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        7 November 2017

Featured Bard of the Week: Della Street

This week's Featured Bard of the Week on The Bard's Corner is Della Street! These stories are three of my favourite from way way way back to 1999! Links to the The Pink Rabbit Consortium site

Back Trouble by Della Street
I love Della Street's work and this little tale is just too cute for words. Poor Xena has hurt her back..just when she and Gabrielle were finding out what everyone out there in subtext land already knew! She is under orders to stay put in bed by the Amazon healer. Doing this is a tough job. A cute story.

Bargain Hunting by Della Street
This is one of the funniest stories I have read. Xena goes to see a slave owner about a slave..a blond, green eyed slave that is rather excitable! I won't say anymore because it's got to be read to be appreciated. A lighter side to Xena: Warrior Princess

Beyond Sex by Della Street
Want a good laugh? Well this little story will lift your spirits! Our gals are beyond sex or so Mr Tapert and Co tell us. So Gabrielle tells Xena that their relationship goes beyond sex and they don't need it. Well Xena has other ideas! A very funny little tale.



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