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Author's Notes: This is the fourth piece in the Mills & Boon 'bodice ripper' style. It is pretty much essential that you read the first three instalments, "Rising", "Falling" and "A Curse on Both Your Houses" before you undertake the reading of this story, as events directly follow on in this one. The title for this story is taken from a line in the tenth stanza of 'Adonais' by P.B. Shelley.

Word Warning: As an M&B style of story, you will find copious amounts of adjectives, similes and metaphors. Oh yeah, and there are a few colourful expletives in here too.

Acknowledgments: I'd like to say thanks to the girls of the Infamous Round Table, and particularly to Joanna Tyler, who served as the prototype for the character of Eleni Mavros, thanks for the personality Jo, this one is especially for you. I know there should be some kind of professional rivalry between us...but anthropologists aren't as bad as us archaeologists say they are! I'll deal with the dead ones, you can have the live ones. That sounds really bad! A word of warning, Jo can be reached at joanna_tyler43@hotmail.com   ... Eleni lives! Thanks to my landlord, whose surname happens to be Mavros (black in Greek) which gave me an idea of how to work it into the story.

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Our Love, Our Hope, Our Sorrow


Within the room, darkly lit by shadows, moments passed in silent wonder as the breath of time faded ever so slightly. This was the point where time stood still in that echoing breach between life and death, night and day, dark and light. If there had ever been a more perfect moment than this, it had never been seen before. Yet here, around this sedate evening, all was hushed, the only sound being the occasional crack of the wood, burning slow in the fire. Neither the archaeologist or the translator dared to disturb the beauty of the moment, nor the intensity of the emotion that was flowing between them.

Mel glanced across the lush, deeply ornate rug before the fire at Janice dressed in a bath robe and smiled. It was a luminous smile that was reflected two fold in her azure eyes, catching warm highlights from the flickering flames.

"This was a good idea." she said softly as she stretched out her long, slender legs before her, the join of her own robe falling open to reveal inviting flesh. They were in Amphipolis...a world away from the destructive Trendalls, and about to commence preparations for the upcoming excavation season.

"Hmm." Janice responded, more than willing to drift into the world of the sleep attempting to claim her with feathery fingers.

"Oh no you don't." Mel warned, shifting herself closer to the small woman in order to draw her against her body. Mel wrapped her arms protectively about the archaeologist and kissed her gently on the top of her head, her lips brushing against the silken strands of Janice's hair like heat.

"I could get used to this." Janice admitted, resting her head against Mel's chest where se could hear the Southerner's heart beating in reassurance.

"I think something can be arranged." Mel said, smiling above Janice's hair.

"You do, do you?" Janice asked, turning in Mel's arms in order to capture her gaze. She stared for a moment into those blue depths, losing herself in the love she found there.

"Yeah, I do." Mel said, drawing the woman up to her lips, enfolding Janice's lovingly in her own. Mouths parted and tongues battled for supremacy in this intimate war between quests for possession.

"I like this arrangement." Janice murmured as they parted, slightly flushed and breathless from their skirmish. Janice reached down to untie the soft silk sash about Mel's waist and pushed back the flimsy cloth of her robe to unveil Melinda's body to her. Janice smiled as she raked her gaze over the Southerner's flesh, the soft light of the fire creating playful shadows across her skin. In the firelight, the translator's breasts seemed to glow with intensity and Janice was powerless to stop herself bending down to caress the soft globes with her lips. Mel groaned at the contact and arched into the archaeologist to increase the connection between them. Janice circled her tongue around one nipple, feeling it harden beneath her ministrations. Massaging the other nipple to an equally firm peak, Janice slowly snaked her way down the Southerner's body, tracing her flat stomach with soft lips. She reached a hand down to stroke the soft curls of Mel's mound, eliciting a louder groan from the woman. Janice smiled against the flesh and nipped lightly at it with her teeth. Mel bucked against her and drew her legs up about the archaeologist. Janice paused a moment in order to remove her own robe before descending once more on the tall woman.

"Janie..." Mel breathed as she felt the smaller woman lightly kiss her mound with fervid lips. She moaned and pressed herself against Janice's mouth, willing her further in their pursuit of release. Janice grinned at the use of her pet name and fought to control her raging desire. Her own body was responding to her actions and she desperately needed to feel Mel's touch against her own throbbing flesh. Yet her task was here, and she revelled in it.

Slowly and teasingly, Janice caressed the warm flesh of Mel's sex, nipping her outer lips tormentingly before swirling her tongue desperately close to where Melinda needed her most. The Southerner's breathing was reaching a crescendo as Janice finally allowed herself a delicate taste of Melinda's essence. Melinda whimpered and writhed against the smaller woman, desperately encouraging her to go further, yet Janice was enjoying her game a little too much, pulling back from Melinda's opening to tease the woman's clitoris with grazing teeth and enveloping the swollen bundle with her lips. Melinda screamed and jolted violently at the contact.

"Janie...Jesus, God...please!" she begged in a guttural voice, harsh with desire.

"God won’t help you now." Janice mumbled as she bit down lightly on the imprisoned flesh. Mel screamed again and Janice feared the woman would lose all control if not given release soon. Janice raked her tongue once more over Mel's clitoris, hard and slow, Mel whimpered as her breathing became even more ragged and her body cried out with lustful intent for penetration. Janice finally relented and allowed herself to thrust her fingers within Melinda's opening. Melinda bucked against her and Janice kept time with the Southerner's own rhythm until she peaked, uncontrollable shudders running through her body, head thrown back for a silent scream of pure carnality.

Janice rested against her, her own body piqued and primed. She allowed the Southerner to recover somewhat before pulling her down against her for a brutal kiss that seared both their hearts in it intensity.

Mel pulled away and searched the archaeologist's eyes, where she found the only thing she needed to see, a need so wonton and strong that it enveloped her in its craving. She lowered herself to seize Janice breasts in her strong hands, drawing them together so she could feast on both nipples at once. Janice released a guttural cry as Mel gently bit at the tips of her nipples, sending her into a wild frenzy of aggravated desire.

"You want more?" Mel asked cruelly as she raised her head from Janice's breasts.

"More." Janice moaned, focussing on Melinda with wild eyes as she felt her own arousal slickly against her inner thighs.

Mel grinned and sank one more to Janice's breasts, feasting on the warm flesh before her like a voracious animal intent on gorging itself with meat. After what seemed like an eternity of torture to Janice, Mel finally released her breast and sank slowly down her body to where she was needed most. She parted Janice's legs wide and cast a long look up to the contorted face of her lover before diving in to eradicate any sense of self control that Janice still possessed. She teased Janice's clitoris lovingly with the tip of her tongue, sending Janice into wild spasms of pleasure at her touch. Dipping down, Mel thrust the powerful muscle of her tongue deep within the archaeologist, where she probed relentlessly, forcing the woman to higher peaks. As Janice's breathing degraded into grunting moans, she replaced her tongue with her fingers so she could once more attack Janice's clitoris, stoking and nipping without concern for the fire she was fuelling within her lover. Finally, when Janice, on the verge of tears and thinking she could take no more, Mel made one last assault on her flesh, driving her over the edge with such intense force that the small woman saw stars explode behind her eyes.

Janice lay back panting uncontrollably, she could still feel Mel's fingers within her and every small aftershock sent waves of excruciating pleasure through her.

"Mel?" she gasped, desperately trying to get her breathing under control..

"Yes?" Mel raised her head and gently removed her fingers from the woman's pulsing opening. Janice shuddered violently at the withdrawal and half raised off the floor until Mel was with her, wrapping her in her arms and placing feather light kisses over her shoulder.

"Jesus Christ Melinda...as I've said before, you don’t do things by halves, do you?" she panted.

"Never." Mel concluded, as she nestled the archaeologist head against her shoulder and gently kissed the top of her head.

"I'm glad." Janice murmured against Mel's flesh, feeling the reassuring heart beat of the woman who held her soul so completely.


"Dr. Covington?"

Janice glanced up from the paper work she was attending that afternoon, to meet the stern brown gaze of Professor Pelekanidis, Curator of the Archaeological Museum of Amphipolis.

"Professor," she said warmly, "please come in."

"Thankyou." he said gravely and stooped into the room with hunched shoulders. He was about seventy, yet still held power of presence, his chiselled face tanned, the lines of age serving only to create an air of great dignity.

"What can I do for you?" she asked, a little concerned by his stiff demeanour.

Pelekanidis frowned slightly before lowering himself to a chair opposite Janice's desk.

"I have received a cable claiming that you are dealing in artefacts." He was blunt and to the point.

Janice went cold, an icy rush of adrenalin snaking its way through her body. She said nothing but picked up the receiver of her internal phone. She dialled a number, waited a moment and spoke softly.

"Melinda? Could you come in here please?" Her tone could only be described as chill. "If you don’t mind waiting a moment Professor, I'd like my associate to participate in this conversation."

"Of course."

Janice returned the receiver to the base and they sat staring at each other for several minutes, each thinking of a way to deal with the proposed topic, until the door opened and Melinda walked in. She paused in the doorway, the atmosphere of the room could be cut with a knife. She cleared her throat and took the other chair beside Professor Pelekanidis.

"Professor, Janice." she greeted with a smile but received none in return.

"Melinda, it seems someone has accused me of dabbling in the illegal trade of artefacts." Janice said coldly, staring Mel in the eye.

"Oh my!" the Southerner gasped, looking across to Pelekanidis. "Who has made the accusation?" she asked, fearing she already knew the answer.

"A Sofie Trendall." the Professor said, reaching inside his jacket pocket to remove a piece of folded paper. He unfolded it carefully and scanned it. "It appears she has been promised, by you Dr. Covington, a cut out of any newly excavated material." He raised an eyebrow and glared at the archaeologist.

"It's a lie. I have made no such promises." Janice said vehemently.

"She continues that you do this in order to justify her continued monetary support of the Amphipolis Expedition, and strangely enough, her silence."

Janice glanced across at Mel and frowned, the Southerner was looking at her with an expression she had never seen before.

"I repeat that it is a lie, I have made no such promises, for no such reasons." she said, still staring at the translator.

Pelekanidis smiled. "It is all very well for you to say that doctor, but might I remind you of the reputation of your father?"

"My father has nothing to do with this." Janice spat, unable to believe the man would drag her dead father into this.

"That may be so, but until these accusations can be proved, or disproved, I must stand you and your project down, I'm sorry."

"I don’t believe this. Sofie Trendall is a scheming vixen, do not believe everything you read of hers." Janice continued in a steely tone.

"I won’t have to, I am meeting with her this very afternoon to conduct a full interview. Miss Trendall was kind enough to fly over in order to assist us with our investigations in this rather unfortunate matter." he finished with a smile.

"She's here?" Janice asked, a deadly sinking feeling in her stomach.

"Indeed Dr. Covington. Now, if you will excuse me, I have some questions to prepare." The Professor said before rising to leave the room. Janice watched him go with disbelieving eyes before she turned to confront Melinda.

"Is it true?" Melinda asked, hardly daring to believe she could voice the words.

"What do you mean 'is it true', of course it's not!" Janice exploded. She had counted on the support of the Southerner and now she was not so sure if she had it.

"Her silence? I know how much the public appearance of the expedition means to you. We have academic support, but the public, the image..." she trailed off as Janice's eyes glazed over, reflecting the doubt in her own.

"How could you believe that considering what we have together?"

Mel grimaced at the accusation and remembered Janice's past threats and determination to continue the expedition. Could she have continued it at any cost, even this? Janice had always been an ambitious woman, could she have stooped to her father's exploits in order to secure that ambition?

"Can I believe otherwise Janice?" Mel said finally, realising she was most likely damning herself with the words.

Janice was at a loss. How could Melinda believe this of her? She thought they shared an exquisite trust? Something cold struck her in the heart like and icicle, there should be no doubt between them, yet here it was.

"You know me Melinda, I'm not like my father, I never was, and I never will be." She shook her head as the Southerner dropped her gaze.

"That wouldn't stop you from making the trade." Mel said softly, "You're right, I do know you, and I know how hell bent on this excavation you are." Mel couldn't believe what she was saying, yet she had to be sure..

"Do you honestly think I would lower myself Melinda?" Janice asked harshly.

"I don’t know Janice." Mel said quietly.

Janice snorted loudly and looked everywhere but at the Southerner. Finally anger over rode any desire to discuss the matter.

"I don’t have to justify myself to you, damn you!" she said, darkness eating into her heart, eclipsing her thoughts and stripping her of any reason. "At least I shouldn’t have to." she spat before rising and stalking from the room.


The bar room was virtually empty save for a few sorrowful souls seeking solace in drink, one of them was Janice Covington. She leaned back in her chair, the cold stone of the wall seeping through the material of her shirt and into her flesh. At least she could still feel...something, she thought wryly. In her hands she cradled a half finished bottle of scotch, the base resting casually in her lap. One booted foot was propped unsteadily on the table before her as she rocked herself slowly on two legs of the chair. Her fedora had been unceremoniously dumped on the chair beside her, and lay, almost forgotten now.

She scanned the room with bleary eyes, Mel had not come looking for her. Janice snorted and took another swig from the bottle. Could she blame the woman, after what she had said? Yet the very thought of her sent a pang of purely perceptible anguish running through her, embedding itself with confusion in her heart. Janice shivered. Surely the woman did not honestly believe the accusations of the Trendall daughter? Granted, she was the daughter of Harry Covington, a man whom many described as a mere grave robber, yet she was not like her father. Though, Janice had seen the doubt reflected in those azure eyes, masked only slightly by the glasses Melinda wore, as surely as she breathed. Did Melinda truly think that Janice had attempted to bribe the silence and support of Sofie Trendall with a few artefacts? Janice sneered unkindly at herself at the thought and took yet another swig, the burning liquid making its way searingly down her throat to settle like a ball of hot lead in her gut.

"You should not lose yourself in thought doctor, it is bad for the perception." a low, husky voice said directly to her left.

Janice's head snapped around and she found herself staring up into the deep hazel eyes of Eleni Mavros, long time friend and once lover. They had found each other in the very same bar, several years ago, before Janice had even heard of Melinda Pappas.

"Eleni..." Janice began, feeling a strange sense of dŽjˆ vu as her eyes seemed locked inexplicably to the other woman's. "What are you doing here?" she felt the breath catch in her throat.

Eleni shrugged, her broad shoulders casually comfortable with the action.

"I am always here, more to the point, why are you here so alone doctor?" she said with a coyishly sly smile.

Janice opened her mouth to speak, but found it impossible to voice the words lodged in her throat.

Eleni studied her ex-partner seriously for a moment, drilling her with hypnotic eyes. Finally she took a deep breath, her ample bosom rising and falling narcotically beneath her tight fitting blouse. Then she nodded, she reached down to remove Janice's fedora from its place on the chair and sat next to the woman she had once cared so much about. The woman who possessed the fire on the eyes and the lash of the tongue. It was dulled now, seemingly dampened down. Eleni sighed again and stretched out a slender arm to capture the bottle of scotch between Janice's legs, she allowed her fingers to trail delicately over the back of Janice's hand as she gently manoeuvred the bottle from her grasp. Janice started slightly at the contact and stared at the woman beside her. Eleni simply smiled before taking a swig form the bottle, grimacing slightly at the taste. She rested the bottle in her own lap and met the archaeologist's gaze.

"It is a woman." she said finally.

Janice looked away and picked up her fedora from the table where Eleni had placed it. She fiddled idly with the brim, refusing to look in the woman's direction.

"Ah, so it is a woman." Eleni concluded, a hint of humour entering her tone, and the corners of her mouth twitched expectantly.

"It's not what you think." Janice said to her fedora, turning it over in her hands and noting the small scar it had received on Janice and Mel's last expedition. She fingered the spot in remembrance.

Eleni laughed, soft and low. She turned in her seat so she could get a better view of the archaeologist.

"Do not tell me that Dr. Janice Covington is in love." The soft lilting tones of her accent carrying the humour she felt.

Janice turned sad eyes on the Greek woman and Eleni had her answer, the smile dropped from her lips in an instant.

"My God! Let me guess, she has spurned you for another?" Here Eleni paused a moment, her face turning harder, "Or perhaps she simply left in the middle of the night never wanting to lay eyes on you again." It was not a question, but rather a statement of fact describing Janice's abrupt departure from Amphipolis and Eleni, several years ago.

"It wasn't like that, you knew I had to go." The last thing Janice wanted to deal with at the moment was trying to explain the termination of her relationship with Eleni.

The Greek woman turned coldly away from Janice and took another drink of the scotch.

"So, who is she?" she asked, curiosity getting the better of her.

"Melinda Pappas."

Eleni sighed, "And she had not spurned you for another and you did not leave." Eleni determined from Janice voice.

"Not for another, no." Janice said more steadily than she imagined possible.

Eleni smiled wryly, "So what have you done to deserve her distain?"

"Nothing." Janice said balefully.

Eleni turned her gaze once more on the archaeologist. "Nothing?" she asked and took a deep breath. "You know, it amazes me how a woman of your substance can allow herself to be so easily lead."

"You don’t know anything about it." Janice spat coldly.

"Now there you are wrong doctor, I believe you have been accused of bartering in antiquities, just like your father."

It was all Janice could do not to blatantly stare. "How do you know that?" she asked in a small voice.

"You forget doctor, that I have long ears." Eleni said, a small smile turning the corners of her mouth.

Janice nodded slowly, Eleni was involved in the Greek resistance movement, and heard basically everything, if she so chose. Yet why would she focus on finding out such a detail concerning Janice?

"You don't believe it do you?"

"Of course I don’t believe it! Your father did what he had to do, but trading in artefacts is one trait that has not been passed on to his daughter, that much I know." Eleni had said it staring straight ahead, yet now, she turned her head slowly to study Janice's features.

"And I take it that this Melinda of yours was not so believing?" she asked, a note of sarcasm in her tone.

Janice smiled wryly, "She doubts me, I never thought she would."

"As you would never doubt her?"

Janice turned curious eyes on the Greek woman, but said nothing, her thoughts unable to be articulated.

Eleni smiled sadly and looked away once more from Janice. She took a deep breath before speaking.

"Besides, how could I believe such a thing of the woman I love?" she asked softly.

"Don’t say that!" Janice whispered harshly, yet unable to stop the thrill that rushed through her at the revelation. She turned her weary gaze on the woman who appeared so much like Melinda Pappas it was uncanny, the only difference was the eyes, the eyes were not the same, save for the look of fear and devotion she had once seen reflected in Melinda's. "Please don’t say that." Janice repeated more softly than before, anguish and guilt at her emotions betraying her voice.

"How can I not say it when it is the truth, doctor?" Eleni sat forward and deposited the bottle of scotch on the table. Janice eyed it for a moment, wondering whether to simply drink the remainder in one go, or to leave it out of harm's way.

"And how can you not hear it when you feel it too?" Eleni continued in a sultry tone, reaching out to grasp Janice's hand and bring it palm upwards to her lips, where she brushed the callused palm ever so lightly with her full lips. Janice knew she should have pulled away, yet those eyes were staring at her, trapping her. The breath caught constrictingly in her throat and she tried to speak, though she felt tears burn in her eyes.

"Or do you not feel it?" Eleni asked as she withdrew her lips from Janice's palm and snaked out a hand to caress the side of the woman's face.

Janice gathered her wits with a supreme effort and focussed her attention on the table top.

"I don’t." she said, her voice not as steely as she had hoped, yet she thought it would pass muster.

Eleni snorted softly and shook her head, "You never were a very good liar doctor." She whispered before leaning in to abduct Janice's lips with her own, searching the woman's embrace for the emotions that boiled within. Janice tried in vain to protest the action, for despite herself, she felt her body respond with desire stranger than she expected, that one kiss settling emotion strongly in her groin, where it pulsed, desperately awaiting release. Perhaps it was the alcohol, perhaps it was her grief, or maybe it was Eleni's unnatural resemblance to Melinda, she did not know. Perhaps Eleni was right, maybe she did still feel their connection.

Both women broke away, more than a little breathless. Eleni searched Janice's eyes and found them brimming with unshed tears. She smiled warmly.

"So, you do still feel it." she said with certainty.

"Eleni...I..." yet Janice choked and trailed off as the tears began to make their way lazily down her face.

"I know." The Greek woman said, touching lightly at the salty tears.

She sounded so much like Melinda at that moment that Janice was helpless in her eyes.

"Let me help." Eleni continued, brushing absently at the few wisps of Janice's hair hanging softly about her face. Her tone and actions were unmistakably licentious.

"I don’t think-"

"Then do not think." Eleni cut her off, rising slowly and claiming Janice's fedora from the table top. She reached out her free had and surprisingly, Janice took it. Eleni smiled as she enclosed the smaller hand in her own larger one. She gave it a brief squeeze before leading Janice around the table.

"I have a room upstairs."

"Why does that not surprise me." Janice said as they mounted the wooden stairs to the second floor of the bar.

The room was surprisingly elegant for such a sleazy establishment, tastefully decorated, yet relatively sumptuous regardless of its Spartan appearance. It was simple, a bed, a dresser with an annex off to a small bathroom. Yet Eleni had managed to make the room into more than what it was, the decorations of traditional crafts created an air of familiarity about the place, which served to relax the visitor.

Eleni led Janice through the door and walked her over to the bed, setting her down before kneeling to begin work on her boot laces. Janice swallowed hard and tried to avert her mind from the woman kneeling at her feet. What was she doing?

"I never could understand why you wear these things doctor." Eleni said as she stripped one boot from the archaeologist.

Janice took a deep breath as the leather fell away from her calf. "Scorpions." she said softly, distracted by the pulling sensation.

Eleni laughed and shook her head slightly. "The good doctor afraid of those creatures?" she asked sarcastically.

"Cautious." Janice replied as Eleni removed her second boot and trailed her hands over her calves.

"And tell me doctor, are you cautious of me too?" the Greek woman asked as she manoeuvred herself between Janice's legs and ran her hands up her cloth enclosed thighs to just below her hips.

Janice closed her eyes as the warmth and movement of Eleni's body washed over her, she suppressed a shudder.

"You never used to be cautious of me." Eleni drawled. When Janice opened her eyes to meet the woman's gaze, she found she had removed her blouse, her ample breasts positioned tantalisingly close.

"Oh Jesus." Janice groaned as she stared upon the flesh before wallowing in the wave of desire that washed through her.

Eleni smiled and shifted herself closer to Janice, spreading the woman's legs wide.

"So you still like my breasts." she said, catching Janice's eye as she rolled one of her chocolate nipples between her thumb and forefinger. Janice stared as the nipple became erect, standing out, demanding attention.

"See what you make me do to myself?" Eleni continued, working on the other nipple as Janice could only stare on in fascination.

"Touch me." the Greek woman breathed as she leaned in to Janice slightly and provocatively.

"Oh God..." It seemed as if Janice could not stop her hand from reaching out to cup one of Eleni's breasts. She felt the warmth of the flesh and the substantial weight resting in her palm. She could not resist as she bent down to enclose the nipple with her lips. She flicked her tongue lightly over the nub and revelled in the feel of it.

Eleni gasped and arched upward, seeking more contact.

"It's been so long Janice...so long." she breathed, her breath quickening with every touch of Janice's hot tongue.

"Too long." Janice agreed before feasting on the other breast, more frenzied now in her arousal. Finally she broke away to stare into the half lidded eyes of the woman before her, all sense of propriety gone to the four winds.

"Come here." she demanded and they stood together. Janice wrapped her arms around Eleni's waist, pulling her to her. The taller woman bent down and they shared a searing kiss that transcended sanity. Then suddenly Eleni was tearing at Janice's shirt, desperate to remove the cloying fabric before stripping her of her bra. Eleni gave a guttural cry of pleasure as the flesh she so desperately sought was revealed to her. She reached out a tentative hand to brush lightly against Janice's already erect nipples, the archaeologist whimpering as the sensation delved directly to her groin.

"Oh Jesus...Eleni." Janice gasped as she fumbled at the buckle of her belt seeking to strip the annoying leather from herself.

"Shhh." Eleni whispered beside Janice's ear, stroking lightly with her fingers over the flesh of the woman's back. She drew her hands down and brought them around to the belt buckle, pushing Janice's hands out of the way, she made quick work of the clasp, discarding the belt somewhere in the vicinity of Janice's boots.

Eleni slowly pushed Janice back beside the bed and lowered her gently to the covers. Janice lay there panting, still half clothed, and Eleni grinned.

"Do you know what I could do to you?" the Greek woman muttered as she straddled Janice's hips, desire thickly laden in her voice.

Janice could not answer, for the fire she saw in the woman's eyes was overwhelming in the extreme.

Eleni smiled and lowered herself down over Janice, supporting her weight with one arm as she brushed lightly at the tangles of hair ensnared partly over the archaeologist's face. She lent down further until her lips were a mere hair's breadth away from Janice's own. She stayed like that for a moment, feeling the rise and fall of Janice's chest against her own, their breasts moving against each other with sinuous motion. Finally Eleni relented and captured Janice's lips, softly at first and then more demanding as their desire flared. Janice squirmed beneath the woman, desperate to be free of the remainder of their clothes so they could feel all of each other.

"That's only part of what I can do." Eleni gasped as she broke the kiss, noting the wild look in Janice's eyes. She grinned lasciviously and slid her body slightly down Janice's, eliciting a groan from the poor woman.

Eleni ran the tip of her tongue lightly between Janice's breasts, leaving a cool trail of her exploits before engaging a nipple. She sucked casually at the tissue before biting down gently and raking her teeth over the surface. Janice grunted in desire and arched upwards as the sensation hit her. She seemed powerless under the ministrations of this woman as she dragged her finger nails heavily over Eleni's exposed back in frustration. The Greek woman hissed in excitement which only served to heighten her desire for ravishing Janice's body. She lowered herself further, reaching up with her hands to massage Janice's breasts as she focussed her attention on the taut muscles of her abdomen.

"I've always liked this." Eleni said, kissing lightly at the small mole above Janice's navel. Janice grunted and squirmed her hips beneath the woman.

Slowly Eleni lowered her hands, stroking delicately at the archaeologist's flesh before attacking her trousers. Slowly she undid the buttons of her fly, placing feather light kissed beneath the fabric as she went. After what seemed and eternity to Janice, Eleni finally manoeuvred her trousers and underwear beneath her and stripped them completely from her body with a decisive action. Eleni paused briefly to remove her own trousers before sinking down upon the woman beneath her. Flesh met flesh in its entirety and both women shuddered with repressed desire and their bodies entwined on the bed.

"Janice..." Eleni groaned as she kissed lightly as the woman's mound.

Janice could only respond with a guttural moan as the teasing closeness of the Greek woman frustrated her beyond words.

"I want to touch you." Eleni breathed against the sensitive flesh of Janice's inner thigh.

Janice let out a high whimper both at the words and the sensations coursing through her, get gathered enough of her wits to draw her legs up, exposing herself to the Greek woman. Eleni moaned at the sight of her ex-lover and felt her own arousal increase before she dipped down to taste of her essence. The archaeologist jolted violently at the first touch of Eleni's tongue against her swollen flesh and pressed her hands against the woman's head, demanding more attention. The Greek woman submitted willingly, teasing Janice's clitoris with her tongue, drawing out the stimulation to a dizzying height. Janice panted, her entire body on fire with the desire, thrusting relentlessly against the woman in her quest for release. Eleni rose to the challenge, her own desire burning desperately within. Janice gritted her teeth, her head thrashing from side to side as her need built strongly within her. Her breath came in short gasps and she nearly lost it when she felt Eleni's fingers sink inside her. She bucked uncontrollably, reaching higher and higher until she thought she could take no more, yet then Eleni would draw on her again, sending her to new peaks until she exploded in a shattered, shuddering rage of emotion and release. She screamed as her passion tortured body responded violently, thrumming with intensity at its liberation.

She lay exhausted, Eleni slumped across her thigh, gasping for breath and shuddering as the after shocks hit her. Finally, she coaxed Eleni up beside her, kissing her softly and running her hands over the woman's back. Slowly she eased her over, the look in the Greek woman's eyes fuelling her desire once more.

Eleni suffered the teasing explorations of Janice's tongue against her breast and nipples. Her hunger for the archaeologist torturous in its intensity played through her like a carnal melody. She lay back, seemingly helpless against the waves of passion that washed over her exposed body, merely wallowing in the sensations Janice was creating. It was not until she felt Janice's lips brush against her inner thigh that she regained some sense of rationality.

"Janice..." she gasped, desperately needing to say the words.

Janice looked up and met sad eyes, masked by longing.

"You do not have to." she breathed.

Janice smiled and ran her finger tips delicately over Eleni's thigh. "And what if I want to?" Janice replied wantonly before delving down to devour Eleni's flesh.

"But Melinda." Eleni whispered softly before being overcome by the gluttonous sensations flowing through her.


Sofie Trendall paced the carpet of her hotel room the next morning with determination. Her meeting with the Pelekanidis man had gone according to plan. Now an investigation was under way concerning Janice's dealings in artefacts. The accusations would of course prove to be false, yet a stain would be placed on the archaeologist's reputation that would take more than an acquittal to dismiss. Everything was falling into place, and she had hardly had to lift a finger. Where was that damned brother of hers? She thought in irritation. She did not have to wait long, as a knock sounded at her door at that very instant.

"Well," she said as she flung open the door to reveal her brother, Charles Trendall standing with an air of indigence on her door step, "it's about time."

"I apologise Sofie dear, I had something to attend to." he said in a low voice.

"What could you possibly have to attend to?" she asked unkindly.

Charles contemplated responding, yet the glare in his sister's eye stopped him. Sofie smiled at his hesitation.

"Professor Pappas had a daughter...another daughter, an illegitimate daughter." she said, the glee at the confession sparkling in her eyes.

"Really?" Charles said, catching the amusement and possibilities.

"Indeed, she is here in Amphipolis, her name is Eleni Mavros...and guess who spent the night with her last night?"

"Janice Covington." Charles said with a wicked sneer.

"Correct. I think we should have a word with Melinda...don’t you?" she asked coldly.

"Oh yes, I think we should, but tell me, where do you get this information?"

"Charles darling, I have my sources and to tell you would make them obsolete."


"Why should I believe that?" Melinda fumed, turning to glare at the Trendalls in turn.

"Why Melinda darling, because it is the truth. Your father was a lecherous bastard who sowed his wild oats about the country side given any opportunity." Sofie laughed cruelly.

"How dare you!" Mel screamed at her adversaries with tormented pain.

Sofie shrugged carelessly. "Why don't you go see for yourself, she's at the Tavern of the Nike, a room upstairs, just ask for Eleni Mavros."

"You don’t know what you are talking about." Mel continued, a hint of doubt entering her voice.

"Oh but I do, just don’t be too surprised at what you find." Sofie laughed before turning on her heel and dragging her brother with her.


The Tavern of the Nike opened early as it was not a classy establishment. As Melinda walked through the entrance, she was surprised to discover the few heads in the room turn to stare at her. She cleared her throat in embarrassment and stalked to the bar, trying to appear as if she belonged. Upon reaching the bar, she was immediately greeted with a shot of vodka.

"But I-" she began.

"Take it." the bar tender said harshly.

Frowning slightly, Mel downed the drink in one and coughed on the harsh substance. She slammed the glass back on the counter and tried again.

"I'm looking for Eleni." she said.

The bar tender looked at her strangely before motioning her up the stairs.

"Second on the left."

Mel took a deep breath, now grateful for the warmth of the vodka in her stomach, before attempting the stairs. She clutched at the hand rail and eased herself up, a foreboding sense of trepidation washing over her. At the head of her stairs she paused briefly, gathering her wits. What was she going to say to this woman who Sofie claimed to be her half sister? With hesitant steps she made her way down the corridor and stood before the second door on the left. It was a plain wooden door with no ornamentation, The handle was a rounded brass knob with a keyhole beneath. Bending down to a crouch, Mel placed her eye to the keyhole, feeling guilty at spying, she blinked a few times, but was unable to see anything. Suddenly the door flew open and Mel was sprawled face first on the carpeted floor, somebody standing over her. She was hauled roughly to her feet by her hair and slammed against the door frame. Mel stared with frightened eyes into what could have been a mirror. Something flickered in the other woman's gaze before she spoke.

"Who the hell are you?" she spat harshly, still gripping Mel by the hair.

"I..." Mel grimaced as the hand clutching her hair tightened, "I'm Melinda Pappas."

At this revelation, the hand dropped away and the woman cast a nervous glance over her shoulder and back to Mel. She licked her lips and looked Mel up and down.

"So it is true what she says." Eleni murmured softly.

"Who?" Mel asked, curious despite herself.

Eleni took a deep breath and shook her head. "You do not want to be here right now Melinda Pappas."

"But why, I have reason to believe-" her words stopped dead in her throat when she noticed movement behind Eleni's shoulder.

"Because I'm here sweetheart." Janice said, strolling out of the back part of the room dressed only in her long sleeved shirt.

Mel stared at her for a moment, completely at a loss, her entire mind a seeming blank of anything except burning emotion.

"Well," she said finally after a long silence, "I see you have already met my sister." she spat as coldly as she could before turning on her heel and stalking form the room.

Janice flicked her gaze to Eleni and suddenly it all fell into place.

"Shit!" she swore before pushing passed Eleni and out into the corridor. "Mel...wait!" she called, spying the woman at the top of the stairs. The Southerner paused briefly and half turned as Janice came hurtling towards her. Janice grabbed hold of the woman's hands to keep her in place long enough to explain the situation.

"Get your hands off me!" Mel bit out, wrenching free from the archaeologist's grasp. Janice stumbled back slightly at the fierceness of the tearing away.

"Mel...I'm sorry." she tried lamely.

Mel half laughed and stared up at the ceiling for a moment before turning baleful eyes on the smaller woman.

"Not half as sorry as I am Janice." Mel stared the woman down. She was not aware of the pure fire in her eyes that sent Janice crouching on her haunches, leaning against the stair banisher.

"I didn't mean-"

"She's my sister!" Mel spat out.

"I didn't know she was your goddamn sister for Christ's sake!" Janice yelled back, furious and humiliating tears running down her face. "I was with her long before I ever met you Melinda."
"Oh, so you thought you'd come back for a quick visit? Catch up on old times? Commit adultery?" The sarcasm in her voice having the desired effect.

"That's not fair Melinda."

"Not fair? I'll tell you what's not fair. I find I have a sister, she's here, in Amphipolis, I go to meet her, and who do I find sharing her bed? That's right, my partner, that's you Janice, the one person I trusted and cared more about than life itself! Tell me one thing Janice, how can I trust you now?!" The speech was damning.

"I was drunk." Janice said flatly, staring at the floor.


"I said I was drunk." Janice said a little louder, raising her head to look Mel in the eye. "And she offered me friendship when you abandoned me yours." she said steadily, allowing the words to sink home.

"I never..." yet the Southerner trailed off. She took a deep breath and turned to descend the stairs. "I'll be down stairs...why don’t you put some clothes on?" she said with finality before taking the stairs carefully one at a time.


Melinda Pappas sat alone at a table in the bar room, nursing a cup of strong coffee she was surprised to discover the bar served. Her heart was numb, although soon she suspected it would begin to pain her like nothing she had ever experienced. Could she blame Janice for running off into the arms of another who could offer her the understanding she craved? Where had she gone wrong? She had never actually declared her disbelief of Janice and the accusations of Sofie Trendall, yet she had questioned, for a brief instant. Janice had seen the doubt in her eyes and Mel cursed herself for it. Would they ever be the same if she closed her eyes forever, never allowing the pain and shame at what she had allowed herself to feel be exposed. She should have trusted Janice, she should have known that the small woman was not like her father, she should have known that the information provided by the Trendalls would be false. Yet then there was the matter of her half sister, they were so similar that Melinda could easily believe it, what then of the original accusations? Melinda just didn't know. These were the questions she asked herself as she sipped occasionally at the coffee before her.

He gaze flicked up to the top of the stairs upon hearing a movement. Instead of Janice, it was Eleni Mavros. Mel watched the woman descend the stair with cold eyes, yet in the back of her mind, she was evaluating the woman. They were so similar, of the same height and build, with the exception that Eleni had perhaps a slightly larger bust, and her eyes were a dark hazel brown and without glasses, they even moved the same. Melinda contemplated abandoning her coffee and fleeing the bar, yet she had run from enough things recently. So, she sat, immobile as the tall, dark haired woman stalked across the room to her table.

Eleni pulled back a chair without asking and seated herself casually. She leaned across the table and studied Melinda closely for a few moments. Mel looked on her with cool blue eyes. Finally it was Eleni who spoke first.

"You claim to be my sister." she said, her soft husky voice whispering across the table towards Melinda.

"Half sister actually." Mel said, taking another sip of her coffee. She was surprised at the calmness of her voice considering her recent discovery.

Eleni smiled, "I apologise for our earlier meeting." The Greek woman paused and clasped her hands together on the table. "You must forgive her, she was very upset last night."

Mel said nothing and the silence stretched between them like eternity.

"Who is my father?" Eleni asked for want of anything better to say, meeting the Southerner's eyes.

Despite the situation, Mel saw the desperate desire etched in those hazel orbs.

"Professor Melvin Pappas...he's dead." she said coldly. She could not believe the iciness of her description. Never had she spoken as such of her father, yet in some small way maybe she was trying to hurt the woman before her.

"Dead?" Eleni echoed, a sadness washing over her eyes. "Then I am alone once more."

Something touched Mel then and she could almost forgive the woman her forwardness.

"What of your mother?"

"She died giving birth to me...she was a whore and I was left for dead as well." It was said with such bitterness, that Mel could almost see the acidic hate oozing from the woman's eyes.

"Her name was Mavros?" she asked softly.

"She had no name that I know. I was given mine at the orphanage, Eleni after Helen of Troy...the face that launched a thousand ships, I was apparently a very pretty child, and Mavros for this." Eleni said, fingering her dark locks of silken hair.

"Black." Melinda echoed.

"Melinda," Eleni paused, seeming to search for words she did not know if she should articulate. "She is not dealing in antiquities."

"How can you be so sure?" Mel asked despite herself. Who was this woman anyway?

Eleni smiled and leaned across the table. "I am in the resistance, we monitor these things, there is not trade of material from the museum or any proposition for such." Eleni sat upright and took a deep breath, "Besides, I do not believe her capable, I...I do care for her-"

Mel cut her off with a loud snort which Eleni did her best to ignore.

"But what we had was a long time ago...it...it does not mean anything." she tried to reason.

"It does to me." Mel said coldly. "She betrayed my trust."

"She thought you had taken away your love."

"Taken it away? I will love her 'til the day I die." Mel bit out strongly.

Eleni stared at her for a moment, "So will I." she said softly.

"Then you are not alone." Mel responded, unable to stop the vitriolic tone of her voice as she stood, leaving her half finished coffee on the table. She turned to leave but was stopped by a hand on her forearm. Mel turned back to stare at the Greek woman.

"Do not abandon her again, it is you she loves." Eleni pleaded with insistent eyes.

"Really?" she asked raising an eyebrow as she pulled from the woman's grasp to leave the bar with hurried, pained steps.

Eleni stared after her half sister a moment before bending her head to the table to weep silently.


Janice found Melinda half an hour later, seated alone on the sofa in their apartment. The Southerner looked up as Janice quietly closed the door behind her. She stared at the woman's back until she turned around to stare with sad eyes on the translator. It was obvious the archaeologist had been crying.

"Where did this go?" Melinda asked after a moment of silence. She held up a photograph of the two of them laughing together just before they left for Amphipolis. It was the only photograph Melinda had of them since they had become lovers.

Janice flicked her gaze to the photo and felt a pang of guilt and loss at the illustration .

"I don't know." she said softly, moving across the room to sit by Mel on the sofa. The Southerner shifted closer to the arm and away from Janice. "It just kind of slipped away." Janice continued as she watched the Southerner move further from her in body as well as spirit.

Mel was shaking her head. "No, it didn’t just slip away Janice, it was torn."

"Tell me how to fix this...please?" Janice asked, hot tears welling in her eyes.

Mel sniffed and placed the photo on the coffee table before turning to meet Janice's bleary eyes.

"I believe you about the artefacts." Mel said flatly.

Janice half laughed, half choked as the tears spilled over her cheeks. She wiped at them furiously with the palm of her hand and sighed harshly.

"Look at me...I'm a mess." Janice said, trying to make light of the gravity of the situation.

Mel blinked silently, she was amazed at how calm she felt considering what had occurred. She said nothing, for she had nothing more to say.

Janice sniffed and wiped angrily at her tears once more.

"I don't love her you know. It was just-"

"Sex?" Mel queried softly.

"No!" Janice almost shouted until she caught the look in Mel's eye. "Yes...I didn't know what to do when you doubted me. I was lost Melinda," she turned sideways on the couch and reached out a hand that was not taken. Despondent, she let her hand fall to her lap. "I...I never wanted to hurt you Melinda, I just needed..." she trailed off and stared at the photo on the table. "I don’t know what I needed. No, that's not true, I...I needed you, and you weren't there." she admitted finally, turning her head to look on the translator.

Mel's eyes narrowed slightly. "So you thought you'd go for the next best thing?" she said coldly.

Janice dropped her eyes for the look in the Southerner's was damning in the extreme.

"She was there Melinda...she was there, and she believed me." Janice said more strongly than she intended. She shook her head slowly. "Why are you doing this to me?"

"Me? Well," Mel sighed deeply, "maybe its because the most radiant of women, the woman who held my heart and soul has seen fit to endow her affections on another, whom I might add happens to be my half sister!"

"And who told you that?" Janice bit out.


"fie Trendall." Janice finished for her before shaking her head in disbelief.

Melinda had the grace to blush as Janice addressed her, a renewed sense of faith washing over the archaeologist. Janice took a deep breath before speaking.

"Don't you see? She's in this somehow, driving a wedge between us. She's trying to get at you through me." Janice sat back on the sofa. "I see it's worked and...I can only hope that you will forgive me in time Mel...please?"

Mel was staring at the woman. "That still does not excuse what you have done Janice."

"Don’t you think I know that? But Melinda, you have to let me try. I love you, I never stopped loving you...I made a stupid mistake when I was drunk Mel, it doesn’t change the way I feel about you." Janice tried to reason.

"And what if it changes the way I feel about you?" the Southerner said stiffly.

The words cut Janice to the bone, slicing effortlessly through her flesh like razor sharp blades. She blinked back her tears and reached out to pick up the photograph sitting on the table. She looked at it for a moment, tracing the lines of Mel's two dimensional face with the tips of her fingers. She sighed heavily before speaking.

"Then what were you doing with this?" she asked solemnly, not really expecting an answer.

Mel glanced briefly at the photo held towards her by Janice's hand and closed her eyes against the image. She ran her hand roughly through her hair and spoke with out seeing.

"I need to think." she mumbled before rising from the sofa, collecting her keys and leaving Janice alone, clutching the photograph tightly in her fingers.

The End.

What will happen to our dynamic duo? Will they part forever or reunite in love? What of the Trendalls and their scheming ways? What role does Eleni Mavros play in this wicked game? Stay tuned for the next exciting instalment of the 'bodice ripper' style!

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