and wrapped her arms around her waist. "Are you ready for this? Are you sure this is okay with you?"

"Yes." Still attempting to comprehend and sort through all Iason explained to them, Gabrielle found that her desires to carry Xena’s children were overwhelming. To her, this was a miracle of the one God – the one spirit that she would forever devote her life too. Gabrielle wrapped her arms around Xena’s waist and laid her head on the shoulder of the woman she loved more than life. "Yes, I want your children. I need to know if you okay with this?"

The Warrior Princess hugged her soulmate tightly and whispered tenderly. "Yes, my wife….I can agree to this miracle. I love you."

As the blue globe continued to stay in place, Iason positioned everyone inside the temple. Hercules would switch places with Niko in the globe. Because the son of Zeus was half god, he was therefore capable of withstanding the force within the globe. The physical entity was similar, thus the space in time would not become empty thus causing a possible death or warping of the zone and forever imprisoning Niko in this time. If that happened either Niko or Xena would die. The same soul could not continually inhabit the same time for long. Aphrodite and Artemis would help Iason blend the souls of Xena and Niko together into the body of the male warrior. Ephiny would enter the physical form of Xena to keep her heart beating and breathing and Solari would stand guard over her form. Eli would keep the spirit of the globe whole for Niko’s eventual return. And Gabrielle only needed to allow her Warrior to love her.

From behind Gabrielle felt Ephiny’s hands on her shoulders. "Come my Queen, let’s make you comfortable." Ephiny led Gabrielle to a small room behind the altar.


High on an isolated mountainside in the Moldavia Range, a lone Warrior perched high in the treetops watching with humor, as a rare black puma paced the ground below. *Yes, my friend….see if you can find me.*

As the puma, circled the area it occasionally lifted her head to the night sky, the moon glistened and sparkled off her pure jet-black coat. Yes, she knew the scent of this human – the familiar touch of her master. Once again the woman she would remain loyal too was testing her skills as a predator, helping her to grow and become a skilled hunter and protector. This woman was a mystery to the young puma. This woman was not of her kind. This woman would always belong to the puma, as much as the puma would belong to the woman.

The afternoon was spent in training mixed with many moments of playful antics between the Warrior and her puma. By the end of the day, as the solitise moon filled the sky, the Warrior threw several sticks into the campfire and turned to her companion. "Thais…tomorrow we travel south."

The puma recognized her name immediately and continued to lie on her belly close to her master. The only sure thing Thais understood was that this woman was somehow connected in a way that was not typical, a bonding of sorts. Thais purred slightly, admiring the woman called Aleka. Whatever this Warrior would ask, Thais would obey.

"We must find Xena. She will lead us to the Amazon’s Chosen One, Gabrielle." Aleka laid back on her bedroll, curling up close to Thais. "Yes, my friend, Gabrielle…she is the answer. We must lead her to the portal." The dark Warrior rubbed her fingers through the fur of her friend. "Yes…..Gabrielle is the key."


The candles and their warmth filled the room Gabrielle was led to by Ephiny. Immediately Gabrielle could not help but notice the exquisite furs that draped the pallet. *Yes, this is warm, soft….. *

Ephiny interrupted Gabrielle’s thoughts. "My Queen, here drink this."

Gabrielle accepted the goblet from the spirit. "What is it Ephiny?"

"Iason said it will relax you."

"No, I do not need this. We are talking about Xena. I want to feel everything." Gabrielle handed the goblet back to Ephiny. "Tell Iason, thanks but no thanks."

Ephiny snickered and set the goblet on the small table close to the doorway. "Okay, but it is here, if you should change your mind." The spirit Regent hugged her friend. "I must go….your Warrior will be here soon enough."

Without further need for words, Ephiny left the room, leaving Gabrielle alone to her thoughts of this tremendous phenomenon that was taking place. *A baby….I….we are going to have a baby. Who would have ever believed that Xena and I would be able to have a baby – our baby.* Shaking her head in ironic disbelief that the possibility was very real Gabrielle became slightly nervous and overwhelmed. Intuitively she took a meditative pose in an attempt to quiet her emotions and to also thank the Creator for this blessing.


"Gabrielle." The voice was strange but the love behind it was the same. Gabrielle opened her eyes to see the tall, dark strong Warrior from the blue globe standing a few steps from her. "It’s me baby….I…I….Hades, this is strange and yet somehow this body feels familiar."

Holding her hands out for the Warrior to accept, Gabrielle felt comforting warmth, when the Warrior enclosed her small hands in his. "It is you….isn’t it Xena?"

"Yes, it is me. Can I hold you?"

Gabrielle nodded her head yes and drew the Warrior to her body. Looking up into the Warrior’s eyes, the Bard saw the same glow of love and devotion coming from this pair of blue eyes, as she did when she looked into Xena’s. *Yes, this is my soulmate.* Without further need for hesitation or question Gabrielle leaned up to claim the lips of her soulmate. Iason had warned them both that their time would only be during the solstice moon and while it was high in the sky. Gabrielle had no intentions of allowing this once in a lifetime miracle to pass them by. She would make love with her wife, with her Warrior Princess, with her soulmate and together they would bring into the world a wonderful child…..their child.

Xena responded deeply and emotionally to the love she was feeling from Gabrielle. As the kiss intensified, the Warrior would question the wisdom behind this exchange no more. Xena was indeed feeling the touch and love of her soulmate completely and it was obvious that Gabrielle only saw her and not Niko.


Chapter Fourteen

"HEY……." Blue eyes opened abruptly and scanned the room. "We’re back….home." Cuddling in her arms was Gabrielle, who appeared to be sleeping peacefully. *Was this all a dream?* Unable to go on wondering Xena nudged her soulmate. "Gabrielle, wake up honey….I need to talk with you."

A few moans of disruption ended quickly and Gabrielle physically bolted up in bed. "XENAwhat happened? Did you – we – did……"

"Yes my friends, everything you remember actually happened." The soulmates turned toward the peaceful voice and found Artemis in the form of an owl perched on their windowsill. "Congratulations, in nine moons you will be parents." With that final statement Artemis flew off into the night sky.

"Then it wasn’t a dream." Xena muttered and looked at Gabrielle. Gently placing her hand on the stomach of her soulmate. "Gabrielle….a baby. OUR BABY."

The Bard smiled tenderly at her soulmate and without the need for permission wrapped her arms around her Warrior pulling her close. "Xena….I love you. Now come here and make love to the mother of your child."

From the treetops behind the inn two guardians stood watch over the home of their Queen and her Warrior. "Ephiny, when will they know?"

Ephiny wrapped her arms around her lover. "My sweet spirit lover, not for a while. Once the heart starts to beat, then Xena will notice two heartbeats not one."

"Can we be there…I’m dying to see the look on Xena’s face, when she hears two heartbeats."

The spirit Regent laughed softly and pulled her soulmate in tighter. "No Solari, we can’t be there….that time belongs only to them." Kissing the neck of her lover, Ephiny had also wondered about Xena’s reaction to twins. *Maybe…nay…it is their time. No one else should be there but them.* Pulling Ephiny from her musings were the tender lips of her soulmate.


The End

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