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Language: Mild


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Other: Part fifteen in the series "Legends Legacy". Takes place right after

"Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Do…"





By T.Novan



I look down into a very content face. I run my fingers through her bangs. “You are so spoiled.”


She opens her eyes, a slow smile creeps across her face. “Why, yes I am.  But hey, I am God of the Underworld. I’m suppose to be spoiled.”


“What was your excuse when you were just the Warrior Princess?”


“My dear bard, thanks to you, and all those lovely little scrolls of yours, I was never ‘just the Warrior Princess’.”


I can’t help but snort. You’d think I’d be use to this ego by now, but occasionally she gets one by me when I’m not expecting it. I just shake my head. “What am I going to do with you?”


“I can make some suggestions.  Most of them include you licking food from various parts of my body.”


“Can I tie you up first?”


“Oh, would you? Please? It’s been a long time.”


I laugh and slap her arm. “You are so bad.”


“Then why do you love me so much?” She tangles our fingers together before lifting my hand and kissing my knuckles.


“Because I have a thing for bad girls.”


She leans up and begins untying my blouse. “How bad would you like me to be? Collar and leash bad, or whips and chains bad?”


“You know, I think you’re more insatiable now than you were the first time you were thirty.” I know that in a matter of seconds I’m going to be completely naked and at her mercy. And I can’t think of a reason why this should bother me. I’m glad it doesn’t.


“You say that like it’s a bad thing.” Her lips manage to slide slowly down my neck and I feel every nerve in my body tingle and my nipples tighten.


“No!” I growl and wrap my hands in her hair, gently digging my nails in her scalp. “Not a bad thing.” I feel her head moving down my shoulder and then lower.  I find my hands guiding her there with the simplest tugs on her hair. After all this time I’ve finally got her trained.


“You sure, my bard?” I feel her laugh against my extremely sensitive nipple.


“Damn it, Xena!” Then I feel her shift and change positions so she can lay me back. It is amazing how much I love the feel of her over me. Never once have I felt trapped, grounded maybe but never trapped.


“You’re beautiful,” she purrs into my skin, right before the tip of her tongue flicks across my nipple. The heat pouring off my body feels like it’s bouncing off her in waves. It’s so heavy I can all most feel it radiating in the air around us.


She shifts again and a strong thigh finds its way, quite easily, between my legs. “Tease.” I groan, even as I begin pulling away the belt of her tunic.


“You betcha.” She surges forward, pressing fast and hard into me.  This causes my nails to dig into her shoulder and a earns me a very loud moan. “Like that, huh?” Her lips find their way to the back to my neck, biting and sucking very gently.


“Oh, yeah….” I push her tunic from her shoulders, aching to feel her skin as much as I ache for her to touch me.  She gives me a lovely deep groan when I graze my nails up and down her back. “We need to be naked.” I pull up and kiss her earlobe. “Completely naked.”


“No problem.” I feel the air rush over us and know she’s used her powers to rid us of what clothing was left. A chill chases across my shoulders and down my spine ending in a hot flash between my legs.


Before another noise can escape, she catches my lips in a kiss that only stays friendly until her tongue caresses my lips. That has always had the same effect. She has this thing she does where she runs the tip of her tongue over the roof of my mouth and I swear there have been nights where if she had kept it up too long, I would have climaxed from that alone.


One thing I’ve learned after being with her all these years is she needs as good as she gets. I’ve also learned a few tricks of my own, but she always looks surprised when the tables are turned and she finds herself on her back.


“You,” I press my finger to the tip of her nose. “Are a tease.”


Her head snaps up and she tries to bite the tip of my finger. “You like to be teased.”


“I must. I’ve spent all these years with you.” I ‘pin’ her hands above her head. I have to laugh to myself. She’s so easy. “So Lord of the Underworld, seems the Queen of the Amazons has you at her mercy.”


She chuckles. “If you say so.”


“Mmmm.” I lower my head and take a warm, hard nipple into my mouth.


“Mercy,” she whispers.


I let go of her wrists so that I can touch her with my hands as my mouth explores the skin I know so well. Her hands move to my thighs and stroke gently. Gods, she does know how to play me too. I stretch out along her body and we instantly twine around each other. Kissing, touching, seeking.  It never fails to amaze me when we make love. Even after so many years we still learn something new every time. Like that squeak. I don’t think I’ve ever heard her do that before.


“Yes…” she whimpers in my ear when my hand slowly crawls down her body and finds its favorite spot between her legs. It never takes long for her to open up to me, her hips finding a slow and gentle rhythm with me. “So good.”


“Mmm, yes it is.” I find that spot on her neck and give it a little nip as I apply more pressure in her warmth. “Feels good,” I murmur against her neck.


Not only does touching her feel good, but being touched by her is a simply wonderful feeling. She runs one hand over my backside, while the other reaches between our bodies and she finds her way between my legs as well.


“Oh, yeah.” I groan, nipping her shoulder with the edge of my teeth. I didn’t mean to, but I draw a little blood, which I lick off her shoulder. There’s something about her blood now that she is a full God. It’s…intoxicating — like a drug or rich wine. I could learn to crave it.


Passion takes over us and soon we are reduced to creatures with only primal need and demands.


“Harder, love,” she growls, forcing her body closer to mine.  I am helpless.  I must grant her wish.


Her breathing is hard and hot against my face. Her body is taut and feels like a trap about to be sprung. And I am her prey, caught every time by her, with no desire to escape.


“Xena…” I moan as she touches me, kisses me, and brings me to the point of no return.




It’s not a question; it’s a command. I obey, arching hard into her as she does the same to me. We shake and quiver together, our moans as intertwined as our bodies. Our breath mingles as our lips find each other and we sink together into our bed.


We hold each other, our hands caressing each other to cool flesh heated and soaked from well-spent passion. My mind only wonders in the sensation that it will be like this forever.


She growls, like she always does before she pulls me close and lets me settle against her. “Good.”


I laugh and run my hand over her chest, between her breasts, where I let it rest. “Glad you’re pleased.”


“Very,” she hums. She has a sweet smile on her face, her eyes are closed and she is completely relaxed.


“You’re going to go to sleep, aren’t you?”




“Well, at least you don’t roll over any more.” I tweak her nipple for effect.


“Be nice,” she growls, capturing my hand. “Just a short nap. Come on, Bri, rest with me. Enjoy this.”


“I do enjoy this.”


She kisses the top of my head. “Glad to hear it.”




I smiled and look over at the Bard who is still out cold.  She gives me grief for wanting to sleep after we make love but she always sleeps longer and deeper than I ever could. I give her a kiss on the shoulder and cover her before I get up.


I reach for my pants then realize that it’s a waist of good movement. Snapping my fingers attires me without all the bending and reaching.  I’ve learned to call it conservation of movement.


Glancing back I watch her curl under the covers. I do love her so much. I’m very proud she chose to be with me and I have eternity to prove that.


Leaving our bedchamber, I move through the caverns that have been our home since I took command of the Underworld. Instead of it being a dark and dreary place, Gabrielle has made it a home. She has managed to make it a wonderful place regardless. Then again that is one her many skills.


As I settle at my desk, there is a knock on the door. “Come!”


I watch as my assistant, Dorian enters the room. “My Lord, there’s something–” He pauses and looks to the floor. “You need to come. Now.”


I get up and follow him, without question. I’ve never known him to act like this so something must be wrong. As we approach my judgment chamber I feel the pain shoot to my heart and I charge into a full run. “NO!”


Throwing the door open, I find him standing there. Solan.


“Son! What…”


“I’m here.”


“Why? You’re not due to arrive for–” I approach him and run my hands over him. “For years yet.”


He laughs a little and looks at me. “I got a fever.”


“No. I can send you back. I can fix this. I can–”


“Mother, it’s all right. I’m ready.”


“What about your family? They need you.”


“Mother they are capable of taking care of themselves. Alana knew I wasn’t going to make it. She prepared them.”


“You were suppose to die an old man!”


“You didn’t know that. You hoped that. I’m ready to take over my duties, Mother. You’re free to go.”


“Go?” I hadn’t even considered this. Where will we go? We can’t go back to the Amazons. I guess this means the bard and I will start all over again. Wandering the world. Forever.


“Yes. You and Mom can leave now. Go topside and,” he gestured, “get on with your life.”


Stunned is the only word to describe what I’m feeling. “I don’t know…”


He lays his hand on my shoulder. “It’s over for you. This is my calling. My destiny.”




I’ve always hated that word.




“Gabrielle.” Her voice is soft in my ear.


I brush my hand past my ear in an effort to get rid of her.


“Come on love. We need to talk.”


Rolling over I find her seated on the bed. “What?”


“Solan is here.”


“What?” I sit up to try and understand what she’s saying. “Why?”


“He’s passed over.”


“What?” I still can’t quite get what she’s saying. I shake my head. “He’s dead?”




“Oh, Xe.  Wait, you can–”


She puts my fingers over my lips to quiet me. “No. He’s ready to take over.”


“We’re free?”


“Yes, my love. We are free to go anywhere we like.” She looks down and then back to me. “Except…”






I take her hand, grasping it close to my heart. “You are my home. It’s anywhere we go, as long as we’re together.”




Gabrielle saddles her horse as Solan watches us. I turn to my son, looking at him in full armor. “Thank you.”


“No, Mother, thank you. You have made me what I am. You made me ready.”


“I feel like I should stay.”


“That’s not possible. You know that. Go. Be happy. Enjoy your life and know that everything you have done and everything you will do will be important.”


Gabrielle joins us and hugs our son. “I love you,” she says to him, holding the hug.


“I love you too, Mom.” He pulls back and looks between us. “Promise me you’ll keep her out of trouble.”


She laughs, looking back at me. “I’ll try.”


“I have to go.” He steps back, giving us a wave before he simply fades away. “Take care of each other.” His voice fades slowly into the night.


I gather our horses and hand her the reins to her mount. “Where to?”


She takes a deep breath of the fresh cool air. “It doesn’t matter. Where you go, I’ll be there.”


“I knew you’d say that.” I wrap my arm around her shoulder and kiss her head.


“So,” she wraps her arm around my waist as we begin walking together. “How long do you think it’ll be before Ares shows up?”


“What time is it?”