San Francisco to Los Angeles - May 31 - 6 June 2009

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Message from Nora & Cat!

Hello Everyone,

Cat and I would like to thank everyone for all your support in our effort to participate as Team Amazon in the Aids/Lifecycle Event 8 taking place in three weeks!!!  The seven day ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles will test us physically and mentally but we could not be more determined to complete it for ourselves, and for those that never will get the opportunity. 
We especially want to all of you who returned to our Aids Lifecycle Auction that MaryD has so graciously hosted at  As you may well know, her site was hacked and when this happened our auction page and all the bids were totally erased.  Mary, the magician that she is put everything back up and we are just so grateful to see everyone coming back to continue biding.  The first phase of the auction ends this Sunday May 10, 2009 and we want everyone to go check out what awesome goodies are available and consider bidding and become an honorary Team Amazon Member.  We will bring you along with us in spirit every mile we ride. 
I will leave you all with the words of our cycling representative that has instilled such pride in this effort for Cat and I:  Revel in the knowledge that YOU are making a difference.  Your very presence on the Ride (And those of you who have supported us) means you have allowed someone to receive an HIV test, free of charge.  It means you allowed someone, who has just lost their health insurance, to turn to the Jeffrey Goodman Special Care Clinic and receive personal, professional care.  It means that someone can receive their lifesaving medications.  It means they get to wake up tomorrow and spend another day on this planet we call home. 
Together we are the keepers of light and hope.  Thank you so much for your support, it means the world to so many of us.

Nora and Cat

Team Amazon / AIDS LifeCycle Auction New Items
Lucy and Renee Autographed Bitch Slap Postcard
3Way DVD Poster and More
Jennifer Ward-Lealand Autographed CD
God-dess and She Autographed CD
Renee Autographed Diamonds and Guns DVD #2
Renee O'Connor Autographed TV Guide
Renee Autographed Diamonds and Guns DVD
Wicked A Xena Musical Signed DVD #2
Wicked A Xena Musical Signed DVD
Lucy Lawless 8 x 10 Photo - Not Autographed
Lucy Lawless Autographed Xena Poster
Lucy Lawless Autographed Xena Photo
Lucy Lawless Autographed Xena Photo #2
Lucy Lawless Roxy Photo Not Autographed by Lida Verner
Lucy Lawless Photo Not Autographed by KT Jorgensen

6 May 2009

Team Amazon AIDS LifeCycle Auction Now Underway

Main Team Amazon Life Cycle Auction!

With the recent server problems, I have had to remove the old auction site to rebuild it. In the meantime I've re-located the auction to the old AUSXIP Auction site. If you have previously registered here, your username and password are still in the database.

If not or you would like to add a different account go here:

To Change your registration go here:
Lost Password go here

Let's support Cat and Nora on their quest to ride from SF to LA!



AUSXIP Supports Team Amazon in SF to LA Bike Ride

I'm very proud to announce that AUSXIP will support two very special women in the 7 Day, 545 mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles to make a world of difference in the lives of people living with HIV and AIDS. From May 31-June 6, 2009, Cat and Nora (Team Amazon) are cycling to Los Angeles from San Francisco. This bike ride isn't going to be easy but those two are going to do it.
The team goal is to raise $8,000 in 3 months. There will be several fund raising projects in the works including a special auction on AUSXIP Auctions and some very special goodies. If you want to donate directly to them without waiting for the auction or other fundraising events you can do so from today:
Support Cat and Nora as they ride to Los Angeles and let's help them raise $8000 for a very worthy cause!


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