Eulogy to Shary's Computer:
by Shirl Landon
There once was a 'puter out west,
That always tried it's best,
To keep Shary happy,
Even when she felt crappy,
But now we lay it to rest.
Twas the home of the nutbread site,
A place to keep spirits light,
But the harddrive has crashed,
And Shary's hopes are dashed,
To have Bitr's fic up by tonight.
So we say farewell to her friend,
But flowers do not sent,
Shary doesn't need scriptures,
She needs bios and pictures,
So that our site she can mend.
Thank you Shirl - as you can see it has been reincarnated
and is now lightening spirits with the best of them!!  YEA! ;-)