By Kandis Glasgow

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Part 17


Krista and Taylor gently carried the injured woman to the mouth of the cave. The Queen's Champion tried to assess her wounds in the waning light. Terra and Terran followed close behind.

"I can't see. It looks like just a cut, but she's not coming to." The Champion took a closer look. "Damn. Let's get her down."

"She might have a concussion. She's cold as well. Could be a little case of hypothermia."

Krista looked at her as if she were speaking a foreign language. "Hypo what?"

They cradled her again. "Hypothermia. It's when your body gets cold on the inside. You get tired and disoriented. She was in there for quite a while without a fire or any warmth. Let's just get her down. You guys OK back there?"

Terran was ducking his head in and out from behind Terra in quick succession. Terra looked back at him. "Calm, Terran. It's gonna be alright." She looked to Taylor. "We're as OK as we can be. I think I'm going to take him for a quick bath before I take him to camp."

"Bbath? I haven't hhad a batth in hooooo! Wow. I ddon't know." He looked at Terra.

"We can tell." She didn't mean to make a joke, but Taylor laughed softly.

"Sounds like a very good idea. There are some hot springs just down the trail about a quarter league. Get some light before you go." Taylor started off with Krista.

She answered after them. "I'll pick up a torch from the clean up crew. Terran! Calm down. Stand up straight."

The young man frowned hard at the woman with him. "Bbut, what if they ffind me?"

"If there are any of them left, they're being held prisoner in the hold. You're safe. Trust me."

The green eyed man stood up as straight as he could. His dirty metallic clothing hung on his frame. He was almost as tall as his newly found friend, but was obviously malnourished. "Are you hungry?"

Terran's eyes got very excited. He shook his head up and down. He suddenly realized his actions then bowed his head. "I'm sorry. I.. I forgot my place."

Terra now understood what Taylor and Candace had seen in them. "Terran, you have no place here other than that of a free man. Do not apologize to me for being hungry. Here." She pulled a piece of dried meat and an apple from her side pack.

Terran hesitated, not sure if this woman was testing him, or truly being honest. Terra pushed the food in his direction. He accepted the food and examined it closely.

"It's not poison, Ter." She was surprised at the use of her own nickname. It caused a smile to cross her lips.

Terran, with bared teeth, put the apple to his mouth and took the smallest of nibbles. The bitterness of the skin hit his tongue, causing him to spit it out. "Bleah! I don't care for that."

"What did you say?" She was shocked.

He came to realize his boldness. "Ohh I. Please don't!" He threw his hands up in defense.

"No, Terran. No. I didn't mean...." Terra reached out to him.

It scared him and he put both hands over his head, tucking into a tight ball. "No. Please." He whispered through his fear.

Terra's heart broke slowly. This had been her not so very long ago, but she had never been this frightened. She didn't know what Creighton had done to him, but it was going to take a long time for him to be close to normal. She put a soft hand to him, trying to calm his fear. Her arms automatically went around him. "Terran, it's OK. I'm sorry."

Terran had never had anyone hold him the way this strange woman was doing now. His mind raced in a hundred different directions all at once. He came to several conclusions in that time. The only one that mattered was that he liked it. His fears calmed.

Terra felt him relax under her caress. "OK?"

He shook his head. She released him. He pulled back showing her the huge grin plastered across his face. "That was nice."

"I'm glad you approve." Her voice was filled with amusement. She bent to the ground to retrieve the food he had dropped. She wiped the apple off on her shirt. The meat was a lost cause. She threw it to the trees.

Terran was shocked. "Um... You...Just.." He made a tossing action.


"The food. You just.... It's over there." He pointed to where Terra had thrown the meat.

"It was dirty." She wasn't sure what he was getting at.

"OK." He didn't want to question her.

"Do you think that is all we have?" She was beginning to understand. Waste not. Want not.

He shook his head slowly.

She reached in her pouch once again revealing another piece of jerky. "Here." She handed both items to him. He looked strangely at the apple. "Bite through the skin. It's sweet on the inside."

He took a bigger bite. The grin that plastered itself across his face lit a fire in the heart of the assassin. "Creighton! This is good!"

"I thought you might think so. Come on, Stinky. Let's get you cleaned up."

"Stinky?" He stopped in mid bite to give her the same look that was often on the face of his sister.

Terra couldn't help but note the striking resemblance. She pointed at his chest. "That's you."

He watched her hand touch his chest. His head tilted. "But, that's not my name."

"Maybe not, but it fits. Follow me." She started off down the path to the springs.

Terran took alternating bites of food while they walked. He determined that he would gladly follow his new friend anywhere she chose to lead him. She had fed him and held him. It was the best thing that had ever happened to him in his life. It was only going to get better.


Gabrielle practically danced her way to the down comforter covered bed. "OH. My. Gods. Xena, this is the softest, biggest, bed I have every seen! Come here!"

Xena's head bobbed in time to the bouncing bard on the bed. The alliteration bouncing in her head almost made her dizzy. "I'm afraid I'll get hurt with you hopping around like that."

"OH poo! She ceased her movement. A sly look came over her face. She lay down on her stomach. Leaning up on her elbows, she gave her wife the most seductive 'come hither' stare she could muster.

The warrior grinned as she responded to one finger that bid her come. "Mmmm. Now that's more like it."

Gabrielle knelt back to draw her shirt over her head. She bent to all fours. Her soft, heavy breasts swayed in anticipation of her lover's touch. Xena knelt on the edge of the bed and crawled to her. Their lips met in a passionate connection. Heads danced in unison with the mouths that tasted each other in heated desire.

Xena's lips moved along Gabrielle's cheek trailing to her ear. Words of need whispered hotly. "I want to just fuck you blind."

Tingling bumps of craving spread across Gabrielle's skin. She was wet with just the thought of what Xena wanted to do to her. She gave the warrior her reply. "Oh, yes please."

A purely sexual grin spread across Xena's pink lips. "As you wish, your Highness."

They were in the home of the Goddess of Love. There was bound to be a toy or two somewhere. Xena leaned back from her wife to peruse the room. A small chest caught her eye. One eyebrow raised, she turned it on her spouse. Green eyes sparkled in response to the unspoken query.

Xena leapt from the bed to the chest. She lifted the lid and found exactly what she had thought of. It was made of an interesting substance, but the size was perfect. She touched the phallus and was pleasantly surprised by the warmth of it in her hand. She didn't see a harness in the chest. She almost put it back in the box, but was stopped by a word from Gabrielle.

"No. Sweetheart, bring it over. I'm sure you can figure out someway to use it." The small bard was now naked, laying on her side. The smile on her lips told it all.

Xena set the object down so she could remove her clothes. She picked it back up. Looking at it she smiled. "Sure would be nice if I could just..." Her eyes caught those of her lover as she placed the base against her pubis. The sensation she experienced was like a thousand warm tongues running rampant along her labia for one split second. She moaned loudly, glancing down at the now attached phallus. It had become a part of her own flesh.

Gabrielle's eyes grew wide as she whispered her absolute delight. "Way to go, Mom." She knew this had to be one of Aphrodite's little inventions. "Warrior? Bring your bad self over here." She patted the bed next to her.

Xena almost couldn't walk for the shock of the feeling. The sensation of the air on, what was now her skin, was electrifying. She was beginning to understand why men did such stupid things for their satisfaction. She stood beside the bed starting to adjust to her new appendage.

"May I touch it?" Gabrielle was fascinated. It was not large or menacing, and there were no extras attached. She leaned in. Her breath blew across the tip as she tried to find a seam.

The feel of her lover's breath upon her flesh brought on an aching need she had to fill. "Oh Gods! Yes, Gabrielle. Touch me."

The bard's delicate hand touched the warmth of Xena's skin. The phallus jumped and hardened at her caress. She oooh'd her delight. She had never given a man oral pleasure because the thought of it, quite frankly, made her sick. However, the thought of taking Xena in her mouth was beyond tempting. She stuck out her tongue and ran it flat up the underside.

Xena almost lost her legs from under her. "Hhhhhaaaaa. I think I nnneeed to......oh shit...oh yeah...mmm...lay down." She sat down and slid her body back.

Gabrielle followed her every move, never losing contact with the phallus. She slowly stroked with her hand, watching the pleasure dance across Xena's face. Her lover was absolutely loving it. She placed her mouth around the tip. Xena grasped her golden hair and pushed into the warmth. Her moans filled the spacious room

The heat of Gabrielle's very talented mouth moving up and down on her, was sending signals that her brain was having difficulty understanding. Her body however reacted in earnest. "My Gods, Gabrielle! Where did you ever learn that? Ohhhhh. Hhhhhhu!" Her hips moved in rhythm with the mouth wrapped around her.

Gabrielle pulled back with a long suck. She placed kisses all around the turgid phallus while speaking to the warrior in hushed tones. "I had an older sister. Remember?"

All Xena could do was shake her head emphatically. The bard continued her oral assault, skimming her mouth along the flesh of her wife. What she couldn't take in her mouth was covered with her active hand. Xena groaned her desperate approval.

Xena sensed that Gabrielle's mouth was no longer in contact with the center of her need. She opened her eyes. Green eyes, half lidded with need, greeted her

"I heard you know how to handle a sword, Warrior. It's time for you to prove it." She smiled and lay to the soft cover of the bed, her hand running absently up and down Xena's erection.

Xena grinned in unhidden desire. She was indeed going to prove her worth. She moved to kneel above the Amazon Regent. "Your Highness, although I am excellent with most weapons, this is a blade with which I am unfamiliar. I am unsure as to my control over it."

Gabrielle grasped Xena in her hand, softly stroking her. "One thing you forget, Princess. Your sword is sworn to me." Gabrielle parted her legs in invitation. "Now fuck me."

The words were enough to send the Great Warrior to new heights. She knelt between her seductress' lean legs. "In a moment, your Highness." Xena pulled Gabrielle's knees up, exposing the bard's sex to her view. She took in the sight of slick curls covered with the moisture of hunger. She loved her wife, and right now she wanted her like never before.

Gabrielle felt the exposure, practically purring her approval. Xena's head bent to her soft curls and knew she was gone. Light tongue strokes caressed her sensitive outer lips. She closed her eyes and let the warrior take her time in pleasuring her. Xena was swirling her tongue in small delicate circles all around her very aching nerves. She sensed the feel of a warm mouth engulf her. A sucking motion that started at the small base, rose slowly along her swollen flesh to the very tip. A light flick danced across her, drawing a moan of approval from her chest. "Mmmm. Yeah, baby. Suck on me."

Xena placed her large hands under Gabrielle's tight bottom, lifting her closer. She used her mouth with abandon along her lover's heated flesh. She pointed her tongue, penetrating her in a fluid motion.

"Ohhhhh, Xe! That's so good." Gabrielle couldn't help but rock her body into the muscle that impaled her. With one hand, Xena's finger tips found the bard's small reactive nerve center. Small circular movements, combined with the tongue fucking her, slowly brought her to the edge of release. She put a delicate hand on her lover's head. "Oh, Xe. Stop. Baby, wait. Wait." She breathed heavily. "I want you inside me. I want you to feel it when I come."

Xena smiled at the thought. "As you wish." She moved her long form up to lean over the small body beneath her. She took time to appreciate the beauty of the woman with whom she made love. Gabrielle's tight body begged her attention. She placed her hands on the thin waist of her woman, moving her into a better position.

Putting one hand around Xena's neck for leverage, the bard helped Xena situate her, so that her entrance was poised near Xena's new appendage.

Xena pushed forward, dipping the tip into the moisture that pooled on Gabrielle's enlarged lips. The bard pushed her hips forward and the tip penetrated her sex. "Oh Gods! More! Xena, more. I want all of you."

Xena couldn't believe the sensation of Gabrielle's warmth enveloping her. She pushed forward into the encompassing tightness of the bard's canal. She wasn't sure she could withstand the pleasure ripping through her being. She pushed as far as she could. Her small curls entwined with Gabrielle's. She could feel every movement, squeeze and heartbeat of her soulmate course along her flesh. "Oh Gabrielle! It's you." She was in awe. Gabrielle moved her hips in a slow stroking motion. "OH. OH. Hoh."

The Regent smiled at the power she was beginning to feel. Men had always thought they controlled the bedroom. She was learning that wasn't the case. She watched the play of emotion cross her lover's face as she undulated her hips, gliding her wet sex all along the sensitive shaft. She squeezed the muscles of her sex, massaging the flesh that stretched her wide. She could feel Xena deep inside, touching places that she didn't know she had. Her rocking rhythm increased with her desire.

Xena's hips began to move in rhythm. She tried as best she could to control the sensations rushing to the center of her need. The phallus that was connected to her grew harder as she rocked. She could feel it swelling inside of her lover. "Shit." The word was nothing more than a primal grunt.

Gabrielle's hand found its way to her now very aching ridge. She moved her fingers in small circles. The pressure in her loins continued to build. She crept toward the edge, this time hoping to bring her lover over with her. She was now letting Xena set the pace. The warrior stared down at her. Beads of sweat were breaking out across her face. Her hips drove the phallus in long stokes, building heated friction. Gabrielle's hand still rested on the broad shoulder of her mighty warrior. It flowed with the movement above her as if it were directing music only they could hear.

Xena could feel Gabrielle's hand lightly touching not only herself, but her as well. The sensation of the bard's touch sent her reeling. "My GODS. Gabrielle!"

"Hold on...hold....oh yeah. Oh yeah." The very thought of Xena feeling the pulsing waves of her climax sent her over the abyss. Her legs curled around Xena and pulled her deep. Tingles of pleasure curled around her spine. The sensation of fire deep within her core pulsed its way to the surface. She came with a vengeance. Her throat loosed a roar of passion through clenched teeth.

"Nnnnnnngggh. Fuck! Oh Gods! Xena!"

Xena was deep within Gabrielle's depths when the bard’s first wave hit her. The pulsing sensation massaged the length of her. She pulled back and stroked her lover's walls again and again. They stretched to accept her then pulsed around her. She lost whatever control she had maintained. She felt her first wave hit like a sledgehammer. "Oh. Oh yeah. Gabrielle! I'm coming!"

Her legs pushed once more. The throbbing and swelling inside of her lover was her release. The phallus jerked over and over again. Each time it did, Xena felt the power shoot through her and down her legs. She rode the crest with her lover as they came together. It was as if their very flesh melded to become one. Their hearts beat in sync from their centers. Waves slowed as Xena continued to stroke in an unhurried pace, drawing every ounce of pleasure she could from the small woman beneath her. Gabrielle pulled Xena into a sweet kiss then released her.

Xena looked down at her lover with what is known as a 'shit eating grin'. She shook her head as she pulled the phallus gently from her lover's depths. She then pulled Gabrielle close to her side. The small woman giggled.

"That feels odd." The appendage was poking her thigh.

"Wonder how it comes off?" Xena pulled back and look at it.

Gabrielle placed her hand on it and pulled. It came off in her hand. She laughed aloud. "I am in love with this. I wonder if Aph will let us keep it."

"I doubt anyone will want to use it after us, but we'll ask in the morning." The warrior pulled her lover close to her side again. She softly kissed her neck.

"Oh yeah. ‘Hey Mom, by the way can we have that awesome magic dildo we used last night? You know.….as a souvenir’." The two women began to laugh.

"Oh yeah, Aph. We're really stuck on it!" Xena couldn't help the hilarity.

"No no no. It's stuck on you!" Gabrielle was laughing so hard it was hurting.

"Is it one size fits all?" Xena was proud of that one.

"Do you have them in different colors?"

Xena stopped laughing so she could think it over. "Colors? What color do you want?"

"I don't know. Red maybe."

"Green. Forest green."

"I'd feel like I was screwing a tree." She laughed again.

"Purple?" It was a very nice color.

"Ooooh! A royal color. Now were talking." Gabrielle pulled the phallus up, to get a closer look at it. She almost dropped it out of her hand from the shock of holding a purple magic dildo in her grasp.

Xena smirked. "Well, that answers that question."

"I wonder what else it can do." Gabrielle raised and eyebrow at her wife. She set the object on the nightstand.

"Maybe it comes with instructions." She wagged her eyebrows.

"I didn't have instructions, and you made me come just fine." She leaned up on Xena's chest, grinning at her own pun.

"Yeah, but you were easy to figure out." Xena gave her lover a gentle tap on the nose.

"Is that so?" Gabrielle feigned indignation. "You were pretty easy yourself, Miss Mighty Warrior Princess. But then, I think you always were."

Xena put her hand to her heart. "Ow. You can not hurt me." She smiled.

"I'll keep trying." She bit Xena's shoulder hard enough to bring a twinge of pain.

"You best stop that right now, young lady." She grinned.

"Or what?" Green bedroom eyes captured her.

"Or I might hold you to it." Xena gave Gabrielle a squeeze.

"UmmmmmMmm." Gabrielle moved her mouth to Xena's collarbone. She nipped at the skin along the bone. "I never make promises I don't intend to keep."

"In that case...." She opened her arms.

"You are easy." Gabrielle captured a taut nipple in her warm and talented mouth.

"Mmmmm. Maybe. But only for you." Her hands entwined in golden hair as she watched Gabrielle's mouth on her. The bard was telling a wonderful story across her skin. She watched as a warm tongue flicked her distended flesh. The sight and the feel sent sexual signals to her center. Wetness began to fill the furrows between her legs. She watched her wife make love to her, controlling her need as best she could. She wanted to watch for as long as she was able.

Gabrielle caught Xena watching, and smiled at her while making a long lick with her tongue. Xena loved the show Gabrielle could put on. This was one of those times she knew her lover wanted her to be as nasty as she could be. It was like watching a live sex show where she was the star performer. She got to her knees letting her breasts sway under their own weight. She moved them down Xena's body as far as she could, then drew them up, letting her nipples run soft lines along Xena's muscled thighs. She paused at the apex of those long legs as she let one nipple rub across her lover's wet lips. The tight tip whispered along very swollen nerves. Xena's body reacted.

Blue eyes watched, and felt, as her lover's nipple touched her most sensitive spot. Her legs spread of their own accord as a moan escaped her throat. She closed her eyes.

"Open your eyes, Xena. I'm not through with you yet."

She opened them to find loving green melting into her. She looked on as her lover's hard nipples moved up her stomach, to her own breasts, where she played them back and forth across her own distended flesh. She grinned. Gabrielle spread her legs across her hips and sat up. The Regent straddled across her dark curls. "Watch, Xe." She put her hands between her legs, spreading her swollen lips to reveal her own wetness and turgid desire.

"Beautiful." The desire in Xena's eyes was obvious.

Gabrielle lightly touched her revealed bundle to Xena's own center. The tall warrior watched as her heated flesh came into contact with her wife. She hissed her approval. Gabrielle smiled. She sat and undulated slowly. Her hands moved in an unhurried pace up her own body as she rocked. Small hands explored her ribcage, up and down. She cupped the under side of her ample breasts. Her hands pulled them up as high as they would go. Gabrielle made sure she had Xena's undivided attention as her tongue flicked out and traced across her own nipple.

Xena thought she would die. She put her hands on Gabrielle's waist and pushed against her wife in response. She continued to watch her wife's tongue flutter along her own breasts.

Gabrielle stopped and stared straight into entranced blue eyes. Her fingers tugged at her own nipples, as she pushed her center with more pressure against her lover. Her hands then roamed down and across her stomach. She leaned with her hands on either side of Xena's shoulders. As she continued swaying on her lover, she presented her damp swaying breasts before Xena's view. "Give me your hands."

She sat up taking Xena's large hands in hers. She guided them from her knees, up her thighs, to her small waist and around to her tight cheeks.

Xena squeezed them pulling Gabrielle tighter to her. The growing ache in her center pleased her. She loved the feel of the excitement her lover brought. Gabrielle bid her to continue the course. She watched as her hands were guided forward to a very sexy stomach. She was led to rub the soft skin. She felt the tight muscles beneath the silken flesh move for her. Gabrielle's small, but insistent, hands guided her to wonderfully supple breasts. She watched as her lover persuaded her to manipulate the tight nipples that strained for her touch. She tugged on them at her lover's request. Leaning on her hands, Gabrielle bent to her lover, touching her lips to Xena's own. Xena's hands were still squeezing and rolling her nipples. The shock of the kiss, the combined sensations of her center and breasts being manipulated, made her wonder who was in charge. She moaned loudly into Xena's mouth.

The warrior knew that sound. She pushed harder into her lover's center while giving hardened nipples a firm tug. Her tongue sought refuge in Gabrielle's mouth. The bard could never resist the kiss of her lover. Her lips parted, the invitation accepted with passion.

Gabrielle had no choice in the matter. Her body betrayed her as the pleasant rush filled her legs. She groaned into the kiss as her orgasm swept through her body. She pushed in rythym to her pulsing center. Xena's hands continued their heated assault on her lover's breasts drawing out Gabrielle's pleasure. She moaned sweetly into Xena's mouth while a pulsating fire ran roughshod through her loins. When their kiss broke, she leaned her head to Xena's strong shoulder.

"Mmmm. I love to watch you." The smile on Xena's face was evident in her voice.

"I love you to watch, but that's not how that's supposed to go." She took a couple of moments to recover.

"Want to show me how it's really supposed to go?" The tall warrior ran her hands down Gabrielle's back.

Gabrielle let out a low laugh and whispered to her lover. "Hoo ya." She slid down to the apex of her wife's long legs. Xena's dark curls were coated lightly with a combination of her own essence, and that of the bard's. Gabrielle took in the heady scent of their sex. To her at that moment it was intoxicating. She dipped the very tip of her tongue into the mixture for a taste of things to come. "Mmmmmm. That is heaven."

The first touch of Gabrielle's tongue on her was as shocking as it was intense. Her body jumped involuntarily. Xena placed her hands gently in Gabrielle's blonde locks. She wanted much more.

The bard smiled at Xena's touch. She barely brushed the warrior's outer lips and it elicited a fierce response; her hips thrust forward to greet the oncoming assault. The bard did not disappoint her. Gabrielle's experienced tongue sought out the hard, pulsing bud. She flicked across it softly with the speed and delicacy of a butterfly.

Xena had been so close to begin with. Now, she was careening to the edge with abandon. "Yes, Gabrielle! Don't stop... just right there. Right there." Gabrielle tongue danced along her nerve endings and two fingers slowly, but with deliberate intent, entered her body. She couldn't hold on. Her thighs tightened then contracted. Tingles began slowly then suddenly raced from her toes. Her legs trembled with the pleasure that rushed to her center. "Oh...oh. Gods I love yooouu! Aahhhhhhh" The walls of her sex pulsed around Gabrielle's stroking fingers. Every stroke sent more fire through her. Gabrielle continued to suck and stroke on her swollen nub, drawing more pleasure out of her than she thought she could endure. "Ohhhhhhhh. YEAH! Mmmm." She sat half way up, unable to control the passion that raged through her. One wonderful wave of white-hot pleasure pulsed within her. She lay back to the bed, allowing Gabrielle's sweet mouth to finish working wonders on her body. Small quivers of marvel skipped through her. "Mmmmmm." She smiled, satisfied. "Come here." She reached to her wife.

Gabrielle smiled at the intensity of her wife's release. It didn't happen that way often enough for her. She crawled up her lover's body leaving small kisses in her wake. She planted a kiss between Xena's breasts, then captured her mouth. Sweetly and slowly they shared their remaining passion.

"I am in love with you, warrior."

"And I with you, your Highness. Never forget."

"I won't." She laid her head on Xena's shoulder. Slowly her eyes closed and sleep over took her.

Xena cuddled for a long while and watched her lover sleep. These were the times when she cherished her soulmate the very most. The love they had ran so very deep and she felt every depth of emotion as Gabrielle slept in her arms. She placed a gentle kiss on her forehead then moved the bard to the pillow. She reached to the nightstand to pick up the now purple instrument. She grinned. She would really love to keep it, but she wasn't going to ask. She walked to the trunk and raised the lid. The once empty box now held a small scroll and a purple velvet pouch. A curious look crossed Xena's face as she lifted the paper from the bottom of the case. She set the phallus down and opened the scroll.


Hey there Warrior Babe,

Hope you two lovebirds had fun. And don't get your

panties in a wad. I didn't watch. Not that

I didn't want to, but Erianna put the nix on that.

Chicks! Who can figure 'em?

Anyway, I would like to

give you the 'Magical Phallus' as a gift.

Let's call it a belated wedding gift.

As you have seen, it has many uses.

But, the most important one for you to understand,

is that this is your way of producing offspring

with my daughter.

When you both wish it, use this and Viola!

Babies! Way cool, huh?

Anyway, take care of my girl.

You are the only one I trust to do it.

Love ya, Babe!


Xena stared down at the phallus on the table. *Children.* Aphrodite had given her the most wonderful gift she could ever have imagined. She could give Gabrielle the children she had always wanted. She fought the urge to cry. Gab would do that enough for the both of them when she told her. She wondered if they would still have the gift after the time line was all worked out. She guessed that they would since Gabrielle was still Aphrodite's daughter. And she? She was still the daughter of a God herself. What in the known world could she ever do with that? It seemed to her she had done enough already. She looked back to the bed. As she watched the soft rise and fall of Gabrielle's breath, her heart ached to join her. She took the tool and wrapped it in the soft velvet bag. Along with the scroll, she packed them in her pouch.

A sense of peace washed over her as she lifted her wife gently into her arms. With one hand she pulled back the covers and placed Gabrielle on the soft mattress. Wrapping them up in the covers, she lay next to her soulmate adoring every breath that she took. This was the woman that made her complete. She felt the love engulf her heart. Xena took Gabrielle in her arms. The small woman sensed her presence and cuddled close. Together the warrior and the bard drifted to the land of Morpheus.


Terra pushed Terran's head under the water. "I said wash it!"

Terran came up sputtering and gasping. "AAAHH! Don't do that!"

"Well, do what I tell you and this won't be and issue!"

"I thought you said I was free?" He spit water out of his mouth.

"You are. But you are not free to go around with a dirty face. And that hair has got to go." She tugged on a long lock.

"My hair? Where will it go?" He wiped his face with his hands and turned his face to Terra.

"Off." She made a snipping motion with her fingers.

"I don't understand." His brows furrowed.

"We are going to cut it." She leaned to the pool’s edge and ran her fingers across the water.

"My hair? Will it hurt?" He pulled his head back in a subconscious flinch.

"Hurt? Have you ever had a hair cut?" She understood his concern.

"No. Have you?" His green eyes were full on innocence.

"Not until I met Miss Melinda. Wait until you meet her. She is the best. You met Miss Taylor already. Her fiancée, Miss Candace, is in the tent with Skye. Miss Melinda and her.....lover, Jan, are gone, along with Xena and Gabrielle."

"Fiancée? What's that?" He played with the soap she had handed him. It was funny.

"They are getting married." She smiled as she watched him play.

"Married? But, no one gets married. It's forbidden." He stopped his frolicking to look at her.

"Not here. They are so very much in love. Like Xena and Gabrielle. Of course they are in love with them as well, but it's a big, long story." She frowned trying to figure it out herself.

"They are in love with Xena and Grab....Rabgr..Ragbielle?" His face crinkled in confusion. He had the love thing right, it was just confusing.

"Gabrielle. Yes. They are all in love with each other. It's.......interesting." She looked at the blonde and nodded once.

"Wow. Love. I don't think I have ever been in love. There was this owner once who treated me very well. He was so nice to me. He would give me clothes and food. He was so gentle. I think I may have loved him, but I don't know." His green eyes stared into the distance.

"What happened to him?" Her question was asked in innocence.

"He was killed by an assassin." His gaze dropped to the surface of the water. He absentmindedly watched as the bubbles floated by.

Terra's heart dropped to her toes. She was afraid to ask the next question. "What was his name?"

Terran's pained emerald eyes looked into Terra's blue. "Spencer. He let me call him by his name. He left one day and never came back to me." Tears spilled from his eyes.

Terra took a deep breath. She had not been to blame for his friend's death. "I am so sorry, Terran." She thought for a long moment. "Ter, do you like women?"

Terran wasn't sure what Terra was asking him. "I like you. Is that what you mean?"

"Not exactly. Do know.... You know?" She looked at him hoping he would figure it out.

"No." There was no way he was going to.

"Let me put this another way. Do you like men?" She dipped her head and raised one eyebrow looking to see if he caught on.

Terran blushed heatedly. His answer was shy. "Some."

"Ah. Just checking."

"Checking what?"

"Your...what did Taylor call it" She looked up as if searching for the words." Uh ..... sexual..pre...pre..preference. Sexual Preference. Do you prefer sex with men or women?" She looked back to find Terran staring straight down in to the water. His face was turning bright red.

"Oh, Miss Terra. We can't talk like that." He shook his head.

She stroked his wet head. For some unknown reason this man touched her heart in a way similar to Skye. It wasn't at all sexual, but it was love. He was Skye's brother after all. She shouldn't be surprised. "Terran, we can talk about anything we want, but if this upsets you, we can talk about something else."

"It's OK, Miss Terra. I.."

She stopped him. "Terran, I am not an owner. Don't treat me like one." She remembered when a certain Warrior Princess had used a similar line on her.

Soft green eyes gazed up at his savior. "I won't." He was deep in thought for several seconds. When he spoke it was not what Terra expected. "I love you, Terra."

Her blue eyes automatically filled with tears. "I love you, too."

Embarrassed he looked down again. "OK. Good." He shook his head affirmatively.

"Come on. Let's get you finished so you can meet your sister."

"Oh yes! Skye! She is so beautiful! Do you know her well?"

"You could say that. We love." She didn't want to give him a heart attack right away.

He frowned. "You love my sister?" He lathered up his face as best he could.


"Good! She has loved you for a long time." His beard would need to come off. It had been five or six days since they had shaved it. Now it was blonde and getting full.

Terra was shocked but didn't show it. "She has? How do you know?"

"I could always feel it." He dipped into the warm water one more time. He decided he liked baths.

"For some reason that doesn't surprise me." She smiled with a shake of her dark head. "Sit on the edge here. I am going to trim up that hair."

"Can you shave me, too?" He pulled himself up out of the water.

Terra stood to her feet. She walked to her pack pulled out a towel and tossed it to him. She pulled out her short knife as well. "I think someone with more experience needs to do that. Besides, I think it looks nice. I see so many smooth faces around all the time, a little facial hair will be a nice change." She grinned at him.

"Really?" He was child like in his response. "Huh."

"Hold still. I am going to razor cut this. It might pull a little." She cut his dreadlocks off first. "Do you want to keep these for anything?" She held one up for him.

He glanced back at her with a strange look. "Like what?"

"I don't know. It was just a question." She put one aside, just in case he changed his mind.

The rest of the cut went better than she had expected. Terran was calm and patient. He kicked his feet in the water while singing to himself. "Jeremiah was a bull frog. Was a good friend of mine. Lalalalalala but I helped him drink his wine. Humhumhum mighty fine wine."

"Where did you learn that?" She laughed.

"Spencer taught me. He let me call him by his name you know. Yeah, I told you, huh? But, he was so sweet to me. It's no wonder they killed him." He got very quiet. Tears welled in his clear green eyes again. He softly cried as he talked of his lover. "Why? Tell me, Terra. I liked him so much. Oh, he was beautiful. Tall and strong. Blue eyes just like yours. His hair had no color. White. And his teeth. When he smiled it was pretty. I don't understand why they would take him away from me." He shook his head while silent tears dropped to the rocks.

Terra pulled the knife back from his head while he cried. Obviously he had never had time, or the chance to grieve. No one ever did on Mars. As soon as one Owner died, or was more likely killed, ownership of slaves changed hands immediately. There was no time for feeling as it was. Now Terran was free to talk about his fear, his sorrow, and his love. She reached to him. She was not much of one for giving comfort, but something about him brought out the softness in her heart she thought non-existent. Her arms wrapped around him. They rocked together for long moments. He leaned back from her. His caring eyes caught hers. She knew he was looking into her very soul.

"Don't worry anymore, Terra. She loves you, it doesn't matter what you think you are. You are not that any more. I can feel your heart you know. It loves. That's all she needs." He leaned his head on her shoulder.

Tears formed in her eyes. She hadn't thought she had the capacity to cry as an errant tear ran down her cheek. This sweet man had touched her in a way that even Skye couldn't. Skye had told her she was good, but she thought her to be biased. Here was a stranger that knew her soul, her worries, and her deepest fears. He could convince her she was worthy of Skye. "You think?"

"I know." He ran his fingers through his now short hair. "Am I ready?"

She wiped at her eyes. "I think your suit is dry." She patted his leg then stood up. "Put it on and let's go meet your sister." She thought for second before she spoke again. "Terran, Skye was hurt by Creighton." He became agitated again. His face contorted with anger. "Whoa, whoa. It's alright. She has some cuts and bruises. You don't need to worry about her. Cyrene and Delmar are excellent healers. I wanted you to know what to expect."

"You're worried about her. We should hurry."

"I don't know how I feel about you reading my mind." She looked at his soft green eyes.

"You feel uncomfortable." His answer was matter of fact.

"See what I mean?"

"Yeah. I'm not reading your mind. I can feel you really well. Better than most." He shrugged.

"It's OK. Let's go." She grabbed the torches out of the wall stands, handing one to Terran. He took it from her hand with a huge grin spanning his face. She trusted him. Very cool.

The renewed woman led the free man down the trail to an interesting destiny.


Janice spoke to her lover from the wonderfully equipped bathroom. To see an actual toilet made Jan so excited, Mel had thought she was going to have a coronary. "Mel, by the by, have you figured out how to turn the streets back?"

"I think so. We shall see." She waited for many minutes. "Jan? What ah you doing in theah?"


"For an houah?"

Janice stuck her head out the door. "Hey, who knows when I'm going to have another bathroom to use."

Mel leaned on one elbow and threw the covers of the bed off of her. "Is there anythin' you see that might distract you from youah flossin'?" She had removed her travel clothes, replacing them with a silken black teddy she had found in the closet. The material clung to plentiful, very inviting breasts. The neckline plunged to the center of her abdomen. Lace led the way from her neck down. Melinda caressed the crisp sheets with her tan and shapely legs. She raised an eyebrow at her lover.

"Holy shit." Janice whispered to herself. She stared at the splendor of the woman before her. How little scrawny her had gotten such a beauty, she would never understand. "God, Mel. You're gorgeous."

"Then hurry up. Ah'm not waitin' all night, and I have a mind to start without you!" She smiled at the look on Jan's face.

"NO! No! I'll be right there!" She did a spit and rinse that would make her dentist jealous. She flew around the corner in record time, skidding to a stop at the edge of the bed.

Mel laughed softly at the enthusiasm of her lover. "Come lay with me, love." She scooted over allowing room for the small blonde.

Janice looked down at her attire. Boxers and a T-shirt adorned her body. She looked at her lover and frowned slightly. "Not exactly dressed for the occasion am I?"

Melinda grinned, scooted to the edge of the bed, then sat up directly in front of the doctor. She ran her long fingers under the hem of the cotton 'T'. Janice moaned as those tender hands touched her skin. Mel's hands lifted the material as her fingers trailed a tingling path. At Melinda's prompting, Jan lifted her arms. The southern professor pulled the shirt over Janice's head. The doctor never thought she measured up to Mel's ideal woman. Mel felt differently. She whispered those thoughts against her lover's skin. "You ah perfect." She rested her hands on Jan's abdomen, kissing a short trail from the center of her strong chest, to a very excited nipple. She slipped her tongue around the tight little tip sucking it in quickly. Strong teeth nipped it lightly, then she released it with a little pop.

"Mmmmmm. God, Mel!" Jan jumped as her breast bounced from the release of pressure. With her eyes closed she put her hands on Mel's shoulders, seeking balance. Despite appearances, Melinda's shoulders were broad and quite strong. She was built like her counterparts, she just chose not to use her strength in the same way. Janice appreciated the breadth and the strength of those strong shoulders now by grasping them tightly.

Melinda wasn't finished with her yet. Delicate fingers trailed slowly up strong muscled thighs. Janice's legs had toned nicely from her warrior training, and Melinda appreciated every taut sinew.

While her hands traveled under the band of Janice's shorts, her lips stayed in contact with tender skin. The doctor trembled under her touch. The reaction brought a smile to her lips.

Janice felt Melinda's mouth curl up on her skin. "What are you smiling about?"

"You." She tugged down on the waistband of Jan's silk shorts. She placed a band of small kisses from one hipbone to the other.

The gentle kisses of her lover began a river between her legs. "Mmmm. Me, huh?" Mel nipped at one hip. Jan jumped slightly. "Hooo. Why me?"

"Because, my love, you ah still mah favorite dessert." She pulled the boxers down revealing to her the soft blonde curls that always captured her attention.

Jan stepped out of her shorts then kicked them across the room. "Is that soooooo oh my!"

Mel's long finger ran up the inside of Jan's thigh to the very apex of her legs. She dipped a long finger into the wetness her lover provided with her want. She parted willing lips, running her digit through and around them. Without warning, she pushed into her lover's sex. Janice moaned her approval. Melinda whispered into Janice's stomach. "Spread for me."

The doctor followed the instructions to the letter. She spread her legs further apart giving Mel better access to her wetness.

The professor grinned as her strong lover's will was bent to her own. Melinda progressed her assault on the doctor’s sex. One long-fingered hand grasped the small of Jan's strong back, pulling her closer. The professor's well practiced mouth alternated between soft kisses and burning licks within the soft valley of her intended's ample breasts. Her fingers pressed deeper into the slick canal of Jan's pleading sex.

"Ohhh Mel. Mmmm. This is aaahh my heavens!" Jan began to bend and straighten her knees, wanting to enrich the rhythm between her weakened legs.

"Ah'm pleased you came to see things mah way." Mel stopped talking to pull a turgid nipple to her lips. The tip of her tongue flickering feather light across the pebbled nub. Her hand rocked in rhythm with her lover's motions. She scooted her body back on the bed, drawing the small blonde warrior back with her. Her probing fingers never left the warmth of their haven.

Janice followed the leading of the tall raven-haired professor. One knee at time, she crawled to the bed. Kneeling over her lover, the intensity of the motion that held her captive increased. Mel's fingers plunged into her relentlessly as she undulated in time to the dark woman's hand. The warmth of her intended's mouth pulled pleasure from her nipple that shot straight to her center. More wetness dripped from her, coating the hand that invaded the center of her desire.

Janice opened her green eyes to watch Melinda suckle her with ardor. The obvious desire and worship from her lover pierced her to the very heart. Her entire being filled with the love that overwhelmed her. "God, Belle. I love you." The words were breathless, but true.

Melinda opened her clear blue eyes to gaze at her soon to be wife with heavy lids. She closed them again, suckling with increased need in response to the words. Her other hand traveled intently to a secreted spot at the very top of Janice's steaming sex. She held her fingers still waiting for Janice to beg her. The doctor tried to push into the contact. When she did, Mel lightened her touch while deepening her invasion and increasing the suction on her sensitive nipples. She was teasing her.

"Ohh.h.a hhh.aa. Don't tease me." She was very familiar with this game. It was one that had fascinated her for years. She knew she would never win.

Mel whispered hotly to the skin of her breast. "Beg me."

"Me..llll." Her need was teetering on the edge of desperation. Sweat was beading down her face.

"Beg." Her tongue played a game with Jan's building pressure.

"Pl… Mel GODS! Fuck." She swore as her lover bit her nipple. "Please…. please….. touch me." She had a love/hate relationship with control. She hated giving an inch, but if she did in the end she would get a mile.

"That's mah girl." Melinda smiled as she pressed her long fingers to the hooded bundle of fiery nerves. Light, feather-like brushes kissed the hooded member, drawing the pleasure to a crescendo.

Melinda's touch reached her clit with a tender brush, drawing a moan from Jan in anticipation of what was to come. Long fingers curved within her vaginal canal, touching her in a highly erotic way. The fingers that had teased her at first increased in their mission. Her body reacted with a vengeance. She rocked back into the fingers that threatened to own her very soul. The friction sent her over the canyon's edge. She fell hard and fast. Pulsating light began behind her eyes, growing blinding in its intensity. Her sex began a sharp pulse around the long fingers that loved her intimately.

Melinda felt the first waves of pleasure caress her fingers. She experienced a mild satisfaction in bringing her soulmate to the pinnacle of pleasure. Even after all the years they had shared, she always considered Janice to be the more experienced of the two. When she was able to gain the upper hand in lovemaking, it was a sweet victory. She reveled now in the excitement she brought to the woman she would marry. The cries of release sang in her ears. Her hand increased the speed with which she played Janice's enlarged bud. She gently pulled the hood back, exposing the endings to her touch. Jan screamed out.

Jan cried out her passion as her lover ran small circles around her throbbing ridge. She pulsed again and again, giving into the all-consuming desire the professor held for her alone. "Aaaah Shit! Ummmm. Mmmell! Oh yeah. Oh yeah! R…rub me li…ke that!"

Mel smiled on Jan's nipple. She knew exactly how to rub her. Slowly she penetrated and withdrew, sliding her digits along the wet flesh that massaged her. Jan's thrumming eased in frequency. She lightened the pressure of her fingertip on touchy nerves. She was barely moving. She moved her lips to catch Janice's mouth with her own. The kiss was intense with want. Jan shuddered as Melinda demanded entrance with her searching tongue.

"Mmmmmm." Mel broke the kiss as Jan's last pulse squeezed on her finger. "You ah magic!"

The doctor fell to Mel's side. "I think you have that backwards." She pulled Mel's hands to her lips, kissing them gently. "Have I told you today that you are the very breath I take?"

"No. Not today. Have Ah told you today that my heaht beats because you love me?" Blue eyes softened with love for her intended.

Jan kissed Melinda softly. "Not today." The doctor ran her index finger along the path the lace traced on her tall lover's body. She hissed a breath when her finger ran a path atop an already excited nipple. Her lover took a quick breath with her. She leaned to the alluring neck that was presented to her as a jewel. Her lips suckled on a pulse point that served as a stimulant to the tall and lovely professor.

"Oh, mah Jan. You ah makin' me quite wet." Melinda almost blushed with her words. She was not one to be graphic, even during times of intimacy. Tonight was proving to be a break in the usual activities.

"That's one goal." Jan grinned evilly.

"Oh, really. What else have you in mind doctah?" One eyebrow raised above impossibly blue orbs.

The doctor lowered her voice to whisper in her ear. "How would you feel about a good old fashioned screwing?" Jan knew the use of the words would make her lover blush to her toes. She also knew that if Mel was wet before, the mere thought of Jan between her legs with a strap-on was bound to cause a virtual river.

True to her nature, Melinda blushed brightly. She did the best she could to answer Jan with a reply that would cause a reaction in her lover. "How would Ah feel? Ah would feel you deep inside."

"Huuummhumm. Wait here." Jan searched the room. She figured the home of the Goddess of Love was bound to have a collection of interesting artifacts. Her eyes lit on a small lidded case in the corner. She turned her gaze seeking the approval of her lover. Mel nodded to her with a huge grin. Jan leapt out of the bed to the side of the wicker case. Lifting the lid she viewed the contents with a tilt of her head. Three small velvet pouches and a sealed scroll with her name on it, were the contents of the box. She picked up the scroll, broke the seal then read the note aloud to her lover.

Yo Jan,

Hope things are hot and heavy

With that sexy girl of yours.

Don't tell her I called her that.

Mel raised an eyebrow, but said nothing. Jan grinned sheepishly at the woman on the bed. "Too, late." It wasn't like Mel didn't know she was a girl. Jan shrugged then continued:

I guess you're wondering about the

Little pouches. Suffice it to say, they

Aren't all for you.

Pick up the green one and remove the contents.

Jan did as she was instructed. She held the warm flesh like object with great interest. The look that crossed Mel's face wasn't hard to discern. Lust. Pure and simple. She wanted to feel Jan between her legs, driving into her with abandon. The sight of the phallus in her lover's hand sent a shiver and a moan through her. Jan smiled.

This is what has been aptly named

'Aphrodite's Magical Phallus'.

The main use for this is

Quite obvious. Hold it up to yourself and it attaches

To you. From there, it's your imagination that

Makes the fun. The hidden quality

Of this gift, is it's pro-creative


Jan looked up at her soon to be spouse. Mel squinted and looked at Jan slightly side ways. "Did Ah undahstand that correctly? Pro-creative? As in children? Lord A'mighty! Do we want children again?"

"I don't know. Do we?" She wasn't sure whether to panic or have a party. The two children they had brought into the world had been conceived through more conventional means. Together they had chosen a male friend whom they trusted with their lives and their secrets. Being that it was before the time of the turkey baster, Mel had slept with him several times in order to be with child. Jan had not been pleased with the encounters, but in the long run it had truly been a blessing. Two beautiful children. A girl, Gabrielle of course, and a boy, James Robert, named after Mel's grandfather. They had lost Jim Bob in Vietnam. It was a point of great sorrow in their lives, but they had gone forward with hope to this point. Would they choose to chance the sorrow again?

All of the thoughts that her partner had were reflected in Melinda's clear eyes. Losing one child had almost killed her. Losing another surely would. "Keep readin." Mel flicked her hand.

If you BOTH decide and so desire

This tool will aid in that venture.

If you decide not, Hey have fun with it!

It's a hoot!

"It's a hoot? She's been hanging out with you too long, Mel!" Janice laughed trying to lighten the mood a little.

Mel gave her lover an exasperated/amused combination look. "Do you mahnd? Keep readin'."

You may ask,

"Why three?"

"Three? What does that mean?" Melinda sat up from the bed. She crossed her long legs. Jan had always been jealous of that one trait. Her legs tended to dangle over the edge of the bed. They never reached the floor to cross. Not that she would, she just wanted the option.

Jan reached in the box and pulled out two more pouches. One royal blue and one red.

Mel's eyebrows went up. "Well?"

One is obviously for you. Duh.

One is for Taylor and Candace

The other for Terra and Skye.

Although, I have a feeling children are

Far in the future for those two.

Give them the scrolls

Jan looked in the box. There had only been one to begin with, now there were two more. "Huh."

Along with our gift.

May the rest of your lives bring you great joy.

We love you!


"I guess that answers that question." Jan took the packets and scrolls to her small pack.

"What question might that be?"

"Will we stay young after the time line is fixed? If we weren't going to, why would Aph give us the option to have children? We are going to live life over again. Can you handle that?" She tucked the gifts safely away, then strode to her lover's side. She scooted back on the bed with the gift from Aphrodite in her hand.

Mel followed her with intent. Crawling beside her lover, she placed small kisses as she went. "If Ah get to spend that life with you, mah love, Ah would live a hundred life times." She placed her last kiss on Jan's waiting lips. "Now, how does this work?"

"It said to just…." She placed the object against her sex. The same rush of tingling power ran a rampant path over her sex. "OH my Fuck!"

"Are you alright?" Melinda was worried by the reaction.

"You can't imagine." A look of shear pleasure settled on Jan's face. "I…I can feel…." Mel touched the phallus with her delicate hand. "Haaaa.." She jumped.

Melinda watched her lover jump under her touch. "Oh mah! You can feel that?" She ran her hand the entire length.

Jan pushed her hips up to meet her lover's manipulations. "Oh yeah! This…. Isssssss Oh God." Mel touched her lips to Jan's new appendage. Jan's hands interlaced with jet-black locks. Against her wishes to push into the contact, she gently persuaded her lover to stop. "Mmmmel. Wait." Melinda frowned at her. "Come here."

"Did Ah do somethin' wrong?" Concern gripped her features as she slid her body beside her lover's.

"No sweetheart." She kissed her forehead. "Just let me get used to this. I want to make love to you. Not that I don't enjoy you touching me, trust me. Just wait." The two lovers lay side by side. Jan touched the lace on Mel's shoulder with her finger. "I love you Melinda. With every single thing that I am. How I came to capture you I will never know, I will only thank God."

Melinda touched her lover's face. "Ah love you as well, doctah." She moved in for a soft kiss. The kiss deepened into searing passion.

Jan's lips burned a trail to the long neck of her lover. Small nibbles led to the lace she had earlier touched with her hand. She nudged the lace aside with her teeth. She softly kissed Mel's prominent collarbone.

The tall blue eyed woman flinched as Jan kissed one of her most erogenous zones. Mel moved to her back and allowed Jan greater access to her body.

Janice knelt above Mel with a look of total worship on her face. With her fingers woven through material, she removed the lace from Mel's shoulders. Suctioning kisses adored the hollows and curves of Melinda's upper body. The more she loved her soulmate the more excited she became.

Her mouth touched the tight pebbled flesh of Melinda's breast and she had to force her passion under control. Her body shuddered with complete and total desire. Desire to be inside of her lover, filling her, joining with her. Primal desire screamed from her loins.

Melinda sensed her soulmate’s dilemma of control. Something in the power of the phallus made it almost impossible to remain apart. Melinda reached between her thighs and undid the snaps of the satin that hid her dripping sex. Her flame blue eyes captured the fire in her lover's. "Make love to me, Jan. Please. Ah need to feel you."

Jan didn't speak a word in reply. She eased Melinda's long shapely legs apart and knelt between her knees. With Melinda guiding her, she slipped easily between the slickened folds of her lover's sex. With nothing more than a light push from Mel's hips, the tip of her engorged phallus entered the soft canal. Her strong legs pushed the length of it in to the end.

"Oh. Janice! Mummmm." Melinda wanted to scream out with the feel of it filling her. She could feel it move within her, throbbing and knowing that it was her lover increased her need. "Mah dear God!"

Slowly with intent, Janice began the ancient rhythm. There was no desperation in their loving. Gently, as if they shared a virginal wedding bed, Janice stroked into her lover. Melinda opened fully to accept her. They moved in exact contrast to each other, pushing and pulling, coming together in perfect unison. Janice leaned to the woman she called her soulmate. Whispering in her ear, she heated the desire they shared.

"Can you feel that, Mel? That's all me. Slowly," she pushed the length to make her point, "fucking you. I can feel all of you. Hot, wet, tight. You are so fucking tight."

A deep itch hit Melinda while her lover talked to her. "Oh, Jan. Ohhhhhh, GOD!" She threw her hands behind her lover's neck, pulling her forehead to touch her own. Her eyes shut tightly and her body tensed.

"Oh yeah! That's it. Come for me, Belle. I want to watch you." The doctor pressed in deeply.

Melinda cried in ecstasy. "Aaaah mmmm oh yeeesss!" She let go of all her southern grace and upbringing. "Fuck!"

Janice smiled at the utterance. If Mel swore, it was good.

Thunder rang in the southern professor's ears as the pulsing deep within her womb blasted forth. She could feel her pulsing grasp the member that invaded her. The pressure made her climax that much more intense. She threw her head back as the orgasm rushed through her.

Mel arched her back and Jan plunged as deeply as she could. The pulsing around her flesh brought the orgasm she had fought to control. "mmmmmmmmyeah! Aaaaaannn." She pulsed in time with Melinda. Together they thrust forcefully with their release. Screaming the white-hot pleasure that thrummed through them, connecting their very souls. Melinda grasped tightly to Janice's shoulders as they rocked in time to their climax. Their sweat mingled with tears, as moisture dripped down their faces. Slowly their throbbing regressed to a gentle pulse. The movements that had sent them skyward slowed as well. Janice fell to her elbows as her arms tired.

"Mah heavens!" Melinda breathlessly heaved. "Lay down, Jan, before you collapse." She patted her lover on the back.

Jan complied. Together they caught the breath they had lost during their passion. Melinda started laughing rather quietly. Jan smiled to herself as well. She leaned up and slid the phallus from the depths of Melinda's sex. She grasped it in her hand and pulled. It detached easily. They both stared at it with grins plastered across their respective faces.

"Ah think we should keep this very safe." She patted it sweetly.

"Wanna try it on?" Janice grinned suggestively.

Melinda thought for a few seconds, but declined. "Ah don't think ah could handle anothah orgasm like that. Perhaps anothah tahm. When you are feeling like getting….f….ed." Her voice lowered to an inaudible level.

"Feeling like what?" Jan couldn't wait to hear Melinda say it.

"Like getting…….fucked. Aaaah! Ah can't believe Ah just said that!" She blushed brightly and thrust her face into Jan's shoulder.

"Well, honey. When I feel like getting fucked, you'll be the first to know." She hugged her lover sweetly. You bet she would!


To be continued….when you catch your breath :-)

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