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Language: Yes there is some rather raunchy language in this one.


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Amazon Pleasure

By T.Novan


Xena grinned as she watched the bard walk ahead of her. * It’s a nice view. * The warrior mused as she looked at the bard’s backside.

"Warlord?" The bard spun around with a smile as she blocked the sun from her eyes with her hand and walked backward.

"Nope." The warrior shifted in the saddle, smiling down at her lover.


Xena raised her hand parallel to the ground, giving a gentle sideways shake. "Eh, not really." She laughed.

"Oh you just had to pick Joxer didn’t you?"

The warrior laughed as she nodded. Offering her hand to the bard she pulled the blonde up behind her in the saddle. Gabrielle wasted no time wrapping herself around the warrior. "Ohh I like it here." She murmured as she laid her head on Xena’s shoulder.

"I’m glad." Xena stroked the arms that were around her waist. "I like having you there."

"So my dear warrior. I won. What do I get?"

"What do you want?"

"Hmm now that’s an interesting question. Can I have anything I want?"

"Anything that it is in my power to give you my love."

"Hmm that could be dangerous." The bard laughed as she gave Xena a squeeze. "Okay well then, didn’t you say that Argo needed new shoes?"


"Then we’ll be getting a room?"

"Unless you want to stay in the stables with Argo?"

"Umm no. Okay I’ve got it."

"What is?" Xena grinned.

"First I want a nice meal and a hot bath."


"And during the bath you’re going to make yourself available for back washing duty."

"Oh ‘hurt’ me." The warrior chuckled as she nudged Argo to pick up her pace.

"Careful or I just might." Gabrielle’s hand slipped down to a muscular bronze thigh, stroking lightly with her nails.

"Promises, promises. So all you want for winning is to get your back washed? Small reward for such a great victory over a mighty warlord little bard." The warrior grinned, setting the trap.

"Well now that you mention it…."

* Gotcha * Xena’s smile widened. "Yeesss…."

"We really will end up spending a couple of days won’t we?"

The warrior considered the question and nodded. "Probably. We’ll get there late today. Then it will take a full day to have Argo shod. We can leave the day after, assuming the shoes are okay." * What are you cooking up in that little mind of yours my bard? *

"Okay then here’s what I want for my victory…."


"I want to see how many ways I can bring you pleasure."

The warrior sat up just a little straighter in the saddle, cocking her head just slightly. She smiled as she twisted around to look at Gabrielle. "I thought this was suppose to be your reward, not mine."

"Well we’re in this together. We both may as well enjoy it."

"So basically what you’re suggesting is two days of laying in bed, having lots of sex."

"Yeah something like that, but you’re not allowed to do anything unless I tell you to or you ask first. On the other hand I can touch you and do to you anything I like whenever I like."

"Now wait just a…."

"Ah, ah, ah, I won remember? You said I could have anything that it was in your power to give me. This is most certainly in your power. The question is do you love me enough to let me have complete control over you like that."

"Of course I do." The warrior sounded a little hurt that Gabrielle doubted for one moment her love and devotion.

"Well then I’m glad that’s settled." The bard dug those short, but highly effective nails into that thigh, sending a shock through the warrior that caused her to jump just a little. "Oh yeah this is going to be fun." She then leaned up just enough to place a firm little bite on the first piece of exposed shoulder she could find.

The warrior groaned. The bard chuckled.

Xena was doing remarkably well, considering that the bard had spent the last candle mark teasing her unmercifully as they continued to ride toward the village where they would be stopping to get Argo shod.

The bard knew exactly what she was doing, she was using her hands, mouth and teeth to drive the warrior half-crazy. Xena had to keep reminding herself that she wasn’t allowed to just stop and pull the bard off the horse. She would have to ask first. Very politely too if she was judging the bard’s mood correctly. She cleared her throat gently.

"Um Gabrielle?"

"Yes Warrior."

"Would you like to stop for a break?"

"A break from riding or a break from me?"

"Oh from riding. Definitely from riding." Xena wiped a trickle of sweat from the side of her face.

The bard drew a deep breath and considered the question. Xena began praying to every God she could think of, that the answer would be yes.

"Oh I don’t think it would hurt to stop for a little while. I could use a good stretch. How ‘bout you Warrior anything you need?" She teased as her hand traveled under the leather skirt to the very damp breeches.

The warrior moaned as her head dropped. The bard chuckled again. Oh she was just having too much fun with this. She had never purposely driven Xena to distraction like this before. She wondered how long the warrior could hold out before she snapped.

The warrior reined Argo, turning into a meadow that would afford them some privacy should she be able to convince the bard it was time for more action and less teasing. She finally stopped the mare and helped Gabrielle off first. She didn’t realize how weak her legs were until she climbed down, feeling her knees give just a little. She leaned on the saddle as she took a deep breath gathering her strength.

"Something wrong Warrior?" The bard asked as she ran her hands up and down Xena’s back finally stopping long enough the slide back under the battle dress to massage a very firm backside.

"Uh no…." The warrior lied as she gave Argo a gentle tap sending her into the meadow to graze.

"Don’t turn around. Don’t move." Gabrielle growled.

"Oh Gods…." It was a deep, throaty moan and it made the bard smile.

Gabrielle could actually feel Xena trembling just a little. She also knew why her partner was shaking. It was a combination of desire and the force of the willpower she was using not to just turn around and take the bard right there. The small blonde had to admit that this little game was having the same incredible effect on her. She was so wet, she was sure Xena’s sensitive nose had discovered it a long time ago. The only difference being, she had all the control and she could dictate exactly what happened between them. Or at least she could until Xena finally couldn’t take anymore. Then all bets were off, but that would be fun too.

"Tell me warrior, does this pleasure you?"

Xena nodded as she licked her very dry lips. Forming words at this moment just wasn’t possible.

"Guess that’s one." The bard smirked as she walked around to face Xena. "Can we count this as one Xena?" She traced the warrior’s jaw with a feather light touch designed to bring a certain talk, dark warrior to her knees, which it very nearly did.

Xena nodded as her eyes started to slide closed under the bard’s touch. "Un-huh…."

"Tell me Warrior. Does the thought of taking me right here in the middle of this meadow bring you pleasure?"

Another groan from the warrior and a little more trembling.

"Answer me Xena. How am I suppose to keep track if you don’t tell me?"

"Yes." She croaked as she made fists to keep her hands from shaking.

"So," The bard purred as she brushed her lips to Xena’s, "If I told you to get on you knees right now, that would bring you pleasure?"

"Gods yes…oh Gabrielle…."

She put her hands on two very broad, strong shoulders and gave a slight push. "Then do it. On your knees."

The warrior dropped and waited. Her breathing increased ten-fold when she realized that now she was just within reach of the sweet scent that had been assaulting her all day.

"Slowly Xena. Gently, tenderly…" The bard wrapped her hands in her lover’s long dark hair, slowly bringing her closer. "Pleasure me Warrior."

Xena groaned as she gently slid her hands up the bard’s legs, past her strong thighs slowly lowering her breeches. The warrior swallowed hard. "Should I undo you skirt?"

Gabrielle was amazed at the control the warrior was showing. She really expected to be on the ground by now, being taken and enjoying every moment of it.

"No leave it. You have many skills. Use one of them and work around it." She grinned down at the warrior who was looking at the skirt, giving it serious consideration.

The bard certainly wasn’t expecting what happened next. She was a little more than shocked when she realized that Xena had used her boot dagger to split the skirt right up the middle in the front.

"Clever…very clever. Of course now you’ll have to pay for that later." Gabrielle warned the warrior as she wound her hands tighter in the dark tresses.

"Hope so…." The warrior mumbled as she waited for permission to go where she wanted to be. "Gabrielle please let me. Let me love you my bard."

The bard spread her legs a little further apart as she pulled Xena’s head back, making the warrior look at her. * Gods her eyes are so dark blue. So beautiful, so full of desire. *

"Do it Xena. Use your many skills and make me come."

"Gods…." The warrior moaned as she parted the skirt and bought her face in contact with the damp blonde curls that protected the treasure the bard was about to give. She brushed her face over them, taking in the scent of her bard. A low grumble escaped from her chest as she planted a soft kiss on top of the fine hairs.

Gabrielle continued to hold Xena’s head as her body began to respond to her lover’s touch. She could feel the trickle that had started down her thigh as the warrior began her slow investigation. "More Xena. Now." The bard pushed to warrior’s face into her wet center.

Xena’s hand traveled up the inside of the bard’s thighs allowing the dampness she found there to collect on her fingertips. Her hands came together at the apex of the bard’s legs. Slowly she parted her, sliding her tongue into the warm, wet folds.

The bard screamed. The warrior growled.

Xena moved her hands around gripping the firm, round backside drawing her bard so close that they were on the verge of becoming one person. She worked her young lover’s moist, soft lining with a determination that had been building all day. She groaned again as she felt the muscles in Gabrielle’s legs begin the quiver.

"Oh Gods…Xena…yes…." Her hands ran roughly through the warrior’s hair. "Gods I love you so much." The bard gasped as she felt herself moving to the edge. Her hips began rocking in unison with the strong powerful strokes she was receiving from the warrior.

The warrior heard and felt her lover. All these sensations mixed with the sweet ambrosia in her mouth pushed the Warrior Princess right into the abyss of a powerful orgasm of her own. The bard’s body shuddered as she followed her warrior into that wonderful abyss. It was only the strength in her lover’s arms that kept her from collapsing.

"Oh by the Gods Xena…." She stroked the warrior’s head as her body continued to shake. The warrior held tight to her young lover as she planted soft, loving kisses on top of those lovely blond curls. She finally stopped, but remaining on her knees she wrapped her arms around the bard’s waist and rested her cheek on her stomach.

"I love you Gabrielle."

"Oh and I love you Warrior. So very, very much."

They stayed like that for several moments. The bard, with the warrior on her knees holding her just soaking in the pleasure. It would have looked to anyone that might be passing by that the warrior was worshipping the little Amazon. They would have been right.

"Come on Warrior," She took Xena’s hands, bringing the tall woman to her feet. She stroked the strong cheekbones with her fingertips. Still totally focused on the desire in the warrior’s eyes, her hand slipped to the back over her neck and she pulled the warrior down for a kiss. She moaned long and hard, as she tasted herself on those soft full lips.

The bard groaned. The warrior groaned. The fire was lit again.

Xena drew back and smiled. "That’s two my imaginative little bard. You have any other ideas?"

"Oh yeah, but they require an inn and a soft bed."

"Then I think we should be going."

"Oh I agree Warrior. I agree."

Xena gave Gabrielle on last kiss, nipping at her bottom lip as they parted. She smiled, caressing her cheek with her knuckles. "So beautiful…." She turned and whistled for Argo.

The mare trotted over to her mistress giving her a hard nudge. "Oh you’re just jealous." The warrior chuckled as she draped the reins around the mare’s neck. She vaulted into the saddle, once again offering her hand to the bard. "I’ll bet good dinars you don’t feel like walking."

"Oh you would be so right." Gabrielle allowed herself to be pulled up.


Gabrielle behaved herself during the rest of the trip. She really did want that nice meal, a hot bath and a soft bed. She knew that if she started again they might not make it. She did however notice that every time her hand would ‘innocently’ brush Xena’s thigh she could feel every muscle in her lover’s body go taught.

As was their usual routine, Xena took Argo to the local stable as Gabrielle went to find a room and haggle the price down to something she considered remotely reasonable. Xena entered the inn expecting the bard to be waiting in the main room. She quirked a worried brow when she realized she wasn’t there. She moved to the innkeeper, tugging on his shirtsleeve. "Excuse me?"

The innkeeper turned to find the tall, dark warrior and nearly passed out. "Yes…." He managed to stammer.

"I’m looking for a woman…."

"Brothel is down the street…."

"Not that kind of woman." The warrior growled grasping his sleeve a little tighter. "My companion. A blonde woman, ‘bout so high," She held her free hand up to the top of the chest. "Beautiful green eyes…."

"Haven’t seen her."

Just as she was about to turn and leave she heard the familiar footfalls of her partner. She turned and moved to the bard. "Are you okay?"

"I’m fine Xena," She lifted a brow and smiled seductively. "I needed to get something."

"Should I ask?"

"I wouldn’t tell you if you did." She took the warrior’s arm, turned her around and they both moved back the innkeeper. "Excuse me sir we need a room, a meal and a hot bath."

"The meal comes with the room." The old man said as he reached for a key. "Room is five dinars a night. Private bath or public?"

"Private." Both women said at the same time.

The old man turned around and gave them a look. He decided to keep his mouth shut when he made eye contact with the warrior. He replaced the first key then drew another. "Best room in the house. Private bath and a fireplace. I’ll fill the tub and bring you wood."

"How much?" The bard questioned as her hand traveled up her partner’s back.

"Eight dinars a night."

"Well get our own wood and fill the tub. Six."

He drew a deep breath as he took another look at the warrior. He realized it might be in his best interest to take the young woman’s offer. "Six is it. Wood and boiler are out back." As Gabrielle slid the dinars across the counter the old man held out the key. "Dinner is in about two candle marks."

"Great that will give us time to freshen up." The bard took the key as her hand traveled back under the leather skirt, giving that warrior backside a little pinch. The warrior only smiled.

Once up in the room the routine returned. Gabrielle unpacked their belongings as the warrior secured the room and removed armor. As she began tugging on the straps the bard moved to her. "Let me."

* Oh Gods here we go again. * The warrior’s hands dropped to her side as Gabrielle began working the buckles of her armor.

The bard’s hand moved expertly over the armor making very short work of its removal. The warrior felt the bard’s hands travel up her arms with feather light touches, making all the hairs stand up on end and goose flesh to rise all over her body. "My strong, brave warrior…." The bard purred as her tongue slid across the warrior’s earlobe. She pulled the bit of flesh into her mouth nipping it.

"Yes?" The warrior gasped.

"You get the water. I’ll get the wood." The bard released the earlobe in question, turned and left the room.

"Oh Gods…." The warrior followed the bard as she swallowed the lump in her throat.

The warrior picked up two buckets as they headed for the back of the inn. Once again she found her eyes attached to the fine young body in front of her. They stepped together into the back of the inn, which to Gabrielle’s great delight was enclosed and rather private. She turned to the warrior and pointed at the pile of wood. "Sit."

Xena dropped the buckets, obediently taking a seat on the woodpile. The bard moved to her warrior and knelt in front of her. "You know what I want Warrior?"

"A hot bath?"

"Yeah but not in water." With that declaration the bard forced the Warrior’s legs apart and moved closer. Reaching up she plucked the dagger from Xena’s bodice, allowing her fingers to linger there just a little longer than necessary. She made short work of Xena’s breeches as well. "Pay backs for my skirt." She grinned as she dropped the dagger to the ground then dropped her head between those long, bronze legs.

"Ungh…." The warrior’s breath came long and hard as Gabrielle simple began to devour her. No prelude, no soft kisses. She simply tossed her hair over her shoulder and slipped right into the warrior’s very hot, wet folds. "Gabrielle…I…"

The bard looked up from her wonderful treat. "Hush. Not a single noise Warrior or I’ll stop."

The warrior closed her eyes and clenched her jaw, tight. The bard went back to her enjoyment of the warrior. She sucked gently, then would bite with her lips. Feeling the warrior jerking she looked up to her lover’s face. Her head was back, lips parted. Her breath came in strong sharp bursts.

"Like that do you Warrior?" Remembering the bard’s demand to be quiet, she simply nodded. Her head came forward, as she opened her eyes. The bard saw the plea. "This would be three?" She nodded again. "Good." Once again the bard returned to her warrior’s center. Her tongue stroked and caressed the warrior as her hands slowly came up the strong thighs. She let her fingers join her tongue in the pleasuring of the warrior.

She felt the warrior moving with her. She smiled as she entered the warrior with two fingers, plunging in and out as her tongue and Xena’s hips picked up speed. She could feel the climax begin and still not a sound out of the warrior. * Talk about willpower. I would have screamed my fool head off by now. *

She continued moving her fingers in and out of her lover as she looked up. "Okay let it out…."

"Great Zeus on Olympus!" The warrior growled as her body trembled through the massive climax and then the multitude of several little ones.

The bard could feel her lover relaxing. She removed her hand, placing a soft kiss on each thigh before standing up. The warrior simply slid off the wood to the ground. The bard smiled as she collected several pieces of wood in her arms. She stepped back and looked down at the exhausted warrior. "Don’t be to long love. I really want that bath." She ran her fingers through damp dark bangs and left the warrior on the ground.

"Gods I’m never gonna survive." The warrior mumbled as she got to her feet. Then she smiled. "But what a way to go." She drew a deep breath, collected her breeches, knife and the water and headed for the room wondering what else the little bard had in mind. * Can’t wait to find out. *

Actually the bard was very good about behaving while the warrior carried the water in for their bath. She started a small fire in the fireplace then simply lay on the bed as Xena made several trips for water.

As the warrior dumped the last bucket she turned around. "Your bath is ready M’lady." She grinned at the bard.

"Good. Now come over here and undress me." The warrior grinned as she approached the bed. "Be good warrior. Just undress me for my bath. Don’t try anything cute." The bard knew she was pushing her luck. She just knew the warrior was gonna crack anytime now and she was ready to pick up the pieces when she finally broke.

Xena hands moved to the boots first, unlacing them and pulling them off. As they dropped to the floor she looked to the bard. "I’m sure you’re tired. Would you like me to rub your feet first?"

"Did I ask you to rub my feet?"

* Oh oh, now I’m in trouble. * The warrior grinned. "No."

"What did I ask you to do?"

"Undress you for your bath."

"Un-huh. Now get to it before my water gets cold." The bard smiled.

She moved to the skirt next, she loosened the belt, sliding the skirt off. She took a deep breath fight all the urges in her body.

"Talk to me Xena. Tell me what gives you pleasure." The bard chewed on her fingertip as she watched the shaky, sweating warrior reach for the laces of her top.

"You. You bring me pleasure. Everything about you. Your spirit, your voice," She finished undoing the laces and slipped the top of the bard’s shoulders. "Your body."

"Oh all good answers." Gabrielle sat up and moved to the tub. She stepped in, sinking slowly into the water with a long moan. "Take your clothes off and come here."

The warrior wasted no time getting out of her gear. The bard wasn’t sure but she thought she heard the leather ripping at the seams. Xena approached the tub and waited. The bard handed up the sponge. "Back."

Xena took the sponge, giving it a good squeeze to release some pent up frustration she slowly began washing the bard’s back.

"Hmm…that’s nice…oh yes…very nice. You do that very well Warrior."

"Thank you. Is there anything else I can do for you?"

"Umm no not at the moment." She held her hand out for the sponge, which the warrior reluctantly released. "Go over to the bed and wait."

With a deep breath the warrior pushed herself up from the floor and moved to the bed, where she sat somewhat patiently as the bard finished her bath. Gabrielle stood allowing the warrior a full view of the water as it cascaded down her body. "Would you like to dry me?"

"Oh yes." The warrior stood immediately and found the towel.

The bard took the towel and grinned. "Hmm too much, too fast warrior. I think you need to cool off a bit. Take a bath. The water is cool enough to calm you down."

"Oh shit." The warrior moaned as Gabrielle stepped out past her.

The bard delivered a sharp slap to the naked warrior backside. "Temper, temper warrior. We have lots of time and I have a plenitude of pleasures for you yet."

Xena slid into the tub and took the fastest bath known to man or the Gods. The bard could barely contain her laughter as she watched Xena get out and towel off. She stood in the middle of the room with her towel in her hand staring at the bard. "Something funny?"

"Oh yeah. You’d think you had a hot date or something."

She raised and eyebrow. "You mean I don’t?"

"Ohh getting cheeky on me Warrior? Maybe we should just get dressed and go down and eat."

"No! Umm I’m sorry Gabrielle."

Gabrielle had already moved under the sheets. She patted the bed. "Come join me my darling Warrior." Dropping the towel, she crossed the room and climbed into the bed. "Now I have a surprise for you." The bard growled as she pushed Xena onto her back. Gabrielle moved on top of the warrior whose eyes grew as wide as the grin on her face when she ‘felt’ the ‘surprise’.

"Why Gabrielle you little pervert." She laughed as her arms wrapped around the little blonde.

"Oh that’s rich coming from Xena ‘I’ll try anything once. Twice of I like it the first time.’ Warrior Princess." The bard replied as she moved her hips suggestively against the warrior. That action seemed to have some kind of odd effect on the warrior. Her legs just seemed to part of their own accord. "See." The bard smirked as she positioned herself between those wonderfully long legs.

"Gabrielle if you don’t give that to me soon all bets are off." The warrior growled as she brought her hands down to the bard’s backside, trying to get what she wanted.

The bard held back as she grinned down at the aroused warrior. "Umm I don’t know Xena. Maybe you’ve had enough today."


"Yup I’m thinking…" She tried to get up only to find herself wrapped in two very strong arms.

"Bard you had better get to something else. You’re the one who wanted to see how many ways you could pleasure me this will be number four. I really want this one. Please?"

The warrior drew the bard in for a long kiss. Their tongues battled for control. The bard knew she had to do something drastic if she wanted it back. She sucked the warrior’s tongue into her own mouth as she thrust her hips, allowing the ‘toy’ to enter her lover.

"Oh Gods!" Xena pulled away from the kiss. Strong hands gripped the muscles in the bard’s shoulders as her entire body arched from the bed. "Yes Gabrielle…oh yes…."

The bard pushed herself up on the palm of her hands as she continued to thrust her hips, driving the phallus into her lover as Xena thrust to meet her. The bed actually began to creak rhythmically from the motion of the two lovers.

Xena opened her eyes to watch the bard make love to her. "Oh Gods…." She watched as the fine bead of sweat began breaking across the blonde forehead above her.

Gabrielle felt Xena’s legs wrap around her calves in an attempt to draw her in. "Xena…oh yes…I love this. Fucking you…ah….."

"Yes please," The warrior moaned as she returned her hands to the bard’s hips, guiding this intimate dance. "Oh yes…Gabrielle…do it…"

Their thrusts became harder, faster, deeper. The bed rocked with them. The sweat formed like a waterfall, cascading from both bodies aiding them in their passion. The warrior pulled Gabrielle’s hips into her and held her there as the climax wracked her body. "Gabrielle!"

Hearing her name escape from Xena’s lips at the pinnacle of her climax send the bard over. Her arms gave out, she collapsed on top of her warrior, who wrapped her in her arms immediately. They both gasped together as they tried to recapture their breath.

Xena kissed a soaked blonde brow as she listened to the bard breath hard through her nose. "You okay love?"

"Umm never better. You?" She kissed a damp shoulder and licked her lips taking in the salty taste of the warrior’s skin.

"I have never, ever, been so totally, blissfully sated in my life. This, my darling was truly inspired. Is this what you had to get today?"

"Un-huh. I just had to know. I had to know what it would be like to take you like that."


"I like it!" The bard growled with a laugh. "We have to do this again."

"Oh we will."

"So now how can I bring my warrior pleasure?"

"Feed me. I’m starved my bard." She chuckled as she stroked the sweat soaked back of her lover.

The bard lifted her head from the shoulder that she had been using as a pillow. "Worked up an appetite huh?"

"Oh yeah."


They sat like two love struck kids, just staring at each other grinning like fools all during the meal. The bard watched the warrior and enjoyed it as her mind wandered back through the day and all the times they had made love. Gods they had never done anything live this since they became lovers. Yes, there were sporadic bouts of lovemaking without any real reason, but to simply spend the entire day making love was a truly new experience.

She was shocked but very pleased when Xena took her hand after the meal as they made their way back to their room. As the approached the room Xena moved her to the wall pinning her against it with her body. "Gabrielle…." She husked as she nibbled an earlobe.

"Yes." Small hand wrapped in dark hair.

"I want you. I want to use it on you…."

"Oh yes…absolutely, but only if it will bring you pleasure."

"Oh it will." She kicked the door of their room open as she picked the bard up and carried her in.

Before she had time to even think about it, Gabrielle found herself naked once again and pressed up against the door by a very naked warrior. She also found herself being kissed senseless as she was lifted from the floor. Hot lips found her neck, as a strong but gentle hand cupped a breast and played with a painfully hard nipple. "Xena…now…please…." She felt the thrust, she cried out with great pleasure as she gripped handfuls of thick, dark hair. She felt herself sink her teeth into the warrior’s shoulder as her lover held her against the door, continuing to thrust into her. "Oh yes…Xena…" She groaned as she heard the warrior groaning. "Gods yes…"

Somehow, she wasn’t sure exactly how they made it to the bed. She was straddled over Xena, still completely filled. The warrior’s hands were on her hips guiding her, pacing her. She placed her hands on strong shoulders, her head fell back as she continued to ‘ride’ her warrior.

"Oh Gabrielle. That’s it love. Take it, love it. Love me."

"Gods Xena I do…love you…so much."

Again both bodies were soon completely covered in a light sheen of sweat. Xena’s hand moved back to a firm breast. Pinching a hard nipple, causing a throaty moan to escape the bard. Gabrielle felt her climax coming on strong and hard. Her pace increased as did her groans. "Gods…Xena…I’m…soo…"

"Yes my bard," The warrior thrust harder, deeper. "Come for me."

"By the Gods!" Her back arched hard as nails dug into tanned shoulders.

The warrior groaned as she felt her bard’s juices spill onto her thighs and stomach. "Damn!" Xena groaned as her body reacted to all the sensations.

The bard collapsed again, whimpering slightly this time, simply to overcome to do much else.


They left the inn three days later. The bard smiled as she took her warrior’s hand and was pulled up on Argo’s back.

"So how many?" Xena asked with a grin.


"How many different ways?"

"I lost count at twenty-seven."




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