Warning: This is a sequel to A Little Piece of Paradise. Like I said at the end of `Paradise`, I really didn't know if a couple of Estate Agents had another story in them. Well, I decided there was. However `Heaven` will be dealing with the more mundane day to day events in the Conrad/Gallagher household. Some readers might find this, um, boring.

Disclaimer: Sex between two women, definitely. Angst, probably. Violence, maybe.

A Handful of Heaven

Part 1

By Midgit

Tori Conrad leaned back and stretched her shoulders warily, wincing when she heard the bones crack. "Oh my God." she said aloud, but to no one in particular. She slowly straightened from her hunched position over the computer keypad. Reaching for the mouse beside it, she dragged the small arrow through the bottom of the screen and winced again when the task bar appeared and informed her it was 01.37. That meant it was over two-and-a-half hours since she told Eden she's only be ten minutes.

Tori smiled at the memory of her lover standing in the doorway of the small room they'd turned into an office. "You'll damage your eyes sitting here in the dark like this," the small blonde had said, her hands on her hips. Eden sauntered over to Tori and ran a hand through ebony locks. She bent and brushed her lips gently against those of her lover. "I'm going to bed," she said, her voice barely a whisper. "Coming?"

Tori opened her eyes and fell into green. "Ten minutes."

Eden traced her lover's cheek with delicate fingers and chuckled softly, "Ok."

So, two-and-a-half hours later, Tori shut down the web page she was working on and eased herself from in front of the computer. Since a friend had shown her the joys of HTML, she'd been busy building a web site for their business. `Gallaghers` was the newest Estate Agency in Bath.

Tori had managed to find an empty shop in Union Street in Bath and had secured the lease for a year with an option for longer. The cost of renting such a property in Bath was horrendous, but Tori wanted a central office.

Then there was the house...their home. When they returned from London, Tori had insisted that Eden stay with her at the Bath Spa hotel until they found somewhere to live. Eden was initially uncomfortable with the fact that it would be Tori's money that bought them their home. So Tori took the small blonde in her arms and held her tight. "From now on, what's mine is yours," she had said. "There's no mine and yours, unless you want there to be. I only want to think in terms of us now." She ducked her head and looked into the eyes of her lover. "Ok?"

Eden nodded and buried herself further into Tori's embrace. A few days later, Tori placed a number of papers in front of the blonde as she was sitting on the bed watching the hotel television.

"What's this?" Eden had asked, picking up the papers.

Tori sat on an armchair across the room from her and took a deep breath. "As I can't legally marry you, I want to do the next best thing." She nodded her head towards the papers that Eden held. "Those papers give you a right to everything I own."

Tori watched Eden as the blonde's eyes flitted across the legal document and then watched as the document floated to the ground. Blue eyes snapped up to find Eden's face buried in small hands, her shoulder's shaking. She was immediately at the blonde's side. "Eden?" Tori put her hand beneath Eden's chin and lifted her face to so she could see into the teary green eyes. "What?" she asked.

But the face she looked upon was smiling. It was that wonderful smile that Eden bestowed at her happiest moments. The smile that employed every muscle of her beautiful face, causing her cute nose to wrinkle and her sea green eyes to sparkle. Eden threw her arms around the neck of her tall lover and pulled her into a crushing embrace.

Tori turned her face into the silky blonde hair and whispered into Eden's ear. "Does this mean you're happy?" she asked, her lips brushing the blonde's ear.

Eden nodded. Her throat was too tight to say anything coherent.

"So why the tears?"

"You should know me by now," Eden said. She reached for the bedside cabinet and took a tissue from the box there. After wiping her eyes she looked back up at the taller woman. "Happy tears," she said and once more buried herself into the warm embrace.

Tori smiled at the memory, knowing in her heart that at last she had found someone that she wanted to share her wealth with. No, not just her wealth: her life, her soul, her very being belonged to the small woman with the heavenly name.

Tori made her way gingerly up the stairs. At the bedroom door she stopped. The TV was on, casting a flickering light across the quiet figure in the bed. The tall woman tiptoed across to the bed and reached to take the remote control from the limp hand of the sleeping woman. It was held in her right hand that was resting on the bed at her side. Her other hand was on the pillow just above her head. The white sheet, the only covering on the bed in the uncommonly hot September night, was gathered at her hips, leaving her upper body bare.

Tori eased the remote control from the blonde's hand, all the time watching the sleeping face. After switching the TV off she made her way to the bathroom, scattering her clothes across the floor as she went. It wasn't many minutes later that Tori slid into the bed beside her lover. Gently easing herself against the warm body, she reached out a hand and let her fingers roam against the soft skin.

Tori propped her head on one hand and watched her other hand as it slid across a taut stomach, up between two perfectly formed breasts before cupping a warm cheek. She pushed a lock of golden hair to one side, smiling as Eden's head turned and the blonde nuzzled Tori's hand. Tracing a perfectly shaped eyebrow, she drew a line down the side of the sleeping face, then down again, following the line of a round shoulder down to the elbow.

Eden's hand sleepily grasped Tori's as the larger hand enveloped the smaller one. But Tori wasn't stopping there. Her hand travelled back to the stomach, drawing lazy circles on the gently moving surface. Eden moved slightly in her sleep, arching her back into the familiar touch of her lover. The blonde sighed and turned slightly towards the presence she detected, even in sleep.

They were now facing each other. Tori had left her hand on the warm skin, finding it resting on a gently sloping hip now. She moved down, onto a thigh, reaching around behind Eden's knee and pulling slightly, bending the smaller woman's knee; then back up behind the thigh, revelling in the feeling of the silky skin there. All the while Tori watched the contented face of her lover, just making out the features in the light from the full moon shining through the window.

Her hand travelled again, moving up and cupping Eden's right breast. Her thumb coaxed the rapidly swelling nub to full tumescence. She watched in fascination as Eden's lips parted, the tip of a pink tongue travelling across full lips. Needing to feel those same lips against her own, Tori ducked her head. Even in sleep Eden responded to the kiss. Her body pressing against the larger one, her hands snaked around the trim waist. Somewhere in the middle of the kiss the small blonde woke. She took a number of deep breaths, leaned back, and immediately fell into blue, turned silver in the moonlight.

"Tori," she said on a breath of arousal, her eyes seemingly having difficulty focussing.

Tori said nothing and pulled the small body tightly against her. She felt a shudder as their bodies contacted. The smaller woman's breasts fitting beneath her own, the blonde head nuzzled into her shoulder.

"That was a long ten minutes," came a muffled voice.

"Sssh, go back to sleep," said Tori as she kissed the blonde head.

"You wake me up to tell me to go back to sleep?" Two amused green eyes found hers.

Tori smiled down at Eden. "Can't keep my hands off you. It's your fault for being so damn cute."

Eden snuggled back down into her lover. "Ok," she said.

Tori felt the sleepy body relax against her, pulled her in close, and joined her in sleep.

It was the sun streaming through the partly open curtains that woke Tori. They'd never closed them completely since they'd moved into the secluded house.

Tori had first noticed the house in an estate agents window as she was shopping in Bath. It was situated in the old village of Combe Down on the southeastern side of Bath. Beneath the village and the surrounding area the earth was honeycombed with mines from which the stone which built Bath was taken. The stone was much sought after and even after the mines were closed, some unscrupulous quarrymen managed to break past the sealed entrances to remove more of the precious rock. This caused many of the parts of the mines to become unsafe. In some parts the surface was only little over a meter thick. While the job of shoring up the mines took place many of the older houses of Combe Down had to be evacuated.

The house that Tori bought for herself and her lover was only about ten years old, however. Built on three levels, it had been lovingly built and looked after by a local magazine tycoon and his wife before they decided to sell their business and move to a retirement home in Spain. This didn't stop Tori from having a very thorough and very expensive survey completed to ensure that the house and the grounds were sound.

It was built on a slight slope. The lower level was comprised of the double garage and the laundry room. A set of wide steps took you to the front door and into a large hallway. On the first floor was a large lounge, a dining room that led to a conservatory, and the small office. There was also a small den where the two lovers spent most of their evenings. The den was home to the TV, a music centre, and a small log-burning fireplace. The kitchen, which had a small breakfast bar, was situated off of the dining room. Another door from the hallway led to another conservatory that held a Jacuzzi and, beyond that, a swimming pool. During the colder months, the large doors of the conservatory could remain closed; but, during the summer, they could be folded back completely.

On the second floor were five bedrooms, three with en-suite bathrooms, and another separate bathroom.

Tori and Eden's bedroom was the largest, with a huge bathroom that had a sunken tub in it. There was also a balcony from which they had a wonderful view of the gardens that had been lovingly created by the former occupants.

They had looked at a number of properties in and around Bath. As soon as they'd arrived back in the city after returning from London, they both realised there was no way they could return to the cottage at Summer Lane. Although the cottage held many beautiful memories for both of them, the fact that Eden had almost died there stopped Tori from going anywhere near the place.

As soon as she stepped through the door into the house in Rock Lane, Eden knew this was going to be her home. She went from room to room following the estate agent knowing that she'd love everything about it.

Tori watched her lover with delight as she delved into every nook and cranny, opening cupboards and knocking on walls. For what reason, Tori had no idea.

The agent left them gazing down at the swimming pool.

"It's huge," said Eden. "Bigger than we'd ever need."

Tori shrugged. "Do you like it?" she asked.

"I always wanted a swimming pool," said Eden as she walked around the curved end of the pool. "Don't know why. I haven't been swimming for years."

They faced each other across the pool. "Shall we be extravagant then?" Tori asked, her blue eyes twinkling.

Eden walked slowly back around the pool and gently leaned against the taller woman. "I'd live in a mud hut with you."

"The idea of that is strangely appealing." Tori ducked her head and kissed the tip of Eden's nose. "However." Two perfect eyebrows disappeared into silky black hair. "I do like my creature comforts. Shall we make the agents day?"

Eden gave a little jump and clasped her hands behind the taller woman's neck. "Are you sure? It's so expensive."

"This is going to be our home." She smiled down into the green eyes. "For a long," another kiss, on a flushed cheek this time, "long," this time on full lips that returned and deepened the kiss, " long time." She leaned back, looking into the face of her lover. "Both of our names are going on the deeds. Remember, what's mine is yours. All of it."

Eden nodded. "I never had much. Now I have the world. I love you Tori."

Tori pulled the small blonde into her arms. "I love you too. Come on. Let's go sign some papers."

Tori was nudged out of her musings by a sleepy body stretching beside her. One hand flopped across her body, coming into painful contact with her left breast. Then a knee contacted with her hip. After a moment of snuffling and squirming, Eden settled down again. Tori looked down and watched the fingers of the small hand now resting on her breast. The digits were twitching giving the impression that the blonde was typing in her sleep.

Tori bit her bottom lip as the busy fingers elicited the expected result from her rapidly swelling bud.

She grabbed the small hand and held it tight, not wanting the pleasurable stimulation to stop, but rather requiring that the owner of the roving hand be awake whilst it was roving.

"Hey," she whispered, ducking her head and rubbing her chin against her lover's forehead.

"Mmm?" Eden sighed as she awoke. She looked up into smiling blue eyes. "What?"

"Your hand's awake. I think the rest of you should join it."

"Why, what was it doing?" Now Eden was peering at her hand, held securely in the larger hand of her lover.

Tori pulled the sleepy woman on top of her. "Never mind about that. Come here." She said, capturing the warm moist lips of the blonde.

"Frisky huh?" Asked the blonde as she braced herself on her arms above Tori. With her own legs she eased those of her lover apart.

Tori smiled up at her and allowed her to settle between her legs.

"Mmm." Eden moaned gently as she settled into her favourite place, and then buried her face between the twin mounds of Tori's breasts. A small pink tongue emerged and circled the same nipple her hand had stimulated only minutes earlier. "You like?" She asked, but didn't wait for an answer as she took the hardened bud between her teeth.

The noise Tori made inspired her further and she raised her head slightly, still keeping the flesh of her lover secure between her teeth. Her tongue tortured the captured nipple in the warmth of her mouth. She pulled again, watching all the time the mixture of pain and passion crossing the beautiful face of her lover.

Tori felt the small hands on her hips and then a warm mouth on her stomach. Her belly button was given attention in passing, but Eden was on a mission, and reached her goal quickly.

Tori's hips bucked as she felt a soft mouth attach itself to her, but then she settled back down onto the bed and allowed herself to become lost in the sensations her lover was creating. She felt hands urging her knees to bend and widen.

She was open to her lover, her Eden. She allowed the woman to take her, allowed her to possess her. She gave herself willingly and completely. More completely than ever before. She gave her heart. For the first time in a life of taking and of possessing, she gave everything she had to give, and knew she would receive a thousand fold the gift she was giving.

Large hands entangled themselves in golden hair as the pressure the lips were building increased. She cried out her lover's name in her passion, her heels digging into a toned back, her back arching carrying both her and the blonde high above the bed.

Then she was coming down. Reaching blindly for the small body that held her captive. She crushed the woman with the heavenly name to her breast. Smoothing soft golden hair back from a sweating face, she kissed her lover's forehead.

She wanted to say so much, but Eden crushed her mouth with a searing kiss.

"I love you." The blonde said.

"I love you too." Said Tori.

What more needed to be said?

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