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This came up, because of a certain bit of artwork, I will be adding to my own collection, much to the consternation of my soulmate. I just had to dash it out.



"To sleep, perchance to dream"

***********W. Shakespeare************


by Kat

A beautiful night in the forest. The weather is perfect, the stars are abundantly visible. Two lovers a snuggling side by side in their bedroll.


Gabrielle: Xena?

Xena: Hmmmm?

Gabrielle: Are you sleeping?

Xena: No.

Gabrielle (softly): What's wrong?

Xena (surprised): Nothing.

Gabrielle: Aren't you happy?

Xena: Yes, I am.

Gabrielle (confused): Then what's wrong? Did I say something wrong? Do something wrong?

Xena (sighing): No, no. It's not you.

Gabrielle (worried): Then . . .what is it? What can I do? Should I leave?

Xena (vehemently): NEVER!

Gabrielle: Should I stop bugging you?

Xena (chuckling): You don't bug me.

Gabrielle: Can I get you something?

Xena (getting exasperated): I'm fine, I don't need anything but you.

Gabrielle (depressed): Maybe I should leave.

Xena (startled): Why do you say that?

Gabrielle (lower lip trembling): Don't need anything, don't want anything, I can't make you happy, you can't sleep ...........Just ................

Xena (sitting up): Just what? And don't be sorry, there's nothing to be sorry for.

Gabrielle (slow tears angling down her cheek): Just don't send me away.

Xena (her own tears falling): I told you, I don't ever want you to leave.

Gabrielle (sniffling): Don't you love me?

Xena (wistful smile): Very much.

Gabrielle (narrowed eyebrows): Very much what? Very much you do? Or very much you don't?

Xena (tension showing on her face): Gabrielle! I . . .Love . . .You . . .Very . . .Much!

Gabrielle: You're sure?


Gabrielle: I would understand if you didn't. Too young, talk too much, always in trouble.

Xena: But . . .I do love you.

Gabrielle (smiling): I love you too.

Xena (relaxing a bit): That's good. I'm happy>

Gabrielle: Are you? Really?

Xena (rolling her eyes): Really!

Gabrielle: Then why aren't you sleeping?

Xena: Oh, just not tired yet.

Gabrielle: Xena! You gought ten raiders, saved a village, and . . .and . . .well you know what, too!

Xena: I know what, what?

Gabrielle (waving her hands in the air): You know, when we made camp and . . .

Xena: And, built a fire, caught a fish, what?

Gabrielle (exasperated): XENA! You know what I'm talking about.

Xena (perplexed): What's wrong, is there something in your eye?

Gabrielle (punching her on the arm): No silly, I was winking.

Xena: Oh! I get it! Yeah, that was really wonderful.

Gabrielle: Really? You're not just saying that are you?

Xena: Yes, I really enjoyed myself. Did you?

Gabrielle: Heh, oh yeah, that's definitely an interesting use for olive oil.

Xena (sighing): Yeah, it is.

Gabrielle (eye narrowed): But . . .then why aren't you sleepy then? I would think you would be relaxed.

Xena: I am relaxed.

Gabrielle: Then what's bothering you?

Xena (evasive): What makes you think that something's bothering me.

Gabrielle: Because you aren't asleep.

Xena: Gabrielle, I am just not sleepy.

Gabrielle: Hmmmmm, I don't believe you. I think you're hiding something.

Xena (laying back down): Look, I'm fine. Why don't you snuggle up here, and read me some poetry. You know, from what's her name.

Gabrielle (triumphant): Aha! That's it! What's her name, huh?

Xena (hiding her eyes): What are you talking about Gabrielle?

Gabrielle: It's the tattoo isn't it? Admit it!

Xena (petulant): It's a very lovely tattoo Gabrielle. As far as tattoos go.

Gabrielle: You're jealous aren't you?

Xena (indignant): Why would I be jealous?

Gabrielle: Well, maybe because it's of Sappho, my all time favorite poetess, and not you. And maybe because I was with Salmoneus when I got it. And well, (under her breath) maybe because I was drunk, and didn't really know what I was doing.

Xena (exasperated): Gabrielle, it's not every day that some one gets a tattoo of their favorite poetess on their butt. And what's wrong with getting one of me?

Gabrielle (giggling): Heh! Xena I don't need a tattoo of you. I have the real you all to myself.

Xena: I suppose that you want Sappho instead of me?

Gabrielle: Xena! Don't ever say that!

Xena: Wellll, how am I supposed to feel? Everytime you take a bath, or you know, I have her ugly mug staring me in the face. Kinda uncomfortable don't you think.

Gabrielle: Oh, Xena, that is the sweetest thing you have ever said to me.

Xena (perplexed): It is?

Gabrielle: Oh, yeah, you betcha. I love you when you're possessive and uncertain. It makes me feel somewhat in control.

Xena: Huh? In control you say?

Gabrielle (uncertain): Well, you know what I mean.

Xena (winding up her tickle fingers): Do I?

Gabrielle: Now Xena, don't get carried away.

Xena: Oh, I won't get carried away. I think I owe you something, don't I?

Gabrielle (eyes wary): Owe me for what?

Xena (grabbing a handful of squirming Bard): For keeping me awake, for going shopping with Sal, for getting drunk, and for getting a tattoo . . .of her. And for letting me love you, and care about you, and for staying with me, through all the good, and the bad.

Gabrielle (giggling out of control): Mmmmph! Xena! Stop, that tickles! Xena don't!

Stop! Don't! Stop!

Xena (smug smile on her face): Oh, don't worry, I won't stop!


And so, the forest rang with the sounds of two people very much in love. Of course, no person or creature for miles got any sleep that night, but . . .oh, what a night!



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