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Jan Nash on THR's List of The 50 Power Showrunners of 2014

Posted on 9 October 2014

ImageThe writer-producers at the top of their ultracompetitive class share career lows, the spec scripts they'd rather forget and their stranger-than-fiction fan interactions

Jan Nash-

Taking the helm in 2013 of TNT's most watched show (which has nearly eclipsed The Closer as TNT's biggest ever with an average 6.5 million viewers), Nash, 53, has steered the ship into clear waters and made the female buddy-cop procedural a keystone of the net's schedule.

Hardest scene I had to write this year: "Where we buried the character of Detective Barry Frost, played by the late actor Lee Thompson Young. Trying to write scenes about a real loss without collapsing into melodrama pushed me in all sorts of new ways."

Most embarrassing thing I've ever written: "My first comedy spec script, followed closely by my second. Perhaps this explains why I became a drama writer."