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Sarah Silverman gets a 'sex change' to fight the wage gap(Rizzoli & Isles mentioned)

Posted on 9 October 2014

The wage gap is a problem, and Sarah Silverman is calling attention to it—with a “sex change.” Silverman made a comedic video touting the Equal Payback Project, a crowd funding cause aimed to raise money for the National Women’s Law Center, a non-profit group designed to fight for equal pay through advocacy, education, and legislation.

The fundraising goal is $29,811,746,430,000, which according to the Equal Payback Project, is the approximate amount of money that 69 million women in the workplace lose to men over a career, or 78 cents for every man’s dollar. Silverman’s video pokes fun at the drastic measures for her to close the wage gap, which would require her to say good bye to her breasts named “Isles and Rizzoli,” and to get a penile implant that smells “like sourdough bread.”