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        8 November 2014

Lucy Confirms 2015 Xena Convention + Photo Ops & Auto - Appearing Saturday!

ImageLucy has confirmed that she will be at the last official Xena convention in Burbank! The following was posted on Creation’s Official Convention Page. She will be appearing on Saturday instead of Sunday. Renee will also be appearing on Saturday so it looks like they will farewell the fans together.

LUCY LAWLESS: The internationally iconic character of Xena made Lucy a superstar and a true fan favorite. It has been our honor to have been working with this amazingly gifted performer for so many years, including producing her musical concerts in the US and London which was a major highlight of our career. It is a pleasure to present her at the very final Official Xena Convention.

Lucy has graciously agreed to appear on Saturday and will be doing autographs and photo ops (including tentatively some nice surprises in terms of duo shots). We will have more info on tickets for autographs and photo ops in the days to come and will send out a bulletin about this when they go on sale but we wanted everyone to know that LUCY IS IN!

Click here for more about the con



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