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Reminder for US Xenites: Lucy will be on the sitcom "Just Shoot Me" on the 8th February in the US.
[click here to see preview screengrabs]


28 February

Aussie Xena News

Here is some interesting news for Sydney Xenites (and anyone else who wishes to come down for this event

Eclectica Bookshop Cafe
349 Rocky Point Road
Sans Souci 2219
(opposite McDonalds)

Eclectica Bookshop Cafe is hosting a Cult TV night on Saturday March the 10th, starting at 6pm and running through to about 10pm. On the night the first three episodes of Xena Season 6 will be shown, as well as two classic episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The night will also launch fiction magazine Eschaton, and authors and artists from the zine will be in attendance. Delicious meals, drinks and desserts are available. For more info either check out the Eclectica website:
http://members.optusnet.com.au/~eclectica   Or send an email to eclectica@optusnet.com.au

AXIP News Archive

The Bard's Corner

27 February

AXIP News Archive

  • The following is from Leanne from Kiwi Attic
    On Sunday, Lucy featured in both the Sunday Star Times and the Sunday News regarding the Top 100 people in New Zealand in terms of wealth. The Sunday Star Times has an excellent 46 page booklet which has a full page picture and accompanying article detailing Lucy's earnings and how she ranks against other New Zealand top-earners. Both her and Rachel Hunter are the top of the entertainers section. http://kiwiattic.bizland.com/Xena/otheritems/Top100.htm  
  • The Sunday News also has a small picture and contains similar information. Not as impressive as the wee booklet though! All articles have been transcribed for you. http://kiwiattic.bizland.com/Xena/SundayNews/250201.htm
  • The New Idea this week has a two page story about Lucy in the upcoming episode of Just Shoot Me (which has already aired in the USA) with a series of screen pictures and full page picture of Lucy dressed up "to the nines" in her screen role. http://bizland.kiwiattic.com/Xena/NewIdea/030301.htm
  • This weeks Sunday News has a write up of the programme (Lawless with Kevin Smith) as reviewed by Bill Ralson (who is usually a political figure who does anything to create dissention). Surprisingly, he has good things to say about Kevin, and the programme. You can check out the page from the paper, along with a few excerpts from the article at this link: http://kiwiattic.bizland.com/Kevin/SN250201.htm  

The Bard's Corner

Xenaverse News

  • The following is from Mist at Sword and Staff
    Just want to remind everyone that the latest Sword and Staff auction will end this evening, Monday, February 26, 2001 at 9:00 EST. Proceeds will go to the Xeroderma Pigmentosum Society's Camp Sundown. You can find the auction at: http://sword-and-staff.com/auction.htm
  • UK News
    March on TV in the UK Tuesday at 7pm on Channel 5 "First Terrestrial UK Showing" There will be nothing in the beginning of March, until:-
    20 March Series 4 No. 13 Paradise Found
    27 March No 14 Devi
    There will be additional sundry repeats on Saturdays at 09.55 no details of which episodes. Many thanks to Jeffrey for the information


24 February

Okay I got some pretty cool news -- I'm heading to the US of A. Be very afraid :-) I'm heading to Los Angeles (and I'm hoping it doesn't shake, rattle and roll when I'm there), Atlanta (for DragonCon) and then NYC late August and early September and other stops in between. <g> This will be my first visit to the US and I'm counting sleeps till August. Let's hope I get some sleep before then <g> And now the Xena Update for today.

The ROC File

This is EXTREMELY late but hopefully some people will catch it still

  • It's Rockford Files, A Blessing in Disguise. It's on tonight(2/23) at 9 PM Central on Court TV, and tomorrow at 3 PM central also on Court TV. Please check your TV guide for local times in your area. Many thanks to Jennifer Lee for the alert.

The Bard's Corner


23 February

There has been a few people over the course of the past few days that have looked into Murphy's "death". After reviewing the evidence I believe that the online persona of Murphy is dead but the person behind the persona is not. I didn't want to believe this was true and it's not true (that is a good thing). The bad thing is that Murphy perpetrated this hoax and for that I am extremely disappointed that someone would feel the need to "kill" themselves. We've lost Rebekah and Tonya (may they both rest in peace) and it's a cruel and sadistic way to "get back" at people for whatever reason. The resources and time of people were spent in trying to find out if Murphy died. Amy if you are reading this please know that what you did was wrong and it hurt a great many people who cared for you.


22 February

AXIP News Archive

The Bard's Corner

Xenaverse News

  • The following is from Mist at Sword and Staff
    There is a new auction posted to the Sword and Staff website. You can find it at http://sword-and-staff.com/auction.htm This auction will benefit the Xeroderma Pigmentosum Society, Inc. This is a rare skin disorder that makes it impossible for children to go outside in the sun. The funds raised from this auction will go to support the XP Society's Camp Sundown 2001. This summer camp is geared toward allowing children who have XP to attend a camp that runs its activities in the hours after sundown and before dawn. If you'd like more info on the XP Society, you can find it at http://www.xps.org/camp01.htm  

    If you would like to bid on any of the items, please do so by sending your bid to XPWAuction@aol.com  Please put the word AUCTION in the subject line and be sure to state the name of the item and the item number along with your bid in US dollars. We will NOT be accepting credit cards for this auction.
  • The following is from Creation
    We've been asked over the years about Creation having Xena posters and we now have permission to make them. They will be photographic and about 2' x 3'. We're releasing four to begin with and if they do well, we'll have more. Are there any photos that we sell in the catalog or photo club that you would like to see as posters?  Send your suggestions to outback@primenet.com

20 February

Season Six Episode Guide


AXIP News Archive

The Bard's Corner

16 February

MaryD's on hiatus for a couple of days so updates will be light.  Have a great weekend everybody!

Marcella aka Redhead

15 February

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RENE… and many happy returns!


An Invitation to all of Tonya Muir's Online friends

from Ana 


I want to extend an invitation to all of Tonya Muir's online friends (and there are many of us). I am organizing an online memorial service/wake for all of us who wish to honor and remember our friend. The news of her death saddened many of us and I get the feeling we haven't had a chance to mourn and remember her as a community. On Friday February 16, starting at 8 PM Central time, please join us at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/For_Tonya/chat for this memorial/wake. You will need to subscribe first to my list in order to participate (sorry about that; it's the way it works) but we are not talking "long term commitment" here. I will be closing the list shortly after this memorial/wake. There will be some simple rules to follow that I will post at the beginning of the memorial/wake. To subscribe, click on For_Tonya-subscribe@yahoogroups.com I don't know how long it will take, but you can stay as long as you want to.

For more information contact Ana at ana_l_lugo@email.msn.com

14 February

Lucy News

  • On the NBC site for Just Shoot Me there is an interview with Lucy in RealPlayer format about her guest starring role.[Click here to go to NBC site]

News Archive

The Bard's Corner

13 February

Red hot Lucy and Renee picture for sale from Kiwi Attic

roclucy.jpg (5050 bytes)

The photo you have all been waiting for..........Lucy and Renee O'Connor holding hands at the TV Guide Television awards. This is an excellent quality 5 x 7inch glossy photo. Unfortunately, we were unable to budge this particular photographer from their price and as a consequence, this photo is more expensive than other 5 x 7's previously offered by Kiwi Attic. US$10.00 for the photograph, but shipping is still US$3.50, with the offer of 3 or more photos ordered being shipped for free.  http://kiwiattic.bizland.com/Xena/otheritems/LLRCphoto.htm  


Season Six Episode Guide / Screengrabs

News Archive

The Bard's Corner

12 February

Season Six Episode Guide

News Archive

t136.jpg (7446 bytes)

TV Zone #136 will have a 7 page interview with Renee!
the issue is out now in the UK. The web edition will be posted in a week or so.


ts40_cover.jpg (14624 bytes)

Also TV Zone Special #40 (theme: Sword & Sorcery), which has two substantial features on the production histories of both Xena and Hercules. Excerpts from the articles are now online



The Bard's Corner

Bards of the Xenaverse (Interviews)

Xenaverse News

  • The following is from Mist at Sword and Staff
    Total Donations: $200,000 Total Rainforest Acreage Preserved: 472 acres

    I just opened this morning's Sword and Staff mail, and I am happy to announce that as of today we have topped $200,000 in donations. To all of you from around the world who have organized regional fundraisers or who have participated in Sword and Staff sponsored events, you have my thanks, admiration, and congratulations. Your contributions and efforts have done some amazing things and what has been done by groups participating in Sword and Staff activities stands as a testament to the generosity and determination of Xena fans.

    All the best,
    Mist http://sword-and-staff.com

11 February

Aussie Xena Merchandise News

9 February

To those who picked up the typo on the what's new page - many thanks...there are people who look at the "fine print" <vbg>

Reminder for US Xenites: Lucy will be on the sitcom "Just Shoot Me" on the 8th February in the US

The screengrabs for Lucy's appearance on "Just Shoot Me" are now available hot off the satellite thanks to Judi and Carol.

News Archive

The Bard's Corner

8 February

Season Six Episode Guide

The ROC File

  • The Tube File has a really cool indepth interview with Renee.
  • Renee also did an interview with TV Zone - the date of that issue isn't known yet.

Xenaverse News

  • More about the new Xena Trading Cards. The following info is from Rittenhouse Archives
    Here at Rittenhouse Archives, our Xena: Warrior Princess, Seasons 4 and 5 Trading Cards are off to a fantastic start. On Feb. 1st, our first full day taking orders for this product, we experienced our largest single day of orders in company history. And the orders have continued to pour in since!  If you have not yet placed an order for this product, we encourage you to do so as soon as possible. Based on sales so far, we are tracking towards an early SELL-OUT! There will be only 10,000 boxes (or 833 cases) made. The official order due date is March 2nd, but it is very possible that we could be SOLD OUT prior to this date.  To order, please go to www.scifihobby.com , fax us at 215-572-5233, or call us at 215-884-9410.

7 February

News Archive

The Bard's Corner

Xenaverse News

  • Reminder: from Dawn about the t-shirts for Charity
    With the Pasadena 2001 Xena Convention fast approaching, it is our goal to sell at least 500 (hopefully more), t-shirts to raise money for the following charities: The Starship Foundation's Safe and Sound Appeal, The Starship Children's Hospital and the James B. Ellis Foundation. These shirts will be available in a variety of sizes, will be silk-screened, 4-color process on a 50/50 white t-shirt. Click here to view t-shirts - Here is the latest info from Dawn about the t-shirts

    I just received an anonymous gift donation, matching the t-shirts sales up to $5000.00!!!!!! That's right!! $5000.00!!! I spoke to the donor (who wishes to remain anonymous), this evening, and they will be sending me 2 checks, matching the t-shirt sales up to $5000.00 ($2500.00 made out to each of the 2 charities)!! Which means, the more t-shirts we sell, the better our chances of receiving the full $5000. This person wanted to do something to say thank you to the cast and crew of Xena: Warrior Princess so they decided to donate the money to the t-shirt sales.

6 February

Aussie News

  • Foxtel will be airring Xena - Season 3 in April 2001. This will be unedited versions that we were used to from channel 10.
    Many thanks to Jake for the news
  • Artzone is an observational documentary series exploring the creative processes of ten Australian artists and performing groups. The series focuses on educational outcomes for Levels 7 and 8 of The Arts - A Curriculum Profile for Australian Schools and is designed for students to examine ways artists approach the creating, making and presenting of their work. Artzone includes artists in the fields - drama, dance, music, visual arts and media.
    Ep. 1 Club Swing
    Club Swing is a troupe of aerialists whose work sets up a new category of hybrid arts, blending circus and post-modern parody. This program observes Club Swing creating a show that explores ideas about the new female superheroes like Xena Warrior Princess and the Tomb Raider Lara Croft.

    Broadcast on Tuesday 13/2/2001 at 11:15 am
    Repeat Broadcast 15/5/2001 at 11:15 am

Season Six Episode Guide

News Archive

The Bard's Corner

Coming Soon: The sequel to Retribution by Sword 'n' Quill is called Restitution. This one is a beauty folks. So stay tuned for more Ice and Angel (two of my favourite Uber characters)

I forgot to give the email subscription address for Murphy's new Bard's List - sorry Murph. To subscribe send a message to RelaxHaveFunWrite-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

5 February

Magazine Alert: Lucy is in the current issue of New Idea - "Lucy's Heroic Secrets Revealed"

Full transcript and scans will be up in tomorrow's update

Season Six Screengrabs
(Updated by Judi Mair and Carol Stephens)


4 February

Episode Guide

News Archive

  • Added advert scan in the US TV Guide for Lucy's appearance on Just Shoot Me
  • In Entertainment Weekly Magazine #581 Feb.9, 2001 for Saturday programming Saturday February 10, Syndicated-Xena: Warrior Princess... "A nosy television reporter asks Gabrielle if she's in love with Xena. Well duh!"
    many thanks to Tanya for the information
  • Lucy to play Wonder Woman in new movie?
    "Fans mourning the death of Xena:Warrior Princess received a glimmer of hope this week. Lucy Lawless who played the title role in the recently axed show, is the hot favourite to portray Wonder Woman, the mother of allsuper-heroines. The comic book character inspired a much-loved television series in the Seventies, starring Lynda Carter, but previous plans for Wonder Woman to join her DC Comics stablemates Batman and Superman on the big screen have floundered.

    [Click here to read The Times Online Article]
  • The NZ Herald had a small blurb about the SkyCity Starlight Symphony hosted by Lucy and Kevin (see below for the pictures and a small report)
    The free concert in the Auckland Domain will be hosted by actors Lucy Lawless and Kevin Smith. Lawless' biggest challenge has been walking in high heels. She says she rarely wears them and, although she starred in a Broadway production of Grease, she has no plans to sing tonight. The concert starts at 7.30 pm and will raise money for the Starship and Kidz First children's hospitals. If postponed, it will be held tomorrow night.
    [Click here to read full article on NZ Herald Online]

Lucy News

  • Lucy Lawless & Kevin Smith hosted the SkyCity Starlight Symphony in New Zealand on 3 February 2001. The goal was to collect donations for Kidz First and Stasrship Hospital. This was outlined by Michael Hirst who made a short speech making people aware of the importance of this project. Richard K was one of the volunteers and he also managed to snap a few pictures of Lucy and Kevin on stage. [Click here to view the mini report and picture scans]
  • The US TV Guide Promo for Just Shoot Me is
    Thursday February 8, 2001--9:30pm Just Shoot Me "To make Maya jealous, Elliott hires a hooker (Lucy Lawless) and passes her off as a doctor he's dating; Finch plays auctioneer."
    Many thanks to Tanya for the information

The Bard's Corner

I am very pleased to announce the addition of Ali Vali to The Bard's Corner

Xenaverse News

  • Good news for Ted Raimi fans:
    A new press release from Sony Pictures Consumer Products indicates that Ted Raimi will be playing Dr. Curt Connors in the Spider-Man movie directed by his brother, Sam Raimi. It has long been speculated that Ted Raimi would be playing Connors, the research biologist who, in the comics, eventually becomes the Lizard.  To find out more about the spiderman movie go to:

  • The following is from Murphy about a new list.
    I know we are all sick of lists! LOL! Here is another to choose! This is a place to have fun and write! Encourage! Without being judged! We all need that! All I ask is no flaming!
  • The Oxygen Xena Chat scheduled for  Wednesday, 7 p.m. ET with OXYTVAmar is now at 6 pm. If you want a full list of the chats and the times go to Oxygen
    Xena Chat Information
  • Danielle Cormack and Karl Urban have a new film out called The Price of Milk
    many thanks to Arianne for the link
  • The following is from Aussie Anne
    There was an add this morning during A Necessary Evil for the Aussies Xenarama coming to us on TV1 from 5th of Feb... And the add was 100% pure subtext shots with some dodgey quotes from our favourite couple running over the top. Towards the end the the infamous quest kiss ran, and before they could black out, the announcer cleared his throat before giving us the xenarama details.
    For Aussies with Foxtel access:
    Foxtel is showing another Xena-Rama from February 5 - Xena for three hours every day from 10:30 pm and 7:30 pm Mondays in the segment Cool Summer Chicks. So if you have Foxtel - you're going to be watching Xena Season 2.

Xenafest News

  • Added information about the annual Midlands (UK) Xenafest

2 February

My book Out of Darkness is now available - it's back from the printers and anyone who placed an order with Renaissance Alliance Publishing, the books will be shipped out on Monday. If you would like to purchase a copy (please <g>) You can order it from Renaissance Alliance Publishing or Barnes & Noble. It will be also available from Amazon.com, Borders and The Open Book. I'll have links to those places once it gets listed.

Renaissance Alliance Publishing or Barnes & Noble.com.

1 February

AXIP Episode Guide

  • Added Transcript and screengrabs from the longer promo for You Are There

The Bard's Corner

News Archive

  • The following is from Leanne at Kiwi Attic: Kevin Smith is featured in the Sunday News in anarticle which details the upcoming Armageddon convention in Auckland, where he will be signing autographs and meeting fans along with other television and film stars from other popular fantasy and sci-if shows. The entire article has been transcribed at the link below, including the scan of the excellent picture. http://kiwiattic.bizland.com/Kevin/SN280101.htm

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