One on One with Adrienne Wilkinson

Interviewed by: Christa Morris
23 June 2007
Los Angeles, California

AUSXIP reporter Christa interviewed Adrienne on 23 June 2007 in Los Angeles. This interview is quiet lengthy and so interesting. Adrienne talks about her career choices, living in Hollywood, being a voiceover actress, her new Star Wars role, Xena and her thoughts on working in New Zealand, working with Lucy, Renee, Kevin Smith and much more.

The interview is just over 1 hour in length. It is the best interview I've seen of Adrienne and quite fun.

Many thanks to Adrienne for taking the time for this wonderful interview.

Credits: Interviewer - Christa Morris
Edited by: MaryD


  Interview - Clip 1

Adrienne talks about her childhood and her acting efforts after moving to Hollywood to start her career.
  Interview - Clip 2

Adrienne talks about her acting mentor and the acting profession and roles she would have loved to have done and also her favourite actors.


  Interview - Clip 3

Adrienne talks about "The Closer" the play she produced and what that involved in being a producer and how different that was to acting. She also talks about doing voice over work.
  Interview - Clip 4

Adrienne talks about her new role in the new Star Wars game and what that was like to be involved in the Star Wars universe.
  Interview - Clip 5

Adrienne talks about working on Charmed and the various stunts she performed on ER.
  Interview - Clip 6

Adrienne talks about Xena, working in New Zealand and her thoughts about life on the set with Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor.
  Interview - Clip 7

Continues Adrienne's thoughts on Xena and also working with Michael Hurst as the director and what she learnt from him.
  Interview - Clip 8

Adrienne talks about Kevin Smith and her memories of the man and the actor. Also talks about working in New Zealand and how different it is.

  Interview - Clip 9

Adrienne talks about the Xena fans and their loyalty, her first convention and the support fans have given her so many years after the show has ended.

  Interview - Clip 10

Final clip - Adrienne talks about the impact Xena has had on her life and the new fans that are just finding the show. Adrienne also talks about her new project where she will be singing the new title song and acting in an upcoming movie called Reflections.