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And I Wait

By Rosemary


The fire had already burned low, the few embers casting dim light in the small room. I lay on my back, my hands beating a steady rhythm on my thighs. Xena was staring at the flames as if she alone could keep it burning. I need her. I can't say the words so I wait. I know she will come to me again. I know she will touch me with trembling hands. I know she will lower her mouth to mine and taste my lips, my tongue. I know all this and I wait.

I feel my wetness grow, my inner thighs slick with desire. My need building. But I remain passive. My skin aches with its own passion, every whisper of a breeze a small pain. Every caress of heat from the muted fire a slow burning across my soul. Xena continues to gaze into the fire. My longing far removed from her thoughts. Her dreams elsewhere. I sigh. She turns to me then. Her eyes like beacons of pure sapphire, a welcome as well as a warning. 'Come to me,' They beckon. 'But be wary or crash against the shores.'

I try to smile, but her eyes, her eyes burn me with a flame to hot to bear. In that moment I am revealed to her, exposed to her, as I was before and soon will be again. She knows my soul and my depths. She understands my fears and soothes them. In her eyes is the future I never dreamed, and a past I can't begin to imagine. I open my arms to her, my body already rising and falling with her every breath. Xena stands, her body fluid and graceful, beautiful in all its perfect form. I love watching her. Her every movement poetry. Her very presence a music only the most gifted could hear.

She removes her armor. Slow languid motions of constant temptation. The heavy breastplate falls to the floor. She does this for me. She undress for me. Her eyes glow in the dim firelight. Her weapons follow. A ceremony of surrender. Each item dropped is an added piece of trust that she gives me. And I watch. Her gauntlets are next pulled off, her hands flexing with barely concealed strength as she moves to her boots.

I know I have never felt this way before. A fever sweeps my through my body. Leaving a hungry tingling at ever nerve. 'I want...I want.' My body screams. And I wait. Xena kneels now, weapons and armor gone she seems smaller somehow, more vulnerable. I touch her face and she kisses my palm. I am lost in her. She takes my hand and moves her lips upwards, caressing my forearm, the inside of my elbow, teasing the side of my breast. 'I need,' I beg silently. But she already knows and continues with such love that my heart bursts and I feel free for the first and last time of my life.

Her lips touch my throat. All I have ever dreamed of are here, next to me. Power, passion, love, and loyalty. Strength beyond measure. Purpose and compassion. Above all, above all...my thoughts spiral away as she moves to my lips. Hers soft and commanding. Mine pliant, wanting only the taste of her. Her kisses release a flood of desire and I arch out of control for her hand.

She stills my movements, her hands pressed against my belly. "Slow," Are the first words I have heard her utter this night. "Slow. So slow." She groans against my skin her fingers tempting my nipples through rough cloth. "Take if off." I ask. Xena smiles then and gently removes the blouse from my body. She does not take my breasts in her mouth immediately. She gazes at them and her gaze causes me shudder. I feel the intensity of her stare through to my bones. The feel of her fingers before they touch me, the feel of her mouth before it captures me. And I wait.

She traces a nipple with just the tip of her tongue. I want more. I don't move. I know this is important to her. This lovemaking. This treasuring that she so delights in. She encompasses one nipple in her mouth. I bite back a moan. It would only distract her. I am selfish and want her to take me. I want it slow and easy. My body may betray me. My mouth, for the first time, will not. She's so gentle. To look at her you would see a beautiful woman wrapped in a warrior's cloak of anger. She is so much more. She is laughter in the night. And shadow on a sunlit day. She is light and dark. She is my soul. And I am hers.

And I wait. With trembling fingers she strokes me. I rise to her touch at once hungry and sated. At one time a single touch from her was enough to satisfy me for days. When it lingered. Bliss. Now I have everything. She is not weak, yet her body quivers against me. I feel the heat build. I part my legs. Wanting only her gentle hand on me. In me. She again knows my needs. She kisses my lips and moves slowly down until her face is resting against my thighs. "Tell me what you want." She whispers, her voice low and passionate. It is a game between us. I smile and look at my world with loving eyes. "You," I answer in the same hushed tones. Tears glimmer in her eyes as they always do when I say the words. Now she will make love to me. The hunger rises in her face. The desire in her flesh. She will be gentle and strong. She will take me to heights I have never dreamed. I live for these moments in time. When all the past is forgotten. The future not yet there. I live for this moment. This time with her. And I wait.

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