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"A Nice Day for A Picnic"

by Rosemary

A cool breeze ruffled Xena's long dark hair as she gazed out onto the open meadow. The last several days have been a greater strain than she wanted to let on.......even to herself. Gabrielle's capture, and her confrontation with Callisto had left her exhausted, both emotionally and physically. As loathe as she was to admit it she needed a respite.

Gabrielle's suggestion of a picnic seemed at good opportunity to rest and regroup. "What about here?" Xena asked her companion. "Xena, this is beautiful," Gabrielle said excitedly, "and look there's a small pond to relax in!" Xena shook her head at her friends enthusiasm. "Probably full of eels and snakes." She said laughing. "Pessimist, I'm sure it's free of anything......too slimy." Gabrielle smiled. "I hope so, I'm tired of rescuing you." Xena began to unload Argo of saddlebags and blankets, as Gabrielle made camp. "You know," Gabrielle said..."you really should learn to relax a little, stop taking things so seriously. How about a dip in the pond to start." She looked at her dearest friend. "I swear I won't have to be saved." Xena agreed, and they stripped off their cumbersome garments and dove into the cool water.

As she swam, she began to feel the tensions of the last days leave her body. She could not change what she had done....there was no way to undue her horrible past, but as the sun warmed her face she let herself try, at least, to enjoy the good she has accomplished. "Isn't this great Xena!" Gabrielle shouted, as she swam in the direction of her friend. "Yes, it is." Xena sighed and began to float on her back. Gabrielle slowed her progress so that she was within a few feet of the warrior princess. Xena's eyes closed against the sun as she luxuriated in cool waters. Gabrielle tried not to stare as she saw Xena's nipples pucker and harden in the pool. She had seen her naked enough times, but this time her breath caught, and a warmth spread along her body as she watched. Finally Xena turned over and swam to the edge of the pond, stepping out onto the soft grass she stretched out and fell into a light doze.

Gabrielle rose from the small pond, water running rivulets down her breasts and stomach. She walked to where Xena had stretched out, and laid herself carefully next to her. She tried to rest, closing her eyes, she willed her mind to stop its whirling thoughts. Xena was so close the heat of her body seemed to radiate a warmth to Gabrielle's already fervent one. She abruptly rolled over facing Xena. Her face was still, and beautiful as if an artisan had begun to sculpt a masterpiece and found himself, lacking.

Overwhelmed, Gabrielle reached out a trembling hand and stroked Xena's strong shoulder. She showed no sign of waking, and she continued her explorations. She ran her hand over Xena's stomach. Entranced she watched as firm muscles contracted against her venturing fingers. She leaned closer breathing in the scent of Xena's skin, the liquid feel of her flesh.

"Stop!" Her mind screamed. Her body had other ideas. She leaned closer her lips brushing Xena's hardened nipples. Her tongue, as if on it's own, lashed out and traced a furtive circle around tightening flesh. She felt Xena move under her, not an escape, but a surrender. "She wants this." Gabrielle's heart soared. "She want's me." She almost lost herself in that moment. Never had she thought that she would have this .....power over Xena. She gasped and lowered her hungry mouth to Xena's breasts, teeth and tongue worked to drive the warrior into a frenzy.

Xena grabbed Gabrielle's face in her hands, she looked long and hard into her blue eyes. At last accepting what she saw there she relinquished herself to Gabrielle's touch. Gabrielle wasted no time, she thrust her tongue deeply into Xena's mouth, tasting her sweat, and sweetness, Xena's tongue played across her teeth darting and flicking across Gabrielle's sensitive lips.

No longer able to wait, Gabrielle straddled her love. Kneeling above her she began to grind against Xena's strong thigh. Xena had never seen such a look of utter abandon of her face and it drove her own excitement higher and faster. Gabrielle began to buck against Xena, her face awash in her readiness for release. Xena reached up and took the younger woman's nipples into her warm mouth drawing an excited groan from her new lover. Gabrielle shuddered, collapsing on Xena's body. Xena stroked Gabrielle's sweat soaked body, her fingers delighting in the tremors she invited from her lithe body.

"You need a bath." Xena said chuckling. Gabrielle, still trying to catch her own breath pressed her mouth to Xena's. "You will soon." She whispered. Gabrielle still on top, nipped at Xena's exposed neck, tongue laving across firm flesh. She had never done this, and had never wanted to do anything more in her life. She wanted to feel Xena shake and tremble against her as she had.

She placed kisses between her exposed breasts, revealing in the salty taste and musky scent of Xena's body. With her tongue, she worked her way to the juncture of Xena's muscular thighs, Xena's hand stopped her. "Are you sure?" She asked panting slightly. "I've never been more sure, I want to taste you, feel you, now and forever." She gasped. Xena removed her hand and opened her thighs to the only woman, she could, would ever love.

Gabrielle took her time, intoxicated by the smell of her lover. Her tongue while inexperienced was agile. She relished each new moan, and throb of heated flesh she invicted from Xena's body, and when Xena was at her peak, and ready to explode, Gabrielle tongued her wet opening and drank in her release.

Xena lay almost boneless, her body relaxed beyond caring. As Gabrielle curled against her, she pressed her mouth to her ear, "Nice picnic."


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