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Other: Part Eighty-eight in the series "Raising Melosa". Takes place about two months after "Kneeling before the Queen".


It’s a Big Step

By T.Novan



She is lying on her side, I can see the pain cut into her features as I kneel down next to her. "Give us some room!" I glance up at the ring of young amazons that Xena has been training this morning, they all back off slowly. "Someone go find Princess Melosa and Queen…."

She grabs my wrist as she growls at me. "Celia no! By the God no. Don’t call Ri over here for this, she’ll kill me."

"Well we at least need Mel."

She nods her agreement to that. "All right, but just Mel."

I send one of the girls to get Mel from the other training ground as I begin examining my newest patient. Oh I had prayed this day would never come. I’ve been told Xena is the absolute worst and a real terror when it comes to needing a healer. Slowly and gently I move my hand over her back, she groans a little as I apply pressure in a couple of spots.

"Your back is out."

"Brilliant deduction." She mumbles as her head falls to the ground. "I could have told you that."

I look up and pick two amazons sending them back to the village to the healers hut for a litter. "We need to get you back so I can tend to this properly. I’m going to give you something for the pain."


As I reach into the pouch at my hip I realize my first challenge with her has begun I sigh as I pull out the herb I need. "Yes." I say quietly, but firmly. "Your muscles are knotted and I need to get them relaxed."


"You are going to take this and you are not going to give me any more problems."

She opens her eyes and gives me a hard look. "You dare…."

"Yes I dare." I nod as I slip the herb in her mouth. I can tell she is thinking about spitting it out. I lean over and whisper. "Do you want to be back on your feet for the wedding?"

She growls, very much the same way Mel does when she knows I’m right and has no choice, then she swallows the herb. "Healers." She grumbles at me as her eyes close.

"Just relax and let them work."

"Celia I have to be well by the wedding. Please…." She says softly as I wave away the amazons who are still standing around us. They didn’t need to see the Queen’s Consort in pain and under the influence of herbs.

I hear Mel coming across the field at a full run. She moves almost noiselessly, but I know the sounds of her footfalls. The Queen and I have talked about this and she says eventually I won’t even hear her, I’ll simply feel her.

"What happened?" She asks as she drops down next to us.

"They were training and a sinkhole opened up. One of the girls started to fall and your Mother caught her to keep her from falling in. The jolt of catching her, holding onto her and hauling her up caused her back to go out."

"Gods." Mel ran her hand through her Mother’s hair. "Mother?"

"You had to fall in love with a healer didn’t you?" Xena grumbles as her eyes open and she focuses on her daughter.

"Yeah, yeah I did. Now aren’t you glad?" Mel laughs a little as she bends over and talks to her Mother.

Did she just say what I thought she said? Did she say she loved me? I have to take a deep breath and shake my head just a bit as the litter is placed next to us on the ground. First things first.

"Mel I want you to very gently help me roll her onto the litter. You hold her head and neck, I’ll hold her arms and lower back."

"Oh Gods…." Xena tenses and groans as we move her over to the litter. She grips my hand, as a single tear rolls down the side of her face. I reach up quickly and wipe it away. "My…my…circlet…."

"Where is it Mother?"

"Fell off. Down there."

Mel turns and looks to the sinkhole I told her of earlier. "I’ll get it after we get you settled." She tells Xena as she turns back to her.

"Please Mel get it now."

"All right, all right I’ll get it if you promise to me that you’ll behave and not give Celia any problems."

"You got it pal."

Once I have her back at the healer’s hut, I move her into the private chamber and the amazons help me get her settled. "I’ll be right back."

As I collect the things I’ll need to care for her, the door to the hut opens and a very ticked off Queen comes through the door. Wonderful, just wonderful.

"Where is she and what happened?"

"In there," I offer with a gesture. "And she hurt her back."

She didn’t say anything else she just went into the back room. Seems like I’m always caught between a rock and a hard place with these two. Moving to the back room I find the Queen leaning over and speaking quietly with her Consort. I don’t care that they aren’t officially married this whole thing strikes me a pretty silly anyhow and I see them for the couple they are now and always have been. Some rules are just too stupid to believe.

The Queen looks to me and smiles. "Celia thank you for all you’ve done, but I can handle this from here."

"Your Majesty…."

"No Celia it’s okay. It’s her back. It’s been giving us trouble for years. I know exactly how to fix this. I just need your help to get her undressed and on her stomach."

Hmmm okay. I can do this. This is just another patient, just someone else who needs my help. This isn’t the mother of the woman I love. They possible can’t look exactly alike, so I shouldn’t judge what’s under all that leather and armor of Mel’s by what I’m seeing here. Noooo don’t want to do that. I can feel the blood racing to all over my body as I think of the former heir apparent. Ohh damn! "Excuse me Your Majesty." I make my exit quick now that the Consort is settled. Needing air and needing it badly.

I’m outside taking a couple of deep breaths when she comes across the square, spinning her Mother’s circlet on her hand like a toy of some type.

"You know you really should show that more respect. It is a gift from the Gods." I give her a wink as she gets closer.

"Un-huh. You should see what Mother does with it."

"Well it’s her circlet, it’s probably okay for her to treat it like that, but I think you should be more careful with it."

"Okay, okay. Relax, geeze. What got into you?"

"Nothing. Nothing I’m okay. Your Mom just got here."

"Ah okay. Well let’s go in and let me give this to them and then go grab a bite to eat."

We went in, stopping dead in our tracks when our ears picked up what was coming from the other room. I’ve only heard those kinds of noises when umm…well…someone was…umm. Oh Gods it’s hot in here. "What…what do you suppose they’re ah…umm…"

Mel cocks her head just a little. "Oh that? That’s just a massage."

"That’s just a massage? My Gods…it sounds like…umm…"

"Yeah I know, but that isn’t it. That would be just a little higher pitched and it wouldn’t just be Mother you’re hearing."

The long "Ohhh Gods…." From the back room very nearly did me in right there on the spot.

"Umm Mel, go give that to them so we can get out of here."

She grinned at me as she twirled it on her hand again. "You look a little flushed, you okay?"

"No. No I’m not okay and you are really enjoying this. You’re being mean to me on purpose."

She tried to mask her smile as she moved in closer to me. "So tell me what you’re thinking."

"Mel be good."

"You’re wondering if…." She leaned in and whispered my exact thoughts into my ear. "Aren’t you?"

"Un-huh." I nodded and swallowed hard.

"Well you know. You could give me a massage and find out."


"Well you could." She leaned and gave my earlobe a little kiss. "I think I’d like a massage."

"Go give them the circlet."


We left the house in the village, heading for the food hut. Mel gives me a smile as she takes my hand. I can’t help but blush. I’m sure everyone has figured out what happened in there this evening.

"It’s okay." She says as she pulls me closer to her. "It’s part of being in love."

"I know and I’m glad, I’m just a little umm…."

She stops as she tugs my hand. "Regrets?"

"No! Oh no honey none. I’m just wondering where we go from here."

"Well, we were on our way to eat."

"That’s not what I meant. I mean…."

She pulls me into her arms. "Right now we eat. We take everything else as it comes."

"I love you Mel."

"And I love you Celia. This was meant to be. It was meant to happen. We’re going to be fine."

I leaned into her and felt so much love from her. We had crossed that line and now I owe her the truth. "We need to talk."

"We will. Let’s eat first. I always talk better on a full stomach. We have lots of time to talk. Come on." She gives me a nudge and we head for the food hut.

As we sit down to our meal, the Queen and a perfectly healthy looking Consort comes in and joins us at the table. I don’t need to face her parents right now. I try to mask my face as best I can behind my hand. "How are you feeling Your Highness?" I ask as I take a sip of my tea.

"I’m fine Celia thank you. As always, My Queen knew exactly how to take care of my needs."

I nearly choke on my tea as I swallow that comment and all the thoughts that came rushing forward. I look to find Xena giving me a very good looking over as a small smile breaks across her face. "Oh boy…." She says as our eyes meet and I know she knows. Oh Gods just let me die now.

"What?" The Queen looks our way in response to the Consort’s comment.

To my great relief, she leans over and tells the Queen very quietly. Then those green eyes are turned on me and I’m sure she is about to order my execution. Instead she smiles and gives a slight nod of her head. Her approval, she just gave us her approval. Oh Gods. This is almost too much now. We have a royal blessing.

Mel reaches over and takes her mothers hands. "I love you both. This is all right with you isn’t it?"

They both looked at me then to Mel. Xena smiles before she speaks. "Of course Mel. We see it. You have it. Enjoy it and don’t waste time with things that don’t matter. Just love each other."

"Rest assured we do."

The Queen was the first on her feet, as she leans over the table and gives Mel a kiss then she turns to me giving me a kiss on the cheek and whispering in my ear. " Just love her with everything you are. That’s what she needs."

"I do and I will." I offer softly as I nod.

She returns to her seat, then the Consort repeats her action, only she gives me a small kiss first. Then she speaks to Mel. Mel nods and says something quietly.

As the Consort re-takes her seat this huge grin breaks across her face as she looks to Mel who just groans. "Oh boy here it comes."

"So should we make plans for a double ceremony?"

"No." Mel offers firmly.

"You do intend to make an honest woman out of her don’t you Mel?" The Queen asks from behind her own mug.

"If she’ll have me, eventually yes."

"Well good. In the mean time is she moving in or are you moving out?" The Consort asks as her meal is placed before her.

"What makes you think we want to live together?"

"Because daughter dear, you just made a promise to her by taking what was offered you promised to take care of her from now on. You don’t take that and then not take responsibility for it. It is not honorable any other way."

"Well, we haven’t decided that yet. I’m not even sure she wants to live with me. Shouldn’t she have some say?" Mel looks to me and smiles as she takes my hand. "Maybe she doesn’t want to look at my ugly mug every morning just yet."

"Celia?" The Consort raises a brow at me.

"Umm well we did agree to talk about some things later. I guess that could be part of the talk."

"Good. If you take her, you get the damn bird too."

I can’t help but laugh a little. "Deal."


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