In Memory of Rebekah Wright
A bard and a Xenite!
(A.K.A. WebHermit)
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As posted on the What's New page of MaryD's site -

It is with great sadness that I announce that a friend and and one of my favourite bards has passed away. Rebekah passed way on the 29th October from a short illness. Becky had a great sense of humour  - a trully very down to earth woman. Rebekah was one of the first bards in the Xenaverse with her classic story Nor The Battle to The Strong: Part 1: All Through The Night. It was one of the trully great stories this fandom has produced. May you rest in Peace Rebekah. If you want to read her absolutely wonderful stories they are still online at the Cave of Choirs Web site. http://www.caveofchoirs.org/stories/fanfic/xenaff/attn.htm
(a tribute from Mary D)