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Upcoming Renee Events
27 March 2005 1am
31 March 2005
Alien Apocalypse
SciFi Channel / US


14-15 May 2005
Strong Women of
TV & Film
Seattle, WA, USA


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MARCH 2005

11 April

XenaMedia - Articles

XenaMedia - Images

Lucy Lawless Updates

Premieres & Other Events Images

Articles - Magazines 2000

Articles - Magazines 1998

10 April

Directory of Xena References

  • Updated TV Shows references

Faces of the Fans DVD

  • The National Breast Cancer Foundation is delighted that they have been chosen as the recipients for Xenite donations!  All Xenites have been very generous so far with pledges for donations, so thank you to all the fans out there - 'Love is the way'!!  We have received lots of photos, music vids, fanfic and poetry, but we are urging fans to grab a video camera, and send us video submissions!!! We have had some hilarious entries, and are sure that there are many more out there just waiting to be filmed!! So go on! Be brave and get FOFing!

  • Added a Reneé Quiz to the site where you can test what you've learned while browsing AUSXIP. Once done you can display your results in your blog or journal using the little output the quiz generates. Enjoy!

    Click here to take the quiz

AUXPIX.net group of sites update:

  • Added Wendy Woody's Xena fan movie DeliverX and her Xena music video (both featured at the 10th Anniversary Xena Convention) to her site with auspix.
    Click here to visit Wendy's site

31 March

Lucy Lawless


Added Locusts Trailer with Lucy.


Premieres & Other Events

Yesterday was the premiere of Boogeyman in New Zealand.
Lucy and Rob attended with other cast members from the horror flick. Topic Photography has some great photos of Lucy and Rob (which you can purchase if you wish).


Added brief mention on NZ's TV One's Headliners show about Kathryn Morris (Najara) and Lucy. Click here to read.

Renee O'Connor

Alien Apocalypse


Xena Updates



30 March

Articles - Magazines 2005

Official Xena Fan Club Kit #9 Now Available to Order
  • It's time to renew your membership by signing up for THE OFFICIAL XENA FAN CLUB KIT #9! Here's all the amazing stuff you get as part of your membership:

Official Xena Fan Club Kit #10 Special Bones

  • Official Xena Fan Club Kits #9 and #10 AND SPECIAL BONUS (includes all the benefits of membership to Official Xena Fan Club Kit #9 as described above, PLUS early-bird sign-up for Kit #10 which will come six months after Kit #9 (which will once again contain a brand new DVD of great exclusive stuff plus all the printed extras and six months of all-new on-line content (which begins on OCTOBER 1, 2005) IN TOTAL, you'll get two great exclusive DVDs of all-new content (each shipped separately of course), 12 months of on-line coverage, and two fantastic sets of printed goodies!

Deliver X DVD News from Wendy and Deborah
  • Thank you to everyone who has asked about the "DeliverX" DVD for your patience. I'm happy to let you know that the reason for its delay is now online ready for viewing! I was hard at work putting together my submission to to the Lucasfilm Star Wars Fan Film Contest. My entry, "Tiny Toys", starring Deborah Abbott, was selected as one of 16 finalists. It's  up for viewing and voting at www.atomfilms.com. There should be a link to the Star Wars fan film page on the main page. Please feel free to vote and leave comments!

    As for the "DeliverX" DVD, it is almost finished. In addition to the film, it will also come with my "Xena TV Themes" music video, Deborah's "Hella Good" Xena music video, a blooper collection and more.


29 March

29th March is Lucy's Birthday
Happy 37th Birthday Lucy!

The artwork was contributed by Mouraali <g>
Click on the thumbnail for the larger scan


Rumour Control - Lucy NOT in upcoming Alias
  • Seems there was a rumour floating around the Xenaverse that Lucy was or is being offered a part on the tv show Alias. Unfortunately for Lucy fans this is not true.

    Sharon Delaney has just posted the following on the Official Xena Fan Club Kit mailing list:

    "Checked with Lucy about that rumor she is going to play one of Syd's aunts on Alias and she said it isn't true. Not to say that something couldn't happen in the future with that show (never say never in this town), but this particular rumor is false."

Renee O'Connor Updates

Added 43 screengrabs from Alien Apocalypse with Renee, the bugs and Bruce


28 March

Renee O'Connor Updates

Alien Apocalypse - Reviews

  • Added a breakdown of Alien Apocalypse to the movie's page. Bruce Campbell plays Ivan Hood, Renee is Kelly in this campy post apocalyptic sci-fi movie. Seen the movie? Want to share your thoughts? Please contact us.


Xena Episode Guide

Xena Media References
  • Updated references in TV Shows
  • Updated references in Books
The Bard's Corner




26 March

Xenaverse News

    Added a new Greater Good project run by the Canberra Xena Gang called Faces of the Fans DVD project. Check out the FAQ and other interesting info about this project and how you can contribute. All proceeds to go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation or a charity of your choice.


Renee O'Connor Updates

VCR Alerts
  • Alien Apocalypse US Reminder:
    Don't forget to tune into the SCI FI channel for Alien Apocalypse this weekend 26 March and 27 March. There is a brief mention from The Detroit Free Press about the movie calling it a "Totally rockin' goofball fun".
    Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news
  • The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn in France & Germany
    The germano-french channel "ARTE" gives Sunday 27th March at 20:45 "Les
    aventures de Huckleberry Finn/Die Abenteuer von Huck Finn" with Renee
    Many thanks to Fausta for the update


Locusts! Update

  • CBS Unleashes Plague of 'Locusts' in April - Zap2It
    Zap2It - Friday, March 25 08:19 AM
    LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com) Given that CBS' Sunday (March 20) exploitation movie "Spring Break Shark Attack" managed to scare up some 11.59 million viewers, it seems like the network may continue with more offerings that seem better suited to the Sci Fi Channel. In that vein, get ready for a little telefilm CBS likes to call "Locusts," premiering on Sunday, April 24.
  • Updated cast information

25 March

In the Blood of the Greeks

In the Blood of the Greeks by MaryD

is now available to purchase from Cavalier PressIt is 1944. Zoe Lambros is a young Greek woman with vengeance in her heart and a faith in God that has been shattered by the death of her family. Eva Muller is the daughter of the German major in command of the troops occupying Zoe's village. This is a story of courage, hope and strength, as Zoe and Eva find unexpected love in extraordinary circumstances.

This, the first book in the fully reworked Intertwined Souls series, chronicles the first part of Eva and Zoe's journey from war-torn
Europe to a new life in Australia.  Lucy to Attend Premiere of Boogeyman in New Zealand 30 MarchLucy Lawless and Producer Rob Tapert to attend the New Zealand Premiere of BOOGEYMAN. Actor Lucy Lawless and Producer Rob Tapert will attend the New Zealand Premiere of the new film BOOGEYMAN on March 30, at Village Sky City Cinemas St Lukes Auckland. Produced by Rob Tapert and Sam Raimi, the movie was filmed entirely in New Zealand and features Lucy Lawless in a cameo appearance. Australian actor Tory Mussett, who also appears in the movie, will attend the New Zealand Premiere.BOOGEYMAN stars Americans Barry Watson and Emily Deschanel in lead roles, with a host of local talent in supporting roles including Phillip Gordon, Robyn Malcolm and Louise Wallace.

BOOGEYMAN released last month in the United States and took over US$50million in its first week. The film falls into the popular horror genre that his been dominating the New Zealand box office recently with films such as “The Grudge” and “The Ring 2.”

Members of the New Zealand film crew will also be attending the premiere.

BOOGEYMAN is being distributed in New Zealand by Roadshow Film Distributors and opens nationally at cinemas on March 31, 2005.  

24 March

Hi folks,

I firmly believe this is a case of helping out for the Greater Good and when Xena fans come together...good things happen. I feel this is important. I have nothing against Canada but the Seal Hunt HAS to stop.

The largest commercial slaughter of marine mammals on the planet will begin in late March. By the end of this year's hunt, more than 300,000 seals will have been brutally killed--many of them babies as young as 12 days old. Some of them will have been
skinned while still conscious and able to feel pain. Stand with me today and stop the seal hunt forever by joining the Canadian seafood boycott. To learn more about the hunt and sign the pledge click here: http://www.ProtectSeals.org .

Once you've signed the pledge, you'll be able to spot Canadian seafood by using HSUS's downloadable pocket guide to spotting seafood. Thanks for joining me in ending this awful hunt.


Double Dare Movie Double Dare DVD 3 Hours of footage
Price: $21.98 (US$)

We're happy to announce the availability of pre-ordering for DOUBLE DARE, the award-winning documentary on the life and career of Zoe Bell, stunt double for Lucy Lawless during the run of Xena. Xena fans will love this film and all the extras, including interviews with Lucy and behind the scenes stuff on the making of Xena. Place your order today for June 8th shipping! Visit our Xena retail shop online to reserve your DOUBLE DARE today! New from Rittenhouse Archives

Lucy Lawless-Jeri Ryan Dual Autograph TV Guide Card

This exclusive card has been officially licensed by TV Guide, Xena and Star Trek. It features authentic signatures from Lucy Lawless (as Xena) and Jeri Ryan (as Seven of Nine). Only 500 cards available in this limited edition offer. The TV Guide cover image was taken from the actual TV Guide issue dated April 10, 1999.

  TV Guide Online - Is Lucy going to be the new Wonder Woman?


  • The following is from TV Guide Online
    Question: Now, I think we all know where you stand on the casting for Joss Whedon's Wonder Woman (Entertainment News 3/17), but I feel obliged to mention my best friend's belief that the one and only (aside from Lynda Carter, natch) choice is Lucy Lawless. If ever the opportunity presents itself, be sure to pass on to Joss this viable second choice (since you would naturally push for Lauren Graham). — Brian Edwards Read the answer..
  23 March

Alien Apocalypse News - bad news for UK fans. The following is from UK Scifi Channel (via Barbara Davies)"I am afraid we currently have no immediate plans to show the movie ALIEN APOCALYPSE on Sci Fi. However, we are constantly reviewing our schedule and
I have forwarded your email to the relevant department for discussion their
next meeting. In the meantime, I hope you continue to enjoy other programmes
on Sci Fi."


Censorship of Lucy's Back on Two and a Half Men

The following is from Sharon's Page and TV Tome regarding Two and a Half Men. Time Magazine has an interesting tidbit about Lucy's appearance on Two and a Half Men.

The Decency Police

In the March 7 episode of the sitcom Two and a Half Men, creator Chuck Lorre inserted a statement, which flashed on screen for a second, protesting that CBS had made him trim a scene that showed the naked back of a young woman - a common enough sight on crime dramas and, say, shampoo commercials. Read More... Articles

Boogeyman Movie

22 March

Messages of Thanks via Creation

From Starship Foundation (Lucy is on the board of this children's hospital in New Zealand and we helped raise money in support at The 10th Anniversary Convention):

  • "Many thanks for thinking of us and delivering this wonderful donation. We're so lucky to have people like you and Lucy helping our cause"

From Robert Bruce, the late Kevin (Ares) Smith's best friend and representative:

"Thanking you once again sincerely for your continued support. Sue and the boys are all doing fine and are overwhelmed at the donations that continue to come in."

And, from The James W. Ellis, Jr. Scholarship of Hofstra University:

"Special Thanks ~to~ Creation Entertainment and devoted fans and celebrities for their continuous support of the James W. Ellis, Jr. Scholarship."

In honor of Anita Ellis’ father who had colon cancer this scholarship was established in 1997. This scholarship helps students who have had cancer touch their lives. This scholarship has raised over $400,000 and has helped a total of 350 students with their college education.

2005 Newspapers

  • There is a brief mention of Lucy and what she's been up to since Xena ended. Monteray Herald - 20 March 2005- Lawless Finds Life After Xena

  • Added article from Daily News - 4 March 2005 What hath Peter Jackson wrought? New Zealand is turning into Hollywood's biggest backlot!  Report on New Zealand's film industry and Rob's recent keynote speech to the fourth annual Celebration of New Zealand Filmmaking at the Beverly Hills Hotel

2005 Magazines

XenaMedia - Magazines

1997 Magazines

20 March

Locusts! CBS Advert

CBS Advert for Locusts - No Lucy, just the bugs
rm format - 530k


Boogeyman Competition - open to UK residents only

Here's your chance to win a DVD player and Boogeyman prize packs. One winner will pick up a JVC XVNP10 DVD player plus goody bag containing a t-shirt and, as Sam Raimi produced both The Grudge and Boogeyman, a copy of The Grudge on DVD.

4 lucky runners up will receive goody bags. For a chance to win this prize, click below...

Enter Competition

Boogeyman Movie out on DVD 17 May 2005

  • Boogeyman is being released on DVD on 17 May 2005. There will be extra footage and according to Barry Watson (Tim) there may be extra footage of his scenes with Lucy which never made it into the theatrical release.
    Click here to order from Amazon.com

Updated the filmography page to include blurbs about the various projects as well as links to the respective photo galleries, videos and DVDs wherever they were available. Added images of Renée from 1993 movie The Adventures of Huck Finn where she plays Julia Wilks. In this adaptation of Mark Twain's classic starring a young Elijah Wood, Courtney B. Vance, Anne Heche, Jason Robards Jr. and Robbie Coltrane. Huck Finn on DVD


Added images from the 1997 HTLJ episode Judgement Day. Renee portrays Gabrielle in this crossover episode where Hercules is accused of murdering his wife. Hercules Season 3 of Hercules on DVD




19 March

New RSS Feed for AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Files

Added a new separate RSS feed to the site. All of you who use readers, please add this page to your feeds to get your Lucy news and site updates: http://www.lucylawless.info/lucy-news/rss.php

You can learn more about rss feeds here. Download an rss reader from here, or check your browser, most come with built-in rss readers (like the small, fast, free Mozilla Firefox). You can also add this feed to your "My Yahoo".


The following is from Sharon about the pic of Lucy on the set of Locusts!

Answers to some questions I've been getting about the photo.
Lucy is on set studying her lines in a bank in New Orleans that is standing in for a government building in DC. Those are extras sitting next to her. She's been outside in the farm country with the locusts which is why the government employees are dressed more in business attire. Lucy's character, Maddy, is married so Lucy just wore her own ring.

Lucy's role is Dr Maddy Rierdon. The other cast member mentioned on the Official Xena Fan Club page is Dylan Neil who plays Dr Maddy's husband.

Two and a half Men

  • The episode of "Two and a Half Men" featuring Lucy, "It was Mame,
    Mom", will be shown on Channel 9 on the 20th of June.
    Many thanks to Mark Allen for the news

  • Images from the XWP episode Warrior, Priestess, Tramp Added gorgeous big screen captures of Renee from Warrior... Priestess... Tramp to the gallery, where she of course plays Gabrielle. One of the most hilarious episodes ever, very nice close-ups of Renee. More images from this episode in the Pwaise Hestia!

Xenaverse News

Personal message to Kevin Portrait buyer from Artist:
  • "I am trying to contact the person who bought the autographed pencil portrait of Kevin Smith at the recent 10th Xena convention.  I believe it was auctioned on the Friday. If you are that person, or you know that person, could you please e-mail me (the artist) at Lou.hopla@btinternet.com.  I would be extremely grateful for any help in this matter".

Fan Listings

Catch up with what Mesh has been up to:

Pwaise Hestia! The Leah Fanlisting

  • The official, TFL approved fanlisting for Hestian Priestess Leah is now open. In addition to the fanlisting, there's a huge gallery with 370 high quality DVD screen captures from Warrior... Priestess... Tramp.

17 March

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

  • Added Parental Guidance information regarding the musical for those taking children. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes is suitable for most audiences, but concerned parents should read the following guidelines carefully, as we are aware that there are varying opinions at to what entertainment is appropriate for young people. Click here to read more

  • For those going to Seattle - The Official Site of the City of Seattle has news and advice on where to stay and what to see (other than Lucy of course)

  • If you are organising or know of a fan related event, please email the details to webmaster@ausxip.com

Xena Warrior Princess Fanlisting

Xenaverse News

  • Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci have been tapped to write the DreamWorks/Paramount live-action adaptation of The Transformers, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Steven Spielberg is executive-producing the film, based on the 1980s Hasbro toy line, the trade paper reported - Read more

auspix.net group of sites update:

16 March

Locusts! Update

Sharon has a great pic of Lucy studying her script from Locusts!
The full pic can be found on the Official Xena Fan Club page


MaryD's Art

Added artwork for two fanfic stories:

  • Blood Bond by D - cover only - Blood Bond can be read online

  • Cain Rose Up by Sue Beck - cover and wallpaper size
    Sue's story is not online. It can be read on her yahoogroup. Not finished as yet but it's one heck of a good read.

XenaMedia - Magazines

  • Added NZ TV Guide - March 2005 "Cold Case's Kathryn Morris came to New Zealand to kick butt - Lucy Lawless' butt to be precise."

  • Added Tuff Stuff's Collect! Magazine - March 1998 Xena Warrior Princess
    Immortalised in New Cards & Toys. Girl Power Tall, dark and deadly Xena Warrior Princess is capturing the hearts of fans and collectors


Added screen captures of Renee from the 1991 movie Stone Cold. She plays a cashier who's dragged around the store held as a shield in front of a thug who's robbing the store. Brief appearance, and she doesn't get killed. Yay.

Icon page

14 March

Boogeyman Update

XenaMedia - Magazines

12 March

Xena DVD News

  • The Planet Out website has a review of the Season 6 DVD and also a poll whether the kiss in FIN2 was a real kiss

The Bard's Corner



EBook site update


  • Added screencaptures from Hercules The Legendary Journeys episode "Armageddon Now - Part 1" Grabs of Callisto, Ares, Hercules and Ioalus

  • Added a separate RSS feed added for the Renee site. All of you who use readers, please add this page to your feeds to get your Renee news and site updates: http://reneeoconnor.info/news/rss.php.

    You can learn more about rss feeds here. Download an rss reader from here, or check your browser, most come with built-in rss readers (like the small, fast, free Mozilla Firefox). You can also add this feed to your "My Yahoo".

11 March


Music Videos

  • Added new video by Myopia - Trouble by Pink. Centered on our favourite psycho, Callisto. <g>


  • Updated Director and Writer credits for the movie

  • Locusts! is an ecological disaster film about a deadly breed of bioengineered locusts that form multiple swarms, covering thousands of square miles, creating a new and unimaginable threat to the United States; and the only person that can save us is Xena, Warrior Princess! Who will win the titanic struggle between Lucy Lawless and carnivorous grasshoppers? Find out when CBS premieres Locusts! on Sunday, April 24 (9:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT).

Screencaptures - TV Shows

VCR Alert

  • Rerun: Less Than Perfect
    Date: 18 March 2005
    USA Only - Please check your tv guide for the time in your area


10 March

Xena Movie News

DVD News - Xena Season 6 DVD Contest:

Enter for your chance to win Xena Warrior Princess: Season Six on DVD from DVDFanatic.com!

In Heart of Darkness, she battled Lucifer himself. In The Abyss, she escaped bloodthirsty cannibals. In When Fates Collide, she ruled Rome alongside Caesar, and, ultimately, in A Friend in Need, she makes the ultimate sacrifice to save countless innocent souls. This classic, series-ending collection highlights the shows forte of mixing mythic gods and ghastly beasts with wildly imaginative storylines brought to life by Lucy Lawless’ dynamic persona as the indomitable Xena. For fans of the Warrior Princess, Xena’s sixth and final season makes for an unforgettable curtain call.

You must be at least 13 years of age and a resident of the United States to enter. Contest ends March 22nd. ONLY ONE ENTRY PER PERSON, PLEASE


Two and a Half Men

Added Screencaptures from the episode

Added two video clips
(contains only Lucy segments of the episode)


Flawless Print

  • Added article from TV Guide (Online) 9 March 2005 Lucy Lawless, Part Deux
    Seeing Lucy Lawless brazenly snatch Halle Berry's role on Monday's Two and a Half Men reminded us how much we've missed the Aussie spitfire. Any chance she'll ever reprise her role as that sapphic icon, Xena, Warrior Princess?

  • Added article from Daily News - U Gossip Section - 7 March 2005
    Life after Xena. It's been 3 1/2 years since Lucy Lawless wrapped up her "Xena: Warrior Princess' series, and she's spent most of that time focusing on marriage, her two sons and her move from New Zealand to the United States. Now she's picking up her professional pace again, starting with a guesting on tonight's "Two and a Half Men,' and continuing with the currently shooting CBS movie "Locusts.'   Read more

 Images from the 1998 HTLJ episode Armageddon Now 2 Renee plays an alternate reality version of Gabrielle in this episode of Hercules, where the hero was never born, hence Xena never abandoned her evil ways and is now the Conqueror. This Gabrielle is an outspoken young woman who dares to stand up to Xena, so the Conqueror has her crucified.   


9 March

AUSXIP - Download section updated

Added a batch of 100 x 100 livejournal/blog icons to the download section. Click to see the icons made by Tanya. Excellent job!

Click here to see all Tanya's icons.

DVD News

  • Xena Season 6 is due for release TODAY (US).
    Everyone's favorite sexually ambiguous, leather-clad, butt-kicking femme fatale is back on DVD with the Tuesday release of "Xena: Warrior Princess: Season Six" starring what-have-you-done-for-me-lately Lucy Lawless as said leather-clad princess and never-was Renee O'Connor as Xena's, um, "friend" Gabrielle. Season Six is the final run for the "Xena" exploiting the ambiguity as well as finishing up the series in dramatic fashion, sending the show off in fan-pleasing, in-your-face fun.

    Extras: Cool extras featuring two director's cut editions from the show as well as alternate-ending director's cuts, commentaries from the cast, cast interviews, drawing boards, galleries and much more. Price: $79.98


7 March

  • Added screen captures of Renee from the 1994 movie Darkman II: The Return of Durant the photo gallery.

The Bard's Corner


Xenaverse News

  • The Xenaversity of Minnesota is proud to announce our annual charity fundraiser! This year we are excited to offer for sale our Top Ten Moments from XWP on DVD! Three of these top tens were premiered at the 10th anniv.convention!!! In addition to the three top tens shown at the con, Villains, Subtext Moments and Supporting Characters...we've added three more top tens, Chakram Throws, Xena's Defining Moments and Visual Effects!!! PLUS as an added bonus you'll recieve the trailer of our up coming project Xena -vs- Godzilla!!! All proceeds will go to Minneapolis homeless shelter People Serving People!!! Please check out our web site for ordering details!!!! www.xenaversity.com/toptens

5 March

The Bard's Corner


  • Added The Tides of Fate - Part 1 (Unfinished) by Lena
    Along the emerald green shores of Destin, Florida, the wife of the beautiful, but reclusive, owner of Chandler Marine Industries, has been brutally murdered. Will Tracy Chandler’s young attorney be able to find the real killer before he strikes again?

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Update

  • The home of the Seattle Men's Chorus and Seattle Women's Chorus has had a name change to Flying House Productions. So if you wish to purchase tickets to see Lucy in Seattle for Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, please go to http://www.flyinghouse.org


4 March

The following will occur on March 4th (US - 5 March Australia)

On March 4th 2005 at 12:01am CST my web host will be performing an emergency
fiber re-groom to improve network performance. This will result in
intermittent latency fluctuations and minor packet loss for some providers
staggered over 1 hour

And now in English - you might have trouble connecting <g>

The sites that this will affect:


Here's something pretty cool. A Xenite has taken the time to transcribe the bonus interview from Season 2 DVD "What you Didn't Know About Xena" because some fans (who's mother language is not English) couldn't understand it. The transcript is from comments by TJ Scott, Doug Lefler, Charles Siebert, Angie Anderson, Josh Becker, Michael Levine, Donald Duncan, Kevin O'Neill,

Lucy Screencaptures

Lucy Videos

Mesh has been hard at work redesigning the ROC site and I have to say it's looks awesome :) If you haven't seen the latest design - check it out at www.reneeoconnor.info

New journal icons and bases added to the site. Please check the icons page for the new additions.


Added screen captures of Renee from her 1993 NYPD Blue episode to the photo gallery

In addition you will find new galleries for the following

Agency Photos and Candids
Gabrielle DVD Captures and Images
Interviews Captures and Scans
Miscellaneous Images
Premieres and Events
Renee Directing
Shakespeare by the Sea 2002
Various Movie Screen Captures
Convention Photos
Various TV Series Captures

3 March


Set those VCRs for ET to watch Lucy battle Locusts! She looks fantastic in the short ET clip and her co-star looks pretty comfortable on her head <g>

Aussies: Channel 9 at 3 am and again at 4 am tomorrow

Lucy TV Alerts

  • Eurotrip will be shown from 12 March to 31 March. Click here for more details

  • Two and a Half Men will be shown on the 7th March

Boogeyman Update

  • Boogeyman will be released in the cinemas in the UK on the 4th March.
    Many thanks to Geoffrey for the news

Two and A Half Men Update

Added three promo pics from the episode "It was 'Mame,' Mom" of Two and a Half Men


Locusts! Update

Lucy promo for Entertainment Tonight from the set of Locusts!

Added promo screencaptures
Added promo video clip
Added ET Online Article about Lucy and Locusts! - Xena's Back

The ET/Yahoo website also has a clip from ET of Lucy looking especially cool as an investigator with a bug issue <g>


2 March

Lucy Lawless VCR Alerts -  TV & Movies 

ET is on the set of Locusts! with Lucy Lawless
Lucy will be on Entertainment Tonight on March 2 (US) (Please check your tv guide for the time in your area)

For those in Australia - ET is shown on Channel 9 at 3 pm and again at 4 am the next day.

US - 2 March 2005
Australia - 3 March 2005 at 3 pm / Repeated at 4 March 2005 at 4 am

ROC TV Alert - US

  • Alien Apocalypse Updated Dates/Times
    Sat Mar 26 09:00P on SciFi Channel
    Sun Mar 27 01:00A on SciFi Channel
    Thu Mar 31 09:00P on SciFi Channel

Lucy TV Alert - France

  • France will be watching Tarzan (known as Tarzan and Jane in France) on Saturday afternoons at 4:10 pm. There are only 8 episodes.
    Many thanks to Fausta for the news

Lucy Articles - Magazines (2003)

XenaMedia - Magazines (2004)

Xenaverse News

  • Added latest announcement from Bardcon to all Bards who wish to contribute to the Classic genre

1 March

The Bard's Corner


  • Added Mirror Mine (Complete) by Iseqween
    One of Xena’s first fans reflects on the unwanted lesson she received about the benefits and perils of hero worship during the episode A DAY IN THE LIFE.

Xena Images

Lucy Premieres/Events

The SkyCity Auckland site has three gorgeous photos of Lucy from the Starship Ball which was held in Auckland on the 16 October 2004

There are three photos of Lucy - two with other guests and one by herself.




WIFTI Summit Pictures

There are a couple of small pictures of Lucy on the WIFTI site (the summit was held on the 21-24th April 2004


Click here for February 2005 Xena Lucy Lawless & Renee O'Connor Updates


AUSXIP - Australian Xena Information Page
AUSXIP Lucy Lawless - Xena  |  AUSXIP Renee O'Connor - Gabrielle
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