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Breaking Bread

By L.N. James

The room was crowded, body heat making it warmer by the hour as ale and emotions intermingled. The dead of winter outside but Hades in. Loud, boisterous groups of men and some women gathered at long wooden tables at the Inn, each trying to outtalk the other with stories of glories gone by. Shouts for the barmaids and mugs of ale clinked together in companionship drifted through the air. The room was lit by lanterns on the wall and the roaring fireplace, but the corners of the rooms were darker, giving the room a comforting feel. Smells of good cooking and good drink filled the room. The place was alive and everyone inside was letting themselves enjoy the moment. Cabin fever had begun to set in for most of the villagers so they relished any chance to socialize and be among the living again. This was their night out and by the gods, they were going to enjoy it.

The spirit was not lost on a warrior and bard who had rode into town earlier that day. Xena and Gabrielle had finally conceded that they needed a warm meal and bed for the night after having spent a week and a half on the road and out of doors. Their supplies had run low and to be honest, neither one of them wanted to spend another night under the stars when even their closeness didn't keep them warm enough. Plus, they really hadn't seen all that many people out these past few days so a little company other than themselves would do them both wonders. Both had almost come to blows over whether or not it would be possible in the future for people to travel to the stars. Neither budged in their opinion and they fought fiercely to convince the other who was wrong and who was right. Long, cold nights by the fire can even turn the sweetest bard into the most stubborn woman in the world. Luckily, Xena wouldn't have it any other way. In the end, the warrior gave in to the bard and allowed that there might be the slightest possibility that maybe, just maybe it would be possible, given a miracle or intervention of the gods, that a person might be able to fly high enough to touch the stars in the sky. Maybe. Gabrielle had rejoiced in her small hard-fought victory and her smile was enough to convince the warrior that it didn't really matter if she never won another star travel argument ever again. Her bard was happy and that's all that counted.

"Xena, I'm so glad we got a room here. A soft, warm bed is going to be wonderful!"

Gabrielle smiled and reached over and squeezed the warrior's arm. As always, Xena nervously accepted the slight touch in public. Gabrielle knew Xena was not one for public displays of affection which is why she tried to touch the warrior as discretely as possible when they were among other people. Of course, in private, she couldn't keep Xena's hands off of her, but when there were other people around, the stoic warrior was the picture of nervous tension. Of course, Gabrielle knew that Xena was worried about making sure Gabrielle didn't become more of a target than she already was. Xena's past, present, and future enemies were always looking for a way to get at the warrior, so maintaining a low profile, especially in unfamiliar places, was often a necessity. This the young bard understood and accepted, but it was hard. Gabrielle had been brought up in a close family that shared hugs and touches without thinking of it. She carried this with her, always willing to lend her shoulder to a woman who had lost her husband or a child who was just excited to be around the storyteller. Gabrielle's gentle nature was one of her best qualities.

Dark contrast to the warrior she traveled with-Xena was reserved, cautious, and not likely to express emotions to just anyone. Of course, this was the public Xena, this was the warrior princess mask she wore. She had an image to maintain and whenever they entered new towns or stopped at an inn for the night, Xena portrayed the warrior with unquestionable ability. She knew this was for her own safety as well as bard's. Jaw set, eyes flashing danger, muscles flexing...all of this signaled to others to not bother either woman or they were in for some trouble. Most people heeded this warning and those who didn t often wished they would have after they picked themselves up from the floor. Only Gabrielle knew the private Xena and the contrast was almost startling. When they were alone, the warrior was the most affectionate, loving person Gabrielle had ever known. She was quick to cuddle up next to the young bard or to put her arms around her and kiss her on her nose. Playful hugs and loving touches were all the bard's when she and Xena were alone.

Gabrielle secretly loved these two Xenas. It was twice as exciting watching the warrior walk confidently across the room giving a troublemaker "the look" and knowing that earlier in the day she had watched the warrior beg, no plead Gabrielle to please let her make love to her one more time. Gabrielle had more than once analyzed the idea of power in their relationship. While it was true that they were equal partners and both contributed to their relationship, there was also the underlying dynamic of power that Gabrielle loved just as much. One would have thought that the warlord turned warrior princess would be in control and certainly in many situations, Xena was in control. But when it came to Gabrielle, the bard knew that she was the one who controlled her warrior, she was the one who had this power. Both of them knew this in fact and both of them loved the heat it generated.

With this in mind, Gabrielle got a tiny little thought in her head while sitting at one of the long tables in the crowded, hot inn waiting for their meal, drinking warm mead. She wondered if she could coax the private Xena out in public...

"I'm glad we decided to come here too, Gabrielle. Argo really needed a

warm stable tonight just as much as we did"

Xena took a sip of her mead and scanned the room. The villagers had only given them a passing glance when they walked in as they were used to strangers passing through. No one cared much as they were more occupied with renewing friendships and catching up on each other's lives. Most were content to drink to old times rather than look for trouble with strangers. But of course, there's always a stupid one in every crowd...

"Well, little lady, mind if I join you?"

Gabrielle felt a hand on her shoulder as she turned to look up at an older man with an ale in his hand and a smile on his face. Of course, he wasn't really looking at Gabrielle's face, he was more occupied with her ample cleavage that was so well displayed by her green top. He was just about to lean down and whisper something in her ear and get a closer look when he was interrupted by a tap on the shoulder.

"Excuse me, but yes, I do mind if you join us."

Xena now stood next to him, taking his hand off Gabrielle's shoulder. She narrowed her eyes as she stared at him while he sized her up. She stood to her full height and looked down at him, smiling ever so slightly. Gabrielle knew that smile was not one of good will. It was her battle smile. She kept his hand in hers as she led him away from the bard.

"I'd like to explain a little something to you..."

Gabrielle watched as the man was literally pulled through the inn over to one of the dark corners. Xena's stride was purposeful and her back was straight. The man, for his part, was speechless, part from shock and part from pain as Xena squeezed the hand that had just previously touched her bard s shoulder. His face was one of utter surprise as Xena turned him around. Gabrielle could see him look at her and nod and then look at Xena and nod and then look for the door and nod. He was out the door before Xena sat back down at the table across from Gabrielle.

"What did you say to him, Xena?"

Gabrielle smiled as she knew that when she wanted, the warrior had quite a way with words.

"Oh, I simply said that if he ever looked at you again, I would rip his eyes out."

Xena took another drink of mead after she said this and smiled at the barmaid who served their meal. She bit into a leg of lamb as she looked across at her bard.

"Xena! I swear..." Gabrielle chuckled at her big fierce warrior. "We are going to have to do something about your jealousy problem."

"_My_ jealousy problem? Need I remind a certain bard of the time she "accidentally" tripped that barmaid back in Thorasis when she inadvertently touched my armor?"

"Inadvertent my arse! 'Oh, what a pretty swirly design, mind if I touch your breastplate, Warrior Princess?' I didn't buy that for a second! Besides, can I help it if she didn't see my staff laying in her path?"

"Mm hmm"

Gabrielle smiled at Xena as she started in on her plate of food. Gods, was she hungry! A warm home cooked meal was just what she needed. At least, for the time being that is. She got a mischievous look in her eye as she washed down that last bite. She paused and kept the glass to her lips, staring over at the warrior. For her part, Xena was busy finishing up a particularly tasty potato dish. She didn't look up until she felt the bard s foot touch her leg. Gabrielle had reached over for another roll in the basket next to them. She politely asked the woman sitting next to her if she please could pass the sweet cream butter that was on a small plate. She smiled her thanks as she started spreading the butter on her roll and looked over at Xena innocently.

"What? Why are you staring at me? Do I have something on my face?"

Gabrielle feigned concern and started touching her face to remove any invisible crumb that might be there. Meanwhile, her foot had traveled to the warrior's knee just above her boot.

"Gabrielle, what are you doing?" Xena lowered her voice and leaned in towards the bard.

Gabrielle leaned in as well. "Xena, why are you whispering?" She tried to hold back her smile as best she could.

Xena looked nervously at the diners next the them. They couldn't care less as each was absorbed in their meal or their drink or their conversation.

"Don't you get me started here."

The warrior's voice was low and warning. Gabrielle smiled a sweet, shy grin. Her green hazel eyes lit up as she knew exactly how to capture her warrior princess.

"I really don't know what you're talking about."

Gabrielle got up from the table and took their plates to the bar and refilled their mead glasses. When she returned, she sat next to Xena on the wooden benches rather than across from her at the wooden table. When Xena arched her eyebrow in a question, Gabrielle simply shrugged.

"I was having trouble hearing you from across the table. It's pretty loud in here."

"Uh-huh. So you thought you would come over and sit next to me."

"Seems logical don't you think? I mean, if we were going to discuss our travel plans for tomorrow, we wouldn't want the enemy to overhear where we were headed now would we?"

Gabrielle flashed Xena one of her most winning smiles as she raised her glass to take a drink. Yes, she had the warrior exactly where she wanted her.

"Gabrielle, don't even think about it."

"Think about what?" The young bard asked innocently as she set her mug down on the table while her other hand rested on the top of Xena s leather-skirted thigh.

Xena's blue eyes opened wide as she looked down at her lap and at the bard's small hand resting on her leg. She narrowed her eyes at Gabrielle who was nonchalantly looking across the room at a painting on the wall above the fireplace.

"Oh, Xena, look. Isn't that a beautiful painting?"

Xena didn't take her eyes off of the bard's face as she pretended to admire the artwork. Her hand had slipped under the leather straps and now rested warmly against the warrior's thigh. Gabrielle's pinky finger managed to move its way just under the black breeches that Xena wore under her skirt. She turned and looked at Xena with a smile on her face.

"What? You won't even look at the painting?"

Xena hurridly glanced over in the general direction. "Yeah, its real nice.



The young bard continued smiling as she looked up in Xena's face. Xena put her hand on top of Gabrielle's and tried to move it from her thigh. Of course, the effort was half-hearted because to be honest, Xena liked it there. For the bard's part, she was just as stubborn now as she was when she talked about star travel. If Gabrielle had her way, the only traveling that would be done tonight would be by her hand.

Xena leaned over and spoke in a low tone to Gabrielle. "You are not making this easy for me, dear. Can't you wait until we go up to our room?"

Gabrielle smiled at the tone of Xena's voice. She knew this tone because she had heard it many times before. It was her warrior doing her best to restrain and contain herself. Gabrielle loved it. She loved pushing Xena as far as she would go. Mostly because Xena didn't expect for the bard to be so bold. In fact, Xena's public reticence actually fueled the bard's bravery. She knew this seduction would go her way because she always got her way with Xena. She wanted to see her warrior bend to her will.

Gabrielle's hand slipped further toward where Xena's heat and fury resided. She loved her warrior's thighs more than anything (well almost)--smooth and soft and muscular thighs that would tremble under her touch alone. She shuddered just a bit at the thought of how she had covered every inch of them with kisses just last night. She knew there was no stopping now. She was going to have Xena on her terms tonight.

"Actually, Xena, no I can't wait until we go up to our room. In fact, I'm not going to wait. And you know what?"

Gabrielle leaned over and started to softly speak in Xena's ear. One of her fingers found itself touching warm wet skin. She closed her eyes briefly at the thought of how wet her warrior got. Now, this, she loved more than anything, she was sure. Regaining a little composure, she continued.

"I'm going to have you right here, right at this table, right in this room, right with all these people, right now."

Gabrielle looked into Xena's eyes as she felt the warrior move slightly under her hand.

"And you're going to let me."

This was a statement and as much as Xena wanted to argue, there was no way she could. She knew that when it came down to letting Gabrielle have her way with her, Xena was simply out battled. If only she could talk her way into getting her mischievous little bard upstairs to their room...

Xena grabbed the table suddenly as she felt one of Gabrielle's fingers slip inside of her. She somehow suppressed a low groan and pretended to clear her throat as the man sitting next to her looked her way at the sudden movement of the table. She smiled over at him as she raised her glass of mead at him "Gods be with you" as she nodded her head and took a long drink. He toasted with her and turned to resume his conversation. She shakily set down her mug and turned quickly to Gabrielle, who tried to play the part of a sweet innocent cherub.

"Gabrielle, we can't do this here"

The bard chuckled at the warrior's restrained whisper. She could see that her bold move caught Xena by surprise. But she could also feel that her bold move was rewarded by Xena's tight grip on her finger. Gabrielle never stopped being amazed at Xena's many physical skills.

Gabrielle casually picked up her mug with her free hand and took a sip. She smiled at the butter passing woman who now asked for the salt and pepper. Gabrielle politely handed them to her while ever so slightly moving the tip of her finger further into her warrior's warmth. As she turned back to Xena, she smiled as she leaned into her once again and spoke in a low sensual voice that could only be described as pure honey.

"Move your legs further apart for me, love."

Sometimes what this bard could do to Xena was beyond words. Everything she did moved the warrior in ways deeper than anything she could imagine. She could only hold on tight and follow wherever the bard took her. If someone had even mentioned to her years earlier that a young bard would take her heart and her body and she would give them both willingly, she would have first laughed in their face and then punched them out for such foolishness. But here she sat, in a room full of people next to the one she loved the most, trying to act the part of the tough warrior while this sweet girl next to her was about to have her in the most private of ways in the most public of places. "Gods give me strength.." Xena thought to herself.

She obeyed Gabrielle's request and moved her legs further apart. They were sitting with their backs against one of the walls of the inn and luckily for Xena, the nearest lantern was four or five people down the wall. While it was slightly dark near them, it was still too light for the warrior s taste. But that really didn't matter anymore it seemed. This was inevitable and Xena had to pray for the best. Luckily part of her prayer was answered as the man she had toasted earlier stood up with his companions as they made their way to leave. With just five other people at their twenty foot table instead of ten, it was a little more private. "Damn the butter woman and her friends!" Xena inwardly cursed.

Gabrielle was loving every minute of this. She had long fantasized about taking Xena in public and by the gods, she was going to make it happen come Hades or high water. Gabrielle swung one of her legs over the wooden bench they were sitting on and straddling the bench, moved closer to Xena. As she did so, she slipped her finger all the way out of the warrior in front of her. A low sigh came from Xena as Gabrielle took her hand away. She watched, enraptured, as the bard slipped her finger in her mouth and tasted the warrior's wetness. Gabrielle smiled slyly as she did this, "Dessert.."

Gabrielle nodded to the barmaid as she refilled their mugs. "Thanks, we'll be fine for a while." She winked over at Xena who managed to put a smile on her face and nod to the barmaid.

As soon as the barmaid was away, Xena grabbed Gabrielle's hand and put it back on her thigh under her skirt. She leaned over and growled in Gabrielle's ear, "You had better take me soon, Gabrielle, before I pick you up and carry you to our room."

Not wanting to lose this opportunity, Gabrielle smiled as she slipped two of her fingers inside of Xena. The warrior reached down and gripped her mead mug in one hand and Gabrielle's wrist in the other. She caught her breath as the young bard's thumb rubbed against her most sensitive spot. Luckily the fabric of her breeches allowed for easy accessibility or Xena would have ripped them off with her own hand if she had to.

"Xena, I'm going to tell you a story and I want you to listen very


The bard looked deep into blue eyes. To anyone who would have bothered to look, it would appear as if two friends were engaged in a very deep personal conversation. Everyone had already witnessed the warrior's removal of unwelcome visitors, so no one even entertained the thought of disturbing them.

"Mmm ...tell me"

Xena focused on Gabrielle s face, blocking out everyone around them and all the sounds but her bard's honey-toned voice. For a loud inn on a winter's night, all Xena could hear was Gabrielle.

"This is a story of two lovers, one of the land and one of the sea."

Gabrielle moved her fingers almost all the way out of Xena, but stopped and held them there, with the tips just slightly inside. Xena gripped her mug tighter and stifled a groan. Her eyes never left Gabrielle s sea-green depths.

"Because they were confined to the boundaries of their homes, they were always looking for ways to meet and show their love."

Gabrielle's thumb slid against Xena's sensitive spot as she leaned in slightly and moved her two fingers back into the warrior. Xena sucked in her breath as she felt how deep Gabrielle's fingers moved. The bard's face was serious and her eyes took hold of Xena's. The warrior's face was one of barely controlled passion just below the surface. Quiet whimpering sounds made their way out of Xena. When they were alone, Gabrielle loved how loud Xena could be when she was making love to her. Now, that she was sure she loved the most.

Needless to say though, these quiet murmurs were just as exciting in this context. The young bard's face grew warm at the thought that she would be able to watch her warrior try to stay quiet when this was an incredibly difficult thing for Xena to do. "Gods give me strength.." Gabrielle silently pleaded. She had to ignore her own rising temperature if she was to have her way.

"One day, the gods played a trick on the lovers and let the moon decide when the two could meet. The moon would bring them together at high tide and then would rip them apart at low tide. They could never stay in each other's arms after they made love."

Gabrielle reached down with her other hand and removed Xena's hand from her wrist. She looked at Xena as she moved the warrior's hand to her own thigh under her skirt. Gabrielle never wore anything under her skirts, much to Xena's protest (and silent appreciation). More than once, this proved to be beneficial when Xena and she spontaneously made love alone in the woods. Gabrielle thanked the god of foresight for this now.

Her inner thigh was covered with a soft down of blond hair and she was already wetter than all of the seas combined. Xena groaned softly as she felt her bard's need. She needed no encouragement to also swing her leg over the bench to straddle it and move closer to Gabrielle. Her finger easily slipped inside of the young bard who caught her breath.

Xena let go of the mug she was holding and moved her hand to meet Gabrielle's under her own skirt. She smiled at the bard as her eyes took in the look on her love's face. Gabrielle knew what the warrior was going to do and she closed her eyes briefly at the thought. No matter how many times she had watched Xena touch herself while they made love, it never stopped moving Gabrielle to the edge. She loved this the best she was sure. The bard gripped the table's edge and held on for dear life. She had lost whatever power she thought she had over this warrior woman.

"Go on, Gabrielle. What happened next?"

Xena's voice was low and husky. Gabrielle felt Xena's own fingers touch her thumb. Both women's fingers moved for space over Xena's sensitive spot. Gabrielle felt the palm of Xena's hand start to rub against her own heated center. The warrior's fingers started their slow pace in and out of Gabrielle's warmth. She bit her bottom lip to stifle a moan as she was trying to take in everything that was going on all at once. She felt Xena's fingers slide a little faster over herself and Gabrielle's thumb. She knew the warrior was getting closer because she felt Xena tighten around her fingers and become wetter. As for her, all it would take was to watch her lover at the moment she released. There was no greater aphrodisiac than to see Xena's face when she let go. No doubt, this was her greatest love.

Gabrielle tried to finish the story as best she could. Her voice was shaky as it was. She wasn't sure she could do it.

"T-the two lovers asked Poseidon to intervene in...gods, Xena, you are so wet.."

"Please finish your story, love." Xena whipsered as she momentarily closed her eyes when she felt the bard slip a third finger inside of her.

"Poseidon decided to help the two lovers because he saw how much the land and the water needed each other. So he...oh..gods, your fingers..please..a little faster.."

Xena looked at her bard. She knew they were both close to the edge and either one of them could send the other over with the slightest provocation. The warrior thought of Gabrielle trying to keep herself quiet at a time like this and smiled inwardly. Her little bard almost rivaled her in the vocal department when they were alone. It would be hard for her to control herself she knew that. "That's what she gets for starting this.." Xena thought with silent laugh. But, back to the matters at hand, so to speak.


Gabrielle looked at Xena and forced herself to stare into the blue ocean before her. She would finish this story if it killed her. And it was nearly doing that. So she concentrated..hard..and continued in a quivering voice.

"So Poseidon picked up the sea and rolled it out like rug and it started to ripple."

Both of Xena's hands worked faster as soft little sounds worked their way out behind clenched teeth. Gabrielle was transfixed by the warrior's expression. Xena's eyes were almost pleading, her self-control at its height. She watched as the warrior held her breath.

"And forever after, when a wave crashes on the shore, the two lovers come together."

With that, Xena closed her eyes as she felt Gabrielle's fingers move inside of her. Her own fingers moved the same rhythm in her bard. She opened her eyes and looked at Gabrielle. She suddenly clinched tight around Gabrielle's fingers and opened her mouth as if to say something. Gabrielle watched as the warrior remained perfectly still and then, with a single quiet exhale of breath, she felt Xena release. Not a sound came from the warrior as she let go. The only movement Gabrielle could see or feel was Xena's contractions on her fingers.

This sent the bard over the edge and she quickly followed suit, trying with varying degrees of success not to make too much noise. As it was, Gabrielle let out a small muffled cry and fell forward into Xena's arms. Xena put her arms around the young bard and held her tight, feeling the quiet sobs of pleasure coming from Gabrielle. Slowly, Gabrielle started to regain some sense of composure, but she remained with her head buried in Xena s neck and shoulder. Xena gave her a soft kiss on the top of her head and stroked her hair. Sometimes Gabrielle got more than she bargained for and Xena loved the young woman more every time.

The barmaid came by to refill the mugs and gave Xena a curious look. She mouthed the words, "Is she ok?"

"She's fine, she was just telling me a story. I guess she was overcome with emotion. You know how bards can be."

Xena replied with a shrug as she smiled at the barmaid. Gabrielle looked up at the barmaid and gave her the best imitation of a sad, puppy dog as she possibly could.

"Yes, we bards are very emotional. I'm much better now, thank you for your concern."

The barmaid just nodded at the two and decided to let it go. She didn t believe a word of it, she wasn't born in a barn you know. But far be it from her to question a warrior princess about those kinds of things. Besides, she would probably get a good tip if she kept quiet.

As she left, Gabrielle looked at Xena and started to crack up. The warrior tried her best to keep a straight stern face but the bard's laughter was infectious and soon Xena was howling with her. Both laughed so hard they brought tears to their eyes and pains to their sides. Just when they thought they were done, they would look at the other and start again. Gabrielle almost didn't hear someone speaking to her. They settled down just a bit as she heard someone calling to her again. She turned towards the woman down the table from her.

"Miss, could you please pass the butter?"

Gabrielle and Xena looked at the woman and then looked at each other and started laughing all over again.

Colophon: If I recall, the writing of this story was greatly aided by wishing I had had a dinner like this one at a wonderful Italian restaurant called 'Tuscany' in Chicago.

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