Season 5
Episode Screengrabs

22 Episodes

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1. The Fallen Angel:  152 screengrabs

2. Chakram:  210 screengrabs

3. Succession:  202 screengrabs

4. Animal Attraction:  102 screengrabs

5. Them Bones, Them Bones

6. Purity:  75 screengrabs

7. Back in the Bottle:  129 screengrabs

8. Little Problems:  106 screengrabs

9. Seeds of Faith:  185 screengrabs

10. Lyre, Lyre, Hearts on Fire:  128 screengrabs

11. Punch Lines:  137 screengrabs

12. God Fearing Child:  161 screengrabs (640x480 Grabs/GOF)

13. Eternal Bonds:  163 screengrabs

14. Amphipolis Under Siege: 160 screengrabs

15. Married With Fishsticks:

16. Lifeblood:  89 screengrabs

Kindred Spirits: 
130 screengrabs

18. Antony & Cleopatra:  174 screengrabs

Looking Death in the Eye: 
151 screengrabs (640x480 Grabs/LDITE)

168 screengrabs (640x480 Grabs/Livia)

21. Eve:  198 screengrabs (640x480 Grabs/Eve)

22. Motherhood:  205 screengrabs (640x480 Grabs/Motherhood)



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