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        9 November 2017

Featured Artist of the Week: Lucia Nobrega

xippy3There are a lot of artists in the Xenaverse that are spectacular. When I think of Xenaverse artist, the first name that springs to mind is someone I have known since 1999. August 1999 is when Lucia sent me some cartoon characters she was working and asked me if I wanted to post them on AUSXIP.

I opened the attached images and fell in love. Little Xena and Gabrielle were staring back at me. Lucia Nobrega had drawn two of the most beloved character as Little Xena and Gabrielle. Did I want to post them on AUSXIP? Easiest decision ever made. My answer was YES!!!!

That is why for the inaugural AUSXIP Featured Artist of the Week goes to Lucia Nobrega and she also drew Little Xena and Gabrielle for the Featured Artist Logo (she didn't know it at the was an idea brewing in my head).


See Lucia's Little Xena Comic Series and Much More from 1999 to 2017!


See Lucia's Subtext Virtual Season Art




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