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  • New Idea - 28 November 2000 - Lucy, Renee and Rob attend NZ Awards

  • Church benefits from Crowe and Lawless' painting skills - - 22 November 2000
    SYDNEY: The painting efforts of New Zealand actors Russell Crowe and Lucy Lawless have helped raise almost $A1000 ($NZ1300) for an arson-damaged Sydney church.  Gladiator star Crowe and Lawless, of Xena, Warrior Princess fame, were among 130 celebrities who contributed paintings for an auction to raise funds for St Patrick's Cathedral in Parramatta.
    ....Lawless' canvas showing a church and captioned "We are all God's people" fetched $A370.  The highest price paid was $A2500 for a work by Australian artist Max Mannix. The auction raised $A50,000 for the fund to rebuild the 65-year-old cathedral, which was gutted by fire four years ago.

  • Media Week - Oxygen In Duel To Conquer 'Xena' Rights
    Oxygen Media is developing an appetite -- and a budget -- for off-network programming. Sources said the fledgling cable network is close to lassoing a deal with Studios USA for the rerun rights to "Xena: Warrior Princess," which is wrapping its six-year run in first-run syndication at the end of the season.

  • Fundraising fears hit child abuse ad  - NZ Herald - 15 November 2000
    A television advertisement raising awareness of child abuse - starring Lucy Lawless, Liz Gunn and Michael Jones - may not screen.  But the anti-child abuse campaign they are promoting is alive and well, says Lawless, the star of Xena: Warrior Princess.

  • Star Tribune - 12 November 2000 - The New Wonder Women of the Air - Article is about the rise of the female action hero - Lucy quotes

  • Newcastle Herald - 3 November 2000 - Here Goes Lucy

  • Philadelphia News Online - 2 November 2000
    They put the grrl in Power
    "Xena: Princess Warrior," mythical syndicated TV star
    The reformed outlaw rides a steed, swings a sword and, in her leather bustier and goth-black tresses, manages to be a magnet for both guys and babes. As played by actress Lucy Lawless, Xena is a tough-as-nails princess who fights evil in a primitive world.