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        27 October 2017

Continuing This Week's Featured Bard Iseqween's Xena Classic Fanfic Selections!

We're continuing this week's Featured Bard's Xena Classic Fic by Iseqween!

Will You Still Love Me Yesterday
Our girls confront a “what if” scenario spun between the end of WHEN FATES COLLIDE and the beginning of DEBT I.

Delves into the minds of a warrior and peasant girl who change the course of each other’s lives during the “teaser” for SINS OF THE PAST.

Trying Fun
Xena and Gabrielle must deal with "growing pains" that surface in their relationship after fighting the Horde and will later develop into the full-blown "rift" of season three.

Xena experiences life without Gabrielle, who freezes during a melee and decides to return home in the first season episode THE PRODIGAL.

Some months after she begins traveling with Xena, Gabrielle meets a man from the warrior’s past who teaches the companions a lesson about keeping secrets from each other.



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