Major Rauter had waited until the ravened-haired woman took her breakfast into the dinning room. He could follow her around the kitchen by listening to her steps from his hiding place in the basement.

Stealing up the basement steps, he stuck his ear to the door, alert for any sound. Hearing nothing, once again he cracked open the door, he had almost been caught earlier this morning, and was ready to take care of the woman. But she didn't come down into the basement, so for a time she brought herself a short reprieve, at least until he heard that the other woman had been removed from this life.

The house was supposed to have been empty, no one been in it for years, and the view from the attic could let him monitor merchant ships for miles. Then when that man showed up, he just thought the intruder was a caretaker and didn't bother him. Later the women showed, luckily he was in the attic at the time doing his monitoring, and they only stayed for short time.

He searched their luggage while they were gone, but didn't find much but for the pistol. Now after reading that letter the small woman left behind, he wanted to get the weapon just in case.

Gliding out of the basement, Rauter moved across the kitchen opening the hidden door, closing it just as Mel came back into the kitchen to clean her breakfast plates.

The SS Major, placed his feet carefully as he went up the stairs, he had come to hate the creaking floorboards, they had almost given him away several times. He was ready last night, he knew the blond woman was on the other side of the attic door, but once again the woman's luck was with her as it was the night before. She didn't follow past the seafaring room, and for some reason she didn't open the attic door last night.

Moving down the hallway, he listened for the tall woman, the long corridor was his most vulnerable moment if she saw him he would have to kill her. But he made it to the short woman's room, advancing swiftly to the dresser, he silently pulled the drawer open feeling under the pile of boxer shorts, until he touched the cool metal.

Pocketing Janice's gun, he started for Melinda's room, intending to search it one more time, when you find one gun, you just may find two he was thinking. He was halfway in the walk-in closet when the door to Mel's room opened. Quietly he hid behind the closet door, pressing his face to the small crack between the doorframe and the door panel, he watched the tall woman walk around the room.

Mel wished Janice would get home soon, already she was missing her, her mind still lingered on the kiss they shared on the beach. Then with a blush she picked up her swimsuit, well she admitted more than one kiss as she proceeded to unbutton her blouse. The fire between her legs surprised her; she never experienced a sensation like that before, not even her first and so far only time with David.

Undressing until she was only in her slip, Mel paused looking around, it felt like she was being watched. Shaking her head with a laugh, she guessed that Janice's talk the other day about ghosts was finally getting to her. Stripping off the last of her clothes, she touched the dark patch between her legs thinking of Janice and her kiss. The warmth she felt last night returned immediately, flushing a shade of pink she donned her swimsuit trying to calm her quickening breath.

She hoped Janice would return soon, this warmth felt so good that she knew that it couldn't be bad, and her mind and body were telling her that Janice could help her with this new found pleasure.

Adjusting the straps of her suit, Melinda walked over grabbing her sun hat and book. Checking the bookmark she knew her reading wouldn't last long, remembering Janice's other book, she turned heading for the walk-in closet.


Closing the door, Janice looked around the 'Paddy's Anchor' nope she thought, it's not a tourist bar. The light was dim, and the place had an old feeling to it, more of a bar for locals to hang out, and from the looks she was receiving, strangers were not welcome.

Strolling across the floor, she hopped up on a barstool nodding to the bartender, "Scotch, neat." The man behind the bar looked at the small woman as if in judgement, then with a nod he set a shot-glass in front of Janice and slowly filled the glass, "Take your drink and leave Miss, this here's private, locals only."

Downing the shot without an expression, she set the glass back on the bar, "Hit me again."

Raising his voice higher, the bartender glanced around, "Lady, I said this place here is private, why don't you leave before you get hurt?"

She could feel the change in the room, it was the middle of the day outside, but inside it could've been pinch black for all the light there was. Cigarette smoke hung heavy in the air, then swirled around in circles telling her someone was coming up behind her.

Spinning slowly on the stool Janice came face to face, or face to chest. Tilting her head back, she looked at the face of someone who's nose had been broken so many times, that it was bent at a permanent angle to the left, his eyes in the dim light looked black. "This place is private lady," the man said in an coarse Irish accented voice, "Means ya pay fer the drink and leave."

Hopping off the stool, Janice was now staring the man in the stomach. Reaching into her jacket she noticed the man tense-up, so she slowly pulled out a cigar placing it between her clenched teeth, lighting it before looking up with her eye's narrowing on the man's face. "I came in to drink and talk, and no Irish Mick that can't pour piss out of a boot with instructions on the heel is going to tell me different."

The huge man moved closer staring at the unblinking green eyes, then threw back his head letting out a laugh, before clapping Janice on the shoulder. "Great one that is Miss never heard that before," as he turned Janice back toward the bar, "Thomas, two mother's milk."

Janice hid the sigh of relief as she climbed back up on the barstool and extended her hand, "Janice Covington."

Her hand almost disappeared when he clasped it in his huge paw, "Heni O'Brien, and tis please to meet ya."

"HENI!" Janice couldn't help letting out her surprise.

Rolling his eyes, Heni nodded in sorrow, "I know, hell of a name for an Irishman, named after a great uncle I was."

Picking up her glass of whiskey, Janice raised it toward the huge man, "To the Irish." Then gulped it down in one swallow.

"The Irish," Heni repeated following Janice's example and swallowing his drink, "I have ta say, I didn't expect a little thing like ye ta puff up her feathers ta me."

Taking a long drag on her cigar, Janice blew out several smoke rings before answering, "Well, I'm so used to nobody taking me serious cause I'm short, that I learned long ago that I have to put-up or shut-up."

Chuckling Heni sat back on the stool, "Bet that's why ye little folks are a bit feisty ta times, so what di ye want ta talk aboot"

Waving to Thomas, Janice ordered a beer, she didn't need to get drunk. "Know the Wurz place on Redmen's Hill?" Seeing Heni's nod, she continued, "Well, I and a friend are staying there right now and. . ." pausing, Janice looked at the looks of astonishment on Heni's and Thomas's faces.

"YOU'RE LIVING AT THE WURZ PLACE," both men said in unison.

"Is that bad?" Janice asked, already thinking that she may not be liking the answer.

"Tis not good Janice's," Heni replied looking a little uncomfortable, "Strange things happen there tis true, ta place has a dark past."

"Because this Henry Wurz was a . . . hard man I hear?" Janice hoped that she was not letting her imagination run away with her, but then she looked once again at the bruises on her fingers.

Shaking his head in disgust Heni waved for Thomas to refresh his drink, "Nay Janice, ta man was a whaling Captain, tis be a hard life, and ye have ta be firm ta get ya crew home afta a year long voyage."

Halting to sip his drink the Irishman continued, "He was hard but just, and many a man back then would lok ta sail with Captain Henry. Tis easy ta say that te man was hard and that tis being punished than a good man left tis world in grief"

Drinking her beer, the woman was getting a bit confused, "Then why does the house have a dark past?"

"Well Janice, Captain Henry had ta good wife, two sons ta daughter, and while tis was out at sea they were murdered, till tis day no one knows why. But when the Captain came back he blamed himself fer not being there to protect them." Taking a breath, Heni nodded at Janice's unasked question.

"Ye, they were killed in various rooms of the house, aboot seven days after he got back, Captain Henry killed himself. Now folks say that Captain Henry is still there, unable to forgive himself for not protecting tis family." Shaking his head, the huge man stared at his drink.

Closing her eyes, Janice hoped she had not been seeing things, "Has anyone said anything about seeing him?"

"Aye," the Irishman replied downing a shot, "All though te years, folks talk aboot rooms being cold in summer, things disappearing in one room, and coming back in another. Even seeing te Captain himself in his seacoat and cap."

Drinking the rest of her beer, Janice looked at Heni with a smile, "Thank you, that answered a lot of questions, now I need to head home, but I hope to come back if you don't mind?"

Grinning wide, Heni's face took on a pleasant look despite his crooked nose. "Aye Janice, tis be pleased ta have ye back, if ye lives in ta Wurz house and not run, you be a brave lass."

Waving to Heni and Thomas, Janice walked quickly out the door, into the glare of the mid-day sun. Blinded she walked closer to the pier railing letting her eyes adjust to the light, and her head clear of the alcohol.

Okay her mind was telling her; there's maybe a ghost, hell you met Ares remember. But her mind asked would Mel believe it since only she had seen it, or could she just be hallucinating after all?

Great Covington, you're basically where you were before, only now there is a chance instead of seeing things, you're being haunted, what a choice!

Since she was not expecting any trouble, nor knew of anyone that was after her, Janice didn't pay any attention to the footsteps fast approaching until they were on top of her.

Turning as she felt hands reaching for her, Janice jerked her head back just as the blow grazed her temple stunning her. While she was being lifted in the air, her mind wondered why people liked hitting her in the head before her body was thrown over the railing into the water below.

Chapter Ten

Melinda was almost at the door to the walk-in closet when a loud banging came from downstairs. Halting with a puzzled glance at the hallway, she turned around heading for the door, "Janice?" she called out as she left her room and paused in the corridor.

"Janice is that you?" Mel called once again, then heard more banging coming from downstairs. Her puzzlement was starting to turn to concern, her mind thinking of Janice on her motorcycle speeding down the road. Moving swiftly down the stairs, she paused once again, then jumped as the banging came from in front of her, opening the front door, she saw the screen door bang shut and slowly open again.

Irked that her imagination had run away with her, Melinda crossed the porch and closed the screen door. It didn't seem that windy to her as she looked outside, but that faded quickly as her mind turned to the road, wishing that a short woman that hated to wear dresses would come home soon.

Catching her breath, Mel leaned against the porch frame as a wave of dizziness swept over her. Oh my she was thinking, the warmth she felt from Janice's kisses was returning, but this time she only had to think of the woman. She wondered why she never felt like this with David, he was strong, funny, appreciated her mind, yet she never had these . . . she tried to think of the word, feelings, warmth, desires?

What would her daddy say if he were alive she wondered? Would he give his blessings that she found someone that could make her feel this way just by thinking about them? Or would he be distraught that she was in love with one of those women that he had warned her about?

Love, her mind fastened on the word, is this what it is? She knew that she loved her father, and that she had loved David, but this feeling was something she never felt for another person. "Okay Melinda that's enough," she said out loud.

Turning back for the front door, Mel put her hand on the handle and pushed it open. Yes Mel, her mind said, time to go to the beach, clear all of your thoughts and just wait for Janice, but first things first and go get your books.

Entering the house Melinda's eyebrows raised immediately, lying on the steps was her sunbonnet and both of Janice's books. Moving over to the stairs she reached down grabbing her hat and books, gazing at them confused, then turned her head looking up the stairs, she didn't remember bringing the books down with her.

Shaking her head she put on the sun hat and walked back out to the porch grabbing her tote bag. It must be love she thought, can't even remember fetching the books.

Upstairs, Major Rauter watched Mel walk toward the beach path as he put Janice's gun back into his pocket. He was glad that the woman didn't come into the closet, the view he saw of her body would have made him regret killing her so soon.

Turning around he strolled out of Melinda's room heading for the attic door; tonight he may have a little fun before he kills her, at least her friend should be taken care of by now. Grinning, Rauter opened the door to the attic thinking that maybe he should call his men and bring them to the house tonight, by morning the mansion would be his once again.


Janice's mind cleared as soon as her body hit the water, sinking slowly she kicked with her feet swimming back up to the surface sputtering out the water that had filled her mouth. Gasping for air she swam over to the pier pilings clutching for a purchase in the waterlogged poles.

Then a large splash came from behind her, followed by an arm wrapping under her shoulders, "Let go Janice, I got ye," a gruff Irish accent said in back of her.

As Janice let loose of the slick wood Heni swam toward the floating docks pulling Janice along with him. Once reaching the water level pier, he turned the woman around, holding her until she gripped the dock and started to haul herself out of the water.

Sitting on the dock, Janice body was racked again by a series of coughs allowing her to spit-up more water. Her eyes turned to Heni as the dock sunk down into the water when he pulled his immense weight up beside her, "Thanks Heni, I owe you."

Nodding, the Irishman wiped the water from his face grinning, "Ye can buy me ta drink next time ye come stop by, boot ye best watch how much ye take Miss. Don't want ta falling off ta docks anymore now."

Jerking her head around, Janice looked at the man as if he was crazy, "FALL!" she exclaimed, "I was thrown over the railing, didn't you see the men that did it?"

Heni's expression turned to one of concentration as creases formed across his brow, "Nae I didn't, I came out and heard ye splashing around."

Pointing to the bruise she could feel forming on her temple, the woman had a sense of momentary panic. NO Covington her mind shouted, you did not dream this, and you know it! "Look at my head, think I got that from hitting the water?"

Standing, Heni held out his hand, "I didna say I don't believe ye, I said that I didna see them, ye are a wee bit small ta go over the rails without help."

Using the man's hand to help pull herself to her feet, Janice looked around the empty docks, "Then why did someone throw me into the water?"

Leading the woman toward the ladder up to the pier, the huge Irishman climbed up scanning the area while waiting for Janice, "Robbers tis be I have ta say, they throw ye in and wait till ye drown."

Joining Heni on the docks, Janice looked back down to the water, "Why drown me, why not just take my money?"

"Ye got a way home?" Heni asked, waiting to see Janice nod, he motioned her on, "I'll go with ye until ye are safe, these men that would do tis, they would pull ye body out and strip ye of everything. Then take ya car if ye had one, and go ta ya home and strip that."

Janice walked down the docks listening to Heni, as her wet boots squished with each step. Her thoughts turned to Mel and the danger she could've been in, and that made her more angry. "Guess I better report it to the police, that way they'll be on the lookout for this type of thing."

Following until Janice got to her motorcycle, Heni shook his head, "Ye go home and get into dry things, I take care of tis, these docks belong to ta fishermen, not a cowardly bunch of thieves, we'll find them."

Sitting on her bike, the woman looked at the ground seeing that she was already leaving a puddle of water. "Okay, I'll head home and change," reaching out, she gripped Heni's meaty hand in hers, "Thanks again for saving me."

"Tis welcome, you go on home, and I'll alert the fishermen to watch fer ta men that did tis." Backing away from Janice, Heni watched her kick start the motorcycle and roar off. Turning to look around the dock, he walked over to the railing before coming to a halt, and leaned against the railing, keeping an eye on the docks.

The men that had thrown Janice over the railing watched the huge Irishman; they would have to stay in their hiding place under the docks until the man left before they could go after the woman once again.


Janice pulled up the drive and parked her Indian, the wind had dried off her clothes some, but a shiver ran through her body. She guessed that Mel was on the beach, but was unsure whether to change clothes first since her appearance would be sure to cause concern.

Feeling her head, Janice was glad there was no pain, pulling her head back had saved her from a worse blow. She'll have to explain the bruise she knew that, and she would feel better knowing that Melinda was safe. Besides as she got off the bike walking toward the path to the beach, she thought with a grin, she might get some sympathy.

Melinda finished 'The Well of Loneliness' and was into the second chapter of Janice's detective story when she heard her name being called. Looking up her smile briskly turned to astonishment then to concern, "JANICE," she practically screamed, "What happened?"

Hiding her grin, Janice watched Melinda jump up from her beach towel and run to her. She felt a little guilty for doing this, but she admitted she loved the attention, "Two guys threw me in the water while trying to rob me, I'm drying out now."

Pulling Janice over to the beach towel, Mel told the small woman to sit as she untangled the wet boot laces, "What do you mean two men tried to rob you, and why didn't you go to the house and get out of these wet things?"

Reaching down to help only to have her hands swatted away, Janice started feeling more guilty for the anxiety she was putting Mel through, "I came down here cause I was concerned about you, and I . . . wanted some attention, I'm sorry."

Pulling off one boot, Mel looked up at Janice, surprised at the admission, "Well you got my attention, now tell me what happened while you take off that jacket."

Her hands worked on the Jacket, while she kept her eyes on Melinda as she unlaced the other boot, "Like my note said, I went to the docks in Mystic to see what I could find out about why they say this place is haunted."

"What note?" the southerner asked after removing the other boot, then pulled off Janice's socks, "Janice your feet are cold!"

"The note I left on the icebox, didn't you see it?" Janice asked, only to see Mel shake her head. "Well I left one, said I was going to pick up my Indian, then stop down at the docks in Mystic and find out why they said the place was haunted."

Moving around behind the blond woman, Mel stripped off her leather jacket, then reached around unbuttoning her shirt, "Janice, I didn't see a note, maybe it dropped to the floor, anyway what did you find out?"

As Janice told Melinda about Captain Wurz, Mel proceeded to strip her down until she was only left with her boxer shorts. Grabbing a towel from her tote bag, the raven-haired woman started to rub down her friend's legs and feet. "I swear Janice, I thought you had more sense than this, walking around wet, I'll be surprised if you don't catch cold."

Already the woman was not regretting her play for attention, here she was almost naked, with Melinda wearing only her swimsuit toweling her off, "Don't worry Mel, I'm feeling very warm."

Focusing her eyes on the task at hand, Mel didn't want Janice to know she was feeling warm herself. In fact as she rapidly blinked her eyes, she was feeling very warm indeed, moving behind Janice once again she started to rub the towel over her back. Her soft back, a back that feels like smooth silk Mel was thinking as she ran her hand over the surface.

OH GOD, the small woman's mind screamed, her friend's touch was almost driving her crazy, "Mel?" Janice spoke softly.

"Mmmmm?" came the reply before she realized that she was caressing the smooth flesh, "OH my, I'm sorry Janice," she called out picking up her towel again.

Turning around, Janice took the towel from Melinda's hands, her eyes locked upon her friend. Ever so slowly Janice's lips inched towards Mel's giving time if she wanted to pull away. Yet Melinda kept her head still until Janice's lips met hers in a kiss that sent fire down to her toes.

Feeling Mel's arms wrap around her neck, Janice shifted around before she lowered the woman down to the sand, keeping her lips locked in place.

Melinda moaned into Janice's mouth, she could feel the woman's tongue flicking around her own tongue and teeth. The sensation was nothing like she ever experienced before, pulling her arms tighter she felt Janice's weight on top of her. The small woman's breasts brushing over hers, with stiff nipples touching her flesh over the top edge of her swimsuit.

Twisting her head from side to side, Janice breathed into Melinda's mouth, the hot air increasing her appetite for the woman under her as they clutched at each other. Janice's hand started to move down Mel's side stroking the fabric of her swimsuit, until it settled on her rear, pulling Mel closer to Janice's body.

Melinda felt her legs part, with one leg wrapping around Janice's waist, the warmth within her loins becoming an inferno, then to her regret her mind picked up the sound of a car horn blaring from the direction of the Mansion.

Pushing gently against Janice, Mel was finally able to break the kiss, "Janice . . . Janice, there's somebody at the house."

"Who cares," Janice moaned before raining kisses along Mel's jaw, till she felt Melinda stop moving under her. Raising her head Janice looked into a pair of blue eyes, and nodded with a groan, "I'm going to kill who ever it is!"

Holding still as Janice rolled off of her, Mel's face started to turn bright red, realizing just how close Janice came to taking her right on the open beach. But as she watched Janice quickly donning her pants, Mel knew that Janice had not been taking her.

Standing, Melinda knew she had been giving herself to Janice, there had been no taking. Hearing the horn once again Mel started for the path, discovering much to her embarrassment that the crotch to her swimsuit was soaked, the damp cloth standing out like a signal.

"ALL RIGHT ALREADY!" Janice screamed out looking in the direction of the hill, grabbing her boots in hand she started to run up the hill calling over her shoulder for Mel to bring the rest of her clothes.

Bending over Melinda reached into her tote bag and pulled out a red sarong that had a flower pattern that matched her sunbonnet. Well, she thought, what do you do now? Mel felt the fire raging within her body, just the thought of Janice kept it going, no she thought, she didn't care what anyone says, or what her daddy told her, Janice's touch left her feeling things like she could never imagine.

Tying the sarong around her waist, Mel started to pick up Janice's jacket, smelling the wet leather. Melinda knew that there was a fire in her burning; burning for a certain blond archaeologist.

Chapter Eleven

Trudging barefoot up the hill Janice spewed forth a series of curses to whoever was honking the horn and interrupted her and Mel. But she admitted a part of her was happy, she knew she loved Melinda, it hurt just being away from the woman, but making love to Mel had to be special, not some fumbling on a beach.

The horn blared once again as the driveway came into view revealing a parked police car and a uniformed officer standing along side the car, his arm thrust through the open drivers window.

"I HEAR YOU FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!" she yelled, then smiled watching the surprised cop spinning to face her with a scowl.

"Was just about to give up on you," he called to her in a bored tone, his eyes examining the barefoot woman walking toward him; her shirt was only half buttoned and covered with sand. Her pants hung low on her hips, and she didn't even have the decency to button her fly closed, If he'd see her in town he would've hauled her in for vagrancy.

"Are you the one that called last night about the explosion?" the officer asked as he opened notebook.

Nodding Janice came to a halt folding her arms across her breasts while leaning back on one leg, "Yea, that was me, and my friend, we heard the explosion and looked out to sea and saw something burning."

Writing down what Janice was saying, the office paused looking at her, "You said that you also saw blinking lights right?"

"Yep, came from about three maybe four degrees west of the fire, do you know what it was?" the woman asked suddenly curious about why the man was here.

"Can't say, just supposed to get your statmen . . ." Janice watched as the man sputtered to a halt, his eyes fixed at something over her left shoulder. Turning to look she saw Melinda had just arrived from the beach, with her red swimsuit and matching sarong billowing in the light breeze showing off her long legs, Janice thought she looked breath taking.

"Hello," Mel called out, her southern accent seemingly more pronounced as she approached the police car.

Pushing his way past Janice, the officer walked up to Melinda tipping his hat, "Good afternoon Ma'am, officer Patrick Lang at your service and you are?" he asked in a tone that tried to ooze charm.

"Pleased to meet you, I'm Melinda Pappas," Mel answered stretching out her hand which officer Lang shook gently replying, "Miss Pappas, huh . . . it is Miss is it not?"

"Yes, it is," An icy voice came from behind him, looking over his shoulder, the police office nodded toward Janice then turned his attentions back to Mel, "Now Melinda, may I call you that? I understand you also seen this flashing light, could you make out any patterns to it?"

Shaking her head, Mel tried to step around the man, feeling that she would be safer next to Janice, but he kept moving in front of her, "No, I didn't detect any pattern, do you know what the explosion was?"

"Yes ma'am, a merchant ship was torpedoed and sunk, they were lucky though, the crew managed to get off with only a couple men injured." Officer Lang said as he once again stepped in front of Mel.

"And the flashing light?" Janice asked.

"Now Melinda," the police officer asked ignoring the question, "Just about where were you when you saw the light?"

Moving faster than she thought possible, Mel dodged around the officer grabbing Janice's hand just before the small woman was about to seize the man around the throat.

Following Melinda around, Officer Lang caught a glimpse of the southerner pulling Janice's hand down to her side holding it tight, with a wide smile on her face. "I was on the beach with my friend here," Mel replied as she patted the top of Janice's hand, "Do you know what the flashing light was?"

Returning Mel's smile, the cop tilted his hat back on his head, "Not sure what it was, just the naval base in Groton asked us to follow up the report that's all."

"Well don't let us keep you too long," Janice said with clenched teeth. Turning around with her hand still holding tightly onto her friend, Mel was pulled abruptly and towed along.

"Wait!" Lang called out following, causing Janice to pause still holding tightly onto Mel.

"WHAT?" the small blond asked testily.

Ignoring the irritating blond, the man nodding once again to Melinda, "I was wondering is you'd like to have some coffee with me later on?"

"NO SHE WON'T!" Janice bellowed, before pulling Mel up the steps and slamming the door behind her.

"JANICE!" Melinda cried after she pried her hand loose and started to shake it up and down, trying to get the circulation back into her fingers. "Honestly Janice, don't you think I can speak for myself?"

Peeking out the window, the archeologist was glad to see the car drive off, "Come on Mel, don't tell me you were actually thinking about saying yes?"

"Of course not," Melinda replied, shocked that Janice would even think that she could kiss her on the beach, then accept an invitation for drinks five minutes later. Then with her eyes widening, Mel looked at Janice in astonishment, "You're jealous!"

Crossing her arms over her breasts, the small woman looked up, "Why should I be jealous of that . . . that idiot."

Grinning, Mel leaned over kissing Janice on the forehead, "I think it's cute, but you listen to me Janice Covington, I'm not some flirt that'll kiss you and turn around and head off on a hayride with somebody else. If you want me, you just better be ready for me to latch onto you, got it!"

"Got it," Janice answered with a silly grin on her face before standing on her toes and softly kissing Melinda on the lips, "I hope you know that goes for me, I know that I . . . I'm a flirt, among other things." Looking up into Mel's eyes, Janice never felt so vulnerable before, "but I plan on latching onto you, okay?"

"Okay," Melinda looked down at the woman, and felt her heart soaring, "Janice," Mel said before she kissed those hard to resist lips.


"Janice," Mel called once again her voice a whisper.

"Yes Mel?"

"Your fly is open," Mel replied suppressing a laugh.

Rolling her eyes, Janice looked down at her still damp trousers, "Guess I should go change?" looking back up at Mel, she gave the woman a wink, "Want to help me, or start throwing wood in the stove?"

Gripping both of Janice's shoulders, Melinda turned the woman around until she was facing the stairs then gave her a pat on the behind, "You go up and take a hot shower and put on some dry clothes, I don't want to nurse you."

Laughing as she walked up the steps, Janice called over her shoulder, "All right, but it would've been more fun having you nurse me."


Continued - part 4 (conclusion)