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One on One with
Steven Sears

Interviewed by: Christa and MaryD
11 January 2008
Los Angeles, California

AUSXIP reporter Christa and MaryD interviewed Steven in Los Angeles on January 11, 2008. This interview is quite lengthy and very interesting. Steven talks about his childhood and his career path from actor to writer and producer, his online activities, the recent Xenaverse Refreshes Campaign and Xena Day March, the Xena fans generocity and what it means for him.

The interview is just over 1 hour in length and in wmv format. The interview consists of 9 video clips (240 mb combined)  If you have a problem in playing the video please download the latest Divx player located here (available for Windows and Mac platforms). It is a lengthy download but it's one of the best interviews Steven has given.

Many thanks to Steven for taking the time for this wonderful interview.


  Early Childhood and Growing Up As An Army Brat and how that shaped his outlook in life

Clip #1 - 30 mb wmv format zipped
  Steven talks about how he got into acting and then writing.

Clip #2 - 21 mb wmv format zipped
  Writing in Hollywood and the Writing Process - Steven talks about the whole writing process and how he does extensive research and his advice for new writers

Clip 3 - 29.3 mb wmv format zipped
Clip 4 - 25.7 mb wmv format zipped
Clip 5 - 26.7 mb wmv format zipped
  Steven Talks About Xena and what was involved in the process

Clip 6 - 29.2 mb wmv format zipped
Clip 7 - 35.8 mb wmv format zipped

  Steven's Online presence on various forums and the original NetForum. Also talks about how his convention mingling with the fans.

Clip #8 - 20.1 mb wmv format zipped

  Steven talks about what the Xenaverse means to him with the upcoming Xena Day March and the Xenaverse Refreshes Campaign during the Writer's Strike

Clip #9 (Final Part) - 27.6 mb wmv format zipped